The Red Solstice is a tactical 8 player co-op survival game set in the distant future on Mars. Join the fight and lead your customized squad as you roam freely over huge maps, completing random objectives and dealing with random events. The goal is to strategize, survive and conquer by any means necessary.
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注: この早期アクセスゲームは開発段階によって大きく変わることも、そうならないこともありえます。現時点でこのゲームをプレイしても満足に遊べない場合は、 ゲームの開発が更に進捗するまで待ってみる必要があるかもしれません。 詳細はこちら



“As a small team, Early Access is a great way for us to... well... get the game into your hands early! We'll be able to get important gameplay feedback to make sure it's as fun as it can be, and at the same time polish any rough edges, add much more content, and get the game ready for final launch!”


“It will be in Early Access until we're ready to release it. We're anticipating at least a few months.”


“The full version will have much more content, more skills, additional missions, new monsters, etc. We also expect to get further feedback during Early Access that will help us determine what you want to see in the final game.”


“Intel HD Graphics - NOT SUPPORTED
Single-player mode is not yet available in Early Access, but will be added for the final launch.

Stability and bugs: There are some rough edges and the game may crash on occasion. However, it's already very playable thanks to early alpha testing, and we're absolutely looking for your feedback to make sure it's as good as it can be. We're very passionate and will be online pretty much 24/7 to gather any concerns or bug reports you have, in order to fix the problems and update the game as quickly as possible.

Gameplay content: There are several different game modes available already to keep you entertained. Most of the skills are done, and we're working on adding more throughout Early Access. You can advance through the full 25 ranks in each of the 8 playable classes, though there's still more work to be done on each class. If story is your thing, there are two primary mission storylines with four missions each, along with numerous bosses and lots of enemies. Most of the weapons and powerups have also been implemented. Needless to say, we feel there's already a lot of content to enjoy!

We really love this game and are/will do anything that's necessary for our Early Access and -- eventually -- the full launch to be a success.

If you have any questions, suggestions on bugs, please do report. :)

Currently in early access you can advance your character, play multiplayer game in sessions with all 8 classes and try to survive for 1h in random encounters.”


“We are offering some great discounts and bundles during Early Access, so by purchasing early you're definitely getting a great deal. The price will be higher at launch.”


“We're looking for YOU to provide as much feedback and bug reports as you can! We want The Red Solstice to be one of the best co-op/multiplayer games on Steam, and we'll need YOUR help to get it there. Feel free to ask us any questions on the Steam forums, our Facebook page, Twitter or wherever else you want. We'll also schedule frequent play sessions and special events with the development team, so keep your eye out!”

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Horrors of Mars!

We're excited to announce Horrors of Mars, the first major update to The Red Solstice on Early Access! It will introduce new huge boss battles that appear randomly and will drastically change gameplay. You'll need to adapt your tactics to take out these new, incredibly dangerous threats.

There will be new missions connected to the new bosses, and we've worked hard to make the early game a little bit easier for newcomers. But don't worry, the Horrors of Mars certainly won't be easy to overcome! We'll have more details in the coming weeks.

Stay frosty marines!

P.S. In the meantime we'll continue the fight with the bugs!

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Update 2.29 - Assault of the Rookies!

You have asked, we have provided. Rookies are like cats now. Small, squishy and a bit lost in time and space, but determined to survive stuff ordinary single lived marine would not. Players with less than 10 000 XP) will now be granted an opportunity to respawn with a drop pod 180 seconds from the moment they die.

Second piece of good news is that we’ve finally managed to tweak new movement netcode enough to be declared a decent successor to the old system. As you may already know, or last two weeks we have been trying to rework the movement netcode in order to deal with issues such as teleporting, position desynchronization, and general unresponsiveness, that are caused by a time delay between machines on the network.

First thing game now does upon establishing connection is clock synchronization. In this phase machines create and synchronize nanosecond precision clocks for each connection. When that is done, each sender machine can put a timestamp on it’s packet, and each receiver machine can subtract that timestamp from it’s own present clock value and thus calculate with satisfactory precision how many milliseconds ago was that package sent. Using that data, receiving machine can calculate a position where sending player should be positioned at the present moment. If that predicted position is significantly different from the displayed position (position where that player’s marine is drawn), displayed position will be gradually adjusted over 1500 milliseconds to match the calculated value. That way we can keep position data more or less in sync while keeping the responsiveness and avoiding teleporting.
Another trick we are employing is forced command delay. Each client machine now tracks the average latency of it’s connection to host. Once player on a client machine orders his/her marine to move, his machine will send the movement packet to host, but will delay the actual movement for a number of milliseconds it usually takes for a packet to arrive at it’s destination (or maximum number of milliseconds a movement can be delayed before game starts feeling unresponsive). That way over a stable network we’ll get marines starting to move at approximately the same time, keeping the location in sync even without the position prediction.
As you can probably guess, the new system is fairly complex and since it’s brand new, it might not work perfectly in all situations. If you encounter problems, please let us know so we can tweak stuff further.

A bug was found that in certain situations caused weapons to have only 10% chance of dealing critical damage although 15% was stated in the description. That bug has been fixed, and all primary weapons (except vindicator) have been given a default 1% critical chance.

Players will also now be immune to ailments if their armor is above 80%

Monsters will now have a bigger selection circle, so certain bosses will be much easier to target.

We have isolated a problem with light objects creation that was causing a crash when certain objects were created on the map (for example turrets). We believe that was causing the instability in the previous version and thus we hope this one will perform noticeably better. A deeper lights object corruption has also been identified. It causes problems more rarely but is also much more unpredictable and much more difficult to fix. We are working on it also and should have it fixed in the upcoming weeks.

