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Game One of the iDGi-1 Trilogy. Purchase includes 70 min original orchestral soundtrack by Jeremy Soule and the comprehensive "iDGi-1 Discoveries" lore compendium. Taking place entirely aboard a massive futuristic aircraft, CONSORTIUM is a first person science-fiction role-playing experience unlike any other.
Date de parution: 8 jan 2014
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v1.21 is here...

13 juin 2014

This version fixes a variety of bugs that were found in the Master Edition.

For a complete list of the fixes made, check out the latest entry [Heavy Spolier Alert!] HERE.

  • En español. 99.5% completo. Vamos a presentar el juego con subtítulos en español en aproximadamente una semana!
  • Mac port. We are happy to report that the Mac port is now in the early testing stages! Stay tuned, it is coming...

-The iDGi and CONSORTIUM team

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V1.2 Master Edition

29 avril 2014

This is it. The definitive edition of CONSORTIUM is here!

We have worked to address every single issue that has been reported to us by players and critics since launching V1.0 in January. We would like to humbly request anyone who has already reviewed CONSORTIUM (on Steam or anywhere else) and gave low marks due to bugs, to please have another look at this Master Edition. We guarantee you will not be disappointed and hope you would be willing to re-consider your original review.


  • Heavily updated core combat mechanics and related A.I. Enemies will get much more accurate if you stand still, but accordingly their aim will become far worse the faster you move. Enemies in combat are smarter and more aware.
  • Huge performance improvements. Game is now fully playable on supported machines.
  • New Steam leaderboard for scores achieved with the Civilian Defense training scenario. Reach the coveted top 5 and have your name show up on an in-game scoreboard!
  • Greatly improved controller support. It's still partial and you need a mouse for some functions (notably the inventory screen), HOWEVER it is far more playable and fun with the controller now.
  • Choreography polish. A ton of scenes in the latter half of the game now have greatly improved fidelity in terms of character expressions, gestures, etc. A notable improvement is that characters will now use hand-panels.
  • Balance and feedback improvements to the Zenlil Combat Minigame.
  • Several hundred bugs have been squashed. See [Heavy Spolier Alert!] HERE for the changelog in its entirety.


  • You will still notice some relatively minor animation "glitches" here and there. We didn't quite have time to fix them all, but these will be addressed in a future patch.

  • Spanish localization. A full Spanish sub-titled version is roughly 70% complete, and we will be making it live the moment it's complete. A rough ETA for this is mid-late May. Watch for the corresponding announcement!
  • Mac and Linux ports. Now that the Master Edition is done, we will be getting back to completing this. ETA is hard to say but a beta for these may be made available for testing in June.
  • Oculus Rift support. We all want to explore Zenlil and experience CONSORTIUM in VR. We have started the process of working with Valve on figuring out the challenges to port our game to VR, and will keep you updated as progress is made.
  • Full controller support. We eventually want to officially upgrade the controller support to FULL.

That about sums it up.

We all hope you fully enjoy the game as it was meant to be played, and please post any thoughts in a Steam review, to the forums, or directly below!


-The iDGi and CONSORTIUM team

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“Consortium is an ingeniously subversive gem, containing enough backstory to fill a Triple-A trilogy while focusing exclusively on an airship crew in distress.”
4/5 – The Escapist

“At $20 I'd say it's worth it - you'll find a game that's punching well above its weight”

“It's an unusual sci-fi adventure game with a splendidly credible cast of characters and a strong sense of mystery”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

À propos du jeu

Game One of the iDGi-1 Trilogy.

Purchase includes 70 min original orchestral soundtrack by Jeremy Soule and the comprehensive "iDGi-1 Discoveries" lore compendium.

Taking place entirely aboard a massive futuristic aircraft, CONSORTIUM is a first person science-fiction role-playing experience unlike any other. The story begins in our world - the "real world" - where we here at Interdimensional Games have developed a satellite (iDGi-1) capable of opening a digital rift through time and space...

