Entra nei ranghi degli Spiral Knights. Bloccato su un mondo alieno, dovrai esplorare il mutevole ambiente dei Clockworks.
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Gioca a Spiral Knights

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Acquista Spiral Knights: Guardians Armor Pack

The Guardian Armor Pack contains two complete sets of unique costume armor as well several other valuable items suitable for any player.


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"A f2p Diablo styled mmo, where you take on waves of enemies, complete missions, and upgrade your knight. Not exactly for everyone, but fun nonetheless."

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20 maggio

Extraordinary Ensembles!


While Spiral HQ has produced lines of specialized military gear, casual attire for off-duty, and a vast array of disguises, we have overlooked a key area: formalwear. Well, no more! The Extraordinary Prize Box contains top-notch clothing guaranteed to put a spring in your step. These elegant luxuries include, in multiple colors:

- Grand Toppers
- Gremlin Goggles
- Targeting Modules
- Headlamps
- Monocles
- Sensor Units
- Exhaust Pipes
- Extension Cords
- Gear Halos
- Wrenches
- Dapper Combos
- Clockwork Crests (new)
- Splendid Toppers (new)

Never be caught looking unremarkable again! This box is available through June 2, 2015. For details, stroll over here. Marvelous!

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20 maggio

Patch Notes - May 20, 2015

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an exploit with Wheel Launchers in all Firestorm Citadel bridge levels.
- Fixed a bug that was causing lost souls to incorrectly scale with party size.
- Hallways in the Core should generally be shorter.

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Riunitevi e combattete fino alla Sorgente!
Spiral Knights è un gioco Free-to-Play cooperativo, un'avventura in un mondo persistente focalizzato su un'azione frenetica e immediata. Imbraccia le armi ed entra nei ranghi degli Spiral Knights; bloccati su un mondo alieno, dovranno esplorare il mutevole ambiente dei Clockworks sotto la superficie nella speranza di raggiungere la misteriosa Sorgente.

Caratteristiche principali

Esplorazione cooperativa
  • I Clockworks offrono sfide che è meglio affrontare in compagnia.
  • Combattete mostri, risolvete puzzle e scoprite tesori insieme!
Azione istantanea
  • Passa dalla finestra di accesso all'avventura multiplayer in meno di un minuto.
Un mondo in continuo mutamento
  • Il ciclo dei livelli di Clockworks è esplorabile in tempo reale. Ogni momento, ogni giorno, il mondo cambia.
Crea un arsenale
  • Ci sono centinaia di armi ed equipaggiamenti unici da scoprire e da provare.
Forma poderose gilde
  • Le alleanze in gilde consentono un controllo maggiore sul mondo. Accumula potenti minerali per trasformare i Clockworks!
  • Spiral Knights è gratuito, non è richiesta nessuna sottoscrizione per godere di tutto ciò che il gioco ha da offrire.

Offerta speciale:

  • "La Celata dell'Ordine della Spirale" in Team Fortress 2
    Sblocca un achievement in Spiral Knights per ricevere un cappello a tema in Team Fortress 2!
    Per ricevere il loro cappello in Team Fortress 2, i giocatori devono raggiungere il primo Clockwork Terminal da una qualunque entrata dell'Haven Arcade e dovranno sbloccare l'achievement 'Mission Accomplished' (I giocatori che hanno già sbloccato l'achievement riceveranno comunque il cappello)

