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Community Announcements - [Sandswept] H4ck3rGirl

Hello Survivors!

The Weekly Dead is here with zombies, shaders, and things. Go read.


Linger on, Survivors!
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey, Everyone!

We want to let everyone know that the patch that was meant to be coming out this weekend, is being pushed to next weekend instead (weekend of the 27th). Last week, Paul got very sick on us, and we lost several days of dev time on his end. As he is the one working feverishly on the UI re-write, it brought things to a standstill on that front. Due to the fact that this IS an overhaul of the entire UI, including the menu screen, we’re not able to put through an update to the patch timer on the launcher. If we complete the patch and all needed work before then, we will happily patch it out sooner, but we want to err on the side of caution. This is a very labor intensive one for the team, and we want to be sure we set a realistic timeframe. We apologize for the delay, and we hope you guys will bear with us a little longer. By way of apology, we leave you with something awesome to look at, coming in the near future:



Community Announcements - KorDen
Portal 2 no longer required to be installed to run TWTM! (But you still required to own it to download TWTM)

That must resolve most startup problems and crashes.
- No longer "can't find background image 'materials/console/portal2_product_2.vtf" error (as required Portal 2 files are now included)
- No longer "Failed to create D3D device" (or just black screen) on first start (at least for most cases when it caused by absent video settings auto-detection)

- Video settings auto-detection - no longer first start at 640x480.

Some in-game crashes should also been resolved.

If you still have crashes, verify TWTM files (Right-click on game in Steam -> Properties -> Local files -> Verify integrity of game cache)

Please post in this thread if you have issues after update.
Community Announcements - Winged Pixel
Version 1.9 includes a number of improvements and content. There is now a equipment screen accessable from any town. This screen should make it easier to manage your heroes' equipment. Lizards and Adventurers can now learn how to spot secret doors.

New worlds will now have weapon and armor stores scattered about, each holding a random selection of weapons and armor. Inns will also be found in new worlds, where you will find Heroes awaiting recruitment and will be able to rest to heal your party for a fee.

Full list of changes:

  • Add a Equip Hero screen to manage all hero equipment (Equip icon in Town)
  • Lizard and Adventurers now get a Detect Secret (doors) skill at later levels
  • Add Armorsmith and Weaponsmiths to the World, selling random items (new game only)
  • Add Inns to the world, recruit random heroes and rest your party, rest and heal for $$$
  • Fixed trap, altar and fountain outcomes, prevent re-loading to retry (optional, new game only)
  • Tweak accessory loot drop chance
  • Show weapon specialization (yellow icon & hover text) in equip screen
  • Hide non-equppable items in equip screen
  • Enforce unique town names
  • Quick load (F9) works from combat
  • Fix some quick load issues when in the world map
  • Fix monster stats not resetting on new games
  • Clarify class skill lists a bit
  • Tweak spell filter button layout
  • Handful of UI, typos and various tweaks
Community Announcements - MikeDomingues
Hi everyone !

Time for another update, this time introducing less but more significant bug and crash fixes.

We're also going to announce the plans for the upcoming major new build very soon, with this new build being released early next week.

Here's the changelog:

-Fixed trade route menu crash
-Fixed Attack button during combat shortcut
-Added warning when you try to add another trade route but reached the maximum trade routes you can have
-Balanced rebel factions to be less likely to appear
-Fixed special events occuring on first turn
-Fixed crash on end game with story events
-Fixed stuck story events

We also want to let everyone know that we know some people are still going through stability issues; we're working on that and testing several experimental patches. The last update brought a definite improvement in that area, and the upcoming patches will bring further improvements until we fix it for everyone.
We also want to thank everyone who took the time to email us with save files and bug reports, all of this has been a huge help for us.

Cheers !
Community Announcements - Life is Feudal
Thank you for your support and your help with describing bugs and crashes that you have experienced. We are sorry for all those countless crashes that you had suffered.

