Community Announcements - Luke
Alpha 2.01 is here with new content and bugfixes!
What's New?
  • 2015 Serato Stretto - Super fast Formula 1 car
  • Added furniture/details, changed roof, improved graphics of car selection menu
  • Added a quit button (finally)
  • Daytona:
    - Added more details to the track
    - Fixed collision issues
    - Fixed shader issues
    - Removed minimap (not really necessary at the moment)
    - Added spotlights for night driving (may cause a bit of lag, will add option to disable them soon)

Coming next update
  • Re-enable Racing AI (work is almost done)
  • Re-enable Punta Cana map and Stunt Plane
  • Complete Settings Menu
  • Dunsfold Test Track
  • City Track (possibly)
  • Factory Five GTM Supercar
  • An additional two cars

I have finals for my freshman year at high school starting next week so the next update will come out in 2-3 weeks. School will be over in a little more than a week so I'll have plenty of time to work on the game during the summer. I'd like to thank you all for your continued patients and enjoy the game!

Luke Japaridze - developer
Shivu Sharma (TelephoneTrickster) - Community Moderator

Community Announcements - jens_b_myhre
A small fix to migration system, hopefully it makes it more stable
Community Announcements - whalenoughtstudios
Patch 5 primary updates include:

  • Scene load fix affecting some Windows and Linux users
  • Inventory Item typos fixed
  • Rumin Ruins map exit point fix
  • Tratis Saltis inner-tower exit point fix
  • Selection-box fix if using quick-inventory
  • Window resizing (when in window mode) now saves through scenes
  • Hallowed Doors art fix in sub-outside area
Community Announcements - ThePraetorian
Hey everyone!

A few major tweaks this week along with the slew of new fixes! We're playing around with the camera and the control the user has (especially with our new 360 degree rotating camera system!) and should have some more big changes down the road as we continue to playtest!

You'll also see a few improvements here and there with overall control and user feedback. Basically, we're adding more and more to make sure you have as much information and ease of access as possible when playing!

Here's the full changelog:
  • Tweaks to reduce wonkiness in squad AI movement.
  • Fixed some bugs with suppression tactic.
  • Fixed bug in tutorial with the localization for how to advance time and made its text depend on what settings the player has for how to toggle time.
  • Fixed bug with cover where enemies were not getting the bonus from cover.
  • Fixed animation issues with player death and reloading
  • Fixed part of dialogue where "quite" was used instead of "quiet".
  • Fixed dialogue that had a slash symbol instead of a question mark.
  • Fixed bug where clicking the close menu button on the options menu wouldn't leave the options menu.
  • Fixed bug where player could get stuck in command mode during the tutorial.
  • Fixed issues with bad colliders and pathing in the tutorial scene.
  • Fixed bug which would cause the player to spend the next scrap upgrade cost instead of the current upgrade cost when upgrading gear.
  • Mouse scroll bar can now scroll the skill trees during squad creation.
  • Human enemies will now show a reload icon when they are reloading.
  • Player can now rotate the camera in command mode with the mouse by holding down the scroll button and moving the mouse. Panning the camera with Keyboard and Mouse is still possible with ASDW and hovering over the edge of the screen.
  • Added keybinding menu to the title screen options.
  • Squad members will no longer take cover when in a safehouse.
  • Action and Command Mode camera tweaks.
  • Reduced FOV in Command Mode.
  • Full 360 camera rotation now.
  • Hold Position tactic now sometimes shows Follow Leader tactic option instead in the radial menu. Hold Position sets the soldier to stay in place and
  • Follow Leader tactic can be used to have a soldier start following the leader. No longer do all soldiers need to be regrouped to regroup them all.
  • Fixed issue where the Leaderboards for challenge mode wouldn’t show
  • Fixed issue where scrap couldn't be picked up when the inventory is full.
  • Can no longer trade 1 scrap for 0 ammo at the ammo conversion screen - must scrap at least enough for 1 ammo.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes enemies couldn’t see the player soldiers through half cover.
  • Fixed bug where human enemies wouldn’t rotate to shoot at a target if they were moving.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes on game over, a really bad stuttering noise occurs
  • Made loot crates spit out visuals that will match attachments and gear, rather than always showing a gun model to pick up.
  • Skullcap icon is now correctly showing the Skullcap and not a Boonie Hat.
  • Moved prologue pop up text to top right corner instead of top left.
  • Polished up camera transitions in prologue to be much cleaner.
  • Added more head gear items. Balaclava, Shemagh, Goggles, and the Skullmask.
  • Fixed the Supplies for the Safehouse quest.
  • Fixed an exploit in the None Shall Pass quest.
  • Updated map image for the residential district, fixed some issues with quest stars not being in the right places.
  • When on the map menu, pressing Xbox 360 back button now prompts to return to the main menu rather than closing the pause menu.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes buttons would be clicked by mistake when enter or A was pressed.
  • Cleaned up the legend on the map menu to not show things that don’t show on the map.
  • Made it so safehouses show up on the map.
  • When scrapping gear or guns, an adjacent item in the list is selected rather than the first element in the list of gear or guns.
  • Now, when exiting to desktop, the player goes through a confirmation pop-up first before leaving the game.
  • Enemies are now more likely to go after a stationary target
  • Soldiers are no longer considered in AI mode after opening a door in action mode and not moving.
  • Updated quest icon to make it not a blurry mess.
  • Achievement for fully upgrading a gun no longer unlocks when out of scrap.
  • Fixed some buttons not working when using an Xbone or PS4 controller.
  • Fixed a pathfinding issue near the Sewer entrance in the urban district.
  • General multiplayer stability fixes
Community Announcements - blizzy
A small update to Luminoso is now available with the following changes:

  • Levels 25, 31, 37, 39, 44, and 58 have been improved to prevent unintended solutions. You may want to play these again.
Community Announcements - Mirillis
What's new:
  • Fixed Action! HUD rendering in some OpenGL games like Wolfenstein The New Order, Wolfenstein The Old Blood and Rage
  • Time-Shift recording improvements
  • Remote Action!: Support added for Windows 8/8.1/10 Multitouch (requires Remote Action! app ver. 1.3)
  • Remote Action!: Support added for virtual joystick (requires Remote Action! app ver. 1.3 and vJoy installed od PC)
  • Remote Action!: Support aďded for bluetooth mouse and keyboard
Community Announcements - Shere Khan
Version 2.2 Update
Issues addressed in this version:
  • Fixed a very time-specific, opponent and player moves-specific issue that happened only in Classic mode, when the opponent's move became invisible if the player spammed the board with clicks while it was the opponent's turn.

The first time that this issue surfaced, it was presented as a screenshot in the Screenshots forum, by a user which also uploaded fake data to the leaderboards and was VAC banned by Steam in other games. Because of this, I haven't followed up on the issue then, since I thought that the respective user hacked the game and I figured it uploaded the image as a fake. Then other similar screenshots appeared and I started investigating, though I couldn't reproduce the issue. Being only two or three such screenshots, without a clear description on how the problem arose, I haven't investigated too much into this, since I thought that these images might also be fake. However, in time, these screenshots started appearing more and more and I've also seen a youtube video where a user recorded the issue happening. Then, after intense tests where I couldn't reproduce the bug, I contacted all the users that uploaded the screenshots, in order to get more information. Alas, two of them really helped me out by describing how they caught the bug and I was able to reproduce it, then, myself. It was hard because it's very time-specific and it's also specific to the way the players place their game pieces and one of the players has to spam the board with clicks while it's the opponent's turn. The issue has been fixed now, but I just want to stress on the fact that users that behave badly (uploading fake scores and using cheats), makes it harder for everyone else to get a good game, since I could have followed on the issue and fixed it way sooner. So, if you want to cheat, not caring about the people that made a game, fine, but please also think about your fellow players, you're making it harder for everyone else to have a nice experience with the respective game, so please be considerate and think twice before doing that, and hopefully you won't destroy every other player's joy of the game. Also, if you spot a problem, please add a little description on how you encountered that problem, it will help fix it. Thank you!
Community Announcements - Pretador
  • Added bb2_show_details which allows you to toggle the text/numbers of the bars on the hud @ top left corner.
  • Fixed the faded backgrounds for frame panels, it wasn't enabled properly! + it wasn't animated @ alpha.
  • Added the new HUD with the circular progression! Repositioned everything.
  • The SpecGui is now hidden when the end scores are visible.
  • deathnotice hud will now be hidden when displaying end scores.
  • Increased the no collide radius.
  • Fixed ragdoll blood splat origins. If you hit a ragdoll it would always spawn blood in the middle of the ragdoll.
  • When using a healthkit inv. item you'd get a faulty amount of health, this has been fixed. It gives X % of your total health.
  • Added a new panel to be shown on round end, intermission, etc... Displays info about the round/winners & your own stats.
Community Announcements - sarahnorthway
THE EAGLE HAS LANDED folks. Rebuild 3 is officially released. I'm not going to disappear into a puff of smoke though, as much as I'd love such a cool ability. I'm still fixing bugs and may do a content update later in the year. I already released version 1.0.1, one hour after release (I forgot to remove the word "beta" from the main menu hehehe... hehwhoops).