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP, Vista o 7
    • Processore: Processore da 1.3GHz
    • Memoria: 512MB per Windows XP o 1GB per Windows Vista/7
    • Grafica: 64MB di Memoria Video. GeForce serie 5, ATI Radeon 8500. Più recenti driver grafici.
    • Display: 1024x600
    • DirectX®:
    • Hard Disk: 300MB
    • Java: Versione 1.5
    • Sistema Operativo: OS X versione Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, o superiore.
    • Processore: Processore da 1.3GHz
    • Memoria: 1GB
    • Grafica: 64MB di Memoria Video. GeForce serie 5, ATI 8500. Più recenti driver grafici.
    • Display: 1024x600
    • Hard Disk: 300MB
    • Java: Versione 1.5
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Pubblicata: 22 aprile
Se cercate RPG customizzabile, bello e che abbia un buon sistema di combattimento questo gioco fa per voi; il proprio Knight sarà già customizzato in partenza,al momento della creazione. Interpreterete un cavaliere di una razza aliena scappata dal proprio pianeta natio e approdata sul misterioso Cradle. Ovviamente ci sono tutti gli elementi di un rpg tradizionale, ma la differenza qui sta nel fatto che sarà il pet e non il vostro pg a salire di livello, ma non disperate: il vostro pg infatti avrà a disposizione sia un sistema di rank che e un sistema di prestigio che vi consentiranno di avere armi sempre migliori. Unica pecca, bisogna nerdare oppure fare un bel cambio da real money a energy(moneta del gioco), che facendo parte di un doppio sistema di moneta avrà inevitabilmente più valore dei crowns(altra moneta in game). Il lato positivo è che potete convertire in energiy i vostri crowns e quindi usufruire gratuitamente dello shop. Molto bello 8/10
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Pubblicata: 25 dicembre 2014
This game was fun, at the start. It has a nice Zelda style gameplay, good design and art, plus a good crafting system and auction house and all that kind of stuff. The problem is the game just gets outright redundant before too long. The variety of the missions and the maps in the depths leaves a ton to be desired. After awhile it also becomes clear that there isn't as much weapon variety as you may have thought, and there are some weapon and armor combos that simply overpower others making many of them pointless.

The biggest problem is that while many MMO's deal with content issues early, they continue to develop and expand the game as time goes on. The issue here is that Three Rings has hardly developed a thing in the many years since the game came out. A few maps and missions have come in, but overall the story and main questing route all stalls exactly where it has since the very beginning. They're really good at developing new prize boxes to get people to pay real money for the chance of getting some rare cosmetic item, but development of the actual game has seemingly outright stalled. This last big update they hyped for quite awhile took over a year to come out and really just consisted of a few new guns and a couple new pieces of armor.

Spiral Knights is just a great example of a good game and a good concept losing its steam due to mismanagement and greed. If they cared as much about making progress on their game as they did about finding new ways to get people to spend cash on prize boxes then their game might have a larger playerbase and they wouldn't need to stoop so low to milk the cash cow. I'd love to see this game get back on its feet as I enjoyed the content it did have, but I just don't see that happening until the developer starts to care again. When all is said and done the game is dead now.
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Pubblicata: 3 dicembre 2014
I've played this game for ages, more than I want to admit, when the guild hall update came out, we had one of the top guild halls, we saved 20 million crowns to make sure of that, quite honnestly, I spent around 2000$ on this game over the course of a year and a half, had an online girlfriend on there for over a year, made friends; some of who I talk to till this day; one of which, my head GM of my guild and I are pretty much best friends.

That being said, this game has every marking of a tax deductible.

there has been no significant new content in about 2 years, the admins on any social media including their own website WILL ban you for saying anything negative, the incompetence of the staff is IMMENSE and there is a-lot of cronyism going on in the studio.

on some occasions, I've had to contact the CEO directly to get anything done, this is not a normal practice for a game that once had such promise, when your staff basically favours certain players over others and exchange favours for e-stroking.

I've left this game about a year ago now, around the month of january 2014, I couldn't handle the ridiculousness of a crappy studio like three rings anymore.

It's a shame cause I made amazing friends on there, but my goodness, the people working there are awful. case in point, the gunner update took almost 2 years to release.

thanks for the reskins OOO.
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Pubblicata: 29 gennaio
Before I begin, do NOT bring my play time into account of this review. I played back when the game had a much more appealing idea behind it and wasn't 100% reliant on Promos to keep it alive.

Now honestly what can be said about this game that hasn't already. From its core it was a very promising game. Frequent updates, fun gameplay, and interesting lore are what made this game so great from the very start. The majority of that changed for the worse when accessories were implemented as it gave the developers a false ideal that accessories are what should keep the game a float instead of pure content that most other games thrive off of to survive. For the most part the game in itself was a great one from the start, but with every level, every floor, every depth you went down further it started to lose the magic that it once had. It became less of a challenge for the player and just ended up turning into a limitless grind to see who could have the best looking set overall. Cosmetics can be nice and mix things up in games, but when that game survives off of that simple factor alone then it is truly not going to last forever. This game could have been something special if it truly didn't rely on cosmetics and reskins to keep it going.