So far our roadmap looks like the following:

  1. Most critical bug and crash fixes we can provide. ETA: 21.09.2014, Sunday
  2. More bugs and crash fixes and Game Master (GM) mode. ETA: By the end of the next week.
    In Game Master (GM) mode you will be able to fly around with a camera view, complete buildings in one click, perform actions in one second, adjust your skills and stats and add any items that exists in game without suffering from weight limits! Ideal if you want to make your own world fast or setup some RP/PvP event in some interesting location.
  3. More bugs and crash fixes and ability to place furniture and movable objects inside tunnels and houses. ETA: to be announced later (hopefully mid October)
Community Announcements - Tyveris
Community Requests

  • Scoreboard has been added to the upper right hand corner of the screen during game play.


  • Characters get their names announced and play sounds in character select.
  • New announcer and announcements should be in all the appropriate places now.


  • Lord Vraxx weapon art has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Characters will no longer play animations while the game is paused.
  • Damage text from Training Mode will no longer remain on screen in other game modes.
  • Fixed missing sudden death sound.
  • Fixed bug where toggling training menu wasn't working correctly with controllers.
  • Fixed bug where you could be unselected trying to go into a match.
  • Fixed bug where a player joining during level select would cause a client crash.
  • Fixed bug where header buttons would disappear when a user disconnects during the voting period.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when a player lost connection during the voting process.
Community Announcements - garry :D

Take a look at our new devblog on the Rust website
Community Announcements - Yacht Club Games
Shovel Knight goes international! Now you can play the entire game in English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish! Swap between languages at any time within the Options Menu. Whether you're playing the game for the first time, picking up a new language, or just trying out a new flavor of the Shovel Knight adventure -- we hope you enjoy it! Thanks to the team at Words of Magic for their tireless work in translating the Shovel Knight spirit. Squeezing puns into fixed-width NES font space is no laughing matter!
Community Announcements - Kumiho
What's up Chasers!

We had a big update last night and it's one you've all been waiting for!
Let's get right down to it...

The Story
Many hundreds of years ago, an almost dead Seighart was found by the Highlanders, who then healed him and gave him their powers. Due to a mistake on Seighart’s part, he led Ashtaroth straight towards the Highlander’s hideout…

Though Seighart lived, the rest of the Highlanders were destroyed and Ashtaroth left them, sealed within Kounat. The horror, hatred and despair felt at the moment of their deaths became deeply ingrained into their blood… And over the years their blood began to pool together… and Uno was born.

Being that Uno is a being formed from blood, his thirst for blood is never ending… With considerations on what his potential jobs will be in the future, we have decided to call his first job: Bloodless


Get Uno!

UNO IS FREE! That’s right, FREE. So what’s the catch? During the next 3 weeks, you must level him up to 40! If you achieve level 40 with Uno, you can keep him. If at the end of the event, Uno is only level 39… Then he will be locked away…

Level Up Uno!

For each level milestone achieved Uno will be gifted with many rewards! Some of the potential rewards are 7 Day Timed Crimson Moon Coordi set, Sanguine Blood Dancer (Uno’s weapon that will increase in stats as you level up), Uno’s Cash Skills, Cash Armor Sets and more!

Also, if you can make it up to level 80, a very special coordi set will be rewarded!

Shop Goodies

Of course we can’t forget about the limited sale sets! All items listed below can be found in K-Ching Shop under Academy.

Crimson Moon and Bloodless Coordi Package

Noir Coori Sets

These sets will be available for a limited time at a discounted price! Once the sale is over, they will be available at their normal price and will also be sold as individual parts.

Random Face Accessory Chest

This chest contains a random Gas Mask Chest, Pirate Eye Patch Chest, or Medical Eye Patch Chest. These items are available for a limited time at a discounted cost. At the end of the event, they will be available in the Coordi Shop for their original cost.

Last, but not least the Amazing GachaBall is here! So you’re probably wondering… what is GachaBall? Think of a real life Gacha Machine… in game. Details regarding the mechanics will be posted on the website, so check out event page when it goes up later today!

As always check out the full details on our website!

Website Link
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