红石遗迹 - Red Obsidian Remnant - Red Obsidian Studio
Adjustment: reduce the hp of monsters and fourth BOSS
Fix: challenge the room is not clean up the door
Forts - [DEV] Nozehed

G'day Forts Fans! Another day, another update. Today's build addresses the issues listed below.

Build 2017-04-23a

- Campaign progress blocked if user escapes as medals drop at the end of a page.
- Request confirmation for campaign abandonment.
- Abandoning a campaign creates a back up in the same folder - Steam\steamapps\common\Forts\users\<NAME>\campaigns.
- Make LockTeams prevent joining, including Observers.
- Separate and disable joining of lobbies in progress (shown as greyed out)
- Don't alert player to games in progress.
- Player has connected messages duplicated.
- Remote client device previews are not shown to avoid frame drop.

Looking forward to your feedback!

RuneSage - George Gilbert
As RuneSage approaches the end of Early Access, this latest release adds lots more polish to the game to improve immersion. This includes a new menu with new options, improved graphics, improved story text etc as well as more spells and more puzzles to keep extending the content.

The full list of changes since V0.11.0 is as follows.

  • Added two new spells (spoilers as to which!).
  • Added more puzzles that need the new spells to solve.
  • Added more in-game help from NPCs.
  • Added a new in-game options menu.
  • Added new menu option for reviewing maps.
  • Added new menu option for reviewing runes.
  • Added new menu option for reviewing spells.
  • Added new menu option for armswing locomotion.
  • Added more environmental clues to help solve some puzzles.
  • Improved performance throughout.
  • Improved layout of the castle dungeon.
  • Improved teleport beam operation when near walls.
  • Improved scroll text.
  • Improved the look of the portcullises.
  • Improved the look of hanging brazier fires.
  • Improved the look of the water mage staff.
  • Fixed a bug with the boat physics.
  • Fixed a bug with the graphics of the crystal shield.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused two music tracks to play at once.
  • Fixed a bug which could allow you to get through the castle portcullis while it was closing.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the screen to go grey when mashing the teleport button.

Please keep the feedback coming as every piece helps improve the game for every release. Your support and thoughts on how to keep making RuneSage better and better is hugely appreciated!
Ship It - SmartCarrion
Big progress this month, I fixed some old bugs, added a bunch of new features, and redesigned the flow to support new players and new platforms. Read on for the details…

Please take a minute to rate the game and let me what you think!


The beginnings of ‘career mode’ are in place now. There is a screen in front of you that will help guide you through learning the game and seeing the different challenges available. It is just the basic functionality, and my next work will be balancing the levels, improving the graphics, and refining the flow to keep it exciting as you learn each new game challenge. It worked really well at BetaCon last weekend, so I’m hoping it is helpful to new and old players. I will need to reset the leaderboards to adjust for the new level length and scoring system, so expect that soon. I’ll probably need to reset one more time after balancing and adding the full set of levels.

  • New grabbing system – got rid of the pointer/grabber finger in favor of a ‘Robo-Recall’ like system where distance grabbing is just always on. It feels very intuitive and will let me add hand gestures back in soon.
  • New ‘Career mode’ menu system – use the laser pointer to select which level you want to play. High scores are tracked by level, with 3 star goals and leaderboards per level. Graphics are just basic for now and will be improved for clarity.
  • Added Oculus SDK support so Steam players with a Rift can now play without loading SteamVR!
  • Improved camera auto-rotation. If you have friends over, or are streaming, push 'C' for camera then 'A' for Auto to have a nice cycling of the spectator camera.
  • Added variable scoring of blocks, so tougher shapes and advanced colors will score you a higher wage.
  • Added basic factory upgrade system - you have to earn some virtual money to unlock new block types. Later you will be able to buy factory upgrades to increase your earning potential.
  • Made blocks never burn while in your hands, only when on the ground.
  • Removed block storage devices until they find a new home on the control panel. They aren’t as necessary the way the game is flowing, and need to get introduced after the player has learned the basics.
  • Fixed a huge lighting bug that has been troubling me for 10 months! I can now control reflections again and have way more control over the lighting, expect more interesting behaviors here later, but for now, things look smoother, there is better performance, and the day/night effects are actually visible.
  • Fixed box closing sound being too loud.
  • Crushed a ton of other bugs.
  • Improved graphics and more playful factory environment.
  • Subtitles and in game tips on the heads up display
  • Creative and Special Order mode integrated with career mode.
  • New rooms to view your factory upgrades and play around with blocks.
  • Adding safety vest to represent player's body.
  • Need a new trailer.
  • Levels not fully designed, money value and difficulty balance is not right.
  • Lighting can be a bit dark.
  • Gun pointing direction is off on Oculus.

Niche - a genetics survival game - Sheevee
April update incoming :D
It's not quite finished and still rather buggy, that's why we uploaded it on a separate branch. This preview version is labeled as version 0.3.2.

I’ll be attending Berlin Games Week starting tomorrow and be back to work in a week. However my team mates will check how the testing is going from time to time.

What is new?
- 2 new islands (Snow/Grass Island, Snow Island) + some islands reworked
- New biome: Mountain (along with 2 new predators and 1 new prey type)

- Twin birth and fertility system
- Updated sickness mechanic (sickness can now spread)
- New prehistoric genes
- Temperature system that allows more flexible weather and temperature events
- Added heat and cold resistance
- Added filters to the family tree
- Lots of big + small fixes and improvements
- Lots of new bugs xD

How to get the update:
> right click on Niche in your library
> click on properties
> select the beta tab
> select the dropdown and choose “buggy_mountain_preview"
> the game will update, please wait (restart Steam if the game is not updating)
> play :D

This update features a lot of new content and we had to rebuild the game quite a bit. Because of this older save files will unfortunately not be compatible with this update.
Please note that we plan to completly replace the current mutation system with a new one soon. That is the reason why the new genes are not in there ^^

If you are a Youtuber/Streamer:
Please inform your viewers how to access the update and let them know it is a preview version.

