Community Announcements - WhiteSponge
We have something exciting to announce - you will be able to play the upcoming Stellar Stars Rise Of Magic Open Beta for free as we are having a free-to-play weekend from this coming March 2nd to March 5th!

After many months of hard work, we are really happy to share this piece of good news with you. And it wouldn't be possible without the awesome community on Discord constantly giving their feedback and support!

This also means that if you have not joined the family of Star Hunters yet, you will now be able to get a taste of what that feels like. To get a sneak preview of what the upcoming Rise Of Magic update has in store for you, check out the following announcement trailer!

And if you want to get a first hand update on when it goes live on March 2nd, subscribe to the mailing list!

So mark March 2nd on your calendars!
Community Announcements - Xelestial

Chapter 01 will be coming soon~

Unlike previous routes before it, Chapter 01 will be the only free chapter due to the…nature of the story.
Community Announcements - Vince
A test build containing many changes and mechanics from Dungeon Rats, a party-based RPG set in the Age of Decadence, is now available, should you wish to give it a try.

To access the test build, right click on the game in your Steam library, select Properties, click on Betas tab. If it’s set on “None - Opt out of all beta programs”, change it to Test – Private Testing Branch.

Enter the Access Code (‘blacksheepwall’), click on Check Code, and wait for Steam to download the files.

We've tested the build and so far everything *appears* to be working correctly, but there were quite a few changes to the scripts so it's possible that we failed to detect something.

We'll continue testing for another week or so. You can either try the build now or wait until it's released officially.
Community Announcements - FlipSwitchGames
Hey everyone!

We will be live streaming some gameplay of the new map at 2PM EST tomorrow.

(Photos on our facebook page):

Here for your weekly progress report/update. Unfortunately there will not be an game update this week either. We are still working hard on implementing the new map into the game and it is looking amazing. We spent this week adding over 1000 individual traffic lanes and redesigning the traffic AI and traffic system. One of our developers has been redesigning the AI and how they react to emergency vehicles which will make for much smoother and easier navigation throughout the city. We have also redone our traffic light system meaning traffic lights are synced up with traffic to let you know when you are actually coming up to a red light. All in all, game play will be much smoother, realistic, and enjoyable.

An update on our next fire academy video, our lead developer has been finishing up a new and improved fire system which includes all the things we mentioned in our indie gogo funding goal (flash overs, back drafts, smoke conditions, ventilation, fire intensity etc) So far, it looks amazing and were excited to preview it. The basic fire extinguisher ability is done with animations and all, we are currently rigging and animating the water extinguisher now and the video should be ready by Sunday. This will show parts of our fire system and some of the different types of fires and how to put them out.

An update on the multiplayer side of things. Things are not good. Back in October during the Indiegogo campaign we contracted an individual to network our tech demo to allow it to be played online with other players. Due to terrible communication and the inability to meet any of our deadlines, we have cut him off the project and as of Monday we will be bringing on a professional networking developer who will remain on the project full time now that we can afford one. We cannot say how long this will delay the multiplayer milestone for the tech demo, but we can say it will be a much better functioning product in the end and we apologize for this situation. It has upset me deeply but it is time to keep moving and start again with a better developer. Once we have a better idea of how long the development will take on this, we will update you all.

See you all next Sunday!
Community Announcements - NefariousDimensions
Hi Community, some of our team members are working hard on polishing the early access so that we can release episode one for our fans.

We have reports some have a bug that has been stopping progress. If you do, please post on the forums or email support, better yet please press the R button to send a screenshot and write a brief report, so then we can track and fix the issue easily.

Our goal is to wrap up the condensed version of EP1 so we can turn it into a sales success, so we can then continue on with EP2 and later future EP3.

Please be patience and stay active in the community and play regularly while reporting bugs.

Patches will be coming over the next few days, and expect the next update sometime in the following months.

The next Update will have a present surprise and might be our final updates before Final release

We need feedback to make the game better, send in your reports and gain awards for helping the dev team.
Community Announcements - MIOLHR
Minor Duty-Patch Miolhrians!

Just a few screws loose for this Patch guys!
Thanks again for all the feedback!

  • (Update)Crops are destroy during Plaque Nights!
    (Chance of Rat attack from farming plaque crops)​
    (Trees, Mushrooms and grass are unaffected by plaque)

  • (Update)Trade Communication Device Updated!
  • (Added)New Trader can now appear in Trade Center!(Prices WIP)
  • (Update)Multiple Enemies Updated!
  • (Update)Adjusted Game Window!
  • (Update)Updated Traders!(Prices WIP)
  • (Update)Rats and Bees only attack during Plaque Nights!
  • (Update)Updated Backgrounds!
  • (Update)Updated De-constructors!
  • (Update)Upgraded De-constructors can now store Ore)​
    other minor fixes..

Community Announcements - Zepetto

Attention Operators!

Piercing Blow EU now available in Poland, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia.

Invite your friends and fight for honor of your country!

Kind regards,
Piericing Blow EU
Community Announcements - Chris
Last week was crazy! We announced both The Fall of Oriath and the Legacy Challenge League. With the news spread out among many sources, a lot of players missed various pieces of information. Today's news post is a summary of content to read if you're looking to absorb all possible information about these releases.
Community Announcements - Erectro
Hi everybody,

Quick point release today to address some bugs and help set things up for our next build.

There has been a lot of queries about our road map and future Reflex updates. We have some exciting plans in progress, we will making these plans known next week
Bug fixes:

* Server now correctly reports disconnected state to master server
* Fixed party UI to now draw when it's off screen
* Optimised how internal asset lists are stored, which improves performance of script functions that look up assets by string (i.e. nvgSvg())
* Fixed issue where server list wasn't properly automatically refreshing when entering the "browse servers" menu
Community Announcements - gozu

Hi Guys,

A small patch to fix up some bugs that we missed with the teleport only character.

This fixes the bizarre camera fade bug in multiplayer,
Team mode menu option in "Quick Match", for teleport only mode, now works correctly,
Improved the teleport tracing to fix a bug with it sometimes letting you teleport through the floor in Overgrown.

One more thing, i have changed the sniper scope to always be on, so you no longer need to hold down the grip. However the weapon will get kickback if you are not holding the grip, hold the grip to minimize this!

Hopefully the last hotfix until after GDC next week,
If anyone reading is going to GDC, see you on the Robo Recall leaderboards @ Epic!

Thanks for supporting early access!
Have fun!

-Gozu, out.

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