Community Announcements - [Sandswept] H4ck3rGirl
Build 15 sneak peek is now up on YT in case you missed it!
Community Announcements - Mutant-games
Minor fixes and improvements.
Community Announcements - Nicholas Vining
We bring you this urgent heliograph message to inform you that Revision 32A has been posted to the Experimental Branch of Steam. It contains a number of high quality crash fixes, and improvements to loading and saving!

Also, apparently, pies.

- FIXED: crash writing empty string to console
- FIXED: crash when a camera target is deleted
- FIXED: crash when a module is interrupted at precisely the last second of construction (this somehow managed to affect three people)
- FIXED: combo box now has correct behaviour in workshop menu
- FIXED: jobs are now correctly deleted from a very large internal table when they are aborted
- FIXED: removed unnecessary sqrt() from Proximity Query code for aurochs
- FIXED: potential errors in fishperson_attack_ranged.fsm (where it checks if target is dead)
- FIXED: potential errors in harvest.fsm
- FIXED: Obeliskians use correct "run" animation
- FIXED: possible scriptError when fishperson attempts to shoot dead target
- added pies & piemaking jobs
- added (placeholder?) NCO replacement event
- added upper class death prestige loss
- balance: lowered obeliskian hitpoints to 2/3rds previous value
- fishpeople and animals can interrupt jobs at 1s intervals
- added icon to hover over frontier justiced colonists
- added checks for potential scriptError in citizen.go (in makeFriendText w/ invalid friend gameobject)
- balance: combat job rebalancing and fixes (Thanks Samut, you're a madman! In the best way.)
- added additional error-checking to fishperson_butcher.fsm
- balance: decreased effect of hunger on "eat food" (as it would easily exceed "run away from murderous fishpeople")
- balance: increased utility of picking up bullets (soldiers would do literally anything but pick up bullets if there was anything else to do)
- stop. added new hammer sounds
- added landmine emote to fishpeople when they become scared of landmines
- slightly increased landmine damage
- added a little more randomness to flee target position
- made fishperson try to get slightly closer to target before using fishgun
- spelling fix: "ruins" -> "runes"
- MOB JUSTICE! (civilians may join in on Frontier Justice if they have certain traits.)
- smelting, distilling, and ceramics jobs now use the queued processing thing
- added some new animal behaviours, mostly involving running away from stuff
Community Announcements - Happy Wars Team

Newcomer campaign part 2!

NewComer campaign! Let`s welcome the new players!
There are presents for every player!

- Magician's Hat (Mage's helmet)

- Angel's Staff (Mage's weapon)

- Happy Cards Free Pass x1

- Star Fragment x5

You can get them by entering the game until (UTC) November 4th!

Halloween Campaign!


・All stages have Halloween-themed decoration!

・We are giving Halloween costumes!

 -Franken Head
 -Vampire Head

 -Werewolf Head

 Also, the Magic of Halloween makes those monster items stronger!
 Let`s all have fun with the costumes!
 ※The power up will last until November 4th

Super Premium Item drop rate UP & Score galore campaign!

In Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition the Super Premium Item drop rate increases!
A great chance to get powerful items!

Also, Score Galore Campaign is here!
The experience you get during matches goes 25% UP!
Let`s rank up fast!

Lasts until UTC November 4th

New items added!

New strong items will appear in Happy Cards and Happy Cards Limited Edition!

  • Werewolf King
  • Classic Frankenstein
  • Vampire Lord

New buffs added!

  • Reduce Status Effect
    Shortens duration of status ailments.
  • HP & AP Recovery Up Lv1-3
    Increases HP and AP recovery amount.


  • Reduces the amount of damage you receive from cannon and ballista attacks.

Happy Cards Limited Edition is here!

An amazing chance to get a powerful helmet!
Happy Cards Limited Edition is here!

  • When you get a Super Premium item, there is a 50% chance it will be a strong new item!
  • With every Card you take, at least 2 lamps will be lit
  • Available until UTC November 4th
  • You can enter from the play menu

Other changes

  • Made the weight limit less strict so beginners can wear stronger items
  • Now you can zoom in and zoom out with the keyboard, so it is easier to play with a touch pad or a mouse without wheel
  • Fixed some bugs concerning the controls and the interface

Ver.1.7.0 リリース!