So if you do have any issues with Rebuild 3, please report them in the game via the config > @feedback menu so it sends me your logs.

And if you'd like to be a beta tester, I'm still maintaining the testing branch and posting updates there before they go live to everyone else.

Version 1.0 changelog (from 0.95):

9 new music tracks
ambient sounds between music tracks
debug disabled - enable in config.ini or ctrl+shift+click config menu PI symbol
some events are now way more rare than others
new events
mobs and roamers are now slowed by traps and destroy ones they happen to walk over
scaled hud and configMenu down to 80% like the rest of the large menus
danger icon indicates faction units
clicking danger icon takes you to most dangerous zombie or faction unit
only-one side notice button now saved across sessions
different colors for warnings and less important side notices
goals no longer jump to the top of the notices when they change
some events are now way more rare than others
oldest massed zombies will be the one to attack each time
redecorator perk will come to the rescue if the last lab is destroyed
another ending to the last campaign level
first zombie mob pops up an announcement
allow constitution in castlegar
new faces and bodies
new art for bandages
in van stop immunizing after a point
in van don't take other faction's buildings its too confusing
main leader can get knocked up again
added pdf artbook (deluxe version only)
fixed head changing arrows not working sometimes in leader creation menu
fixed radial menu on older computers
fixed bill keeps looking for the lab even after he finds it
fixed the "You're money or your lives" event
fixed diane dying in the first city
fixed crashing when you kill a faction
fixed unequipping items still displaying a skill bonus
fixed volume settings not working
fixed secret debug button
fixed gustav coming back to collect on his loan forever
fixed building city halls in castlegar
fixed sticky volume controls
fixed prevent moving survivors while results or attack showing
fixed sound issues... I think
fixed escape button in the feedback menu exiting fillscreen isntead of closing menu
fixed preachers serving drinks refering to their bar as a church
fixed vancouver jump-scare totally broken in realtime
fixed zombies attacking at predictable times of day
fixed raiders not showing damage to the fort
fixed Abotsford being unfinishable in some circumstances
fixed date issues on the overmap intro menu
fixed whyte character art
fixed repeating bonk noise in vancouver prevents plot moving forward
fixed jenkins should always be male
fixed anitvenom quest being so confusing
fixed recruiting from farms occasionally letting you recruit infinite surviuvors
fixed later alliances breaking if one fails
fixed side goals now update when loading game
fixed improved blipping while moving colins
fixed cultists preaching when they are not set to preach
fixed "fix power plant" mission blipping between multiple plants
fixed being your own sister
Community Announcements - Prophet
Fully implemented changes:
  • Fixed player health not displaying properly in multiplayer modes.

  • Disabled fall damage on Arena multiplayer maps.

  • Fixed animation glitch on Real Map players.

  • Players in multiplayer matches should now start with their weapons loaded instead of having to immediately reload upon spawning.

  • Fixed footstep sounds in arena map

  • Fixed map icons to correctly depict map selected

  • Disabled sway and bob in multiplayer

  • Testing less aggressive bob in single player

  • Players should now be able to drop items from inventory as intended.

  • Tree meshes have been properly house trained and should now be exclusively outdoors.

  • Streamlined animation on AI entities.

  • Added dead body to AI entities.

  • Changed hunger/thirst to digital readouts for the sake of clarity.

  • Hunger and thirst rates have been slowed down drastically. You should now have enough time to actually discern why you are dying and actually do something about it.

  • Removed hit direction marker for single player.

  • Changed behavior of weapon pickups. Weapon pickups should now auto-equip rather than requiring that they be equipped via inventory. Players will have two weapon slots (aside from the default knife), and can drop weapons to make room for others. Weapons will auto drop when picking up something new. If you pick up a new weapon while holding the knife, and your weapon slots are full, you will automatically drop the next slotted weapon.

  • Modified settings menu to include some additional options.

  • Temporarily removed game saving for bug fixing.

  • Temporarily removed vehicle (Swapping for modification of vehicle physics).

Partially implemented or ongoing changes:
  • Icon and image sizes are being corrected.

  • Weapons and inventory systems are still being tweaked

  • Wolf AI is being modified, and may either not spawn or display odd behavior or visual bugs.

Known Issues:
  • Too long, didn’t type.

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