Junta-te aos Spiral Knights. Perdido num mundo alienígena, terás de explorar as profundezas das Clockworks, sempre em constante mudança.
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The Guardian Armor Pack contains two complete sets of unique costume armor as well several other valuable items suitable for any player.

LUNAR NEW YEAR SALE! Offer ends 12 Fevereiro


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3 Fevereiro

Happy Lunar New Year!


As the Lunar New Year approached, our spectacled scientists at Spiral HQ began monkeying around with gear again, trying to find new ways of adapting to this new world. At first, we came up with some real howlers. Marmoset there would be days like this. So, undaunted, we refined these into something golden--the Spiraltail Prize Box. See what might be squirreled away in yours:

- Spiraltail Drakon pods
- Spiraltail accessories (tails, naturally)
- Spiraltail mail
- Spiraltail masks
- Firetail
- Mail of the Firetail
- Mask of the Firetail

The Spiraltail Prize Box will be here through February 16, 2016. You know the drill! Before you roloway, poke your proboscis at all the details.

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3 Fevereiro

Kataclysmic Confrontation!


We are declaring a state of emergency in the Moorcroft Manor Archives, as black kats are storming the area and consuming the precious tomes within! We need all knights of rank 4-1 and greater to gear up and retrieve Ancient Pages from these voracious vermin.

Do the Kataclysmic Confrontation prestige mission and/or fight through kat levels in the Clockworks to find black kats. Then, visit Montague in Moorcroft Manor, or the Mysterious Crafting Machine in Haven, with your collection of Ancient Pages, and craft stuff:

  • Kat Claw hood, mask, cowl
  • Kat Hiss hood, mask, cowl
  • Kat Eye hood, mask, cowl
If you happen to perform (accidentally, we assume) a Dark Ritual (yes, THAT dark ritual) and survive the encounter, you may find yourself in possession of a Black Kat Cowl or a Wicked Whisker. With Wicked Whiskers, dropped for all present party members, the following gear can be made:
  • Kat Claw cloak, mail, raiment
  • Kat Hiss cloak, mail, raiment
  • Kat Eye cloak, mail, raiment
  • Black Kat cloak, mail, raiment, hood, mask
If you have participated in a previous Kataclysmic Confrontation and still have Ancient Page tokens, they are still valid! Ancient Page tokens do not expire.

Katastrophe Returns Prize Box

During this event, Spiral HQ is offering the Katastrophe Returns Prize Box! Contents include:

- Kat Suit Costumes
- Shadow Armors and Helms
- Shadow Accessories
- Seraph'tenna
- Dazzling Gems
- Dread Seals
- Dread and Seraph Wings
- Heavenly Halos
- Dreadful Auras

Our new Kat Forecasting Intern predicts that the Kataclysmic Confrontation will run through February 16, 2016, and details on the box are here. Best of luck, knights!

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Os itens deste jogo são trocáveis e podem ser visualizados no teu inventário no teu Perfil da Comunidade Steam.

Acerca deste jogo

Forma o teu grupo e luta até ao Núcleo!
Spiral Knights é uma aventura cooperativa num mundo persistente com o foco em ações rápidas e instantâneas. Arma-te e junta-te às linhas de soldados de Spiral Knights; presos num mundo estranho, eles precisam de explorar o Clockworks, que está debaixo de sua superfície e está sempre a mudar, na esperança de alcançar o seu misterioso Núcleo.


Exploração Cooperativa
  • O Clockworks proporciona desafios que são mais fáceis com a ajuda de amigos.
  • Luta contra monstros, resolve os puzzles e descobre tesouros!
Ação Instantânea
  • Vai desde o login à aventura multijogador em menos de um minuto.
Mundo em Constante Mudança
  • O Clockworks alterna níveis para exploração em tempo real. Em todos os momentos de cada dia, o mundo muda.
Cria um Arsenal
  • Há centenas de armas e equipamentos para descobrir e aplicar alquimia.
Forma Poderosos Guilds
  • Alianças de Guilds proporcionam grande influência no mundo. Acumula minerais poderosos para transformar o Clockworks!
Joga Gratuitamente!
  • Spiral Knights é gratuito para jogar, sem necessidade de subscrições para desfrutar de tudo o que o jogo tem para oferecer.