全てのユーザーにむけてHappy Warsからプレゼントがあります!



・ハッピーカード無料券 ×1

・星のかけら ×5



ハッピーハロウィン !




 さらに!ハロウィンの魔力がこれらのモンスターアイテムをパワーアップ !
 皆で仮装して楽しもう !







  • 「ワーウルフキング」
  • 「傑作フランケン」
  • 「ヴァパイアロード」


  • 「状態異常短縮」

  • 「HP&AP回復力アップLv1~3」

  • 「対兵器防御力アップLv1~3」



  • スーパープレミアムアイテムが抽選されたときに、強力な新アイテムが50%の確率で登場!
  • ハッピーカードを引くたびに、かならず2つ以上のランプが点灯します。
  • 11月4日(UTC)までの期間限定です。
  • ゲームプレイメニューから挑戦できます。


  • 初心者でも強力なアイテムが装備できるよう、ランクの低い状態でのウェイト制限値を緩和しました。
  • カメラのズームインとズームアウトをキーボードで行えるようになりました。これにより、ホイールのないマウスやタッチパッドでのプレイができるようになります。
  • いくつかのUIでの操作や表示のバグを修正しました。
Community Announcements - Denommenator
The Halloween season is upon us and ZMR is getting in the spirit with the release of "Infect All Humans", a spooky new update! Featuring an infectious new PvP game mode, "Patient Zero," 8 horrifying new maps, 30 new weapons, and Halloween events and prizes, "Infect All Humans" is ZMR's biggest update yet!

Head on over to the official update page to get all the terrifying details of what this update has to offer.
Community Announcements - Cynthia_RE

Ahead of our upcoming patch, we are excited today to launch our October Public Beta! Most notably, we’re seeking the public’s help to test out our all-new Observer Mode. We spent a significant amount of time designing it, taking feedback from our Alpha group, and testing it. Now we want to get as many people as possible in to further test it, play with it and help us work on the final push to get this feature into the live game!

Also included in this Beta are a significant amount of bug fixes, balance changes and gameplay improvements. So get in get in the game, give it a shot and let us know what you think! A lot of work has led up to this moment, it feels great to finally share all of this with the community.

In order to make it easier for players to opt-in to the Beta, we are going with a ‘side by side install. This is new to our beta process, and is an alternative to the slightly more complicated ‘opt in’ process that we have previously used. It is a small hit to hard drive space but will allow you to have both the Beta version and live version of the game installed at once, meaning that you can switch between the two versions without having to re-download something else.

Players will have access to standalone titles they already own – as an example, if you don’t own Western Front Armies you will not be able to access it in the Beta. Commanders DLC will be granted on a temporary basis when needed in order meet our testing requirements and collect more feedback. This beta does not include single player, Theatre of War or Workshop content. This may change in future Beta releases; however this one is solely focused on mutliplayer content. This Beta content is only a portion of what will be going into the final October Update!

A big thank-you to our community for your ongoing support of these tests, your efforts help us to continually improve the Company of Heroes franchise!

You can read the detailed patch notes on our offical forum,here
Community Announcements - WhiteMoon Dreams


  • Commander Dalin Sturgis is now available for Eligible Kickstarter Backers!

  • Sturgis the Corrupted is now available for Eligible Kickstarter Backers!

  • The Reaper Helljack is now available for the Cryx Faction!

  • The Assault Kommando Flamethrower is now available for the Khador Faction!

  • Man-o-War Kovnik is now available for the Khador Faction!

  • Gold Warjack Skins are now available for Eligible Kickstarter Backers!

  • Extreme Ironclad and Extreme Juggernaut skins are now available for Eligible Kickstarter Backers!

  • Alternative Skins for each faction now available for Eligible Kickstarter Backers!

  • Quickmatch now selects a map at random, allowing any Quickmatching players to connect!

    Backers, please wait up to 2 weeks for your codes to arrive before emailing! We are mailing out a lot of codes and it takes quite a bit of time!

