Entra nei ranghi degli Spiral Knights. Bloccato su un mondo alieno, dovrai esplorare il mutevole ambiente dei Clockworks.
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Data di rilascio: 14 giu 2011

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Gioca a Spiral Knights

Free to Play

Acquista Spiral Knights: Guardians Armor Pack

The Guardian Armor Pack contains two complete sets of unique costume armor as well several other valuable items suitable for any player.

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"A f2p Diablo styled mmo, where you take on waves of enemies, complete missions, and upgrade your knight. Not exactly for everyone, but fun nonetheless."

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18 novembre

Strange as You Wanna Be


FROM: Spiral HQ

SUBJECT: Strange as You Wanna Be

Knights, a certain amount of fascination with the Strangers is understandable. They are, after all, mysterious on many levels. What you may not know is that the Strangers have noticed your interest in them, and especially in their strange garb. Ever thoughtful, they are effectively opening their closets (do they have closets?) to you.

Through December 1, 2015, the Strangers are offering Stranger Prize Boxes containing items such as:

- Snipe Auras
- Snipe Perches
- Stranger Caps
- Stranger Robes

Get the full item rundown here!

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4 novembre

Captivating Citrine Charm!


Coveting coruscating commodities? Capital, because the Citrine Prize Box is coming to a commissary close by! Carried through November 17, 2015, it contains:

- Citrine Aura
- Floating Citrines (accessory)
- Citrine Disciple Wings
- Citrine Crown
- Citrine costume items
- Citrine accessories

Contemplate the contents of the Citrine Prize Box here!

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Steam Trading

Questo gioco fa parte del Sistema degli Scambi di Steam
Gli oggetti di questo gioco possono essere scambiati e sono visualizzabili dall'inventario del tuo Profilo della Comunità di Steam.

Informazioni sul gioco

Riunitevi e combattete fino alla Sorgente!
Spiral Knights è un gioco Free-to-Play cooperativo, un'avventura in un mondo persistente focalizzato su un'azione frenetica e immediata. Imbraccia le armi ed entra nei ranghi degli Spiral Knights; bloccati su un mondo alieno, dovranno esplorare il mutevole ambiente dei Clockworks sotto la superficie nella speranza di raggiungere la misteriosa Sorgente.

Caratteristiche principali

Esplorazione cooperativa
  • I Clockworks offrono sfide che è meglio affrontare in compagnia.
  • Combattete mostri, risolvete puzzle e scoprite tesori insieme!
Azione istantanea
  • Passa dalla finestra di accesso all'avventura multiplayer in meno di un minuto.
Un mondo in continuo mutamento
  • Il ciclo dei livelli di Clockworks è esplorabile in tempo reale. Ogni momento, ogni giorno, il mondo cambia.
Crea un arsenale
  • Ci sono centinaia di armi ed equipaggiamenti unici da scoprire e da provare.
Forma poderose gilde
  • Le alleanze in gilde consentono un controllo maggiore sul mondo. Accumula potenti minerali per trasformare i Clockworks!
  • Spiral Knights è gratuito, non è richiesta nessuna sottoscrizione per godere di tutto ciò che il gioco ha da offrire.

Offerta speciale:

  • "La Celata dell'Ordine della Spirale" in Team Fortress 2
    Sblocca un achievement in Spiral Knights per ricevere un cappello a tema in Team Fortress 2!
    Per ricevere il loro cappello in Team Fortress 2, i giocatori devono raggiungere il primo Clockwork Terminal da una qualunque entrata dell'Haven Arcade e dovranno sbloccare l'achievement 'Mission Accomplished' (I giocatori che hanno già sbloccato l'achievement riceveranno comunque il cappello)

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP, Vista o 7
    • Processore: Processore da 1.3GHz
    • Memoria: 512MB per Windows XP o 1GB per Windows Vista/7
    • Grafica: 64MB di Memoria Video. GeForce serie 5, ATI Radeon 8500. Più recenti driver grafici.
    • Display: 1024x600
    • DirectX®:
    • Hard Disk: 300MB
    • Java: Versione 1.5
    • Sistema Operativo: OS X versione Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, o superiore.
    • Processore: Processore da 1.3GHz
    • Memoria: 1GB
    • Grafica: 64MB di Memoria Video. GeForce serie 5, ATI 8500. Più recenti driver grafici.
    • Display: 1024x600
    • Hard Disk: 300MB
    • Java: Versione 1.5
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I suppose it might be time for me to write this review, considering I've played since shortly after it became available on Steam. Granted, I've taken some pretty lengthy breaks, but I've logged quite a few hours into this game.

