Gigachess - Drixxel
Just in time for New Year's, we've put together an update to overhaul the menu system and make a handful of other tweaks. v0.84 is live now, here's what to look out for!

  • OS-style toolbar for game options replaced by a much more cohesive in-game GUI (access the menu via the icon at the top left of the screen)
  • 'Return to Main Menu' button added to the exit game prompt ('N' still acts as a keyboard shortcut for returning to main menu)
  • 'Undo' button added to the bottom right of the playfield ('X' still acts as a keyboard shortcut for undoing a turn / stage)
  • Windowed resolution presets expanded to include a 1920x1080 option ('R' still acts as a keyboard shortcut for switching window size)
  • When in fullscreen mode on non-16:9 displays, black borders now fill the area outside the game screen in the event that the aspect ratio can't stretch
  • Special characters fixed up for the font used on the leaderboards
Cheers to everyone for discovering and playing Gigachess this December! Happy New Year from my partners & I at Gigatross Games <3

Your bug reports on the community forums continue to be a huge help. If you discover any weirdness, be sure to report it here:
Dec 31, 2015
Infinitrap Classic: Ohio Jack and The Cup Of Eternity - mrgibson
Happy new year to everyone.

I wish you will have a good year in 2016, I also wish InfiniTrap will grow too during this period.

Stay tuned, a big update is coming for the 4th of January which includes fixes for:


- Jumping on ice bug
- Tiles are less slippery now
- Jumping close to walls to bypass lava, hole or acid
- AI not following their path correctly
- Custom levels crashing the game


- Resorted levels to balance the difficulty
- Added reminders about mapping and keys
- Increased movement speed by 20%
- Added moving platforms
- Added teleports / portals
- New levels
- Basic leaderboard support
- Checkpoints for easy/normal difficulty

GOCCO OF WAR - cheru
The_Cpt_FROGGY CLUB is giving away some copies of Gocco of War!

Join the group

Then go to
Steam Companion
Steam Gifts
for a chance to win!

Pixel Survivors - sachonski
Well guys this is the first update of the year. A lot of small fixes and corrections on the AI. Overall this patch should give a more fluent flow to the towns as a whole.
We would like to ask for your guys feedback on what should be implemented in the future patches. If you think you could have an awesome idea for the game leave your suggestion on the comment section.
UPDATE 0.63:
  • Bug fixed: Typos in the tooltip where fixed.
  • Bug fixed: Fixed some more depths glitches.
  • Bug fixed: Some trees where spawning in ocupied squaremeters.
  • Bug fixed: Mana will be able to get to 100 % again.
  • Bug Fixed: Graphical glitch on male villagers.
  • Bug Fixed: Graves and cottonfields phantom structures stacking.
  • Smoothed out the arrow key movement.
  • Replaced the christmas outfits with the normal ones.
  • Chickens will be carried to the chicken pens if the coops have enough capacity instead of being butchered in the wild.
  • Female villagers will only be able to give birth to a child once a day.
  • Small changes to the AI were implemented.
UPDATE 0.63.2:
  • Bug fixed: Cottonfields not being harvested.
  • Bug fixed: The reproduction cycle has been fixed.
Hope you guys enjoy it.
And if you find any bugs, leave them in the "Bug Report" Section in the Community Hub!
To read the update history, go to:

The Patagoniart Team
Tick Tock Isle - Squiddershins
Now you can enjoy the sweet songs of Tick Tock Isle while you play other games. We've also included some unreleased tracks!
Dec 31, 2015
Community Announcements - Peter
Here's 2016's first patch! Have fun and join us at our TS channel!

0.2.6 - Jan 1, 2016
o Version title fixed (0.2.0.x -> 0.2.x)
o Resolution change resulting in black borders

o Prison time reduced to 150 seconds from 600 seconds
o Added mouse sensitivity option
o Added in game quick mouse adjustment option (F9 to decrease and F10 to increase)
o Added TeamSpeak channel reminder
o Removed Christmas tree

We are still looking for people interested in being a community staff member. Just shoot us an email at

And lastly, Happy New Year!
Dec 31, 2015
Community Announcements - LDC Studios
Happy New Year, everybody! In celebration of this wonderful first day of the year, I would like to release a sneak peek at some special content for GP Redux's patch!
Below is an image of one of Amber's DLC costumes. If you remember toward the end of part 1 during her conversation with Gabriel, Amber reveals her extensive military background (Which is still present in the new patch). So this piece of DLC will represent that. And yes, the costume does come with the assault rifle!

Mysterious Space - Ben
Mysterious Space 0.8.5 has been released on Steam! (I still can't quite figure out Steam's update timing; it may be a few minutes before your client downloads it.)

a run-down of the bigger items:

1. the old "Discovered the Mysterious Source" achievement has been removed. a bug in the code was causing it to be handed out to everyone for merely playing. a new achievement with the same name and appearance has been added, and the bug has been fixed. sorry if you had legitimately earned that badge before; I couldn't think of a better way to do this.

2. a few co-op changes! the orbital's weapon fires twice as fast, but each bullet does less damage. this was done to help the orbital's shots land more often, since it can be really hard to aim when the player you're orbiting JUST KEEPS MOVING :P the orbital upgrades have been tweaked a little as well. and for split-screen co-op, there's now an indicator on the edge of each player's screen showing where the other player is. their shield status is also reflected on this indicator.

3. lightning! a brand new mechanic! dark clouds may zaap nearby enemies and players alike, and can chain off of various object. there's also a new lightning generator accessory, and a new advanced technology effect that can summon electrically-charged crates (among many, many other things; the electric crate just happens to be related to the new lightning mechanic :P)

4. there's a new outpost mission: map the planet!

5. ship parts will no longer be found pre-weakened, because that was always lame. instead, they can be found pre-cursed or pre-blessed.

6. batteries can now be dropped to create a time bomb. it explodes after 3 seconds in a layered ring of bullets.

7. as mentioned in an earlier post, the equipment tab has been entirely rehauled. you'll probably hate it, since it's different, and you were used to the old layout. sorry. UI changes are always painful :| (just ask Facebook :P)

8. also as mentioned before, the teleporting eye enemy has been improved. by which I mean he should murder you less often! the teleport effect has been changed to hopefully be more clear, and he doesn't teleport in quite as close to you anymore. sorry again for all the unfair deaths this guy has caused!

the full changelog can be found here:

thanks for reading, and thanks for playing!

good luck, pilot!
4089: Ghost Within - phr00t
There was a problem with launching 4089 on Macs. You should now be able to start 4089 again!

Happy New Year :)

Update 1/7/2016 on Macs: Updated to latest builds to hopefully further improve Mac compatibility. You may need to switch to the 4089 window, since it may not appear on top at first.
Primal Carnage: Extinction - Apoc

We have good news and bad news. The bad news is somebody gave us a fake email for the 7 Days of Christmas Carnage campaign and we have absolutely no way to reach them. Way to go, that guy.

The good news is that means we have an extra $89.99 Sandboxr coupon. After failing to trade it for Bitcoin, we decided the best thing to do is put on a week-long Christmas Carnage Art Contest. With strategic use of some moderately priced alcohol, we even managed to convince the bean-counters down at HQ to let us give out some more in-game items.

General Info/Theme

This contest starts now and ends on January 7th around 6PM PST. Winners will be chosen by an internal shadow council.

The theme of the contest is anything related to Primal Carnage and the Winter Season.

To see the rules, prizes, and enter your art piece- head over to the thread on the Primal Carnage Forums!

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