I may have a great deal of a time in this game, but it took me much longer than it should have to truly realize how the devs were handling it after countless promo that managed to root itself in with every event. On its own the gameplay stands out, it's fun whether you enjoy solo play (only for so long), and can be even better when you have a party of friends to play with, but you will quickly lose all enjoyment that you originally had once you reach the end-game content as it doesn't have much to offer other than reskinned bosses with extra challenge added to them. Other than the never-ending grind that presents itself for end-game there truly is no goal afterwards as it gives you nothing to strive for.

For what it is the soundtrack is great, and can easily be memorable if you happen to enjoy calm tunes when relaxing in Haven or enjoy dramatic music when engaging in battle. The graphics are also quite nice with how everything seems to be made to appear cute, but at the same time present some sort of danger. The community (although much smaller now) also happens to be a pretty good part of what makes the game what it is (except the PvP part of it. You know who you are). Other than that the only true flaw that makes me not want to recommend this game is that the devs have basically given up on putting out any true content updates, and mostly focus on reskins and cosmetics like most F2P models fall victim too.

I can’t say I’d ever go back to this game either since it lost all of its charm as soon as I started playing other games and noticed the only real reason I originally played it was due to a nostalgic feeling that it gave. For the most part it reminded me of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and when I had first started this seemed like a wonderful experience since this was what I thought I was missing out on especially since it had co-op functionality.

All - in - All great idea, and interesting mechanics, but the devs have basically become greedy, and have chosen to take the lazy route only to release cosmetics that add no value to the game other than making it another bland dress-up game to see who has the most valuable and shiniest sets.

TL:DR This game is decent, but like most F2P games it has its flaws, and won’t last you too long for enjoyment if you want a truly memorable experience.
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Pubblicata: 4 gennaio
Let me get the first issue out of the way: everything is server-side. Positioning, projectile paths, health, and loot -- the entire game-state is determined there.
This may not seem like such a bad thing, since many online games are like that. But in this game especially, an action game that demands precision and timing, even a small amount of latency can mess up an otherwise perfectly executed run, and it places an inherent limit on level design.

Imagine you've got a lame ISP, or you live somewhere many miles away from the servers, like Australia. See that wheel rolling down the field towards you? Yeah, it's already hit you. Since your connection isn't that great, the server won't realize you've moved your character out of the way until it's too late, and by then it'll already have decided that you've been hit.
See that energy bolt the gun puppy just fired? No, you didn't dodge it, sorry. What, you moved away, changing direction at the last second? Oh, but the way the system works, it continuously executes the last command your client sends to the server (which is why you sometimes see people running into the wall when they disconnect). It sure would be horrible if it was just a little bit too slow to send your desire to move away, huh?

This is why I find the combat in something like Phantasy Star Online 2 to be more satisfying. It wouldn't really be suitable for this game, but in PSO2, your interactions with enemies are client-side. You are always positioned at where you appear, and you will never be hit by something that shouldn't have hit you due to latency delay. This has a side-effect of making partying with others slightly confusing, but at least there it is impossible to blame the system for your death. Making these actions client-side has other effects on the game, like the risk of opening the game up to hacking, and occasional difficulty working in sync with your party, but that's all beyond the scope of this review.

By contrast, in Spiral Knights, you will never see a timing challenge any more stressful than slowly walking across some trap panels as they alternate their active states. You will never see any truly fast enemy or anything that represents an actual danger as evidenced by updates that have neutered enemy AI and behaviors within the last few years. To be fair, OOO has made several valiant attempts to remedy this, through shadow lairs and various danger missions(the dailies, Grinchlin, Tortodrone). But new, truly challenging missions have been few and far in between, and everybody's already figured out the lairs and the dailies.

...And don't be fooled by the apparently low sys reqs on steam. If your graphics card and processor aren't up to snuff, MARVEL AT YOUR REVOLUTIONARY 10 AND SOMETIMES 5 FRAMES PER SECOND

So what does this game have going for it?
It is sort of perversely like Blizzard art direction, in which it is well made, with strong detail and proper form. And, also like Blizzard art direction, it hides a somewhat simple, perhaps even degenerate, game behind its pretty veneer.
Anyway, the style here is very simple, yet engaging. It draws you in, entices you. It is kind of like Maplestory in this regard, and that game had a TON of charm. Yet, rather also like Maplestory, it doesn't really have a lot of depth to it. And again they're both pretty much full of absurdly rich, absurdly bored people playing dress-up these days.