Oferta Especial:

  • Chapéu "O Elmo Espiral" para Team Fortress 2
    Recebe grátis um chapéu baseado no Spiral Knights para o Team Fortress 2 ao desbloqueares uma proeza no Spiral Knights!
    Para receberem o chapéu TF2 grátis, os jogadores têm que chegar ao primeiro Clockwork Terminal a partir de qualquer portão na Haven Arcade e desbloquear a proeza 'Mission Accomplished'. (Jogadores que já a desbloquearam também recebem o chapéu.)

Requisitos do Sistema

Mac OS X
    • SO: Windows XP, Vista ou 7
    • Processador: Processador de 1.3ghz
    • Memória: 512MB para Windows XP ou 1GB para Windows Vista/7
    • Gráficos: Memória gráfica de 64MB. GeForce série 5, ATI Radeon 8500. Controlador de vídeo mais recente.
    • Exibição: 1024x600
    • DirectX®:
    • Disco Rígido: 300MB
    • Java: Versão 1.5
    • SO: OS X Leopard versão 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3 ou mais recente.
    • Processador: Processador de 1.3ghz
    • Memória: 1GB
    • Gráficos: Memória gráfica de 64MB. GeForce série 5, ATI 8500. Controlador de vídeo mais recente.
    • Exibição: 1024x600
    • Disco Rígido: 300MB
    • Java: Versão 1.5
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Publicada: 17 de Dezembro de 2015

Aight, so this paragraph is an edit. Just telling that a lot of people complain that I have no life or I spent 5000 hours for nothin, but this review covers mostly the negative parts. 90% of people agree with me so here ya go. So ye i made the negative review because i was bored one day,k thnx bai read this semi-toxic review lol.

I would definetely give this game a thumbs up, but for its current state, it's a no from me. I don't wanna hate on the game, but what bugs me the most are the developpers that gave up on this game that it had the potential to be something bigger and something everyone would enjoy playing. I would give this review a thumbs up, but I'm giving a thumbs down because of the devs. And before you trynna defend in the comments before reading this, I suggest you do. I've spent 5000 hours on this game,more than any other I've spent and you cn definetely say I enjoyed it A LOT. But I feel like I got betrayed. It would be a 10/10 if the game was active and constantly had new things to offer.

You might definetely know me if you played this game as Speedkillerr, technically still a Guild Master in Unity(an old powerfull guild). I've also made yearly Christmas Giveaways to the ENTIRE GAME! YES, I used to advertise in haven for free stuff, and over 40 people would line up to give free items to friends and strangers. So before concidering me as an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, make some research or stop assuming. To introduce you to this game, you are a knight and you must find a core, where a really old artifact was stolen by the Gremlins(a destructive enemy faction), and you must bring it back to Haven. Your Mission is also to help Spiral HQ to find the missing Alpha team that got sucked into the core. Unfortunately, the game never had the core open until few months ago and boy...the lore was disappointing. So if you are looking for story, you will not find it interesting as the gameplay progresses. Only As a 1-star player or a recruit, the story will be enjoyable.


Here is the positive part: I loooooove the costumes and the design of characters. It gives so much inspiration to designers and drawers out there. The designing part of the game is friendly. Spiral Knights on DeviantArt is a really common place for players to go. I've changed my profile picture in the past A LOT when I would find a badass or cool spiral knights pic. I even make em myself using Spiral Spy, Three Ring's software. I've made profile pictures for many friends and other peeps. I love the design and costumization of the game a lot.

What's really nice about this game is also Haven. It looks such an ideal and peaceful place for players to interact, trade, participate in events, practise, generally become better players. The design of the Town Square looks amazing and delightful! If you are going to start the game, I recommend to look around and explore the place. No wonder why most of people stay there most of their time!

The mobs-monsters are inspiring as well. Dividing them into different families and each faction-family has its own unique story and species. Personally, "the nightmare" mobs are my favourite (shadow zombies, gremlins, trojans, etc).

The game isn't challenging for you? Try out Shadow Lair! It's epic and has a lotta action!


Sadly,the game is dead. I'm repeating, the game is dead. Only 500 users playing on steam. Now you're going to tell me that steam users only populate 30% of the game, but still...it is not enough. The developpers don't care about this game anymore. Some devs were playing the game and doing nothing all day. Just showing off their expensive ♥♥♥♥♥♥ items that no one can afford. The Head-Dev of the game(Nick) quit. The are almost no updates in the game.

