Community Announcements - BFG_Skipper
We've received reports about the missing piece in the Elegant Crank Hidden Object Scene, and have uploaded a fix for this issue. Please restart the Steam client for an automatic update or try starting a new profile or reinstall the game.

Thank you everyone for your feedback!
Community Announcements - Panicci

Halloween Update is now live!

A new journey awaits every adventurer to demolish the Pumpkin King!

Patch Notes:

- New original Halloween themed soundtrack by Antti Martikainen
- A Quest Chain to kill the Pumpkin King!
- Spooky assets and halloween mood!
- Seasonal Rewards and achievement that can only be completed during Halloween!

- New quest log system added into the game. You can now have multiple quests on at the same time!
- Added a system that displays debuff timers on top of your player such as "Frozen", "Slowed", "Poisoned", "Burning", "Stunned" Etc.
- Damien and Grim Reaper bosses re-worked!
- Damien's Throne + Act 3 ending changed into "Damien's Nightmare".

- Wormhole levels and Hero Levels compressed down to 10% of its original value in order to improve the difficulty curve of Wormholes and improve the item vs difficulty curve
- iLevel compressed to 60% from what it was in order to improve the difficulty curve of Wormholes and improve the item vs difficulty curve
- Fixed a crash with WH Parasectoid Boss.
- Wormholes now add up to 5 hazards 1 per 100 levels.
Hazard 1 (Berserk):
- Enemies belowe 25% HP gain 150% Damage, 150% Increased movement speed, grow slightly in size and turning red.
Hazard 2 (Volcanic Eruption):
- When in Combat small craters spawn on the feet of players that erupt after a second causing massive damage + burning debuff
Hazard 3 (Corrosive Pools):
- When an enemy Dies, it leaves behind a pool of corrosive blood that heals enemies and damages the player
Hazard 4 (Molten Heart):
- When an enemy Dies, it also leaves behind a ball of lava that explodes and deals AOE damage + causes burning debuff.
Hazard 5 (Reaping):
- Every time you kill an enemy you gain few seconds of bleeding that stacks per enemy death. Every stack ticks for a % of your Max Health. The debuff wont stack in time and fades off after seconds.

- Fixed skins and awkward HUD in local coop.
- Fixed stash losing items in singleplayer.
- Fixed act 4-3 portal not working.
- Burning Damage now applied from burning sources and now deals 5% max hp per second.
- Fixed Clients taking damage 2 times more frequently from spells and enemy abilities
- Fixed health and mana bar being glitchy as F on player and enemies.
- Fixed Life per hit and Mana per hit for clients
- Fixed Anubis Icon bug
- Fixed getting kicked from WH
- Code optimization to make the game run a bit smoother.

- Demonspawn Manacalypse now scales Talent Number X mana and has a 5x Energy Synergy
- Shaman Totem STR scaling lowered from 0.00005% per point to 0.00002% per point
- Paladin Holy Shock aura now scales with Energy
- Pirate parrot damage increased from 100 + (talent X 100) to 1500 + (talent X 1500) damage
and synergy scaling increased from 3x to 5x.
- Pirate Bomb Barrage damage increased from 100 + (talent X 100) to 1000 + (talent X 1000) damage
and synergy scaling increased from 3x to 5x.
- Pyromancer fireswarm damage increased from 30 + (talent X 30) to 100 + (talent X 100) damage
and synergy scaling increased from 1x to 5x.
Community Announcements - Axel Anderson
Progress Introduction

Hey, everyone. It's been a while since the last update a result of being busy. I thought I'd update everyone on the progress we have made since, and where development is heading. We'll also talk a little on the release date.

System and Mechanics

Northern Regime has a lot of its core systems implemented and ready to be added to and refined. A few of these systems include; crafting, animal breeding, animal migration, experience, weapons, level bonuses, reputation, and a few more. The game right now is getting really close to being a fully playable and fun experience. It takes a while to create a game that can be played for hundreds of hours, and it's especially hard to make a game fun. I think we are getting really close to accomplishing that feeling, but it will take many more hours to get it perfect.