So why do I still play it? Nostalgia for what used to be. And a desire for a game like this that does everything better.

In response to a particular comment I wrote the following text. It merits inclusion in the review:

My internet connection is great. But so much of this game seem to have been tailored to suit a sub-par connection. A few years ago, enemy AI used to be more difficult. Now, wolvers and zombies are motor-impaired. Retrode lasers are a joke. The only monster families that pose any real challenge now are the fiends and gremlins, and even then, fiends were slightly nerfed a few months ago. It is no accident that the most challenging missions (notably, Grinchlin Assault and Tortodrone) feature them prominently.

And some of my friends HATE it. A good connection -- and a good computer! -- seems to be the only reason I can appreciate these missions because without both they are almost unplayable.

Almost, because, well, a few years back I used to play this on a crappy laptop. It gave me 24fps AT BEST, and I was still able to perform FSC runs quite handily(but anything beyond a shadow lair level of difficulty was impossible, because the integrated graphics chip just couldn't handle it).
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Pubblicata: 3 febbraio
What used to be a flourishing indie game inspired from some of gaming's best retro is now a former shell of itself. Spiral Knights was fun when it was under indie ownership and it was still great when Nick was leading the development team. He left with a somber note and now I see why; the developer is clearly more interested in adding grind walls to get money out of it's players than it is providing a fun and balanced gameplay. RIP Spiral Knights.

Good night sweet prince.
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Pubblicata: 22 gennaio
As much as I want to recommend this game, I simply can't.

I have filled this game with 700 hours of my lifetime, and I do not regret them. I enjoy this game and I surely as hell will be playing it more and stack hours ontop of hours playing this game. The thing is, I can't recommend it to new people to play it. This game is a huge grind. A huge grind doing the exact same thing over and over. If you actually want to make progress in the game then be prepared to farm like you have never farmed before because the resources you need to progress are pretty time consuming to get.

If you are going to be a new player, you will not be able to get very far unless you are willing to spend a huge chunk of your life playing this game. Grinding and farming your way all the way to get that full set And even then, you are going to need to farm for your life to get that gear upgraded to it's full potential. Eventually you will get there, but it's extremely time consuming.

Futhermore, this game gets updated quite frequently with COSMETICS, stuff that looks flashy and pretty cool, but you get it by spending alot of real money on the game or FARMING TWICE AS MUCH AS YOU USED TO. Other then that you won't get any big updates with content. We got the gunner update I think a year after it was supposed to be released(not sure?) and that's it.

If farming and grinding is your thing, then I would say go for it.
If you are willing to spend ALOT of time on this game, I'd say go for it.
If you are willing to spend alot of real money and be a buyfag, I'd say go for it.

Perhaps it is fun to try it out once to never play it again since the gameplay is happy with flashy colours and whatnot, but other then that I really recommend you to spend your worthy time on something much more productive.
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Pubblicata: 17 dicembre 2014
Ruined my life
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Pubblicata: 30 novembre 2014
Im looking foward to this considering its my first review.
This is probably the most played game in my steam library, but there is reasons why i dont recommend it. (keep in mind..... my game time in this game is over 3k hrs)
So without further do lets begin.

Intro Experience 10/10
If not the best, one of the best intro experiences i have experienced in all my years of dugeon gaming. Nice, catching, simple and smooth intro to controls and the world known as heaven, and above all the game feels ORIGINAL

Midterm Experience 7/10 (woudve been a 6 if the mist system was still intact)
So now u have familiarized urself with all the basics in the game to acheive greatness (crafting, grinding, marketing, etc). My only problem here is that u begin to notice how repitive the game is (spamming the same missions over and over again). Depths look exactly the same except reskinned (same with the AI). You soon start to notice a repitive chain of BORING grinding.

