Wage futuristic war by piloting a fully customizable 50 foot tall mech into battle. Fight for personal glory or battle for territorial domination in a persistent online warzone with your friends in various unique battlefields and combat environments. Do your duty. Serve your people. Pull the trigger!
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Dark Horizons : Mechanized Corps has been brought to the Steam Early Access program by its development team at Max Gaming Technologies, LLC. in order to enable fans of this genre to have the greatest influence possible on the title’s development.

We are all mech fans here at Max Gaming Technologies, LLC., so we know how passionate many of you are about wanting a great Mech combat experience. As such we want to ensure that each of our supporters has the opportunity to help influence the game's development as much as possible. Not to just refine and tweak the experience, but to make it more Mech smashing bad-ass with each and every release!


“Our goal is to have Dark Horizons : Mechanized Corps completed some time in 2015. However with this said, this is just an estimate and is entirely dependent upon just how awesome you guys are at supporting the game while it is in Early Access through your purchase of the game and with the fantastic feedback that we know you the community want to give.”


“The initial Early Access version of the game contains much of the core combat game play for Dark Horizons : Mechanized Corps. The initial Early Access version of the game will launch with a handful of missions and game types, the ability to play on and offline, and will contain the starter Mechs for each class along with a variety of weapons and equipment to customize each Mech with.

As we develop thru Early Access our goal is to iteratively enhance the game towards the full release content plans, which will include many additional Mechs, weapons, updated graphics and animations, game play modes and features and our full vision of the persistent online battle engine called "Faction Wars".

Faction Wars will be an online representation of the Dark Horizons Universe with a persistent war map where player driven squads and factions will play to capture territory, gain in-game bonuses and fight for superiority. Features will include large map battles, small recon and raid type battles, arena competitions and allow players to earn in-game credits to build out their Mechs.

The full version will also have a full set of support for many popular Steam features including a full set of stats, leaderboards, achievements, full controller support, Big Picture support and SteamOS. Again, many of these features will be available as they are integrated during Early Access.”


“While Dark Horizons : Mechanized Corps is currently in “Alpha”, core functionality is implemented and playable. However, players should expect bugs, possible crashes, game play balancing tweaks, frequent updates and an enjoyable game experience while helping influence development.

Current feature include but are not limited to:
  • 4 Mech Classes
  • 40+Full Mech customization
  • 6 playable levels
  • 4 game play models (Attrition, Team Death Match, Free For All, Mini-Nuke)
  • Online and offline game support

We recommend that you not buy or play the game during Early Access unless you clearly understand what Early Access is and are interested in helping improve the game during its development.”


“Please note that the Dark Horizons : Mechanized Corps will likely be in “Early Adopter” status until some time in 2015, as such our current pricing has been set to reflect its ‘in early development’ nature.

As we reach new milestones, you may see the price of the game increase to reflect this new content. As an early adopter of the Dark Horizons : Mechanized Corps you will be entitled to all future updates (including DLC) for free.”


“While Dark Horizons : Mechanized Corps is in Early Access we will be capturing anonymous analytics data and interacting as closely as we can to community here on Steam. While we have a big list of things we want to accomplish with this game, we know that what is most important is ensuring that we fine tune, enhance and provide new content that will help make the game experience right at every stage possible.

We want to recapture what helped make our first mech title Dark Horizons Lore : Invasion both a 2005 IGF finalist and a cult classic by making the game more than just something you kill time in, but by making it an experience that you partake in and feel a part of as the game changes and adapts via the Faction Wars feature as it happens. As such your involvement in the game and its community is critical towards what the final outcome of the game will be.”

购买 Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps

购买 Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps - Four Pack

Includes four copies of the base game - Send the extra copies to your friends.



"3rd person action simulation. Lots of customization in design feature. 16 player multi. Lots of similarities to an older MechWarrior(tm) game."

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Faction Wars Test is LIVE!

Alpha Patch is now on live!

The first iteration of Faction Wars is now available to play on live.

We will be holding a few events over the next two weeks, and publishing patches to resolve any issues as needed. Join us for the first event tonight as the FS and EC battle for MARS! at 7pm EST/4pm PST.