I'm not sure if we will make our funding goal with-in the next 20 days but it's okay. Kickstarter would have allowed us to take a little longer and really polish Northern Regime. This just means we will be able to get help from the community earlier in development. Something super amazing happened, though; Kickstarter gave our page a "Project We Love" badge and that really means a lot knowing that the staff at Kickstarter has an interest in our game and ideas.

Road Map

We're going to be working on a lot of pretty "minor" stuff. It's minor but in a sense, it makes the game. I'm talking mostly about adding different items, resources, plants, ores, etc. As well adding different crafting recipes and item unlocks. I usually procrastinate on adding new items because it's a little more intense than I would have imagined. It's not difficult to do but it requires so much art and models it's insane. To craft one item we have to make at least 4 models and 4 images. 5 items would be about 20 models or more depending on the recipes. When Northern Regime does come out we'll allow people to submit item ideas as well as the recipes. The next few months of development will pretty much consist of adding items, recipes, level unlocks, enemies, just small things that make the game feel like it has a large amount of content.


A lot of development has been focused on quality and graphics. I have a heavy compulsion when Northern Regime doesn't look fantastic, so I am usually always tweaking the graphics and color scheme to try and accomplish the best look possible. I think now I am finally happy with how it looks so the graphics will most likely be untouched for the next little while to focus on making NR fun and engaging. I mean, most of the development for the next few months will be tweaking and polishing.

Testing Team

Developing a game for 12-14 hours a day you really start to forget about small bugs and problems. To get around this I would like to assemble a devoted team to test and report all bugs and problems they encounter. There will be a private forum on the Northern Regime website so the team can make entries. This will really help development form around the opinions of others which is what I really want to an extent.

Release Date

I personally would like to release sometime in November or even better, December. However, these are two months would be the worst time to release an indie title. Because it is near Christmas time, so many big companies release their games. I know we are not competing with these companies but we are competing to gain the same consumers which causes a conflict of interest.


I know this update wasn't totally about game-play, sorry for that. We will make sure the next update will go over Northern Regime a lot more, it will also come a lot sooner for you guys! Thanks for the support everyone, developing Northern Regime has been a total dream. I haven't enjoyed making anything more.
Community Announcements - Yazaa

I have done some nice work on optimising the game. I am amazed how many things I have done better. That resulted in ~25% less CPU time wasted! But that is not what this post is really about.
Yes. I am making a complete built-in map editor. I plan to make it in a way that player will be able to create some nice looking maps (duh), place enemies, items and even npcs with quests in the editor! Though I do not know how quests will be constructed yet. I think about making a whole new editor for that.

As you can see, I try to make the editor(s) so the players will be able to use the steam workshop to upload and show off their creations.

Thanks for reading!
Community Announcements - Bex_GGG
In a previous news post, we explained our plans for the 2.4.2 and 2.4.3 patches. Today, we have prepared an update on their development status for you.

The team have been independently working on both updates. The 2.4.2 patch contains three new channelled skills, and the 2.4.3 patch contains massive engine improvements (an improved DirectX 9 update and the new DirectX 11 client). Both of these patches are almost ready, and both require quality assurance testing… at the same time.

The decision was made to combine the two together into one patch, because this saves having to test everything twice and also lets us take advantage of the new engine improvements for the skills (specifically meaning that we don't need to gather shaders twice: once before the engine update and once after).

The combined 2.4.2 patch is currently in testing and we're hoping to release it as soon as it's ready. The exact date is hard to pin down, due to the scope of the changes, but we're expecting a deployment window between November 10th and 17th. We know you've been anticipating playing with the new skills and that their release has kept slipping over the last couple of months. We're very sorry that they weren't ready earlier in the league. However, you'll get a chance to try them out and explore their possibilities before the next leagues start.

There's also a cool little piece of tech in 2.4.2 that we haven't talked about yet, but we're going to leave it cloaked in secrecy for now…
Community Announcements - Echohead Games
Thanks for buying ShapeRockets!

Help us make this community great and post screenshots, start discussions, tell us what you love, and let us know if you find anything weird.

Above all, go blast some shapes!

Oh, and don't forget to soak in the little story and messages in the tutorial. And take an online break in the Endurance mode and see how high you can score!

Don't forget to reference the quick guide if you need it.
Community Announcements - McMagic Productions

Hello everyone,

so we've got another new update!