It seems that we have performence problems with this update. If that is the case for you, please turn down your graphics settings for now.
Please give us feedback and report bugs here:

Please find as many bugs/balancing issues/things that are not understandable as possible so we can fix them when I’m back!
Thank you all very much for your time and support :)

Stray Fawn Studio
红石遗迹 - Red Obsidian Remnant - Red Obsidian Studio
Fix: underground no transfer gate
Fix: occasional Gargoyle arrest doesn't throw out
Fix: Traditional Chinese version, reset the talent when there is a downgrade dialogue tips
Fix: Hammer dizziness fell to the ground
Fix: volume settings are not saved
Fix: Ritual sword occasionally appear negative blood but never die
Adjustment: the ability of the hammer to stun is weakened. In addition to the switch to other weapons, the hammer will also store a "hammer" effect
Adjustment: single sacrifice volume down to 20%
Adjustment: each layer of a random event room (to reduce the replacement of a monster house)
Adjustment: Super room trigger condition adjusted from 14 to 12
LOGistICAL - sacada
Well after the stuff up on Thursday/Friday where the build didn't work for everyone (well everyone but me). I have now a new build that fixes what made it not work and a few other things as well. The full list is below.

Giving some notice, the build will be rolled out 2 hours after this message at 05:00 EST. I will be online for the next 3 hours if things don't go as planned. If they do work all fine, I would be grateful to also be notified with a reply to this text or a forum message.

Thanks all for your patience and continued support. For those that want to try this pre-release now, you are most welcome. To do so...

1. Right click on LOGistICAL in your Steam library and select "Properties". Click the "betas" tab and select "Beta" from the drop down list. There is no password or code for this one.
Let me know of any major issues as soon as possible and I can delay and fix.

Thanks LOGistICALlers.

PS. The New Zealand build is coming along well. There are many challenges and rules are a little different in this new LOGistICAL country.

About this build...

A large build with lots of mods. If you find anything unstable pm me or post into this forum and I will address it asap.

This build has undergone a huge change to cater for multiple countries and some new rules for the upcoming LOGistICAL - New Zealand package due out next week.

* Update of town graphics
* Update of country graphics
* Inclusion of more accurate vector graphics around land objects
* Redo of the leaderboards (there are around 50 leaderboards running in the background of the game. These will appear in-game soon, but firstly they need to collect the data. There is a problem if too much data is uploaded to Steam too quickly, so have also implemented a queue system to deal with that.
* Restructure of the data packets to deal with countries, states and regions
* Fix for recalling save games
* Addition of the New Zealand data, ready for DLC
* Redo of Northern Territory achievement
* Fix to allow multiple images under the "Achievement" tabs
* Additional truck rules for NZ and subsequent DLCs
* Ability to download leaderboards into the game
* Remove of the truck balloons within completed towns.. bye bye :(
* Graphics for NZ
* Graphics for additional industry and cargo for NZ
* Changed the colour of build 10 level industries from red to green (will update manual and tutes shortly)
* Restructure of all the data files to allow multiple DLCs
* Removal of the vector graphic at startup
* Change to the start screen

Bunches of other smaller fixes, mostly in the depths of the code.

Enjoy and let me know of any issues if you find them.
Sol 0: Mars Colonization - solzerogame
Hi all,

I apologize for the long delay in updates to the game. Several factors have contributed to the delay, I'll discuss one here.

In the past few months I've tried to put together an update more than once, but keep running into the same issue: the game has grown a bit beyond my capabilities as a programmer. I'm hesitant to push updates that could fix a few bugs, but destabilize the game.

I'm going to make another attempt, but if I am not able to get something together in the next month that seems solid I think there are two options for the game:

1. Release the game as free
2. Reduce the price of the game to a cost that reflects the value of the game with an uncertain update schedule

Neither of these precludes further updates, but clearly a regular update schedule is not something I can promise. I'm reducing the price regardless, and will decide on pt 1. in part based on any feedback I get. I do think the game offers some value as is, and provokes some thought about technologies that would be useful on Mars.

I welcome any discussion or feedback on these ideas.

Sol 0 was my first attempt at making a game. I've learned a lot, and honestly the game probably should never have been as popular as it is - I think there is a huge opportunity for a quality Mars city builder, and the subject matter seems like it was compelling enough that the quirks of this game could be overlooked!

Thanks for all your support,

Sol 0 Team
遊魂2 -you're the only one- - hikarifield
Hello everyone,

We have updated the Official English website of Tayutama2 -you’re the only one-! Why don’t you come and visit here:

We’re open to any reasonable suggestions or good advices. You may feel free to contact us: hikarifield@gmail.com.

Wish all of you have a great day -^_^-
Forgotten Lore - Coty

Hey there!

This week we've got four new unique cards! Be sure to check them out when you get a chance.

New stuff
  • Faust, the Defense - Soul Shield - Protects allied cars from status effects such as Poison and Freeze.
  • Gwann, the Executioner - Sacrifice - Instantly destroys any card on the field. The remaining health of the target is removed from the caster's HP.
  • Celar, the Grinder - Erosion - Damages any card or player. Each consecutive strike deals twice as much damage as the last.
  • Kasur, the Artist - Reversal - Damages any card, using the target card's attack stat.
  • Some minor bug fixes


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