Demy will be presenting the game via Twitch -

Checkout the live map here:

Patch Notes:

  • Faction Wars is now Live!
  • While you may still use the server list to access games still, the new and preferred way is the faction wars map, just click on an activate sector to see live games running and join an active battle.
  • Earn credits in battle and purchase new mechs, weapons, and equipment with credits.
  • Sell your old mechs for credits or place items in your inventory for later builds.
  • Access inventory from the inventory button on the hangar screen to view and/or sell items in your inventory for credits.
  • Each player starts with 5 million credits in their account.
  • Every 24 hours you login to the game you earn a daily bonus of 50,000 credits
  • New Mars map Canyon Assault
  • More weapon balancing
  • AI tweaks to make them use torso twist and avoid side stepping
  • Ghost Town has been updated for a larger play area.
  • Redesigned lobby UI
  • Redesigned end of game UI with additional info on your player stats. Screen now stays up twice as long too and has the option of exiting the server early.
  • You now get a scrap Credits bonus for total kills.
  • You now get XP and Credits based on how much damage you deal out in game.
  • Default new mech color is now white and grey
  • New Spectator system on no respawns that follows the mechs still in play and lets you switch between them.
  • You now get XP and Credit percentage bonus based on which faction you fight for. The current bonuses can be viewed in the factions tab.
  • If you belong to a faction you now spawn on that factions team initially. If you are a merc then it auto chooses like before.
  • Team spawns are now dynamic in faction wars. If EC owns a sector, then EC will spawn as the defender not the attacker and vice versa.
  • New server rotations for FW
  • Attrition Game Type now has a 16 ticket option for faster games.
  • Bug Fix: Stability fixes
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where steam cloud could get corrupted and cause the game to not load
  • Bug Fix: in SP you can now spawn up to 15 AI.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where Nuclear Fusion Cannon beam is now destroyed if the weapon is destroyed while firing.

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DEV DIARY - Faction Wars PT. 2

This last week and for the next few days we are putting the finishing touches on the next release of Faction Wars functionality for DHMC. This release will put into place the persistent online war between the two online factions. At the heart of the system is the balance of power map that shows the current state of the war.

Balance of Power Map

Derived from DHMC’s predecessor Lore: Invasion the balance of power map allows players to see what the current state of the war is in the universe in real time. As sector battles take place the sectors will gain a battle icon and allow you to join the battles that are in progress.

As shown in the following image, players will also be able to see at a glance what the current status is of the sector, how close the attacker is to taking over the sector, and how close the defender is to defending the sector.

Once either the defender or attacker reaches 100% on the sector it is successfully defended or taken over. If taken over the sector will change ownership and the attacker will now spawn as the defender in future conflicts.

In the future, contract raid missions will also show up in the missions select but for now only attrition and team death match style missions will be part of Faction Wars.

Faction Bonuses

As a reward for owning sectors, each faction player will receive a XP and credit bonuses based on which sectors they own. The bonus information will be displayed on the sector information and a player's total bonuses will be displayed in the player profile..

For mercenaries, they will get the bonus based on the missions they fight for each side in the current iteration. In future interactions mercenary units will earn bonuses based solely on their reputation with each faction. The plus for a unit is that their bonus will persist and not just be based on the mission at hand.

Mercenary reputation will be based on how successful the mercenary unit has been in its missions for each faction.

New in-game Lobby

To help make the in-game lobby more information, we have been working on a redesign of the lobby as seen below. This lobby may not be available until but we will attempt to have it in for the build.

In the future, Faction Wars battles will limit players to only 5 mech configs they can take into battle, so we will update the lobby to support this selection in the future.

AI Updates

AI will be continually worked on to help enhance both single-player and multi-player gameplay over the next several releases.

In the upcoming Alpha release the AI will sport new configurations to help increase their effectiveness in battle. We are also working on trying to fix some of the AIs movement issues that we hope to have in or,

Next level of AI improvements will be around working with its player controlled teammates more effectively. We will be updating some of the functionality of the laser targeting system to also give commands to AI from the player to attack specific targets.

Other Updates

Linux client - We are still trying to troubleshoot with Steam an issue with the steam overlay. In interim, right after the release we are going to look to release the current Linux client in the beta channel. To NOTE, this beta channel release will not support the Steam overlay or SteamOS until we can rectify the issue with Steam.

New Missions - Faction Wars update will ship with 2-3 news missions, with an additional sector mission available about 2-3 weeks after the launch of Faction Wars.

