Community Announcements - red51
Hi folks,

It won't be too long until the next update is available! Unfortunately it takes a little bit longer than expected though, and we are sorry for this delay, but ask you for your patience :)

The next update will introduce - as announced - farming, giving you the ability to have a reliable source of food. For the beginning, we will concentrate on vegetable cultivation.

Apart from that, the next update will bring an important and big change: We finally have reworked the networking code to get rid of all those sudden disconnects that happen to some people in multiplayer.
It will also provide better performance, in multiplayer and especially in singleplayer.

Additionally, new blockforms will be added, among others half blocks, a new stair, different new corner elements and more.

By the way, we also started preparations for the first hostile animals, which will be introduced in the update after the next ;)

Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!
Community Announcements - Klei-JoeW
Game Update - 129286 - 3/6/2015

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing a player’s hit recovery to be too long while auto-attacking and too short while spamming attacks
  • Fixed a crash when shutting down via the console while a player was talking
Community Announcements - SM Sith Lord
  • Multiplayre: Added a way for the host to tune everybody in to an arbitrary URL that is requested by a guest. The guest just needs to type the URL into the chat to do it.
  • Multiplayer: Added a way for the host to sync everybody to the current time of the video he is watching. Just click the YouTube logo on the bottom right to do it.
  • Multiplayer: Added a way for guests to ask the host to sync everybody to the current time of the video the guest is watching. The guest just needs to click on the YouTube logo on the bottom right to do it.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Packing Manager to be opened while in multiplayer mode.
  • Fixed the status messages when publishing workshop items. Still no progress bar, but you will be notified when the upload begins.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused you to die when packing an arcade save for the workshop.
  • Fixed an issue that labeled other players as "Enemies" in multiplayer games.

When the host tunes everybody to a URL, a cabinet is used to display the website. It is either the cabinet the host currently has selected, the cabinet he is looking at, or the 1st cabinet that can be found in the map, in that order.
Community Announcements - mmaglutac
Patch Notes v0.9016 (06/03/2015)
  • Various behind-the-scenes fixes.
  • Added a lot of friends list functionality. Still very buggy, but its nearly complete.
  • You will be able to add friends from the friends menu and manage your friend requests from the menu.
  • You will also be able to teleport to your friends using the friends menu
  • As an added bonus, you will be able to teleport to your friends even if they are in VIP. This is a bug, but we’re leaving it in for the weekend because we want to go home. So if you want to check out the VIP room, make some friends!
Known Issues
  • We’re aware of an issue where players will sometimes fall through the floor in VIP.
  • Someone accidentally removed the wardrobe scene in Bingo, so that will look weird until we fix that.
We’re trying to onboard more people with the Casino to help with our testing, so if you have a moment please take the time to tag the game in steam to help people find it.

Try these tags: Poker, Casino, Blackjack, Social, Multiplayer, MMO, slots

As a reminder, chips are FREE for early access! You will receive a confirmation email, but you WILL NOT be charged.

We value your feedback, so please leave us a review. This will also help others discover our game!

For more updates follow us on social media!
Twitter: @DigitalLeisure
Community Announcements - DreamatrixTeam
We're on a roll here guys :-P

In short - yeah, we listened to your suggestions yet again :-)


Our friends translated Legends of Dawn to the following languages:

- Alexandre Mangin and his team.
- Equipe RPG France
- Chef du projet, traducteur et correcteur-relecteur final : Alexandre Mangin
- (All_zebest)
- Traducteur principal et support technique : targus
- Traducteur : wacas
- Conseiller linguistique et lexicographe : To_an
- Correcteur-relecteur : Geralt

Ivano Conte


Some of you have requested moving camera higher up. In this update we have changed maximum camera height so you can see bigger area around the player. There are some technical limitations that we'd like to explain so that you understand how camera position affects world rendering.

