Dec 31, 2016
StaudSoft's Synthetic World Beta - bsf.mistau
I wish you all a happy New Year!

AquaNimble - sitebender
After digging through the refund data, it seems like the largest refund request reason was due to a blurry full screen mode. I am uncertain how full screen is blurry this new update should fix it. Then again without knowing specifics its tough to know for sure.

Happy New Year.
Sneak Thief - nickrr7001
Happy new year everyone! I have some big plans for this game in 2017 but first I'd like to say I'm sorry the newest update being delayed for so long I'll go into greater detail below but if you'd like to skip that and view the road map thats just fine.
So whats up with the update?
Welp it was orginally planned for thanks giving but that didnt happen sadly. Part of it was waiting for a new update to the unity engine and the other part was my fault. Up until thanks giving I had spent most of my time working on a new level but sadly I did not take into account the amount of a performance hit the level would give players and it could not be saved so it was scraped and a new level has been in the works since. I was also going to release a patch to fix all the crashing issues but I've had to wait for unity to release a patch. I tried to fix the issue on my own without the patch but that just created more issues. I've also had not taken into account time I spent on school and with family, which was my mistake, I'm sorry about that but im only one 16 year old sometimes its difficult but I will always do my best. However as of now most of that is fixed and a new update will be out soon featuring
- a new level
- Volumetic Lighting
- added features to the level editor
- bug fixes

Road Map
1. Release the new level
2. Slowly add features to the level editor and get the workshop ready by march
3. Improve AI and Graphics gradually
4. Create the foundation for multiplayer and release the beta by may
5. release early access multiplayer by april
6. Finish all single player levels by the end of the year should total to 10 to 20 depending on the scale I focus on
7. Take single player out of early access by the end of the year
Dec 31, 2016
SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen - Tobor Prime
Merry (post) Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

You've got one more present to open before the year's over:

2016 Pre-launch Trailer!

The credit for direction, cinematography and visual FX goes to the insanely talented Christine Carstairs!

Go check her site out and other works here:

Sorry this wasn't shot to you all sooner -- I've been in and out of consciousness all week thanks to a cheerful little holiday flu ('tis the season!). As soon as I'm able, I'll fire off the next update to the live playable build!

Updates that you can expect:

  • New NPC interactions and story events
  • LOTS of traversal bugs fixed for the main character (game feels MUCH better now)
  • UI fixes
  • Gamepad and keyboard fixes (especially as it relates to the UI)
  • LOTS of new stuff (including enemies)!

Expect a more in-depth change log once the build goes live!

Until then, have a safe and happy New Year! See you in 2017!

- Matt
Dec 31, 2016
Fazbear Nightmare - DylaNemesis
2016 was a wild ride let's hope 2017 will be amazing.
Wish you all the best of luck in the new year :)

we will hopefully have some news soon :)
Dec 31, 2016
Ninja Stealth - SC Jogos
Hello people!

Ninja Stealth 2 the sequel of Ninja Stealth - A.I. Revolution is now on Greenlight...
Asura: Vengeance Expansion - Scorpio_gamer


First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!

Second, we have a new update for Asura mainly fixing tons of issues and bugs. We added some new elements for ex some new animals in the roster of doodads for different levels. Also, added some new breakables so that you can smash them to your hearts content. The game is almost feature complete and we are mostly focusing on fixing issues and making sure everything works fine. As of now, there are still tons of lingering issues which needs to tracked and fixed and for that we will definetly your help.

The folks who have been playing the Beta have been super helpful giving us feedback as well as notifying the issues. For that we are grateful and a big THANK YOU! :)

More about the updates in the below patch log:
  • Fixed the notorious extra meat bug.
  • Added new Rune unlock screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Blink strike damage event showing up twice.
  • Fixed an issue of unable to buy a key when stash is full.
  • Fixed an issue with Crow shader for shadows.
  • Add new breakables.
  • Added new NPCs / Animals.
  • Fixed some of the particle issues with enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where in Asura would get knocked out from the room by Spearmen.
  • Added new elemental effects for all asura characters.
  • Added new skeletons when absorbing / scavenging enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where in enemies would not avoid breakables.
  • Added elemental based footsteps for Asura.

Known Issues:
  • One of the corridors is visible in Minimap from the previous run in tutorial.
  • Asura animations sometimes get stuck in the 'Scavenge' part of tutorial.
  • If asura dies after geting stunned, the character freezes in the next run.
  • Rune Discovered UI

Thank you!

Dec 31, 2016
UnderEarth - twiceXremoved22
It has been a wild 6 months since the release of UE. We wanted to get one last update in before we entered into 2017. This is the short list of the improvements made to the game that will apparent while playing. For a detailed list of all changes, enquire through

Mac Build Released: There may still be some yellow emitter stats on screen in Sierra OS. If you see this, let us know and we will help anyway we can.

Crowbar Bug Fixed: The crowbar will now always be with the player after loading into the last couple of checkpoints (Load Config).

Toolbox Improvements: The toolbox may still be a bit cumbersome to initially pick up, but after that it should “do physics” just fine.

Power Distribution: The Lower Blocks power distribution save state is functional again when loading later checkpoints.

Checkpoint #2 Bug Fixed: The state of the lift that takes you to A1 is force checked upon loading into checkpoint 2.

Particle Max Draw Counts: Have been examined and raised or lowered depending on importance/situation. Some were simply high by default and could be lowered without any visible impact.

Log Bloat: Log files are now limited to under 10MB and will self delete after a nominal period of time after the game is closed.

Killed By Physics: It should be a little harder to kill yourself by flinging around heavy objects… but if you really want to, I am sure you still can.

As always, please let us know if you encounter any bug/issues with the game and we will help you (as long as it is not the issue of “This game is too hard and you guys suck.”) any way we can.

Happy new year!

-CrackerJack Team
Landmine Larry - Resnor
Landmine Larry's latest patch is live!

Pushed Changes:
[+] Landmines are now visible, 100% of the time all the time.
[+] Purple Blobs had an issue where they would absorb a carrot. This was an old game mechanic which was still has been corrected.
[+] Carrot detonation time has been lowered (1 second from 3)
[+] Longer platform drop time in some all levels.
[+] Quick update to intro animations. Text has been updated, and the Carrot explosion has been corrected to reflect the toon explosion effect.

Happy New Year!
Dec 31, 2016
Vairon's Wrath - myoubouh
We wanted to wish to all of you a happy new year, with a lot of health, joy and good surprises ! ;)

Stay tuned for news, who will arrive soon enough in 2017. ;)

Thanks again for all your help during this year who just ended. =)


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