To ask questions on this DEV Diary please post on the following discussions:

To be kept up to date on scheduled events we encourage you to join the OFFICIAL GROUP at .

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In the year 2210, fifty years after the start of the machine wars, the battle mech is the premier weapon of war. Standing over 35 feet tall and weighing up to 40 tons, these hulking behemoths are walking arsenals of firepower and armor that have no other rival in a theatre of war. As part of your factions Mechanized Corps, you will need to utilize your intellect to custom configure battle mechs that suits both your play style and the mission parameters as well as hone your skills and cunning as a pilot to survive

Play on your own or join the action online in a persistent warzone called “Faction Wars” that enables you to not only fight for domination over mission zones to earn unique unlocks and achievements, but also create and manage squadrons, and tracks player and squadron stats.

Dark Horizons : Mechanized Corps is the sequel to the 2005 Independent Games Festival Finalist “Dark Horizons Lore” reviewed on The Junkyard http://legacy.the-junkyard.net/reviews.php?action=viewreview&id=46.

Currently Implemented Features:

  • Intense mech based combat. Unleash your firepower and tactics on your opponents. focus your attacks to localize damage to destroy weapons, equipment or even cripple and more readily destroy enemy mechs.
  • Customize multiple mechs to suit different styles of play or mission types. Choose from 4 different mech classes, 41 different weapons and pieces of equipment, custom paint styles and colors and more. You can employ any of these saved configurations in-game as you play.
  • Play any mission offline versus bots, in instant action mode.
  • Or get into the action online against up to 16 other players (per mission)! NOTE: 32 players being worked on.
  • Earn stats for leaderboards and achievement unlocks in a persistent game environment.
  • Faction Wars, persistent online battle.
  • Multiple mission environments, with 6 zones currently available.
  • 4 games modes including Attrition, Team Death Match, Free for All, and Mini-nuke.
  • Create or join a squad and fight together to take control of various mission zones online.
  • Pilot progression through military ranks that also unlock faction bonuses.
  • Implementation of 3 main factions (Federated States, Eastern Confederation, Overload Mercenary Guild).

NOTE: The Faction Wars system is currently still in development, but out first order of business after EA launch is to work on getting the persistent stats feeding into the online war map system.

Features that are in development
  • 32 players for online missions.
  • Addition of dozens of new and unique weapons and equipment to configure your mech with.
  • More mechs for each class, providing additional unique configuration options to try out.
  • Faction Wars, the persistent online war component will be implemented on a ongoing basis with features like:
    • Variable spawn points per mission based on which faction has control over that mission online and other factors.
    • Contract missions for mercenaries and faction pilots.
    • Co-op missions with special raid and recon missions.
  • Deploy equipment in-game at various locations throughout each mission to construct bases that will help secure key locations and enable your team to take control of the mission against your opponents.
  • Additional Game play modes like Siege, Raids, and Arena mode.
  • Addition of new missions through out Early Access.
  • Support for additional platforms (Linux/SteamOS/Mac).


    • OS: Windows Vista SP2
    • Processor: Dual core 2GHz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 256MB Video Ram
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
    • OS: Windows 7, 8.1
    • Processor: Dual Core 3GHz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 512MB Video Ram
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
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The game is, so far at least, headed in the right direction. Its fun to hop in blow stuff up with big stompy action, then revisit your designs in the hangar. Even though it still has a long way to go i recommend this game if you like mechswarrior or the earlier armored core games.
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For an early access game this was surprisingly good, I mean few issues, relative stability, workable controls, it was all there. However I was only there for the mechs, and the game did have a few mechs for you to play with. Basically there's 4 default mechs that fall into the light to heavy catergories, then you have the option to build your own mech. Now I know at this point you're probably drooling, but the options are limited. Basically you pick a chasis, and you;ll be using the same chasis as one of the defualts, so there isn't a lot of variety there. 4 chasis, which you can customize the paint, camo, stickers, and logos on, then you get to add some weapons to your mech's hardpoints. Each chasis has its own base armor rating as well as speed, and point level. So everything you add onto your mech costs points, and adding extra armor will take points and reduce your overall speed.

Weapon types are very vanilla, gatling guns, lasers, rockets, flamethrowers, nothing out of the ordinary or jaw dropping for that matter. However you can still customize quite a bit, trying to create that perfect battle mech. I go with low overload weapons, usually gatling guns, gatling lazers, and maybe a rocket pod so I can spam my opponet. Most players I saw were using the railguns and after a few shots would overload their weapons then stand around like an idiot while they waited for their weapons to cool down.

