加入到螺旋骑士的行列当中吧。你置身于一个陌生的世界,在千变万化的 Clockworks 中探索。
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Happy 5th Birthday, Spiral Knights!

Spiral Knights is FIVE years old! Why, that's almost old enough to wear long trousers!

(*sniffle* They grow up so fast...)

Pile into the Clockworks and help us celebrate Spiral Knights' birthday! Here is the lineup of events:

Today through April 18, 2016: Spiral HQ has assembled prize boxes from the past year together into a Surprise Box. When you open a Surprise Box, you will randomly receive a past prize box and confetti. There is also a chance to find a Stately Cap costume helm! For details on this box and its contents, visit the wiki here.

Missions: Help Biscotti, the Skylark's Head Chef, avoid disaster in two special missions - Total Caketastrophe and A Gremlin in Knead. Fight Creep Cakes and Batterbots to earn Cake Slice tokens, then visit Maskwell in Haven Town Square to exchange your tokens for:

- Cake helms
- Anniversary Prize Boxes
- other party accessories

April 8-10, 2016: The Birdsong Trading Company is holding a three-day giveaway for the Spiral Knights Anniversary celebration! HOW DO YOU GET THE SHINIES?! Just be logged into the game for your chance to win party hats, confetti and other good stuff.

Thank you all so much for playing Spiral Knights. Have fun out there!

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Defend the Tortodrones!


As is their strange habit, the Tortodrones are on their Long Migration again. This is proving irresistible to fiendish denizens of the Clockworks! Take up arms to investigate and defend against this horrible mischief, and explore the Clockworks to gather fiendish glyphs.

And of course, there's something in it for you! Be sure to collect Ancient Shell materials from the Ancient Grove to craft 3*, 4* and 5* Tortodrone handguns and shields at the Mysterious Alchemy Machine!

The Spiral HQ intel forecasting interns predicts the Tortodrone migration will continue through March 15, 2016. Get in there, protect the magnificent Tortodrones, and do us proud!

Ancient Prize Boxes!
To mark the return of the lumbering giants, Haven Treasury is again offering the Ancient Prize Box. This box contains items from the Tortodrone homeland, including costumes and accessories. These boxes can be purchased through March 15, 2016. Check out the full list here.

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Steam Trading

本游戏参与 Steam 平台交易
来自本游戏的道具可用于交易,并在您的 Steam 社区个人页面库存中可见。


螺旋骑士是个持续世界中的合作冒险游戏。武装好自己并加入螺旋骑士的行列;由于被困在一个陌生的世界,他们必须探索地表下千变万化的 Clockworks 并希望达到其神秘的地核。


  • Clockworks 提供的冒险挑战最适合与好友们一同挑战。
  • 击杀怪物,解决难题,一起发现宝藏!
  • 不到一分钟即可从登录至多人冒险游戏。
  • 有数以百计的独特武器及装备等你发现并升级。
创建 Arsenal
  • 有数以百计的独特武器及装备等你发现并升级。
  • 公会联盟对世界的影响力更大。收集强大的矿物以转变 Clockworks!
  • 螺旋骑士是个免费进行的游戏,无需付费即可享受此游戏中所提供的一切。


  • 军团要塞 2“骑士轻盔”帽子
    若要得到此免费军团要塞 2 帽子,玩家必须从 Haven Arcade 内的任一大门第一个到达 Clockwork Terminal 并获得“Mission Accomplished”成就(已获得成就的玩家也将得到此帽子。)


Mac OS X
    • 操作系统:Windows XP、 Vista 或 7
    • 处理器:1.3 Ghz 处理器
    • 内存:Windows XP 需要 512 MB,Windows Vista/7 需要 1 GB
    • 显卡:64 MB 显存。GeForce 5 系列,ATI Radeon 8500。最新的显卡驱动程序。
    • 分辨率:1024 x 600
    • DirectX®:N/A
    • 硬盘所需空间:300 MB
    • Java:1.5 版
    • 操作系统:OS X 版本 10.5.8,雪豹 10.6.3,或更高版本。
    • 处理器:1.3 Ghz 处理器
    • 内存:1 GB
    • 显卡:64 MB 显存。GeForce 5 系列,ATI 8500。最新的显卡驱动程序。
    • 分辨率:1024 x 600
    • 硬盘所需空间:300 MB
    • Java:1.5 版
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And by the way, if it's too long to read there is no point to play it: The Game's servers are going to close. So recommending or not, there is no reason to start it whatsoever (it has not been confirmed, but its on forums).

