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Community Announcements - [ACE] abordeu
Fixes / changes include:

  • Updated text string for exit game popup window.
  • Entering the training room does not wipe saved game progress.
  • Saved data records mana.
  • Fixed latency issue introduced in previous update.
  • Potentially addressed collision replication problem that caused client to go through floors in joining levels.
  • Beating the game in Nightmare adds 2 points to the leaderboard.
  • Fixed music issues when setting up a camp.
  • Fixed trigger issue that allowed player to skip final boss cinematic and attack static NPCs.
  • Improved phantom AI.
  • Phantoms can now move through walls like the human warlock.
  • Reduced phantom XP gain on kill.
  • Nerfed centaur and mimic damage outputs and health tweaks.
  • Centaur neutral special can no longer cancel into itself.
  • Centaur soul is more expensive.
  • Mimic spawns with higher frequency.
  • Toned down color correction for human warlock and Paganini encounters (less dark).
Community Announcements - Cutedge
We are going to be bringing the Conquest of Champions services down for a hopefully brief period in order to perform some unscheduled maintenance on our database. We currently have no ETA on how long this will last and will provide updates when we can.

We sincerely apologize for this service interruption and appreciate your patience.
Community Announcements - LegacyElite84
So, this is going to be a little different of a post from me today. I saw some stuff yesterday that really fired me up and now that I am free from all other game studio overlords, I feel I can speak completely free about them. Warning, I am going to use language that I don't typically use.

Really, it all started with reading this article from puppy games. 'The Dark Side of Indie PR'. Quite the catching title.


I don't want to be attacking Puppy game directly here, because I am sure they have reasons for saying what they did. I don't know them, and I haven't played their games. What I DO know, is my experiences and how different they sound from theirs.

If you want to skip their article, they are saying players, as individuals, are completely worthless to them and it makes more sense to just be an asshole and lose the player than spend time trying to 'fix' the issue. Let that sink in.



They also talk about all the terrible abuse they get as developers, how much it sucks, how little money they make, and generally how shitty the whole gig is. Guess what?


No, really, I am having the time of my life. Being an indie developer is second in joy only to my family. It's freaking great! You know why? Because I don't have players, I have FANS. I have yet to run into these life ruining trolls everyone feels is 99% of the customer base. Oh actually, I take that back. I had 1 troll post mean stuff, but I can't even tell you what it was because one of the FANS, reported it and had it deleted before I even saw it.

Maybe, if I treated everyone like shit, focused only on getting 'players', and generally looked down on everyone that I am trying to build a game for, I would not have any fans and would have a bunch of trolls that haunt me with hate. But that's not what I do. Instead, I treat 'players' like they are people. I treat them how I would want a company to treat me. When I get an email about someone having an account problem and not being able to play the game they bought, I DROP EVERYTHING, and fix it. Right there. I pull off the road and fix it from my phone, if I have too. Because that is MY FAULT. If something doesn't work, that is on me, not the player (in most cases).

It seems game developers try to justify treating people like trash because they are not making any money. Is that the customers fault that you picked a shitty business model? You want to make a free to play game and then treat the free players like trash? That is not the players fault!

All my fans matter to me. They are the reason I am here, they are the reason M.A.V. exists. The guy that went out of his way to break the game, every single day, and tell me about it [even HOUND me about it], I didn't ban him. Some people might have even considered him a troll. I didn't. He is not only a Moderator on the message board but also helps me as a Community Manager. Why? Because he cared. He cared about M.A.V. just as much as I did and he wanted it to be better. Seriously, what single greater thing in the world could you ask from someone than for them to care?

And that is why I say I don't have players I have fans. I have people that log in and play the game, every single day, for a YEAR! Mind you, M.A.V. is not even done yet! But they care. They want M.A.V. to be as great as I do. They want M.A.V. to be as successful as I do. Hell, I didn't have a successful kickstarter campaign because I am a marketing genius, I was successful because the fans went out and told everyone they knew about M.A.V.. They contacted the press [when the press wasn't listening to me] and got news coverage. They made videos and shared on youtube and twitch. They RE-BOUGHT the game, just to continue to help.