Anyone with an internet connection can travel through this rift and awaken within an alternate dimension from our own - the "game world" - in the year 2042.

  • The first of a planned trilogy, Consortium contains a fully resolvable arc, but links to further games by a much larger story and its countless mysteries. Each subsequent title will act in this way, with both an internal story and a serialization that continues to build the alternate universe.
  • Immerse yourself in the interactive story of the C-3800-D "ZENLIL" Consortium Command vessel on December 21st, 2042...
  • Built with a modified version of the SOURCE engine, explore ZENLIL, a living and highly interactive environment with complete freedom and agency. Includes turbulence and non-scripted decompression events!
  • Engage with a cast of over 20 people in innovative and life like conversation. Over 4,000 lines of fully voiced dialogue, each choice changes how they think about you. Or choose not to engage with them at all and never speak a word!
  • Experience an all original orchestral score by award winning composer Jeremy Soule
  • Act as detective investigating an on-board murder, while simultaneously playing peacemaker to a large band of mercenaries who seem to want YOU dead. Or play diplomacy with a smoking barrel, and let the tragedies continue to mount.
  • Dive into a world with well over 150,000 words of back-story and lore, where everything you read, see, speak, or hear relates to the story and characters, and everything is there for a reason.
  • A highly original energy based inventory system with original sci-fi weapons, gadgets and armor.
  • The story unfolds based largely on your actions. You may use diplomacy and talk your way through the entire game - never shooting anyone! OR, decide to use deadly or non-lethal force.
  • Forge lasting relationships with the crew of ZENLIL, and alter the course of the story through your actions. Your choices will change your play experience, and subsequent playthroughs offer the chance to make different decisions and see all new outcomes.
  • Regardless of what you choose to do or not, the experience always moves forward, adapting seamlessly to YOU.

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8 32bit (NO XP SUPPORT)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.7GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 260 | AMD Radeon HD 4890 series
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Of the maximum 4GB of addressable memory space on a 32-bit system (2 ^ 32 = 4,294,967,296 bytes = 4GB), Windows reserves 2GB. This leaves any application (such as Consortium) with a maximum of 2GB to play with. During loading, Consortium can allocate up to 1.8GB worth of memory. If you are running Consortium with a 32 bit machine, be sure to close as many other simultaneously running programs as you can, otherwise "out of memory" crashes may occur.
    • OS: Windows 7/8 x64
    • Processor: Intel i3 2100T | AMD Phenom II x4 or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 460 | AMD Radeon HD 5830 series or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
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Le pitch de départ d'un Nomad Soul, les ambitions d'un Mass Effect, Consortium invoque et assume de grands noms qui ont fait date dans l'agenda du jeu vidéo. Pourtant tout nous rappelle qu'on a affaire à un projet indépendant, de l'aspect technique à certaines phases de gameplay qui certes apportent une variété mais relèvent du mini-jeu (assez moyen qui plus est). Si la patte artistique est d'une banalité rare, elle fait pourtant partie des atouts qui m'ont séduit dès les premières minutes. Tout aussi fade puisse-t-il paraître, Consortium a une gueule, des couleurs et un charme très 128 bits - mon époque chérie ! -. Pour un jeu qui nous parle de voyage temporel....