I would definetely give this game a thumbs up, but for its current state, it's a no from me. I don't wanna hate on the game, but what bugs me the most are the developpers that gave up on this game that it had the potential to be something bigger and something everyone would enjoy playing. I would give this review a thumbs up, but I'm giving a thumbs down because of the devs. And before you trynna defend in the comments before reading this, I suggest you do. I've spent 5000 hours on this game,more than any other I've spent and you cn definetely say I enjoyed it A LOT. But I feel like I got betrayed. It would be a 10/10 if the game was active and constantly had new things to offer.

You might definetely know me if you played this game as Speedkillerr, technically still a Guild Master in Unity(an old powerfull guild). I've also made yearly Christmas Giveaways to the ENTIRE GAME! YES, I used to advertise in haven for free stuff, and over 40 people would line up to give free items to friends and strangers. So before concidering me as an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, make some research or stop assuming. To introduce you to this game, you are a knight and you must find a core, where a really old artifact was stolen by the Gremlins(a destructive enemy faction), and you must bring it back to Haven. Your Mission is also to help Spiral HQ to find the missing Alpha team that got sucked into the core. Unfortunately, the game never had the core open until few months ago and boy...the lore was disappointing. So if you are looking for story, you will not find it interesting as the gameplay progresses. Only As a 1-star player or a recruit, the story will be enjoyable.

Here is the positive part: I loooooove the costumes and the design of characters. It gives so much inspiration to designers and drawers out there. The designing part of the game is friendly. Spiral Knights on DeviantArt is a really common place for players to go. I've changed my profile picture in the past A LOT when I would find a badass or cool spiral knights pic. I even make em myself using Spiral Spy, Three Ring's software. I've made profile pictures for many friends and other peeps. I love the design and costumization of the game a lot.

What's really nice about this game is also Haven. It looks such an ideal and peaceful place for players to interact, trade, participate in events, practise, generally become better players. The design of the Town Square looks amazing and delightful! If you are going to start the game, I recommend to look around and explore the place. No wonder why most of people stay there most of their time!

The mobs-monsters are inspiring as well. Dividing them into different families and each faction-family has its own unique story and species. Personally, "the nightmare" mobs are my favourite (shadow zombies, gremlins, trojans, etc).

The game isn't challenging for you? Try out Shadow Lair! It's epic and has a lotta action!

I am also glad to see new accessories lately in early 2016. I can definetely say the design has improved A LOT. Variety expanded. But if I rant about it bellow, it's for not just that reason. The lack of new items is still a debate.

Sadly,the game is dead. I'm repeating, the game is dead. Only 500 users playing on steam. Now you're going to tell me that steam users only populate 30% of the game, but still...it is not enough. The developpers don't care about this game anymore. Some devs were playing the game and doing nothing all day. Just showing off their expensive ♥♥♥♥♥♥ items that no one can afford. The Head-Dev of the game(Nick) quit. The are almost no updates in the game.

Let's break this into two pieces now. 1-for PvE and 2-for PvP

1) Missions get repetitive, there are only 5-10 daily missions that are randomely generated. Arcade depths are empty since there is a "Mission" option where you get straight into the lore. There is no variety into the missions, that's just how I felt through out the years. Since most of the game is filled with players who finished the lore and are 5-star, the Lord Vanaduke mission is the primary selection for grinding, which is the only one that gives the most crowns(currency of the game). And yes,it's just THAT mission that you get the most money from. And it definetely gets repetitive since it's the only one that shows progress. And it takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. Either way, PvE is boring, that's all I'm gonna say,especially when you're alone.

