Ripple Effect - eordower
We have another new update for everyone. Please try our new game "Shadow King". It is our most difficult game yet and includes a number of different game play elements.

You must protect your lighthouses from the shadow king that is coming for you. Use your fanny pack and light discs to feed the energy console in the different rooms
Last Day of June - Darqflame
E3 was exciting, exhilarating and exhausting even if you weren’t there! But if you were, you might have gotten to see us! The 2017 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo was an opportunity for us to showcase our new game Last Day of June. We wanted to know, “What would you do to save the one you love?”

We offered a snippet of the intro to those who came along to see Last Day of June and the feedback we received was incredibly positive. Some stated how emotional the game is and others commented on how awesome it was to try something new.

Not only did we receive great feedback, we are beyond thrilled and honored to receive many mentions, nominations and awards. Among those are several Best of E3 nominee, a Dualshockers Best Indie Game award and a Kinda Funny Approved Best of E3 award. Check them out!
If you are interested in more from E3, click the links below:
Gameplay Preview
Dev Interview
First Impression
First 8 minutes of gameplay

Thank you once again to Razer, Alienware and NVIDIA for assisting us with the hardware to show off our game!

You can view the complete blog on 505 Games Blog page!
Rollout - Ryan up in here
The DLC is on sale. This is the cheapest it's ever been.

Check it out if you want new balls and any of the exclusive stufff I'll be adding soon.
MyWorld - Action RPG Maker - RaveyLarge
New Feature - Enemy Creator
Today's update brings you a feature we are super excited about, the enemy creator. Update discussion thread >>here<<
This first iteration of the enemy creator boasts some exciting features giving you freedom to fill worlds with truly unique enemies. Craft your own enemies out of a wide selection of body parts, ranging from a pumpkin head to a giant eyeball body!

There's a wide library to choose from, like the editor it will be added to as we continue to update MyWorld.
Mix and match left and right limbs. Get creative with the paint pallet, assign glows and metals, fill worlds with enemies straight from your imagination. Body parts can also be hidden to create spooky floating enemies.

The enemy creator is accessed through the world editor, simply click the character creator in the top right to launch.

After designing your enemy, assign it's behaviour, health, damage and more. Scale options give you the power to change the size of head and overall height. Give it a name and select your creation in the new 'character creator' editor tab.To watch a breakdown of how it works, checkout the video below.
You can also view the enemy creator hotkeys >>here<<

MyWorld is currently on sale!
This is a great time to checkout MyWorld as it's part of steams summer sale. Grab yourself a deal and join us on our journey to making MyWorld awesome!
Have a great weekend
We are looking forward to seeing what you all come up with in the editor, we'd love to see some screenshots on the community forum. See you all next week for another update, happy building! ːMushroomWarriorː
Wizard of Legend - Contingent99
Hey Everyone!

Here's a quick preview of our June Kickstarter update!
Check out the full post here with more info!


Electrifying enemies with Shock Nova!

Reeling in foes with Mortal Coil!

Blasting away everything with the Scales of Babylon!
4D Toys - marc
- Added 7 new shapes!
- Added 'Roll Button' to other dice shapes.

- Non-VR: Faster arrow key 4D movement + hold CTRL for even faster movement.
- VR: Added Ability to raise the floor height in the Launcher.
- Minor bug/issue fixes.
Pathfinder Adventures - OEI_Aarik
Hail and well met adventurers!

The time for waiting is over! The Pathfinder Adventures Ambassador Program is now live!

Head on over to our blog post and follow the step-by-step process on how to participate in the program!

Thank you all for your patience!
Be Quiet! - Select
I would like to say thanks to all my Beta Testers, in order to honor the top 3 of them (bugs reporting, feedback in general) I create items with a custom name and a custom image for them. I appreciate your feedback very much and I hope these unique items will let your inventory look cool!

The entire Attack Mountain library is 51 to 65% off for the Steam Summer Sale!

There's literally never been a better time to get SOS:SPECIAL OPERATIVE STORIES, THE GREY MAN, & QUACK ATTACK 1985: TURBO DX EDITION! And if you buy all three of them as a bundle - MAMA MIA, your wallet will be thankful!

Check out the entire ATKMTN catalog here!
Guardians of Ember - BigPun
Hello Immortals,
As always, here are the weekly updates to our bug list:

  • New: 239 - Block Power bonus from the Priest Passive "Key Rescue" is not working
  • New: 240 - Camera position moveable after Resonance Hall Cutscene
  • New: 244 - Filthy Hideout Solo Run Achievement Missing

Status Updates
  • Status Update: 228 - Cealkirk Dilemma Event Boss Despawn
  • Status Update: 0200 - Texture Quality Will not Save to "High"

  • Fixed: 0235 - Twin Spider Resurgence NPC Doubled
  • Fixed: 0202 - Players still getting Runtime Error After 1.4.1079 Patch
  • Fixed: 0201 - Runtime Error in Specific Dungeon Are Consistent
  • Fixed: 0149 - Player Cannot Complete "Raven Helper" Achievement Due to Lack of Quests Available
  • Fixed: 227 - Royal Cemetery Cut Scene - Player Not Protected
  • Fixed: 225 - 2 Compendium Cards are either Missing or Wrong Drops
  • Fixed: 224 - Quest: Heirs to the Cluster: No markers on mimi-map
  • Fixed: 0214 - Gold does not drop in the Chaos Temple

  • New: 241 - Note system for friends list and guild list
  • New: 242 - Compendium Card tracking feature
  • New: 243 - Crafting Bag Space
  • New: 245 - Option to Toggle Life Bar of Creatures On Permanently
  • New: 246 - Add the ability to lock skills onto hotbar

Thank you all for your patience, support, and continual feedback. We shall keep you updated on this week’s QA’s and hopefully see them patched next week!

To view the entire bug list, go here:



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