The Red Solstice is a tactical 8 player co-op survival game set in the distant future on Mars. Join the fight and lead your customized squad as you roam freely over huge maps, completing random objectives and dealing with random events. The goal is to strategize, survive and conquer by any means necessary.
Vásárlói értékelés: Nagyon pozitív (371 értékelés)
Megjelenés dátuma: 2014. júl. 10.

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Miért a Korai Hozzáférés?

“As a small team, Early Access is a great way for us to... well... get the game into your hands early! We'll be able to get important gameplay feedback to make sure it's as fun as it can be, and at the same time polish any rough edges, add much more content, and get the game ready for final launch!”

Mennyi ideig lesz ez a játék a Korai Hozzáférésben?

“It will be in Early Access until we're ready to release it. We're anticipating at least a few months.”

A tervek szerint miben fog különbözni a teljes verzió a korai hozzáférésű verziótól?

“The full version will have much more content, more skills, additional missions, new monsters, etc. We also expect to get further feedback during Early Access that will help us determine what you want to see in the final game.”

Milyen állapotban van jelenleg a korai hozzáférésű verzió?

“Intel HD Graphics - NOT SUPPORTED
Single-player mode is not yet available in Early Access, but will be added for the final launch.

Stability and bugs: There are some rough edges and the game may crash on occasion. However, it's already very playable thanks to early alpha testing, and we're absolutely looking for your feedback to make sure it's as good as it can be. We're very passionate and will be online pretty much 24/7 to gather any concerns or bug reports you have, in order to fix the problems and update the game as quickly as possible.

Gameplay content: There are several different game modes available already to keep you entertained. Most of the skills are done, and we're working on adding more throughout Early Access. You can advance through the full 25 ranks in each of the 8 playable classes, though there's still more work to be done on each class. If story is your thing, there are two primary mission storylines with four missions each, along with numerous bosses and lots of enemies. Most of the weapons and powerups have also been implemented. Needless to say, we feel there's already a lot of content to enjoy!

We really love this game and are/will do anything that's necessary for our Early Access and -- eventually -- the full launch to be a success.

If you have any questions, suggestions on bugs, please do report. :)

Currently in early access you can advance your character, play multiplayer game in sessions with all 8 classes and try to survive for 1h in random encounters.”

Eltérően lesz árazva a játék a korai hozzáférés alatt és azt követően?

“We are offering some great discounts and bundles during Early Access, so by purchasing early you're definitely getting a great deal. The price will be higher at launch.”

Hogyan tervezitek bevonni a közösséget a fejlesztés folyamatába?

“We're looking for YOU to provide as much feedback and bug reports as you can! We want The Red Solstice to be one of the best co-op/multiplayer games on Steam, and we'll need YOUR help to get it there. Feel free to ask us any questions on the Steam forums, our Facebook page, Twitter or wherever else you want. We'll also schedule frequent play sessions and special events with the development team, so keep your eye out!”

The Red Solstice vásárlása

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Includes four copies of The Red Solstice - Send the extra copies to your friends!


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október 22.

Update 2.40 is here!

It's been some time since we have done an official blog post about what's been happening with the game. We're all working 110 percent, trying to polish everything we've prepared for the Horrors of Mars update that's coming up next week, so again we end up putting everything else off.

There has been a testers version update on Friday showcasing some of the stuff we are doing, and today, in big part thanks to your feedback, we feel we have done enough fixing to release some of the changes as an official update.

As announced, there have been further changes to netcode and movement algorithms, making characters move a bit more precisely over systems with high latency times. Also included in the testers version was the new netcode responsible for engaging and disengaging weapons fire. New system is taking into account the latency between host and client, so characters should start and stop firing at the same time on both system, greatly reducing the issue where client has begun firing, but dealt no damage until host received the "I started firing" packet.

Similar system is being implemented for all skills and is expected to be ready for next week's update.

We have also managed to reintroduce ping display in game lobby, so you should be able to determine if you'll be able to play on a particular host without having to start the game.
Since steam needs to open a channel for peer to peer communication before ping packets can be exchanged, it takes a few moments before values start appearing.

Textures have been converted to a new format that is a bit larger but much faster to load, so loading times should be noticeably improved.

Further optimizations have been introduced to the graphics engine. On our machines we are seeing about 10 FPS increase.

language game files have been changed as a part of the work we're doing on the text renderer, preparing for better localization options in the future. This change should not impact the game in any way at this point.

Some additional deep nested bugs in the system have been found and eliminated, so we hope white screen issues have been resolved.

Controls system has been reworked to enable mapping up to three buttons for one action. As a result of that change, you'll need to reset or remap all your controls in the options menu.

Descriptions for skills, components etc. have been updated to represent real in game values. Please note that, no changes in that area except for purely visual ones have been made. Nothing has been really buffed or nerfed just some wrong values have been fixed.

Followers will no longer stand idle until a player finds them. They will defend themselves by shooting at the monsters attacking them.

Additional smaller tweaks include:
glow being properly disabled if turned off in options menu,
turrets are properly activated when a mission is finished,
added class icons in party info,
orbital beacon will not call down shiva when used,
reload icon will not be displayed if character is invisible when he enters APC,
fixed STROL counter,
no more double evacs,
followers will no longer stand idle, they will shoot until player finds them.

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október 17.

Horrors of Mars - INTEL UPDATE #2

Ripjaw, Akhlys, Oni...

Our intel has discovered a new creature, we don't know yet what to make out of it.

It's sneaky, it attacks fast, it disappears fast, and it acts like it's the king of other nearby creatures forcing them to flee in fear.

His main goal is to isolate a team member before dragging him away to kill him or use him for something even worse. We've never discovered what happened to our missing members.

Their comms got blocked and the only thing we found were the blood traces. Perhaps there is something more to it.. a nest of some sort? Perhaps it's using it for incubation?

There's only one thing we know. Each time this creature attacked we felt utterly helpless and each time it took one more team member with it... dragged into darkness to never be seen again.

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A játékról

The Red Solstice is a tactical, 8-player, co-op survival game set in the distant future on Mars.

One game session can last up to one hour, during which players can roam freely over huge maps, completing randomized objectives and dealing with random events.
The goal is to try to survive and conquer by any means necessary. Get stronger every time. Level up to unlock new weapons and abilities. Try to survive the storm.

Key features

  • Take the Lead: Issue commands and set waypoints and objectives for your friends as you outsmart and outgun your way through the derelict domiciles of Tharsis.
  • Play Your Way, Together: With support for 8-player co-op, play as one of 8 distinct, customizable classes. Each with unique abilities and traits.
  • Odd Jobs: Tackle an onslaught of randomly generated events with just one hour to make your mark. From zone defense to supply retrieval, you’re never short of enemies to kill and objectives to complete.
  • Earn and Learn: Kill to earn experience points and unlock new abilities and classes. Heal allies, deploy turrets, launch grenades, set traps and much, much more.
  • Game NOT Over, Man: Killing ain’t easy. Drive back untold Martian horrors in multiple modes, maps and difficulties and get stronger every time. Even if you perish.

NOTICE: It's still Early Access and there are some rough edges and known issues with Windows XP & Intel HD graphics!


    • OS: Windows 7 or Later
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00 Ghz or Better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3800 / Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT or Better
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: A Fine High Definition Audio Device Never Hurt Anyone
    • Additional Notes: OpenGL / OpenAL
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