Your mech has several hit locations on them, each with its own raiting. So your opponent, or you, can prioritize certain parts. For me and my mech Tiny Savage, I circle my opponet and target the legs, once the legs go you'll have a hard time being able to turn effectively, then I just keep running circles and blast away. Or you could knock out a certain weapon system, or just shoot at whatever part of the mech you feel like. Just note that once your cockpits health gets low, you'll start to seem some distortion going on, and you'll have a hard time seeing things. If this happens, or your mech has taken a beating, just find your nearest repair center which will have combat ready in no time.

I will say that the AI is dumb, like dumb as a bag of rocks. Often times they will just run to a location and stand there the entire game. Other times they'll take a certain amount of damage and immediately stop fighting and run back to their base to try and repair themselves. Matches can take a while to complete, especially attrition, because somehow those ticket counters never seem to go down fast enough.

Overall I would suggest that you check this game out, especially if you're a fan of mechanized combat, but I'd wait and see if this thing goes on sale, because the $19.99/$14.99 I spent was a bit much for an early access game that doesn't have a whole lot of content in it. All things considered though, its a good game, and its fun, I put 76 minutes into without even realizing it. So 7/10 mostly for the lack of mech types available, and the terrible AI, however I expect all of that to be fixed once this game launches fully.
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As a fan of the Mech Assult series on the original Xbox, This is a great game to play to help feed my hunger for more. Now thats not saying its AS good. But its still a fun game. There is no tutorial, No description for the game modes, But on the upside its a easy to learn game. The combat is not as polished, and is a little sluggish. once you learn your best loadout it gets much better.

Pros: Mech Warrior like feel, Plenty of customization, Fun (yet not polished) firefights.

Cons: No Story mode (yet it seems to have some story mentioned in game modes) No tutorial or description for gameplay.

Bottom line: Its a great game worth the money and has lots of potential.

8ish/10 "Too many mechs" -SigmaBot
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63.0 小时(记录在案的)
I thought the game played solid. Plenty of Mech variations and weapons. I had no problem climbing in and doing battle. The missions are well made and full featured, and the bots play well. Not bad for early access. I'm sure they'll be adding stuff and tweaking the hell out of it in the coming months. I'm looking forward to when we can form squads and track stats and have an effect on the war. Then this game will become really great.
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10.9 小时(记录在案的)
edit: updated a review to give more info a bit

This is one of the most 'solid' EA release I have ever played. If you are looking for a solid Mechwarrior-like combat, this game can give you that. There are things that need polishing. However, the downside is that you can hardly find people to play with due to the soft launch. Devs are fixing things and will do a proper launch soon.

To top it off, it is a Team vs Team, heavy mech combat. You cannot skate around super fast and do crazy manuever like Armored Cored's mech. Your mech is basically a tank with legs, so no fancy movements.

You build your mech from several chasis(will be adding in the future updates), put on the weapons and equipments. To balance the fight smaller chasis is faster, but less armor, and carry lighter equipments. Bigger chasis is slower, but tougher, more armomr, heavier weapons, however, loadout comes down to the battle points, you cannot just put anything in there, it is limited by battle points for each mech, and different mech will have different points.

The combat itself is fun, especially with another player. There is AI support for both single and multiplayer match, but it is not that smart, however, they do there jobs well, especially when they are with players. Combat will be tactical to certain points that you need to manage your weapons, you can fire all weapons at once or as a selective group, which can be set in the hangar. Weapons have its effective range, some can easily overload your system, and some weapons' projectile do travel the distance, so they can be dodged.

There may be claims that it takes too long to take down a mech, which is not true if you know what you are doing. Your mech (as of the current build) has 3 parts, torso, and 2 legs, and around 7-8 additional parts depending on your loadout. These parts have their own HP, so if you just shoot at every part, not just particular part. It will take a while to take down a mech. Mechs can be take-down by destroying their bodies, or both of their legs.

Nice and Solid Gameplay despite the EA release, but the Soft Launch is killing it slowly.
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If you are expecting to get a polished Mech game up front with a large server population, please do not buy this game, watch it with interest but do not buy.

If you want to help participate in helping to flesh out and test a fun Mech combat game this might be for you.