TL;DR: A personally nostalgiac MMO that isn't quite what it used to be.

When I started playing this game, I pretty much played solo. There were no missions, nor was the story something you had to experience along the way - back then, all it took was learning the mechanics and diving into it. It was pretty grindy back then, but definitely manageable. As a new player, and with content being released a little more regularly then, grinding consistently paid off. If that were still the case, I'd probably recommend this game.

I got about halfway through levelling up my first set of gear when I realized how quickly things would go if I were in a guild. My first guild experience lasted a day, and I hopped through a few smaller ones until I found my first home. I'm glad to say that a few people from that guild I'm still friends with in real life - and honestly, there are only a handful of MMOs that have actually brought people into my life for an extended period of time outside of game. I suppose that adds to the nostalgia. I got a little more levelled up in that guild, but my interest started to fade and I stopped playing.

When I started again, I hopped around a few more times, settling in for a month or two with some relatively active guilds, but didn't find another in-game group that I clicked with until I joined my current guild. Again, I still keep in contact with several guild mates to this day, not as often lately but it's nice knowing they're there and that they helped me through a time in my life that was a bit troubled. I reached end game with them, and started to feel the interest fade, as well. The mission system took some of the mystery out of the game, but that wasn't too bad. Then energy was replaced with crystals, and the game essentially became pay-to-win. A lot of people stopped playing.

The community in this game has always been one of its strong suits, something that would be a definitive selling point so long as it thrived. However, I don't really see it thriving like it used to. Sure, I have friends that play still, and there are many other great people online pretty regularly. I could go on and on with examples about how changes have impacted the community, though - when I started playing, random clusters of players just chatting away was a regular sight in the more common areas. I don't see that as much now. A lot of community talk has gone from focusing on lore or gameplay elements to constant wondering when something new will happen with the game.

Overall, I concur with what many other reviews say. The Zelda-esque gameplay is really appealing, and the art, both audio and visual, is unforgettable. Yet it has lost its charm. For new players, getting to end-game would take a lot of time or money, or both, and even then, what good does it do? While the journey to the end itself is quite fun, and there is an opportunity to meet some great people along the way, there isn't much to expect after. Even as a completionist, I've pretty much given up on levelling all of my gear - it just doesn't seem worth it, and at this point, things are too repetitive.

Do I recommend this game? A few years ago, sure, but now, I sadly cannot. If that changes, I'll be sure to update my review, but I'm not counting on it.

EDIT: In response to comments questioning how I can dislike a game that I put 1100+ hours into, the answer is this. I actually was quite fond of the game for several years, and during that time, yes, I played it a lot. The game has had many updates (and I do agree that some of them were for the better, especially allowing people to play more without waiting. The energy revamps were much needed), yet the missions system and energy change was, in my opinion, the last "great" update to the game. Considering the grindiness that the game currently has, I don't consider it welcoming to new players in the sense that the game is fun for quite a while, and then becomes rather repetitive and frustrating.

To be fair, the game was *always* repetitive and frustrating - the difference, at least for me, is that at one point it was fun enough that I didn't mind, and now, with a lack of additional content (we've been at the core for a while now and only recently got a glimmer of hope that we'd move deeper into the world), it's less fun and more "I'm playing this game because I used to play this game."

Is this review biased? Of course it is, I logged over a thousand hours into the game. Needless to say it had an impact on my life. I'm definitely grateful for those hours, but I won't simply recommend it to everyone based on the fun I had a couple years ago - especially since the game has become less fun for me. The game will always have a special place in my memory - I just can't say with certainty that it would be anywhere near the same for someone just starting out now. Take from that what you will.


And to clear things up for anyone looking for a concise list of pros/cons, here you are:


Captivating gameplay
Gear is upgraded, not the character, so there is replay value
Content is interesting


Grindy / Repetitive
Latest additions are mostly cosmetic, occasional fleeting hope for more content
PVP is difficult to get into without a lot of great gear
Game has become, in essence, P2W.*

*Totally possible to win without paying, but takes a considerable amount of grinding.
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