2) The worst part of this game. Basically 99% of the game is PvP. Classic. It's called Lockdown. You just get in 2 teams and kill each other andcapturing points. OP people always playing, you see no noobs anymore. And basically the people who play PvP excessivly are the ones who live at their mom's basement and don't have anything else to play. It can be fun at some parts, but it's repetitive and BORING. More boring that Call of Duty nowadays. And everyone is using the same TWO weapons. That's basically PvP. No variation in this game. There is also Blast Network but it has 0 players for 3 YEARS STRAIGHT. I've never seen anyone playing it. Whenever there is a match, it's surprising. It's like the most useless PvP part of the game. You just bomb others.

The prices of the items are broken. The Auction House is empty. Nothing is sold anymore, I only see 2-3 traders a day, while back in the days, there were trades everywhere. There are rarely new items anymore. Just some promo ♥♥♥♥♥♥ costumes that only difference they have is their color. NOTHING ELSE. That's what we get twice a year only.

BIG problem in the game nowadays is the wealth gap. Now it's just rich vs poor. No in between. It's like the players have been divided in two species. The rich people monopolize everything. The bad thing also is that only 2-3 guilds are active. And the really big ones are literally ruining the game. Guild vs Guild PvP only has ONE guild which you can play against. ONE! And this one is the most hated to VS since they don't even let you play with others..and they are incredibly tryhards lol. My guild tried to vs with a friendly guild. And we didn't manage to play because that annoying guild gets in the way.

No joke, the game was full and joyfull back in 2012. It reached its climax in 2013. The servers were full. There was action going on, and the community was humble. Now it's all about competition and who is the best on LD(Lockdown). Servers are empty. There is only 1 server active and sometimes it is empty as well.

The game had full potential to become something new and different. I liked the lore and the setting at one point, but the devs don't care anymore and half of the quit. Three Rings is falling and there is nothing we can do about it. The 2 biggest guilds in the game broke and went to other games.

It used to be my favourite game for a loooong time, but it got boring. You only enjoy it for a small tangent of time. Then you will hate that you got consummed by it.

This ain't just a rant, it's the players' voice. It's not just my voice, it's everyone's complaints,pros and cons in just a compressed and really brief review of the game. I don't like hating on things, because I'm not able to make a game like that myself, but knowing that the developers aren't in a good shape and kinda gave up on the game, made me feel betrayed.

Want a simpler one?: DO NOT touch this game if you don't like repetitiveness. Good thing it's free, so you can just try it out yourself. I play it sometimes because I wanna hang out with friends, there are some personal parts that keep me going,

Peace out, here is a smiley face if you managed to read this vicious text :)
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A Spiral Knights Review

First things first, I loved this game. I still do. Love its' artstyle, the design, the unique atmosphere, and all my friends who have supported me through these 4 years in the game. and the 5035 hours oh my ****ing god!
One thing that hasn't changed during the years is the artstyle and all the crazy cool new (and cute) stuff that has been added into the game. The community is mostly nice, apart from a few rotten apples. The artwork that has been made based on this game is enthralling at least. The epic moments when battling a boss with a bunch of friends via a voice chat system is a thing to remember even after many years.

Even though all these fun times, I am obliged to quit this game.
"But why, Dreff? You said that you'll never quit this game ever!
  • Okay so in the old times, your gear would gain heat which levels them up after the heat bar is filled to the max. You only had to get in the clockworks and play, and after the level was completed, you'd get heat and if the bar got filled, the weapon leveled up. Now you need to upgrade with Fire Crystals. Reason why it is so annoying is because it is really going to limit your weapon upgrading to the ones that you really want to have level 10. The game also urges you to spend your pennies on fire crystals to level your gear up faster.

    Pay 2 win?
  • I've spent a horrendous amount of money on this game. Most of my purchases I made for this game to show my support and maybe get some cool items along the way. A fair time ago you obtained prize boxes via a normal energy purchase. I really liked that, you'd only get a couple of boxes along with a purchase but you'd get that energy along. Then the system was changed so that you couldn't get boxes along for free via an energy purchase. This is the one reason why the energy prices in game are so high.

    Energy Price in-game
  • You can pay in game via a direct change of X crowns into 100 energy, or sell 100 energy for X crowns. The prices used to be static 5000cr which was pretty cheap. The current prices are double as much. One of the reasons for this is that people don't buy any Energy with real money anymore. During an event, you could get boxes along energy purchases. Most of the people sold their energy via the Energy Trade system in the game (Post offers to sell/buy energy for x amount of crowns) Nowadays it's a pretty static 9k-10k crowns to get 100 energy.