So, puppy games and all developers like you. I am sorry your community sucks, but that is your fault, not theirs. Treat them with respect, show you care, and maybe, just maybe, they will treat you as well as the M.A.V. community treats me.

Community Announcements - banov

We're just over a week away from PAX Prime! If you're at the con, come find us at the Indie Mini Booths :) We're excited to show, but nervous too as we grind on this thing. It's starting to shape up into something finished, bit by bit...

  • We're working on a new title screen! Pardon our mess...
  • 15 new coins
  • 8 new blessings
  • Some new tiles and SFX

  • Coin distribution algorithms reworked across the board
  • Re-balanced many blessings
  • Probably a bunch of other things I forgot

  • Mountaintop ending doesn't crash!
  • Bugged forge boss
  • Coin pouch crash bug
  • Load game crash (maybe?)
  • Various optimizations
  • Dev tools turned back off :^}
  • Probably a bunch of other things I forgot
Community Announcements - maxgamingtech
Just a reminder that we will be hosting organized fight times starting at 7pm EST on Thursday 8/21. If you can't make this time we encourage you to post times you will be on for others in your time zone to join!

If you haven't joined the official community group, we encourage you to, so you can stay up to date on the latest happenings.


MGT Staff
Community Announcements - [Signal Studios] Euryidium
In appreciation of our fans, Signal Studios is granting all new Ascend PC players a starting bonus of souls totaling 25K which can be used to purchase gear, spells and buffs. All existing Ascend PC players will receive a 10K soul bonus just for playing. Simply log into the game to receive your reward.

Community Announcements - Trese Brothers
The newest release of Heroes of Steel includes the first version of the world map and reaches the $14K stretch goal for the Heroes of Steel KickStarter. The world of Steel is immense and it can be easy to get lost. The first revision of the world map will help yo find your way between all of the known settlements, fortresses, and villages.

Your location on the map is marked by the heroic sword-stuck-in-the-ground. As you travel, check back and see where you are! Future revisions, you'll be able to see into the depths of dungeons, see the world map changing as the game changes, and see markers for active quests on the map as well. We're looking forward to the next iteration!


Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this game

v2.2.25 - 8/21/2014
- Added World Map to game menu
- World map shows all towns and connections
- World map shows location of group
- Fixed AP inconsistency with Warders Shield 1
- Fixed typos
Community Announcements - Scapes

Linda Hamilton joins the cast of Defiance for a double dose of new episodes this week. The special 2-hour minithon explores fresh trouble in the Guli mines and new dangers that threaten to tear allies apart!

Watch sneak peeks of "Bottom of the World" and "Doll Parts", then tune in live this Thursday, August 21 at 8/7c on Syfy or 10pm ET/PT on Showcase and find two live-broadcast loot codes to redeem for new in-game rewards at http://www.defiance.com/EGO.


Discuss this article on the forums.
Community Announcements - Bisher
Super Splatters' gameplay is hard to put into words - why not try the demo?
It's totally free and in full color*!!

* windows only (the demo, colors are in all versions)
Community Announcements - DiscorderlyChaos
Born on July 1st 1916 in London, Roland Robert Stanford Tuck left school at the age of 16 to join the Merchant Navy. During his two years at sea, Tuck acquired a Lee-Enfield 0.303 rifle which he used to use for target practice against sharks, laying the foundation for the gunnery skills he would later be famous for.

Whilst on leave in September 1935, Tuck was attracted by an advert to join the RAF and duly applied, being called up for basic training at RAF Uxbridge in September. Following his two weeks of drill and lectures he then reported to No.3 Flying Training School at Grantham to fly the Avro Tutor. Tuck’s early days as an aviator were less than successful; he was well behind schedule when he finally flew his first solo in October. However, after successfully completing his training he was awarded his pilot’s wings in August 1936 and was posted to No.65 Squadron flying Gloster Gladiators at RAF Hornchurch.

On January 18th 1938 Tuck was involved in a fatal accident where his formation of three Gladiators encountered severe turbulence, resulting in his aircraft impacting with that of F/Sgt Gaskell. Gaskell was killed on impact but Tuck was able to parachute to safety, although a bracing wire ripped across his face leaving him with a permanent scar. Absolved of any blame, Tuck was flying again only nine days later.