On passe ainsi le plus clair de notre temps à bord d'un avion-vaisseau à l'intérieur sorti tout droit des années 2000 du jeu vidéo, avec ses couloirs étroits étroits qui procurent un léger sentiment de claustrophobie, à discuter et entretenir nos relations avec notre équipage. Tous les dialogues sont (très bien) doublés et assez bien écrits et mis en scène pour nous donner de temps en temps l'agréable impression d'être paumé dans un épisode de Stargate ou Trek. Dans le plus grand respect de ses modèles, Consortium met un point d'honneur à donner des conséquences à nos choix ; il sera ainsi possible d'éviter ou de provoquer certains affrontements en fonction de notre comportement, d'irriter untel ou de caresser l'autre dans le sens du poil. Ni tout à fait FPS ni vraiment RPG, Consortium a un gameplay banal et extrêmement basique - ne comptez pas sur lui ni pour ressentir le frisson des sensations de tir ni pour l'émerveillement devant un arbre de compétences qui passerait de bourgeon à une plante tentaculaire. Le gameplay est donc pauvre mais il n'est pas déplaisant pour autant. Et c'est là l'important : c'est vraiment un plaisir que de jouer à Consortium. Le jeu aurait même peut-être pu se hisser parmi mes plus gros coups de coeur s'il avait été quatre à cinq plus long et riche au minimum. Car Consortium est court. Très court. Comptez environ sept heures en traînant vraiment des pieds, moitié moins en pressant le pas. On pourra refaire l'aventure pour découvrir de légers changements et lever le voile sur certains mystères mais rien ne m'enlèvera ce pincement au thorax, ce fantasme déçu de vivre une grande aventure avec cet équipage si sympathique dans lequel je commençais à m'intégrer et duquel j'ai été trop vite arraché. On arrive au terme de ce huis clos immersif et fascinant hanté par le regret de ne pas avoir foulé quelques planètes ni prolongé l'expérience au-delà d'une poignée d'heures. Des suites sont heureusement prévues ; en les attendant et espérant qu'elles soient (beaucoup) plus fournies, ceux qui ont la nostalgie de l'Ebon Hawk ou du Normandy devraient songer à prendre un ticket pour cette entraînante croisière.

Attention, voix et textes intégralement en anglais.
Posté le : 4 mai 2014
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Space RPG game with FPS elements. No its not like Mass Effect.

I bought this the minute I saw it on Steam. Why? It looked cool and the story/setting got me intrigued.
The first hour was a bumpy ride because of a wide variety of bugs. The devs were very honest about it, admitted they should have released it as an early access game.
I waited, patiently, a few weeks for the devs to fix their game. I started over because the patch also deleted the savegames (which was announced by the devs as well).

This whole game takes place on a rather small spaceship and you're a Bishop, lead operations if I'm correct.
The ships hierarchy is based on chess. You have your pawns, rook, queen, king, etc. So you always know the status of a crewmember.
You're transfered from 2014 into this bishop person. At the start you have no idea who you are and what you're supposed to do. You'll learn by interacting with the people on board, who do not know you're from 2014 (and you might want to keep it that way). The way you respond to these people and actions you take playing this game will get different outcomes. In my 5 hours playthrough I somehow managed to ♥♥♥♥ of most of my crewmembers ;)
I checked the achievements and there are a lot of ways to finish this game. I'm thinking about playing it again, with some different approaches to some situations.

The story begins with a hostile attack and a murder and unfolds after that. I liked the story, a lot! More games/episodes are coming as this story ends with a cliffhanger. I'm looking forward to it!
(I cant tell more about the story without giving away too much.)

Some points you might find interesting:

Just a small part though this might be more important in the coming games. You have a wide arsenal of weapons, all with different specs. You have guns to kill and guns to capture. Whatever you choose will ofcourse change the outcome.
I had 2 battles in this game and 1 tutorial. It aint CSGO or COD but its ok.
* Graphics
looking good but nothing fancy, kinda like an interactive comic. Not childish in any way though.
* Sound
Voiceacting is great. Lot of different accents, all very convincing.
Soundtrack and effects are ok.
* Replayability
Definately! I checked the achievements after completing this and I saw their are many different outcomes to specific situations.

Excellent game and I have no regrets buying this. The 6-man dev team did a great job and reacted honest and adequate when they found out people were experiencing bugs. The story, for me the most important part, is great and well told. More of this please!
Posté le : 26 février 2014
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You could be interested in this game if you like short, dense, dialogue driven games in a near future setting - with a focus on replaying different permutations of choices.