LoD world is divided in sectors. Each sector is 48x48 meters square. Number of entities in sector is not limited, but it affects rendering and streaming speed. For example wilderness sectors have mostly trees and rocks and few other objects in them. But towns are another story. You have houses, furniture, NPCs, their equipment and who knows what else. Each of these entities must be streamed in memory to be rendered. Number of visible entities directly affects framerate.

Moving camera higher up is absolutely no problem. It's just number that limits max camera height. Problem that arises with higher camera is that more entities will be visible. If you can see 100 entities while camera is 20 meters in the air, it may be 150 visible entities if you move camera 3 meters higher. That's 50% increase in number of visible entities for just 15% higher camera.

We have slightly modified max camera height. Now you can move it to ~23-24 meters. Note however that this will affect performance. This performance is mostly visible in town. While moving through the wilderness, this will have little or no impact on rendering speed.

Regarding viewing distances such as those in FPS games - LoD was from the start designed to have look similar to games such as Baldur's Gate or Diablo 2. This means camera at fixed distance from ground, with single viewing direction. Over time that changed to freely rotatable camera that can now be zoomed.

Moving engine to first person view is possible but not economically feasible. It would require major changes in level design. And even more importantly, changes in how the game is played.

As we mentioned before if camera is higher viewing area is bigger, thus more models must be rendered each frame. Same goes if camera is horizontal. Imagine camera on the hill looking horizontally over entire town. Now you must render all the entities from the entire town (minus small models culled due to distance from camera) and you must stream them in memory earlier.

So that's first major problem with horizontal/FPS camera. Second is graphics fidelity. Models and textures are not made for view from few meters. While playing in FPS mode, graphics will look much less detailed than graphics with camera 15-20 meters in the air.

Most importantly, moving to FPS view would require major changes in gameplay. Right now you can see monsters coming from all directions, you can cast spells on them, even if you are not facing them directly. That would all have to change if the FPS view is implemented.

Note that we are keeping your wishes in mind regarding FPS view, but for now we plan to keep LOD view mostly like it is. With maybe slight modifications.

Regarding streaming - as mentioned before world is divided into sectors. As player/camera moves around, sectors are streamed in and out of memory. LoD has fixed value of 1 sector around current one that will be streamed at any time. That means that at any given time there are 3x3 sectors loaded into memory. Again, this was mostly due to the 32-bit windows per-process memory allocation limit. We are working to make this configurable option so you will be able to change this using Options panel.

So that's for now. More updates coming soon.

As always, check the Steam for the update and please let us know how did you like the patch and if you have more ideas and suggestions.

Dreamatrix Team
Community Announcements - pr0teK
  • Added Trading Cards
  • Added new Achievements
  • Added 3D characters for the main menu
  • Added new main menu background scene
  • Added new death animations
  • Added new multiple sizes for all NPC
  • Added new alternative death sounds
  • Added new eagle death animation
  • Removed collider on update symbol
  • Added Gate Sound
  • Added Bridge Sound
  • Added Secondary Targete Sounds
  • Added Next Wave Sound
  • Special Ability « Tornado », problem with update menu fixed
  • Achievements bugfix

  • Updated all 62 maps (Dreoks, Kalthan and Eldran campaign) with new textures, bump-mapping and lightning.
  • Added PBR materials
  • Added new environment objects on several maps
  • « Seldon », fixed building sites
  • « Dranos » Crash fixed
  • Added new minimaps for all maps
  • Added new load screens
  • New environment scenes (Dranos, Ogek, Mikonor…)
  • Neshan – new magical walls on ways

  • Bounty Hunter – fixed gold bug
  • Demon Hunter (Eldran), improved DMG
  • Tower Tooltips show now correct DMG value

  • Balanced several maps

Technical Update
  • Adjusted shadow distance for Quality Levels
  • Adjusted Bloom
  • Shadow Option Save Bug- fixed
  • Added Vertical Synchronisation to the game – new option

Community Announcements - GBX_Jwhite
March 6, 2015

Fixes an issue that caused some missions in Homeworld 1 Remastered to have an incorrect amount of resources.
Community Announcements - R_Yell
Fistful of Frags on Steam will be one year old in not much more than 2 months. It was downloaded more than 1 million times. I'll leave for other day some of my thoughts about making a game on the largest online distribution platform for PC. Today I'd like to tell you about the future. What do you expect, what I'd like to do, what's actually feasible.