  • Another thing which causes players not to buy ce directly is because you can get way more energy with other virtual currencies, such as tf2 keys. The least amount of energy you can buy in SK with real money is 750e. It costs about 2,40€, basically slightly more than a tf2 key would cost me, (currently 2,20€ per tf2 key) If you sell those keys to a player you found in-game or via the forums, you'd get 2000e/key. More than 2x energy than buying it in-game. Awesome, right?

    Less challenging & other
  • In the older times, there weren't many of the new additions, such as the Battle Sprites, Dash & Shield Bash, etc. I think these along with some other things have made the game a lot more easier than before. I personally enjoyed the difficulty, perhaps the ridiculous stacking revive costs with energy were a bit too much though. But, when you ran with a party, you could run next to a fallen party member, revive them for the cost of half of your own health. It made the game interesting to play with a party, since there was no way you could pay energy prices every time you died. You could also drop health pills if your team had none and desperately in need of some delicious pills, which made co-working together important and it stiched people together.

    The Core
  • Aight, the big one. Cherry on top of the cake. You delved every time down to the clockworks, fighting monsters and grabbing that loot. Once you ventured all the way to the bottom, there was this mysterious thing called... The Core. First time I made it into the core I was just thinking that what on earth could be inside that thing? Valuables? Maybe a whole new series of levels, insanely difficult but rewarding at the same time? None of those I am afraid... Just... White space. Me and so many others were so excited about it! This could have been such a potential for new, intriguing missions to do, new content that would last for a fair amount of time. Sigh.

  • Sigh. I've had a ton of cool friends in-game that I played actively with, got to know better and who helped me during my tough times. No, I wasn't just seeking acceptance from randoms online, some of my closest of friends helped me during my darkest of hours It's a shame that people are quitting the game, I've lost 100 or so people from my friends list, some of which I didn't really even get to say goodbye to. Now, some of my friends will go through the same, as I leave without saying farewell or anything.


GG no re
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One hell of a time waster! Would never recommend anyone playing as I'd rather you live your life. XD

Was a great game though...Hence the hours I've put into it. >.>
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I know, I have 1,500 hours in this game and i dont recomend it. Well It's for a reason;

For starters i got into it and i was hyped, It was so cool so many different things tons of stuff, but i realised this isn't a good game. Here's why:

1: The game has low content. Three rings doesn't focus on it the way they should, Instead they focus on another game with less players and less activity.

2: The community is ♥♥♥♥. Litterally the whole community is horrible. I mean there is some exceptions and I've met some good friends on there, but the majority is crap. They all have a GIANT ego and if you insult it your automatically put into hated and you really have a horrible time. Also they all brag about how much "Ingame money" they have and it gets annoying, I will say why in a minute.

3: Three rings made a good game but they ruined it: Okay I know you guys are like "No they didn't!" Well yes they kinda did. For starters it is SO hard to get ingame money legit. They have it to where everything is high priced you would want, but if you pay for it you can get rich with about $100. That means that the majority of the community is pay to win and they brag about the money that came out of their mom's wallet. Another thing is they post little to no content i said it before, but im saying it again this game is so low content.

4: What they do with the money: So we all know sonic is dead, Yes I know i have a tails' picture as my profile pic, but Sonic was kinda over done, it also didn't survive the leap to 3D. So what 3 Rings is doing with the money you spend on the game is handing it over to sega, giving them money to make more sonic games.

5: The gameplay is ♥♥♥♥: Now I said that grinding in the earlier here's a close up on that. For 1 you have to put in 100+ man hours to get to the max level with good gear. For 2 The money grind on the max level is hard, you have to do a last boss mission that takes 30 minutes to do for a small sum of 8,000 crowns. That means on a saturday a regular person would go from 12:00 Pm- 10:00 Pm is only making about 20 runs a day and 160,000 crowns, which is a small amount.

Thats my complaints it really could be a good game if they fixed them but their not gonna do that anytime soon. Thank you for reading.
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