2280 A.D. The last few survivors of a ruined Earth seek a new home: Mars, a planet whose inhabitants didn't take too kindly to outsiders. The Red Solstice is a tense, tactical, squad-based action game. Fight to survive with up to 8 players in co-op, or lead your own squad in single-player mode.
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9 iul., 2015

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Include 2 produse: The Red Solstice, Solstice Chronicles - MIA

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16 februarie

Patch before new DLC! :)

Other then making tons of changes and bufixes, we would like to point you all in direction of our new game just in The Red Solstice style!

Solstice Chronicles: SURVIVORS

As always join our community at discord and participate in games!

- fixed SINGLEPLAYER loadout selection
- reworked ailments, now only 1 type of ailment can be given per hit
- fixed ailments that were never given in some cases by some creatures
- trash mobs like swarmer and desecrator will not give ailment at all, parasite has 100% chance to give ailment
- toxic barrels will no longer damage followers
- fixed bug that caused monsters to glitch in certain situations with taunt making them easy to kill
- final evac will spawn hellspawns on the way to dropship in military
- ACE will now deal 100% damage on outer edges instead of 30%, does 50% damage to friendlies
- monsters that are killed by fire will become black(burned)
- fixed targeting systems tooltip(rounded to int)

- fixed tooltip for vanguard
- vanguard cooldown set to 50sec when shield is destroyed
- vanguard gives +25% attack speed to user for any vanguard inside 10meter radius
- vanguard taunts all creatures every second every 1 second while active

- fixed marauder infinite range bug
- TacNet bullet will slow monsters for 8-40% for 1sec on hit

- terminator explosive teleport radius fixed

- increased nano heal so it heals up to 300 hp
- increased healing gun so it heals max up to 140hp

- specialized ammo sttack increased to 4
- antivenom stack increased to 5, antivenom now gives 90sec immunity to poison ailments
- Flare Gun will drop instead of Road Flares from lockers now
- nanites have maximum stack of 2, they heal all ailments and marine fully

- insurgent marksman range reduced from 140 to 115
- hunter seeker damage reduced by 40 per difficulty and and slow effect by around 10%
- added new creature "Black Holer", you can recognize him by very fast green smoke, he does AOE ailments on hit
- black holer has 20% chance to appear after wave 2 on any difficulty under veteran squad ranking

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7 februarie

Stay Frosty!

Hello Marines!
With the spiritual successor of The Red Solstice coming out soon 2018!


We are resurrecting one of the first TRS mission as a tutorial in v1.191 update. Stay Frosty is a short introduction to basic controls and game mechanics, letting you jump into multiplayer right away while under constant action - recommended for both new players and veterans alike.

Patch will hit latest tomorrow with new balances.

Join the TRS community on our discord server at https://discord.gg/VaKHMZj (edited)
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“The Red Solstice is evocative, deeply engaging action that lives primarily in its diversity of tactics.”
81/100 – http://www.4players.de/4players.php/dispbericht/PC-CDROM/Test/29007/81273/0/The_Red_Solstice.html

“What do you get when you take the likes of Dead Space and Starcraft and throw them in a blender? A bloody cascade that is The Red Solstice.”
85/100 – HookedGamers

“Players looking for a challenge will be right at home, and anyone who wants to experiment with different strategies will find a wealth of variety here. They manage to succeed in delivering an atmospheric tactical strategy game where friends become allies and allies become monster food.”
4.5/5 – Co-Optimus

Despre acest joc

Spiritual successor of NOTD games!

If you think you have what it takes to survive the onslaught, go forth, Space Marine!

The Red Solstice is a tactical, squad-based survival game set in the distant future on Mars, playable in single-player or with up to 8 players in cooperative online multiplayer.
Roam freely over huge maps, complete randomized objectives and deal with surprise events that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Survive and conquer by any means necessary. Get stronger every time. Level up to unlock new weapons and abilities. Try to survive the storm.

Key features

  • Take the Lead: Issue commands and set waypoints and objectives for your friends as you outsmart and outgun your way through the derelict domiciles of Tharsis.
  • Play Your Way, Together: With support for 8-player co-op, play as one of 8 distinct, customizable classes, each with unique abilities and traits.
  • Odd Jobs: Tackle an onslaught of randomly generated events with just one hour to make your mark. From zone defense to supply retrieval, you’re never short of enemies to kill and objectives to complete.
  • Earn and Learn: Kill to earn experience points and unlock new abilities and classes. Heal allies, deploy turrets, launch grenades, set traps and much, much more.
  • Tactical Single-Player: Play on your own and lead a squad through a satisfying single-player campaign, and lead your squad through a wide variety of levels using The Red Solstice's Tactical Mode, which lets you issue commands while slowing down the action.
  • Game NOT Over, Man: Killing ain’t easy. Drive back untold Martian horrors in multiple modes, maps and difficulties and get stronger every time. Even if you perish.

Cerinţe de sistem

    • SO: Windows 7 or Later
    • Procesor: Intel Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00 Ghz or Better
    • Memorie: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafică: ATI Radeon HD 3800 / Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT or Better
    • Rețea: Conexiune broadband la internet
    • Stocare: 2 GB spațiu disponibil
    • Placă audio: A Fine High Definition Audio Device Never Hurt Anyone
    • Note adiționale: OpenGL / OpenAL
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