Junta-te aos Spiral Knights. Perdido num mundo alienígena, terás de explorar as profundezas das Clockworks, sempre em constante mudança.
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Data de lançamento: 14 Jun, 2011

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The Guardian Armor Pack contains two complete sets of unique costume armor as well several other valuable items suitable for any player.


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"A f2p Diablo styled mmo, where you take on waves of enemies, complete missions, and upgrade your knight. Not exactly for everyone, but fun nonetheless."

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26 Junho

Feeling Spritely!

Hello, knights!

Through July 7, 2015, we're offering the Spritely Prize Box! In it, you can find accessories and Battle Sprites featuring new colors:

- Cat Tail, Dragon Wing, and Devious Horn accessories*
- Divine Drakon Pod
- Shadow Drakon Pod
- Volcanic Maskeraith Pod
- Freeze Maskeraith Pod
- Siamese Seraphynx Pod
- Tabby Seraphynx Pod
- Snarblepup Maskeraith Pod

For the full rundown, please visit this page. Thank you!

*So you can fulfill your dreams of looking more like your Battle Sprite, of course!

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17 Junho

Solstice Time, and a Visit from Nonna!

Greetings, Knights!

It's time for our solstice celebration! Through June 23, 2015, the Haven Treasury is offering Solstice Prize Boxes.

In these boxes, you may find the following shiny goods:

- Variant Tickets
- Crest of Summer / Crest of Winter
- Wings of Summer / Wings of Winter
- Sunshine Aura
- Snowfall Aura
- Crown of Winter / Crown of Summer

Solstice Prize Boxes also include at least one Summer Confetti and one Winter Confetti item, plus a bonus chance of producing a Bucket of Bloons. Perfect for starting a water fight in Haven! For details, pop right over here.

Also, please welcome Nonna, representative of the Emberlight Adoption Agency, who will be visiting Haven for the festivities. Find this friendly Gremlin by the fountain, and adopt a little chroma whelp, love puppy, mewkat, or hoptimer of your very own!

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Acerca deste jogo

Forma o teu grupo e luta até ao Núcleo!
Spiral Knights é uma aventura cooperativa num mundo persistente com o foco em ações rápidas e instantâneas. Arma-te e junta-te às linhas de soldados de Spiral Knights; presos num mundo estranho, eles precisam de explorar o Clockworks, que está debaixo de sua superfície e está sempre a mudar, na esperança de alcançar o seu misterioso Núcleo.


Exploração Cooperativa
  • O Clockworks proporciona desafios que são mais fáceis com a ajuda de amigos.
  • Luta contra monstros, resolve os puzzles e descobre tesouros!
Ação Instantânea
  • Vai desde o login à aventura multijogador em menos de um minuto.
Mundo em Constante Mudança
  • O Clockworks alterna níveis para exploração em tempo real. Em todos os momentos de cada dia, o mundo muda.
Cria um Arsenal
  • Há centenas de armas e equipamentos para descobrir e aplicar alquimia.
Forma Poderosos Guilds
  • Alianças de Guilds proporcionam grande influência no mundo. Acumula minerais poderosos para transformar o Clockworks!
Joga Gratuitamente!
  • Spiral Knights é gratuito para jogar, sem necessidade de subscrições para desfrutar de tudo o que o jogo tem para oferecer.

Oferta Especial:

  • Chapéu "O Elmo Espiral" para Team Fortress 2
    Recebe grátis um chapéu baseado no Spiral Knights para o Team Fortress 2 ao desbloqueares uma proeza no Spiral Knights!
    Para receberem o chapéu TF2 grátis, os jogadores têm que chegar ao primeiro Clockwork Terminal a partir de qualquer portão na Haven Arcade e desbloquear a proeza 'Mission Accomplished'. (Jogadores que já a desbloquearam também recebem o chapéu.)