For much less then I blow on a meal, I bought access into this game figuring I would just wait and see. I have found playing just a short while that I can see some potential in this game. Being in an Australian timezone I feel it will be a long time before I can play online with the dedicated servers due to ping and player numbers, so I am restricted to Single player. However the beauty of this game is if I can get enough friends interested, I can run my own dedicated server.

The fact this game even has that mode is GREAT, it adds much more variety & options then the drudgery that is playing MWO, or Hawken.

"SO FAR" the devs are showing interest in the community feedback so far which is great, if they can keep that up, that will help them a long way.

The graphics aren't phenomal, though respectable, the gameplay mechanics work, though do need a lot of work, and the devs are stated that is part of their plan which is good. The overall Vision the developers have for this game is very good, its just a matter of whether they are able to get there.

If you just consider this a Speccie stock purchase, and play a bit now and then and provide feedback it will hopefully help the Devs get this game to where they want.
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2.5 小时(记录在案的)
As a Starsiege fan I have to say that I was pretty surprised at what I got for an early access game. The game just went live today but already you can see a lot of cool things happening in regards to giving you that stompy mech experiance that has been missing all these years. It's also really nice that there are both online and offline options so you can play against other players or try out different mech configs on your own. So overall while its a bit rough around the edges, so far so good :)
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2.1 小时(记录在案的)
This game is very rough. No tutorial that I could find, and although there is a bot option in Instant Action, other players do join pretty quick. I guess just check the key bindings and figure it out. It's not too bad of a learning curve.

The game plays pretty good. The lightmechs are real fast, the heavy mechs slow, though with 3rd person view only (for now - develepers stated working on cockpit view) and crazy jump jets it sometimes feels like you're piloting a figurine on a tabletop not a multi ton mech. It has some large, wide open levels and I've had some pretty intense battles.

There is a decent selection of pre made Mechs, some you'll even reckognize form Battletech or Mechwarrior. They all have different capabilities and the developrs have done a good job making some feel and handle very different, some refinement is needed.

The graphics are right now fairly rough but I expect texture updates eventually.

All in all, if you're looking for arcade type combat in mechs try it out, I imagine after some updates the controls might turn a bit more.....realisitic? Is that possible in a fictional game? Anyway, hopefully you get what I'm trying to say.

If you love giant mech games and know what buying early aceess can mean and the risks involved (such as games never being finished or taking radical turns and not being the same game you bought) then I recommend it, as it's on sale (or was) and 5$ is decent to support the developrs.

If not a huge fun but a moderate fan, or missed the sale, it might be worth waiting to see the game in a more polished state before decding to support it or not, and you might get another sale in the meantime.

6.5/10 at full price, 7.5/10 on sale........for the time being

Maybe I'll see you on the battlefield!
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12.3 小时(记录在案的)
Dark Horizons is back and now you can make your mech yours. There's four chassis on which you can load weapons, armour and tools, from really light scout-like vehicles that are hard to hit to slow, lumbering hulks bristling with hurt and thick armour.
The style is very different to Lore, being less twitch and more tactics, but you can tell they're both Dark Horizons games. As such, running alone is a much bigger risk than it was in Lore, so take some friends with you.

Definitely reccomend. See you on the battlefield!
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5.5 小时(记录在案的)
Dark Horizons looks and feels like classic Mechwarrior, one week into alpha and there isn't much in the game (4 mechs , 2 maps, 3 game mods, multiplayer and instant action) but! the game has a lot of potential. if your an old Mechwarrior or Heavy gear fan I would give this one a shot you won't be disappointed.
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38.5 小时(记录在案的)
Early Access so there's obviously some bugs still. Considering that, this game is still pretty strong and well done. Especially at this early alpha phase. I'm a huge fan of the game so far and can't wait to get into more battles. There are maps both big and small to allow quick brutal mech matches as well as more drawn out conflicts. I personally prefer the small maps.
Learning the weapons so far is the trickiest bit, and building your own loadouts. As this game develops it's definitely one to keep an eye on if you like mech games.
The new update for Faction Wars is looking great too.
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6.1 小时(记录在案的)
Not a ton of content and a lack of a tutorial (or at least, I didn't find one) but it's in EA so that's most likely going to be fixed. As far as the gameplay goes, so far it's amazing. My only issue with it is the lack of an explanation of what stuff is. I want to have a mech with those beam weapon things... but I have no idea what they are called T.T Like most EA games I have reviewed so far I'm going to say this game is worth the investment. Maybe you will not like the alpha because of it's lack of content and tutorials, but it's only going to be getting better.