We will not write an essay - the pictures tell everything ...

Improved help system & tutorial quests!

Points of interest places & the first quests!

Special trading terminals around the world!

Halloween event still run!

And as usual, changelog:

Tutorial quest and improved help system
  • The new startup basic tutorial quests
  • Tutorial will turn on automatically for every new character
  • Tutorial can be re-activated via the help system (key F2)
  • Tutorial can be interrupted via the help system (key F2)
  • The tutorial can be completed only around the starting point!

Quests & Points of interest
  • In the whole world is randomly generated special place - a point of interest
  • At these places you can sometimes fulfill a quest and get the reward.
  • At these locations you can also find interesting things or helping objects for travel throughout the world.

New content
  • It is possible to pray
  • Prayer raises the appropriate skill
  • Praying is possible on the 1st Annual statue
  • Pray it can also be an specific locations around the world.
  • Praying add small % to hit points, hungry or thirsty. Depending on your Praying skill and luck.
  • New item "Minor Healing Potion"
  • New item "Lesser Healing Potion"
  • New item "Healing Potion"
  • The new "Eye" - the loot from some creatures
  • The new "Tooth" - the loot from some creatures
  • The new "Claw" - the loot from some creatures
  • A new blueprint for "Minor Healing Potion"- It is necessary to learn it - found in a crate or buy.
  • A new blueprint for "Lesser Healing Potion"- It is necessary to learn it - found in a crate or buy.
  • A new blueprint for "Healing Potion"- It is necessary to learn it - found in a crate or buy.

Gameplay changes
  • Off Option pull your weapon using LMB - there were unnecessary problems - weapons is posible continue to be pull out using the TAB key
  • Raising interaction Collider world for some resource objects
  • Opening the containers have sound
  • Reduced drop the units of items in reward chests
  • Reward chests after opening are not destroyed.
  • Reward chests disappear after they are fully empty.
  • Trade terminal can only be located on your land/deed.
  • Halloween tonic after drinking now return an empty bottle.
  • Reward chests from the creators do not spawned around the world.
  • Reward chests from the creators is the newly spawned as part of the point of interest - chests spawn is random.
  • Added new Help hints on the right side for some situations in the game.
  • The ability to perform A2-A extract as a collective action.
  • Possibility to fill a bottle of water in your inventory if a player stands near the well.
  • Map can not be opened if the active constructional mode
  • Constructional mode can not be opened if the active map
  • Reduced drop an item while fishing.
  • Increased spacing anomalies - current anomalies are temporary - will be major changes coming soon!
  • Looting from the monsters now have sound.
  • The new sounds for some events.

Issue fixes
  • Fix some calculations to recover stamina
  • Fixed problem when leaving the building mode, which occurred in some situations, to hold the component.
  • Fixing broken drop/place action - if the object stray zero position in the world - is returned to your inventory
  • Fixed an indicator of life (Hit Points) in a character windows
  • Blueprint does not already have two recurring description
  • Fixed monster volume for idle state sounds
  • Removing annoying sound at idle state crabs
  • Trade terminal is no longer possible to pick up in the tower.
  • Correction animation of monsters
  • Unstuck already responds to key - U
  • Dragging craft window is now also possible over its entire upper width (not just the upper left corner)
  • Context help for weight in inventory not overflows the background.
  • Repair transition animations jumping to swimming. When character jump into the water.
  • Fixed problem with the detection of safe zones - if your claim land token is not completed.
  • Fix some issues during a fight - attack vs defense
  • Correction generating large old oaks

Community Announcements - Realm_Devs
Dear Players,

Please find below the patch notes for version 27.7.X7. Halloween is nearly upon us and we have prepared a special themed event for it. There are also some new exclusive skins and items as well as some impactful fixes. We hope you enjoy the new content, have fun collecting the “candy” loot and are lucky enough to get the exclusive Headless Rider skin! Read on below for details.

New: Halloween Themed Content

The nexus is spookier than ever. Red Healing Fountains!

Oryx 2 has reached his final form (at least temporarily)

The Halloween Cemetery including new enemies
  • A new Halloween event Dungeon was created. Defeat the Pumpkin Master and his minions.