Requisitos do Sistema

Mac OS X
    • SO: Windows XP, Vista ou 7
    • Processador: Processador de 1.3ghz
    • Memória: 512MB para Windows XP ou 1GB para Windows Vista/7
    • Gráficos: Memória gráfica de 64MB. GeForce série 5, ATI Radeon 8500. Controlador de vídeo mais recente.
    • Exibição: 1024x600
    • DirectX®:
    • Disco Rígido: 300MB
    • Java: Versão 1.5
    • SO: OS X Leopard versão 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3 ou mais recente.
    • Processador: Processador de 1.3ghz
    • Memória: 1GB
    • Gráficos: Memória gráfica de 64MB. GeForce série 5, ATI 8500. Controlador de vídeo mais recente.
    • Exibição: 1024x600
    • Disco Rígido: 300MB
    • Java: Versão 1.5
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Publicada: 3 Fevereiro
great game
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Publicada: 30 Abril
Nice game!
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Publicada: 29 Janeiro
Before I begin, do NOT bring my play time into account of this review. I played back when the game had a much more appealing idea behind it and wasn't 100% reliant on Promos to keep it alive.

Now honestly what can be said about this game that hasn't already. From its core it was a very promising game. Frequent updates, fun gameplay, and interesting lore are what made this game so great from the very start. The majority of that changed for the worse when accessories were implemented as it gave the developers a false ideal that accessories are what should keep the game a float instead of pure content that most other games thrive off of to survive. For the most part the game in itself was a great one from the start, but with every level, every floor, every depth you went down further it started to lose the magic that it once had. It became less of a challenge for the player and just ended up turning into a limitless grind to see who could have the best looking set overall. Cosmetics can be nice and mix things up in games, but when that game survives off of that simple factor alone then it is truly not going to last forever. This game could have been something special if it truly didn't rely on cosmetics and reskins to keep it going.

I may have a great deal of a time in this game, but it took me much longer than it should have to truly realize how the devs were handling it after countless promo that managed to root itself in with every event. On its own the gameplay stands out, it's fun whether you enjoy solo play (only for so long), and can be even better when you have a party of friends to play with, but you will quickly lose all enjoyment that you originally had once you reach the end-game content as it doesn't have much to offer other than reskinned bosses with extra challenge added to them. Other than the never-ending grind that presents itself for end-game there truly is no goal afterwards as it gives you nothing to strive for.

For what it is the soundtrack is great, and can easily be memorable if you happen to enjoy calm tunes when relaxing in Haven or enjoy dramatic music when engaging in battle. The graphics are also quite nice with how everything seems to be made to appear cute, but at the same time present some sort of danger. The community (although much smaller now) also happens to be a pretty good part of what makes the game what it is (except the PvP part of it. You know who you are). Other than that the only true flaw that makes me not want to recommend this game is that the devs have basically given up on putting out any true content updates, and mostly focus on reskins and cosmetics like most F2P models fall victim too.

I can’t say I’d ever go back to this game either since it lost all of its charm as soon as I started playing other games and noticed the only real reason I originally played it was due to a nostalgic feeling that it gave. For the most part it reminded me of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and when I had first started this seemed like a wonderful experience since this was what I thought I was missing out on especially since it had co-op functionality.

All - in - All great idea, and interesting mechanics, but the devs have basically become greedy, and have chosen to take the lazy route only to release cosmetics that add no value to the game other than making it another bland dress-up game to see who has the most valuable and shiniest sets.

TL:DR This game is decent, but like most F2P games it has its flaws, and won’t last you too long for enjoyment if you want a truly memorable experience.
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Publicada: 3 Fevereiro
What used to be a flourishing indie game inspired from some of gaming's best retro is now a former shell of itself. Spiral Knights was fun when it was under indie ownership and it was still great when Nick was leading the development team. He left with a somber note and now I see why; the developer is clearly more interested in adding grind walls to get money out of it's players than it is providing a fun and balanced gameplay. RIP Spiral Knights.

Good night sweet prince.
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Publicada: 10 Janeiro
tfl;dfr : A pretty good free 50 ~ 1337 hour game with good gameplay mechanics.

This is a review of the actual game, not going to mentioning my unbelievable lag because of how far I lived from the servers. Not mentioning how much the community in pvp complains like no tomorrow or how the developers only updates the game with actual content once every 2 years. Nope, none of that, no where in this guide shall I write about any of that.