Update: Newest update fixed the issue I was having with finding lazers :D Safe to say that the game is much better already and I can't wait to see what the next update will add!
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6.0 小时(记录在案的)
If you loved the Mechwarrior 3 & 4 series, you"ll love this one. And the bases are just like the one in Mechcommander with repair bays and capturable. For an alpha release this is pretty stable and has enough features to keep gameplay interesting. Heartily recommended :)
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0.7 小时(记录在案的)
So far im actually impressed a lot of work still ot be done espically with the mech movement seems a bit jerky but on a whole very impressed bought it for myself and my Brother and so far were both impressed, cant wait to see what comes next.
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33.4 小时(记录在案的)
Fun, Fast-Past, and really easy to get into.
Even as an early access it is addictive, running around in Big Stomp-Stomp and running into enemy hordes and commiting suicide, Not only that but ALL players (Atleast right now) are even, you don't have to grind for ten weeks to unlock a mech, they are all already unlocked, and you can add whatever you want to it, as long as your mech can handle it and it is within the mech's Battlepoint range. Anway, currently there is a little bit of customization, and big explosions. Would buy again.
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4.8 小时(记录在案的)
I like it thus far. Has a ton of potential. I recommend it to any disgruntled MWO pilots.

AI bots to fill in for humans
More interesting game modes than MWO (deliver a bomb to enemy base and destroy it, for example)
Some modes have respawn, others do not, its player choice
"Faction Wars" (Community warfare) planned will likely be out before MWO at this rate
Customizable mechs, working mechbay with 360 view.
free paints and cosmetics
More weapons than BT/ MWO
Time to Kill is much higher than MWO, leading to more interesting combat
Heat and weapon management system forces players to fire weapons in groups
Ability to play on and offline
As an early adopter you will be entitled to all future updates (including DLC) for free.

Graphics are bad (in progress)
Not a huge player base yet
AI is fairly dumb
Mech customization is limited to hardpoints and battle value. Cannot strip armor, add heatsinks ect
Currently only four mech chassis, more planned
Few maps

Mechs have a battle point value cap, this keeps mechs from being OP
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Mech games in general are very niche these days. There are a ton of dev sponsored events but they usually have quite a few players and the one i was able to make it to was extremely fun. Expecting ea games that are niche to have large playerbases is a false perception that is probably influenced by ea titles like dayz or rust that have very large playerbases skewing the fact most ea games just dont draw that many people no matter how good they are. these are mostly indie devs without large marketing budgets.

This game has the framework to be great. There are, in my opinion, certain mechanics missing that would make the game more dynamic and fun, i.e. rocketjumping on the ground, so like ac3 being able to boost for a short time to gain some speed and be a dodging mechanic all in one. The sniper rifles and long range weapons are a great start to make this game go in the direction the devs seem to want (from my experience so far) as a more militaristic, average pased mech game relying on positioning, aim, and teamwork.

Not to mention, the devs on this game, unlike many many ea titles, actually listen to and respond to the playerbase. I mean the real intention of ea is to help developers develop and finish the game youre purchasing....right? Ive mentioned a few ideas to the devs so far, and i wont say I had anything to do with them adding it in, but for example the long range weapons i suggested a few months ago, well guess what? They put it in the game! And its a really great addition. In my opinion this factor alone makes this game well worth a measly fifteen dollars.

This game will grow over time, with the cockpit views, more and more weapons and mech types, more customization of the mechs themselves, better ai, better graphics (already looking really sharp with the shader changes), and of course, the soon to be redmund favorite of faction wars. I havent been this excited for the future of an ea title in a long time.

Sure there arent many people in servers very often, but I mean Im not sure what youd expect from an ea game like this. Plus the devs come from a background of writing backends for netcode of games with other studios (i might be wrong on the terminology) gives me great confidence that MP play will be stable and lag/choke free in the future, especially when your faction might lose their last territory from a missle lagging and winning someone a match.

10/10 must buy for mech lovers.
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This right here? This is what Mechwarrior Online should have been.
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almost two years later this game is still too buggy to play. still no single player. huge texture problems and mechs ai is very very bad.
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