The Zombie Invasion
  • Zombie Hordes are back! But now they come with an old friend, so watch out. He will also drop candy!
  • Beware of Bonegrind this time around

Pumpkin Shrines
  • They will be spawning around the world
  • Be careful, reportedly the Headless Horseman is never far

2 new character skins
  • The Headless Rider (Paladin Skin)
  • The Vampire Lord (Necromancer Skin)

3 new pet skins
  • Pumpkin Head (Belongs to the Headless Rider)
  • Giant Vampire Bat
  • Sir Bagston

Collectible Halloween Candy Tokens
  • Special Candy Token items will drop in various Halloween themed locations / events. (Best chances are supposedly in the Halloween Cemetary)
  • Collect 50 Candy Tokens to achieve the new Headless Rider Skin
  • Note that any leftover tokens will be removed after the Halloween event is be over

Reskinned Halloween Items
  • The 6 T11 Halloween weapons now drop instead of the 6 T11 Winter weapons
  • Bow of Nightmares, Skull-splitter Sword, Staff of Horrific Knowledge, Dagger of the Terrible Talon, Wand of Ancient Terror, Corrupted Cleaver

A special trick item (in case somebody did not give you a nice treat)
  • A rare consumable and just the right thing for your trick or treat experience. You will have to find one to figure out what it exactly does though.

Mystery Box Shop
  • Purchase limit functionality added (this will not be applied to all boxes)


  • Various fixes for issues with the Steam overlay for purchases
  • Issues with various foreign currencies

Stacked shots
  • Stacked shots were fixed in various locations. Some encounters were rebalanced as a result but death shouldn’t come as such a surprise anymore :)
  • Djinn, Lucky Djinn, Grand Sphinx
  • Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King, Mini Larva, Armor Guard, Zombie Hulk, Mini Werewolf
  • All Artifacts in Tomb of the Ancients and Bes
  • All Spiders in Spider Den and The Crawling Depths
  • Several enemies in the Shatters: The Forgotten King, Royal Guardian J, The Forgotten Sentinel, Stone Paladin, Stone Mage, Fire Mage, Fire Adept, Glacier Archmage and everyone's favorite, the Ice Adept!
  • Fixed/reduced stacked patterns occurring from stuns
  • All Killer Pillars at the Avatar of the Forgotten King are now Stun Immune
  • Ice Sphere, Archmage's Ice Sphere, Ice Portal, Fire Portal, Inferno, White Dragon Orb

  • Fixed Horseman Anchors preventing players from pausing in the Godlands
  • Fixed several typos and language errors
  • Fixed The Cursed Crown animation
  • Fixed trade request panel breaking the locklist


  • Balance adjustments for Stone Mage, Fire Mage and to a smaller extent the Grand Sphinx, due to stacked shot fixes (see below)
  • The Cursed Amulet of Zombification is now known as the Amulet of Dispersion and no longer zombifies, revives or disappears upon leaving the area
  • Interact hotkey can now be used to reject trade requests and to open the guild board
  • Increased Court of Oryx portal duration (this was already part of a hotfix recently), reduced HP of Janus' Chest
  • Significantly reduced damage threshold for untiered drops from Skuld
  • Slight change to Abyss of Demons DEF drops (small increase overall)
  • Adjusted projectile aesthetics for the Forgotten Sentinel
  • Craig will now randomly spawn Puppet Master Encore or Lair of Shaitan portals.

This event will last for about 2-3 weeks. After the time is up, everything will be reverted to it’s old state but of course you get to keep your items. The only exception are the Halloween Candy Tokens. They will disappear when the next patch is applied. So be sure to double click them when you have 50 to create the Headless Rider Skin.

Our continued thanks goes to our community for providing great assets via our draw tool that we sometimes just have to touch up slightly to get them into the game! A special thanks this time around goes out to Clickbait for creating the cool Vampire Lord.
Community Announcements - tamarea
Creator of the event: Ryzom Team.
Type of event: Various OOC events.
Appropriate levels: All.

Date of the event: From [time]2016-10-28 19:00 UTC[/time] to [time]2016-11-06 23:00 UTC[/time].
Expected duration: 9 days.
Meeting place: All over Atys (Silan included).