In May 1940 Tuck was transferred to No.92 Squadron at RAF Croydon, under the command of Squadron Leader Roger Bushell, who would later become famous as one of the masterminds behind ‘The Great Escape.’ On May 23rd, whilst flying a patrol over Dunkirk, the squadron were jumped by a staffel of Bf109s. In the ensuing dogfight Tuck shot down his first enemy aircraft. That afternoon No.92 Sqn again took to the skies, this time with Tuck shooting down two Bf110s. However, Sqn Ldr Bushell was also shot down and captured on May 23rd and Tuck was given temporary command of No.92 Sqn. The remainder of the month saw Tuck leading No.92 into action again and again, increasing his personal tally of victories and leading to his award of a Distinguished Flying Cross.

In June 1940 Tuck was sent to Farnborough to take part in trials of a captured Bf109E and the new Spitfire Mk.IIa. He described the Bf109 as a delightful aircraft, but believed the Spitfire to have the edge in maneuverability. July and early August saw a return to the front line and more patrols from Pembrey in South Wales before being ordered to No.11 Group in South East England during the height of the Battle of Britain. He shot down three German bombers in two days before he himself was shot down on August 18th, although he again managed to parachute to safety.

On September 11th Tuck was promoted to Acting Squadron Leader and given command of No.257 Squadron at Martlesham; the move was not completely welcome as Tuck did not take to the Hurricane well after over 1000 hours logged on Spitfires. Whilst he later acknowledged its robustness and stability, he thought it cumbersome as a fighter. Emulating the superior tactics used by the Luftwaffe, Tuck taught his squadron to fly in loose pairs rather than the RAF’s doctrinal tight vics of three. By the end of the month, Tuck was leading a wing of three squadrons of Hurricanes. After his successful leadership during the climax of the battle, a bar was added to Tuck’s DFC in October 1940. In January 1941 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Order. He dismissed his success as luck.

No.257 Squadron converted to the new 20mm cannon armed Hurricane Mk.IIc, a change Tuck welcomed. He led his squadron in day and night sorties against enemy raiders throughout spring, resulting in a second bar to his DFC. On June 21st, whilst flying alone off the coast of England, he was jumped by three Bf109s. He shot down two and damaged a third, forcing it to break off and retreat before he nursed his crippled Hurricane towards home but was later forced to jump when the engine caught fire.

In July he was promoted to Wing Commander and took command of the Duxford Wing, made up of Typhoons, P-39s and Spitfires. Whilst he did like the Typhoon, the Spitfire Mk.V was his aircraft of choice. After several months of leading the Wing over occupied France, Tuck was sent to the United States to share his experience with Britain’s ally. He returned to take command of the Biggin Hill Wing at the end of the year.

On January 28th 1942, Tuck led Flying Officer Bob Harley in a two Spitfire strike against an alcohol distillery at Hesdin in Northern France. After successfully attacking their target the two continued to look for targets of opportunity, attacking a German truck and then a steam engine. He was hit by ground fire and positioned to carry out a forced landing. He was again shot at and so destroyed an enemy AA truck before crash landing in a field where he was captured.

Oberst Adolf Galland heard of Tuck’s capture and invited the RAF pilot to dine with him and his pilots before he was then taken to Stalag Luft III POW camp. There, he met his former CO Roger Bushell. Tuck was involved in several escape attempts during his time at Stalag Luft III, but was transferred to a different camp before the ‘Great Escape’ took place. In January 1945, during a prisoner move, Tuck and Polish airman Zbishek Kustrzynski were able to escape and make contact with advancing Soviet forces. They were returned to the UK in March 1945.

Tuck remainder in the RAF until 1949, becoming a farmer in Kent before he passed away at the age of 70 in May 1987. In the years following the end of the Second World War, he became close friends with several German pilots, including Gunther Rall and Adolf Galland. This relationship helped foster a much closer bond between the two aviation communities of Britain and Germany post war. He was credited with 29 confirmed kills and 8 probables, although post war investigations uncovered a possible 30th kill. His colleagues, both pilots and ground crew, remember him fondly as a level headed, down to earth and approachable leader.

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