What do you want
I have received many petitions along this time. Many persons asked for (in no specific order) map/skin workshop, more weapons, cosmetic items or a co-op mode among other things. In other words: more content, specially assets that require a good artist behind.

As things are now, it ain't no easy to release high quality content for free. Most artist out there will try to sell their creations or make their own games rather than working for free. Some content has been added along this time without any profit interest from their creators, but that's it.

What I'd like to do
One of my to priorities is new player models. Current ones look old and probably make FoF look older than it already is. Not only player models but also better player animations are needed.

I actually have done some tests. The TF2's sniper character was imported and it kinda worked. It felt a lot better as TF2 uses a much improved animation system than ours (which is still based on HL2DM era animations). The idea would be to recreate our 4 player models in a similar style than TF2 but perhaps slightly more realistic. Some animations from TF2 could be reused but lot of new ones would have to be done.

More plans: Steam inventory items as those that drop in Valve games as CS:GO, DOTA2 or TF2 and you can trade freely. Steam inventory was added recently for any Steam developer to use, however the system is still in early beta so I'm giving it some time before I approach it. What could you expect: weapon skins, scoreboard badges and items that offer minor gameplay side effect.

And finally, farther in the future a co-operative mode. It has been suggested quite a few times that there should be something along these lines: defend some place from multiple waves of enemies. So it would be kinda like that, but I'd like it to be its own thing with lot of emphasis on melee and novel features as some sort of in-game editor that allows you to design the gameplay flow (where and when waves spawn, their composition, what places to be defended by humans, certain AI cues to make enemies less robotic). So players could choose from different layouts for each map from a Workshop where creators could store their designs directly from the in-game editor. As you may guess, this will take time and can't really promise anything at this time. It just sound interesting to me and wanted to know what do you think.

What's actually feasible.
New player models, new weapons skins, new animations. I don't feel like this will happen as things are now, I simply won't ask anybody to do it for free. I did it in the past before FoF was standalone and barely anyone played it. Times have changed, there's a lot more opportunities for artists out there to work for profit, or for the chance of it at least (create a CS:GO skin and hope to be selected by Valve, for example).

I'm not asking for donations, this is not considered at all. Micro-transactions can't be added as I can't sell anything game related since I don't own a Source engine license, nor I plan to get one since the high fees to be paid. I personally don't see any good solutions.

However, I've been creating a game for mobile platforms. I'll keep working on it and some of the cash it may generate will be spent on FoF. I want to see the plans described above happen, and I think they will eventually. More details will be announced when the right time comes.

A new hope? Source 2.
Valve announced a couple of days ago their successor to Source engine. We barely know any details other than it will be fully featured free game engine and it will allow profit. Therefore, a Fistful of Frags on Source 2 could allow us to do lots of things impossible now as: selling cosmetics, creating a map workshop, or even allowing you to make profit by creating content for us.

Could FoF get ported to Source 2? Wish I could tell you, no idea. If there are tools that allow us to port our code/maps/assets then you can count on it. However this is all speculation, this new engine may not allow easy port at all or simply not worth the time. Time will tell!
Community Announcements - Dragon_Killer666
Alright so the guy is still spamming packages into our servers jamming the whole system. We have no ETA when we are going to clear this out, so thats all I can inform now.

This guy is really determined to destroy us.
Community Announcements - flynnmichael81
  • Fixed second forest entrance from not running the forest generation script.
  • Increased accuracy for player spells to hit.
  • Cleaned up several scripts that could be causing long load times.
  • Added new path-finding code ready for mouse input in 1.1.

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