Spiral knights is developed by three rings design ( also the developers of the popular online puzzle game, puzzle pirates ) and published by sega. Spiral knights ( SK ) is a Hack 'n slash MMORPG zelda type game.
SK is a 2D imensional game in a 3D environment. It has a birdseye view, slightly tilted so that you can see a lot more going on at the top than in the bottom-- I don't need to go over this stuff, right?

Gameplay :

SK is a dungeon crawler based game, it's not sandbox/open world.

There are a crap load of weapons. There are three main weapon types

And then for each of these, there are 4 types of damage, normal, elemental, shadow and piercing. And then some of them have status effects, Stun, fire, freeze, etc.

You basically hit stuff until they die. There's a shield button too, but it's better to kill things before they get a chance to even touch you.
Swords are easier to use than guns. I can't speak for bombs as I have not used them much before.
For swords, all you really need to do in PvE is the same thing as cookie clicker except that you click untill they die. You need to learn a few more 'advanced' gameplay mechanics for gunning in order to avoid the reload so that a lot more guns become viable to use. The mechanics don't take more than a day to learn and that's about as hard as the game gets. PvE wise, at least.

There is a mission mode for PvE which help you get from one tier to the next. You do set levels and get the one-time rewards. However, they are repeatable and you can still get the dropped loot from monsters and treasure boxes.

The (not so) main mode now for PvE is the arcade. Randomly generated levels that you can play through, getting progressively harder every 4 levels or depths, with a mini-town in between which we call strata's e.g. 'Strata 4' would be levels 13 ~ 17.

There are 4 bosses in total, with 1 additional DLC boss.
And many different variants / types of monsters to beat up.

This game's gear is gained through crafting. ( which reminded me of dark cloud 2 / dark chronicle which I loved very much when I was younger )
They are split into stars. 1*, 2*, 3*, 4* and 5 stars.
Getting stronger as you go up, Duh.
You purchase recipes from NPC's or other players and find the materials required for making the gear. And then you've got to get alchemy orbs. They are a fairly rare drop from treasure boxes and you need 3 of the same orb, that is the same star as the gear you want to make or upgrade to. Though these orbs can be found anywhere in PvE treasure boxes, you can also spend real money to get 'Energy' in order to buy these orbs. Though, unlike many other MMO's, you can buy energy from other players with in-game currency dropped by monsters. It acts like a stock market.

From start to end ( 1* ~> 5* ) I'd say it would take about a good 100 ~ 150 hours if you're new to the game ( from personal experience ). 50 if you're buying your way through it although the game's a lot more fun when you take your time. SK is a lot of fun with friends too, up to a 4 man co-op party in PvE.

There are currently 3 sprites in-game. They give passive bonuses as well as 3 different skills for each pet.
They're not much but they're there.

PvP - The end-game stuff that's a lot harder than PvE. ( There's also a pvp mode called bomber ma-- I mean blast network )

In SK, PvP ( Player vs Player ) is called Lockdown ( LD ). LD may look easy and cool at first and it's easy to pick up and get kil-- play* though You need to know ( a poop load ) more game mechanics to be good at PvP in SK. The learning curve is what kept me in the game after all these hours. In PvP, there is a huge skill leap from PvE and because of this, many players get discouraged and don't play it at all. But PvP is a wonderful thing in SK, you can kill people and win.

There are 3 different classes for PvP
Guardian, Striker and Recon.

Guardian has a huge shield that protects team mates within a certain radius from enemy attacks
Recon can cloak / go invisible and juke people to death
Striker(S) with two capital s' coz most people play strikers. Can walk prettay fast and dodge and run.

They all give different stat boosts and debuffs ( unboosts? Disboost? Inboost? ) and play differently.

And though a lot of people say there isn't much content, ( probably after playing for at least 200 hours, yes, if you don't pvp after or try new weapons/armour, there probably is a lack of content after 200, 200. Two hundred hours ) there is at least 100 hours of content with great gameplay mechanics and this is free. FREE . The game is still being updated and has events every few months.

Thank-you for reading this painstakingly long review.
Spiral knights is a good game with easy to grasp, hard to be good at, mechanics and I have enjoyed my time with it very, very much.
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