You are dumped on a high tech airplane that functions as mobile base as the enforcer of a multinational all-powerful corporation. You are the "new guy that everyone is a bit frightened of" since you are the guy with the Robocop-armor and guns. You get know your 16 fellow corpers then someone dies and suddenly there are fighter airplanes on the horizon and someone in the plane seems to feed them information and sabotage as much as possible. The meat of the game is to talk to your fellow specialists, watch their actions, threaten them (or not), deduct information, cross reference alibis, and find the traitor (if there is one). Dialogue (and background dossiers on the info-terminals) are extensive, well written and well performed.

Solving the mystery around the traitor(?) is the big draw of the game but since it is quite short (about 5-6 hours) and events are dense and develop quite differently depending on how you talk to people replaying the game just for kicks can be very motivating if you are the kind of player this appeals to.

There are first person shooter elements in this game but they are mostly optional. The gameplay in these is competent but nothing special.
Posté le : 30 avril 2014
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An amazing interactive experience with the most detailed and extensive backstory I have ever encountered. This is going toset the trend for a new genre of game; it's somewhere between a book, social experimentation and a FPS video game. If you've ever played Deus Ex or Mass Effect and loved the dialogue options but been disappointed that it wasn't more in depth, this is the game for you. I have already played this game through three times and I'm still discovering things I missed in previous playthroughs.

In summary, a brilliant experience for the kind of person who really likes to delve into the backstory of different universes as well as experiment with dialogue and decision trees.
Posté le : 1 février 2014
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Though some aspects, especially the shooter gameplay, are a little finicky and it's over all too soon, CONSORTIUM is an interesting take on the interactive mystery, and not a half bad near-future world to get lost in.
Posté le : 20 juin 2014
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Pour faire court, c'est un un peu l'enfant bâtard de Deus Ex (premier du nom) et de Mass Effect.

Du côté des défauts, il faut faire avec des graphismes vieillots (bon sang ces ombrages) qui ne sont même pas rattrapés par une direction artistique inspirée. Les combats sont foirés mais on peut faire le jeu presque sans tirer le moindre coup de feu. L'inventaire est une plaie à utiliser et semble là plus pour répondre à l'idée que les joueurs se font un RPG. L'ergonomie est aussi malheureuse dans le journal des informations pour repérer facilement les entrées déjà lues et les nouvelles. Enfin le jeu est tout en anglais (et il y a beaucoup de textes) même si les dialogues sont sous-titrées et il y a encore quelques bugs (normalement fixés d'ici la fin de la semaine) mais non bloquants désormais après une sortie pour le moins laborieuse.

Et pourtant c'est un jeu par bien des aspects brillant et je vais ronger les pieds des meubles en attendant une éventuelle suite. D'une part l'univers est d'une richesse incroyable. Sur les 7h de jeu, j'ai du en passer au moins 3 à lire, fasciné, les entrées de journal. De plus, on n'a pas l'impression de copié-collé. C'est un jeu ingénieux car les limitations techniques sont expliqués par le jeu : c'est moche mais c'est un satellite expérimental, le niveau est petit mais on est à bord d'un avion. Il y a une foultitude de détails sur lesquels on peut facilement passé à côté si on ne fait pas attention (et je suis sûr d'être passé à un paquet d'entre eux) qui appellent à refaire le jeu. Les dialogues sont très bien écrits et l'excellent doublage vous plonge directement dans ce monde.

Il n'y a que deux points sur lequel je reste mitigé. Déjà sur l'idée de briser le quatrième mur. Mouais. Je suis encore en recherche d'un jeu sur lequel ce serait bien traité et là autant c'est intelligemment exploité par moments autant par d'autres c'est discutable. L'autre point d'interrogation est sur la musique. Ils ont annoncé en grande pompe la participation de Jeremy Soule (Skyrim) et je suis toujours en recherche d'un thème marquant. D'un autre côté, la musique plante directement l'ambiance et je me suis souvent retrouvé à la fredonner donc je me demande si ce n'est pas encore plus réussi comme technique.

Bref, un vrai "roman dont vous êtes le héros" cyberpunk (le chef du consortium est une IA, un gouvernement mondial est presque en place, etc.) qui ne paye pas de mine mais où il serait dommage de passer à côté.
Posté le : 27 janvier 2014
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