Homins concerned: All.
Synopsis: Anlor Winn, the Evil Wind, is blowing across Atys. Terrible things could happen.
To learn more:

* * *

The wind is blowing.
The wind gets stronger.
The wind roars and makes homins tremble in their shelters.
Go hide yourselves away, you fools, because the Ill Wind is coming. And who knows what it brings under its wings of misfortune?
Listen to the cursed laughter of the Anlor Winn. Mouah hah hah hah....

* * *

Let's discover what Anlor Winn will bring us this year, between Friday, 28 October 21:00:00 CEST (20.7 hours to go) and Monday, 7 November 08:00:00 CET (1 week to go):

- "60 seconds" (Main Land):

Game rules:
An NPC is standing next to a special vortex in each nation.
Start the game by talking to the NPC in the nation of your choice.
The game starts with the spawn of a level 1 mob. You have to kill it in less than 60 seconds. If you succeed, you level up and have to kill a level 2 mob that has 5% more HP than the old one, always in less than 60 seconds. Then same for level 3, level 4, etc. There is no maximum level limit, but after a certain level the mob gets so many HPs that it is hard to kill it in less than 60 seconds! How high for a level will you achieve?

Your levels are saved every 10 levels. If you die before reaching the threshold of the next higher, you'll restart from the last saved level.
Ex: if you lose at level 23, you'll restart from level 20.
The type of mob changes after each save.

A new reward will be unlocked for every 50 levels you gain.

- "Ghosts of Anlor Winn" (Silan):

Game rules:
20 ghosts haunt Silan. Target them (5 meters maximum) to obtain a ghost spirit in your “Special” inventory (second tab in your inventory windows).

When you have gathered the 20 ghosts spirits, they transform themselves into a title and a special reward for your future apartment in Main Land.

- “Kill the Pumpkins” (Silan and Main Land):

Game Rules:
Mysterious burning objects are washing over Atys and creating strange light sources that move on the Bark. Hurry to trample them before they set fire to the fur of a yubo!
But don't cry victory too soon since the impish lights, once extinguished, can:
- disappear in a small puff of smoke and turn into pumpkins, which you'll have to catch before they escape;
- explode and turn into pumpkins, which you'll have to then frighten to death;
- turn into pumpkins, which you'll have to then chase to eat a piece of them.
Trample and make disappear as many pumpkins as possible! Be brave, fear may not be on your side!

A title and three apartment objects, each one being won after a random (and increasing for each level) number of killed pumpkins.

- "Yubo Golf" (Main Land):

Game Rule:
Imagine a golf game on Atys, where a yubo is used as a ball... and where the hole is replaced with a hungry kincher! Come and discover, or discover again, the thousand and one ways to feed a yubo to a kitin!
Would you manage to become legendary by smashing the scores of the other players?

- "Yubo zombies" (Main Land):

Game Rules:
Anlor Winn cast a spell on some friendly animals. They've turned into zombies and will attack you. If you're bitten, you'll turn into a zombie also! (You'll get a "Zombie" title, without any change on your character.)

A title and apartment objects depending on the number of killed zombies.

All of the Ryzom Team wishes you a Happy Anlor Winn!
Community Announcements - 2HitMatt
Hi everyone!
So Patch number 1 is live now and here is the list of changes we've introduced:
  • 999x combo achievement is now working
  • You have a lot more control over the screen sizes. Besides the default size it will list all the screen sizes your monitor or screen would list in the screen resolution options
  • The game screen now keeps aspect ratio (1x, 2x, 3x etc). If you pick a screen size in between aspect ratios it will use a black border to fill in the gaps around the biggest aspect ratio it can fit
  • Fixed the level 7 crash, which was actually the ally Andy being broken. Not many people choose him to use, so that's why not many people reported the bug. Poor old Andy hahaha
  • Tried to make the buttons less confusing. If in doubt, change the controls in the option screen

Also included are specific fixes for Linux and Mac:
Mac Patch
Somehow it looks like full screen is working now! Let me know if you run across issues.
I fixed the gamepad save files and players should be able to use Xbox controllers and change their buttons properly like everyone else. If you run into issues, let me know.

And that's it for now! Play safe this Halloween and have fun wrecking in the game :D


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