And last, but not the least, it's my pleasure to announce a big content update patch named Horrors of Mars, coming up 17. October 2014. More info about it will be released in the following days.

To summarize:


  • added 2 seconds more time before shiva goes off with Nyx
  • fixed bug where critical chance was 10% instead of 15% as stated in description
  • every weapon that is not secondary or vindicator has inbuilt 1% critical chance now
  • if player has more then 80% armor he cannot receive ailment
  • added info if player dies that he can revive later with reinforcements mission
  • player total lives changed (can be revived 2 times before going KIA)
  • rookies(players under 10 000 XP) will revive via drop pod every 2 minutes up to wave 10 on easy and normal difficulty if they're NOT KIA
  • equalizer range increased form 3 to 5 meters
  • returned small bloppers in science sector per each wave

  • added helmet for heavy support(targeting systems)
  • added cooldown info for skills on mouseover
  • quality of life change - increased monster selection radiuses

  • Reworked movement related netcode

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The Red Solstice is a tactical, 8-player, co-op survival game set in the distant future on Mars.

One game session can last up to one hour, during which players can roam freely over huge maps, completing randomized objectives and dealing with random events.
The goal is to try to survive and conquer by any means necessary. Get stronger every time. Level up to unlock new weapons and abilities. Try to survive the storm.

Key features

  • Take the Lead: Issue commands and set waypoints and objectives for your friends as you outsmart and outgun your way through the derelict domiciles of Tharsis.
  • Play Your Way, Together: With support for 8-player co-op, play as one of 8 distinct, customizable classes. Each with unique abilities and traits.
  • Odd Jobs: Tackle an onslaught of randomly generated events with just one hour to make your mark. From zone defense to supply retrieval, you’re never short of enemies to kill and objectives to complete.
  • Earn and Learn: Kill to earn experience points and unlock new abilities and classes. Heal allies, deploy turrets, launch grenades, set traps and much, much more.
  • Game NOT Over, Man: Killing ain’t easy. Drive back untold Martian horrors in multiple modes, maps and difficulties and get stronger every time. Even if you perish.

NOTICE: It's still Early Access and there are some rough edges and known issues with Windows XP & Intel HD graphics!


    • OS: Windows 7 or Later
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00 Ghz or Better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3800 / Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT or Better
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: A Fine High Definition Audio Device Never Hurt Anyone
    • Additional Notes: OpenGL / OpenAL
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4人プレイの感想は難易度高めのような気がしました 8人coop推奨難易度で調整されてるのかもしれません

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alien swarm をローグライクにしたようなゲーム


また in game 中の部屋がロビーに表示されないのも人が少ないと感じさせる要因の一つかもしれない



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I'll skip the stuff about it beeing 8 player coop and sooo on and start talking about the stuff that might not be mentioned as often in short reviews:
The game offers multiple difficulties.. however the base difficulty is intended to be rather challenging for Players.
Which is definitly a good thing since it's all about improving your own skill and after many defeats rewarding yourself with your very first win... somewhat darksouls-esque..
So far there's a total of 8 classes and depending on what the player wishes to accomplish every class has one or more distinctive roles.(Tank, Healer, DmgDealer,Scout....)
List of the Classes:
Demolitioner,Medic, Hellfire(aka.Firebat), Marksman, Terminator, Recon, Assault, Heavy Support
There are different ranks and medals you can unlock. However, while the high ranked players get stat bonuses and unlock new skills as reward, it's still very balanced:
(stats of max Rank 25 player are probably 1.3-1.8 times as high as the stats of Rank 1 player)

You unlock boosters which are very similar to perks known from games like CoD4-6 increasing stats like ms, HP, Armor, XP... You can choose 3 Boosters per Game Session.
GameContentAmount >>> Randomness >>> Replayability:

Each Class has a variety of modules
(which if you pick them for a game each unlock 1 or multiple passive or active skills)

There is also a variety of weapons(which not only have different dmg stats but also different purposes e.g.
light weapons that reduce enemy armor vs. Heavy weapons with high Dmg output vs. explosive weapons vs. weapons with aoe dmg but limited range of usage or high ammo consumption/cooldown)
Some Weapons can use Multiple Ammotypes(HollowPoint vs Piercing)
Further one can also use the environment as weapon-> throwing explosive fuel Barrels or blowing up Toxic and Radioactive Canisters or Bombs planted by Insurgents.

Damage Types:
There is a number of Dmg Types
HollowPoint; Piercing; Fire; Toxic; Energy; Explosive;
each and every one has their pros and cons, since some Zombies
and Bosses have certain resistances towards specific Dmg Types

They are randomized to a somewhat high extend they may take place in different locations and feature different enemies and objectives e.g.: Defusing Bombs, stopping a Nuclear Meltdown, Hunting/Capturing Creatures and so on.

Besides the Main storyline theres a Number of additional gamemodes and modifiers you can mix them just the way you want it giving you control over difficulty and Playstyle of a GameSession:

-Bunkermode(You're being Supplied with resource and have to protect a beacon)

-Red Storm(When You're outside of buildings your armor gets depleted and you move slower unless the storm stops for a brief time giving you the chance to safely change location to another building)

-Swarm(Creatures Have less HP but there's a whole lot more of them coming towards you)

-Hardcore(Additional Random Spawns of Bosses and Special Creeps/Events)
Stuff I did not mention in this review: Random Environment Settings/Maps

All these factors provide a huge range of possibilities ensuring very high level of replayability. The Customisation options offer a level of control to the Gameplay, ultimatly providing a high level of balance resulting in hours of fun.

Ofcourse I am biased nevertheless everybody looking for a challenge or just for some coop action should give the game a try( you check out the official website for a demo version).. but watch out if you manage to survive the first hour you might already be hooked ;-)
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