Let's break this into two pieces now. 1-for PvE and 2-for PvP

1) Missions get repetitive, there are only 5-10 daily missions that are randomely generated. Arcade depths are empty since there is a "Mission" option where you get straight into the lore. There is no variety into the missions, that's just how I felt through out the years. Since most of the game is filled with players who finished the lore and are 5-star, the Lord Vanaduke mission is the primary selection for grinding, which is the only one that gives the most crowns(currency of the game). And yes,it's just THAT mission that you get the most money from. And it definetely gets repetitive since it's the only one that shows progress. And it takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. Either way, PvE is boring, that's all I'm gonna say,especially when you're alone.

2) The worst part of this game. Basically 99% of the game is PvP. Classic. It's called Lockdown. You just get in 2 teams and kill each other andcapturing points. OP people always playing, you see no noobs anymore. And basically the people who play PvP excessivly are the ones who live at their mom's basement and don't have anything else to play. It can be fun at some parts, but it's repetitive and BORING. More boring that Call of Duty nowadays. And everyone is using the same weapons. Final Flourish and Grand Faust. That's basically PvP. No variation in this game. There is also Blast Network but it has 0 players for 3 YEARS STRAIGHT. I've never seen anyone playing it. Whenever there is a match, it's surprising. It's like the most useless PvP part of the game. You just bomb others.

The prices of the items are broken. The Auction House is empty. Nothing is sold anymore, I only see 2-3 traders a day, while back in the days, there were trades everywhere. There are rarely new items anymore. Just some promo ♥♥♥♥♥♥ costumes that only difference they have is their color. NOTHING ELSE. That's what we get twice a year only.

No joke, the game was full and joyfull back in 2012. It reached its climax in 2013. The servers were full. There was action going on, and the community was humble. Now it's all about competition and who is the best on LD(Lockdown). Servers are empty. There is only 1 server active and sometimes it is empty as well.

The game had full potential to become something new and different. I liked the lore and the setting at one point, but the devs don't care anymore and half of the quit. Three Rings is falling and there is nothing we can do about it. The 2 biggest guilds in the game broke and went to other games. For example, Jempire. It used to be the most powerfull guild for years, with the best players. At one point it was so full, you had to go on a website and apply for it. The guild quit in mid 2014 and went to another game.

It used to be my favourite game for a loooong time, but it got boring. You only enjoy it for a small tangent of time. Then you will hate that you got consummed by it.

This ain't just a rant, it's the players' voice. It's not just my voice, it's everyone's complaints,pros and cons in just a compressed and really brief review of the game. I don't like hating on things, because I'm not able to make a game like that myself, but knowing that the developers aren't in a good shape and kinda gave up on the game, made me feel betrayed.

Want a simpler one?: DO NOT touch this game if you don't like repetitiveness. Good thing it's free, so you can just try it out yourself. If ya wanna know extra info just add me on SK "Speedkillerr" and we can discuss about it, if I have time. :3

Peace out, here is a smiley face if you managed to read this vicious text :)
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Publicada: 22 de Agosto de 2015
How To Get The Tf2 Hat :
1) Get through the tutorial to the Refugee Camp
2) Play And Complete The One Arcade Mission (Play Solo Instead Of Creating A lobby)
(Play Solo Because To Open Gates or to use the elevator, all teammates have to stand on a big button or stand together(for elevators) which they probably won't because they will be busy doing something really stupid)
3) After Completing arcade mission you will get an achievement: Mission Accomplished
4) Open Tf2
5) Click On The Blinking Notification On The main Screen
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Publicada: 14 de Agosto de 2015
........ /\_/\
   ( ・ω・) 
  _| ⊃/(___
/ └-(____/
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
Did spiral knights update yet? Nope.

/<_/____/ Back to sleep.
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Publicada: 12 de Outubro de 2015
I played with it for a bit, it was fun.
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Publicada: 20 de Agosto de 2015
The opening elements of this game have all that are required to get one started for the Free 2 Play MMO: a few tutorials and free items, and a bright colorful atmosphere and some playerbase. This is the hook for new players. The puzzle/combat atmosphere is artistically wonderful, but becomes second after a while. Eventually after 2/3's of the game is complete comes the end game grind wall. There is no true reliable way to level up gear without spending days searching for ennough material. The outlook of the game shifted 2 years ago in 2013 after the lead developer left the game, and has since become a stale promotional money grab for the developer with scarce new content, and only random chance boxes with the only new content weapons and gear at incredibly low percentages at around <5%. Recolored costumes every two weeks, and no attempts to keep long veteran players. Do not play this game unless you want to become addicted and subject to false advertisement that perpetuates dead shovelware.
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