End Game Experience 1/10
U have basically completed all the missions available (what now?). PvP is swarming with players that drop big bucks on this game to get the jump on u (Skill < Gear). Grinding feels like a boring drag. By this time u start to notice the pay 2 win aspect of this game (either u grind the agonizing BORING depths, or u simply drop some cash on this game). And i can guarantee u that u dont get what u pay for in this game (overated cr$$).

Updates 0/10
literally same repeated events each year, sh$$ boxes that just urge u to waste ur precious money. 90% of the updates are overated fashion assesories. In general only 2 useful updates are realeased a year (and they are pretty simple themselves)

In the end this game is short-lived in a way. i would 100% not recommend this game to anybody looking to go into the long run. Shame this game has alot of potential, and the BEST community i have seen up to date.
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Pubblicata: 3 maggio
It was quite fun when I got it, and still great 900 hours later. Not many free games have the very positive reviews this one does, and guess what?
OOO eliminated the mist energy system. Players can now play unlimited levels!
There's PvP, PvE, and a pretty decent chat system. Players can play with their friends or with random people, or even alone.
Even with the mist system I would still recommend it, and without that limitation I definitely suggest that people play this. It doesn't have very heavy graphics requirements and can run well on dinosaur computers on low.
The developers are updating, slowly but surely.
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Pubblicata: 1 dicembre 2014
I've started playing this game from steam since 2012, but quit many times in the middle, but in 2013 i returned after the battle sprites update, and i'm still playing it. Even with 350+ hours, i've not fully seen all the game has to offer. It's fun mostly and addicting if you're into these type of games, it's design is one of a kind, but thats the pros, the cons is that when you make progress in the game, you'll want to spend money on it because you'll be progressing very very slowly which makes this game very grindy, but all the items in the game you can get from grinding, there are only costume that only requires money for aquiring.
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Pubblicata: 2 gennaio
<3 Spiral Knights the most addictive game i've ever played
Do give this game a try its really fun :D
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Pubblicata: 21 febbraio
Awesome! I don't usually like MMO's, so I was a bit skeptical at first. Then, the addiction started... Oh god... It's just so good I can't stop playing!
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Pubblicata: 14 maggio
I'm taking my virginity with me
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Pubblicata: 1 aprile
Pure fun! Friendship and adventure environment.

Lord Vanaduke! I will kill you...
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Pubblicata: 8 gennaio
Killed some jello, 10/10.
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Pubblicata: 26 gennaio
prize box simulator 2014
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Pubblicata: 10 gennaio
tfl;dfr : A pretty good free 50 ~ 1337 hour game with good gameplay mechanics.

This is a review of the actual game, not going to mentioning my unbelievable lag because of how far I lived from the servers. Not mentioning how much the community in pvp complains like no tomorrow or how the developers only updates the game with actual content once every 2 years. Nope, none of that, no where in this guide shall I write about any of that.

Spiral knights is developed by three rings design ( also the developers of the popular online puzzle game, puzzle pirates ) and published by sega. Spiral knights ( SK ) is a Hack 'n slash MMORPG zelda type game.
SK is a 2D imensional game in a 3D environment. It has a birdseye view, slightly tilted so that you can see a lot more going on at the top than in the bottom-- I don't need to go over this stuff, right?

Gameplay :

SK is a dungeon crawler based game, it's not sandbox/open world.

There are a crap load of weapons. There are three main weapon types

And then for each of these, there are 4 types of damage, normal, elemental, shadow and piercing. And then some of them have status effects, Stun, fire, freeze, etc.

You basically hit stuff until they die. There's a shield button too, but it's better to kill things before they get a chance to even touch you.
Swords are easier to use than guns. I can't speak for bombs as I have not used them much before.
For swords, all you really need to do in PvE is the same thing as cookie clicker except that you click untill they die. You need to learn a few more 'advanced' gameplay mechanics for gunning in order to avoid the reload so that a lot more guns become viable to use. The mechanics don't take more than a day to learn and that's about as hard as the game gets. PvE wise, at least.

There is a mission mode for PvE which help you get from one tier to the next. You do set levels and get the one-time rewards. However, they are repeatable and you can still get the dropped loot from monsters and treasure boxes.

The (not so) main mode now for PvE is the arcade. Randomly generated levels that you can play through, getting progressively harder every 4 levels or depths, with a mini-town in between which we call strata's e.g. 'Strata 4' would be levels 13 ~ 17.