    Continued performance enhancements.

    Below are the current hotkeys! They may be subject to change and more will be added.

    Z: deselect unit or end activation. TAB: cycle squad members. SPACEBAR: cycle targets. DEL: end turn. G: toggle grid. ALT-F9: toggle UI.

    Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a crash when selecting the Execute button on the Stormguard's Electrical Charge ability.

    Known Issues

  • Warjack Power Attack Push will not move units.

  • Large units colliding due to Throw or Slam are not knocked down or damaged.

  • Units cannot be slammed or thrown off of elevated terrain.

  • The grid and grid-targeting highlights (when using Flame Wall or Mage Sight) will appear beneath parts of the terrain in Snowy Valley.

  • Strakhov's Iron Fist does not grant Pathfinder.

  • Asphyxious's and Sturgis's Teleport will not accept destinations he could not normally move to.

  • Units performing Combined Melee Attack will do a Ranged Attack aiming animation.

  • Units performing Combined Ranged Attack do not Aim at their target.

  • Units can execute a combined attack by themselves, though do not receive any bonuses to their attack as a result.

  • Revenger Repulsor shield does not push targets it hits or units that attack the Revenger in its front arc.

  • Casting Windrush while affected by Shadowbind will cause Sorscha's activation to end prematurely.

  • Heavy Warjacks do not incur freestrikes from trampling.

  • Units sometimes will show incorrect facing after moving diagonally or hit with a Free Strike.

  • Warjacks will sometimes not play all their attack animations when performing multiple attacks.

  • Putting focus into Stationary Units will remove the Frozen visual effect, even if the Stationary Effect is not yet shaken.

  • Units will appear to sink into either platform in the Forest Ruins map when standing on certain squares.

  • Arc Nodes do not correctly act as the point of origin for a spell.


  • Computers running 32-bit Windows may see a crash when quitting to the main menu.

  • Rare crash occurring on certain hardware configurations.

    If you experience any crashes, please email us with the circumstance of the crash, your dxdiag file, and warmachinegame.log file.

    Coming Soon!

  • Warjack Power Attack: Two-Handed Throw

  • Leaderboards
Community Announcements - Hellerphant
Well Screencheaters, a day of celebration is upon us. Screencheat has officially been released for PC, Mac and Linux, bringing its particular brand of split-screen mayhem to the world. Here's the official launch trailer, with footage provided to us by some of our favourite YouTubers.

Launching today on Steam, and Humble, players will be unleashing chaos with 8 weird and wonderful weapons, traversing across five maps, and experimenting with five game modes. That's not all we have in store for you - this is only the beginning!

I'd like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who has supported Screencheat up to this point, whether that be by participating in our free beta, or pre-ordering the game. Without your help it would have been much harder to test, track down those bugs, and balance the weapons and modes. Thanks to each and every one of you.

Surprise Attack Games and Samurai Punk will be online for most of the day, so make sure you jump into one of our lobbies to school us, and be sure to stick around the forums for other community events and exciting update news post PAX Australia.

Steve - Community Manager
Community Announcements - Red Thread Games
Exciting news, everyone!

The first episode of Dreamfall Chapters is now available for purchase and download on Steam! Book One is the beginning of a long journey into mystery and adventure, and your purchase of the regular edition or special edition gets you a season pass that includes ALL five episodes of the game as they're released.

Buy and download Book One today to begin YOUR journey!
Community Announcements - Klei_JanH
Hotfix 114414 - 10/21/2014


  • Scoreboard now shows players’ correct ages
  • Improved reliability of accounts and server broadcasting
  • View server description in-game
  • Increased minimap reveal radius

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed map and camera button tooltips to reference their correct key bindings
  • Fixed crash when shift-clicking blowdarts in containers
  • Fixed bug where client actions were being incorrectly dropped by the server
  • Implemented fallback to the haunt shaders for graphics cards that don’t support them
  • Fixed bug where player badge is broken for some characters on the scoreboard
  • Fixed target indicator to support mod characters
  • Fixed bug where clients sometimes crash when the host shuts down the server
  • Fixed animation bug when transitioning between player and ghost

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