There are 4 bosses in total, with 1 additional DLC boss.
And many different variants / types of monsters to beat up.

This game's gear is gained through crafting. ( which reminded me of dark cloud 2 / dark chronicle which I loved very much when I was younger )
They are split into stars. 1*, 2*, 3*, 4* and 5 stars.
Getting stronger as you go up, Duh.
You purchase recipes from NPC's or other players and find the materials required for making the gear. And then you've got to get alchemy orbs. They are a fairly rare drop from treasure boxes and you need 3 of the same orb, that is the same star as the gear you want to make or upgrade to. Though these orbs can be found anywhere in PvE treasure boxes, you can also spend real money to get 'Energy' in order to buy these orbs. Though, unlike many other MMO's, you can buy energy from other players with in-game currency dropped by monsters. It acts like a stock market.

From start to end ( 1* ~> 5* ) I'd say it would take about a good 100 ~ 150 hours if you're new to the game ( from personal experience ). 50 if you're buying your way through it although the game's a lot more fun when you take your time. SK is a lot of fun with friends too, up to a 4 man co-op party in PvE.

There are currently 3 sprites in-game. They give passive bonuses as well as 3 different skills for each pet.
They're not much but they're there.

PvP - The end-game stuff that's a lot harder than PvE. ( There's also a pvp mode called bomber ma-- I mean blast network )

In SK, PvP ( Player vs Player ) is called Lockdown ( LD ). LD may look easy and cool at first and it's easy to pick up and get kil-- play* though You need to know ( a poop load ) more game mechanics to be good at PvP in SK. The learning curve is what kept me in the game after all these hours. In PvP, there is a huge skill leap from PvE and because of this, many players get discouraged and don't play it at all. But PvP is a wonderful thing in SK, you can kill people and win.

There are 3 different classes for PvP
Guardian, Striker and Recon.

Guardian has a huge shield that protects team mates within a certain radius from enemy attacks
Recon can cloak / go invisible and juke people to death
Striker(S) with two capital s' coz most people play strikers. Can walk prettay fast and dodge and run.

They all give different stat boosts and debuffs ( unboosts? Disboost? Inboost? ) and play differently.

And though a lot of people say there isn't much content, ( probably after playing for at least 200 hours, yes, if you don't pvp after or try new weapons/armour, there probably is a lack of content after 200, 200. Two hundred hours ) there is at least 100 hours of content with great gameplay mechanics and this is free. FREE . The game is still being updated and has events every few months.

Thank-you for reading this painstakingly long review.
Spiral knights is a good game with easy to grasp, hard to be good at, mechanics and I have enjoyed my time with it very, very much.
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A very realistic game that teaches you about the hard life of the working dudes/dudettes.
from the beggining you find yourself in a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and you must fight your way out into a slight less ♥♥♥♥♥♥ hole, full of people deep in ♥♥♥♥.
Life rewards you with little ♥♥♥♥ for doing lots of ♥♥♥♥, so when you have enough ♥♥♥♥ to do ♥♥♥♥, you get slightly more ♥♥♥♥ that you still need to stack about 5 times every now and then for more slight increment in ♥♥♥♥ adquisition for later ♥♥♥♥ stacking.
It also has an achievement hat for TF2.
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One of the best and my most played game of all! After 500 hours of gameplay I love practically everything about this game, its easy to learn, fun to play with friends, and making new and better things for your user.

Spiral Knights holds a special place in my heart as it kept making me want to come back and play again and again! Being able to play with other online players in case you are stuck or need help or want to trade to get something that you want. Even the online Auction House is great as its almost (if not) run entirely by the players.

Along with the fun and challenging arcade mode, there is the main mission mode that helps up your rank withing the game. Each mission consists of a goal while the arcade is made up of random courses that are picked by players and swap between other courses within to keep changing, nothing is ever the same.

Lastly is most likely the least favorite thing to do is the crafting as it is a big hassle to collect tons of items and then forge your weapon to the specific level and then having the money to pay costs. Besides forging and crafting this games has to be one of the best MMO games out there and its FREE! (Unless you want perks or DLC)

My Score for Spiral Knights is 95/100
I Highly recommend giving this game a try and inviting your friends to play through the game with you!
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