Game One of the iDGi-1 Trilogy. Purchase includes 70 min original orchestral soundtrack by Jeremy Soule and the comprehensive "iDGi-1 Discoveries" lore compendium. Taking place entirely aboard a massive futuristic aircraft, CONSORTIUM is a first person science-fiction role-playing experience unlike any other.
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Megjelenés dátuma: 2014. jan. 8.

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"Showed at PAX Prime 2014."

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szeptember 26.

PAX Prime video and CONSORTIUM 2 mailing list

Greetings Seekers,

We wanted to share a video with you all, showing a bit of the team and our booth at the insanity that was PAX Prime. It truly was an amazing experience and we can't stress enough how much fun we had showcasing the game to so many new people, as well as meeting a few already-fans along the way!

Please consider also signing up for our exclusive mailing list, where we will be posting (important) news and information on our progress toward CONSORTIUM 2.

The more people willing to sign up for our list, the more we'll be able to better gauge interest in the sequel and its Kickstarter campaign that we have been steadily working toward.

To sign up, simply go HERE.

We promise to NEVER share your emails with anyone, and only let you know about important and significant updates in the world of CONSORTIUM! Signing up will also automatically enter you into any raffles we hold to win posters, t-shirts and other iDGi and CONSORTIUM goodies along the way. We did a few such draws at PAX and thought, hell, we should do more of those! If there was a physical reward from our Kickstarter campaign that you had your eye on but were never able to get your hands on, this would especially be for you.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

-The CONSORTIUM and iDGi team

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augusztus 28.

We're going to PAX & What about CONSORTIUM 2?

Hello, Seekers.

Happily, we can begin with an exciting announcement. We have secured a booth at PAX Prime, being held in Seattle, WA from August 29th through September 1st. If you are coming to PAX, definitely swing by our booth for a chance to meet the team and play a new demo with some exclusive content! Oh, and score some cool swag too. You will be able to find us in the Indie MEGABOOTH (Look for the blue booth; you may have noticed our obsession with the colour blue!) at Stall 23! Do me a favour... when you see Greg (our C.E.O. and Dark Lord of all that is light), ask him something about the nature of the universe or, well, anything at all and see what happens!

Now to the big, burning question: Where are we at with Consortium 2? It has been six months since our rather disastrous launch back in January (see: HERE ) and while we are still reeling over said launch both emotionally and financially, we have nonetheless come to grips with the reality of things and are able to speak openly about our plans for the future.

Our original plan was simple: Make Game One with an incredibly low budget and overhead costs so that we would only need to sell a small number of copies in order to self-fund Game Two and continue on from there. Unfortunately it has not quite worked out so simply.

So far, CONSORTIUM has sold well enough to keep certain key members on the payroll in order to release the Master Edition and other patches since launch (including creating and sending out the physical rewards for our Kickstarter campaign and working on the port for Mac and Spanish localization). These efforts have allowed us to fix and improve the game in addition to making strides to reach a wider audience. The Mac port is 90% done, and the Spanish localization is pretty much finished – we are just working out a few bugs with it. Getting the game localized into Spanish was a FAR more difficult task than we anticipated.

However, we have not yet sold enough copies to self-fund Game Two as originally planned. While due to several factors, the number one reason the game has not reached the audience we hoped it would – and why we are not all working full-speed ahead on producing the sequel – is due to our completely flubbed launch. We have unfortunately been faced with the issue of convincing the world of the current reality of CONSORTIUM (very close to bug free!) when compared to the perceived reality we have been marred with since launch (incredibly buggy!). It all then leads back to our decision not to launch as Early Access back in January, which would have extended our beta testing period and prevented reviews from being based on buggy builds. That was a massive, game changing mistake and we have been paying for it ever since. Our Metacritic score, for example, is based on too many reviews speaking about bugs and problems which no longer exist.

We could go on and on with excuses and such... but we will not do that. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. This does not mean, however, that we are beaten as a company. Not by a long shot. We are dedicated to making Game Two because one game is simply not enough to tell the story we want to tell. Scratch that, the story we need to tell.

Game Two of the iDGi-1 Trilogy is officially in pre-production. The overall story is completely fleshed out and the core environment of the game has hundreds of man hours of design work put into it.

In conclusion: Our plan is to keep our heads down, finish the Spanish localization and Mac port in addition to pushing hard in all the ways we can to get the first CONSORTIUM game into the hands of all the gamers it is intended for. As part of our pre-production effort for the CONSORTIUM sequel we are working on a second Kickstarter campaign to help us raise the funds to build the follow-up game we’re envisioning. Kickstarter was extremely good to us the first time around and we believe it remains a far better option than attempting the publisher route “just to get it done”, and risk losing creative control. We have some extremely exciting ideas planned for Game Two and are pumped about showcasing them in another campaign.

If you are interested in reading updates on our progress towards the launching of this campaign and of the CONSORTIUM sequel in general, simply shoot an email to and include [mailing list] in the subject line. We will not share your email with ANYONE and will only send you emails when we have important announcements to share.

Oh, and check out this new video we released, showcasing what some of you have been writing about our game: We would like to extend A HUGE thank-you to all of you who are represented in this video, your words of praise and excitement for our game is what fuels us forward. :-)

That’s all for now. We hope to see you at PAX, but if not then we invite you to keep an eye on our company blog for updates in the future!


-The iDGi Team

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“Consortium is an ingeniously subversive gem, containing enough backstory to fill a Triple-A trilogy while focusing exclusively on an airship crew in distress.”
4/5 – The Escapist

“At $20 I'd say it's worth it - you'll find a game that's punching well above its weight”

“It's an unusual sci-fi adventure game with a splendidly credible cast of characters and a strong sense of mystery”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

A játékról

Game One of the iDGi-1 Trilogy.

Purchase includes 70 min original orchestral soundtrack by Jeremy Soule and the comprehensive "iDGi-1 Discoveries" lore compendium.

Taking place entirely aboard a massive futuristic aircraft, CONSORTIUM is a first person science-fiction role-playing experience unlike any other. The story begins in our world - the "real world" - where we here at Interdimensional Games have developed a satellite (iDGi-1) capable of opening a digital rift through time and space...

Anyone with an internet connection can travel through this rift and awaken within an alternate dimension from our own - the "game world" - in the year 2042.

  • The first of a planned trilogy, Consortium contains a fully resolvable arc, but links to further games by a much larger story and its countless mysteries. Each subsequent title will act in this way, with both an internal story and a serialization that continues to build the alternate universe.
  • Immerse yourself in the interactive story of the C-3800-D "ZENLIL" Consortium Command vessel on December 21st, 2042...
  • Built with a modified version of the SOURCE engine, explore ZENLIL, a living and highly interactive environment with complete freedom and agency. Includes turbulence and non-scripted decompression events!
  • Engage with a cast of over 20 people in innovative and life like conversation. Over 4,000 lines of fully voiced dialogue, each choice changes how they think about you. Or choose not to engage with them at all and never speak a word!
  • Experience an all original orchestral score by award winning composer Jeremy Soule
  • Act as detective investigating an on-board murder, while simultaneously playing peacemaker to a large band of mercenaries who seem to want YOU dead. Or play diplomacy with a smoking barrel, and let the tragedies continue to mount.
  • Dive into a world with well over 150,000 words of back-story and lore, where everything you read, see, speak, or hear relates to the story and characters, and everything is there for a reason.
  • A highly original energy based inventory system with original sci-fi weapons, gadgets and armor.
  • The story unfolds based largely on your actions. You may use diplomacy and talk your way through the entire game - never shooting anyone! OR, decide to use deadly or non-lethal force.
  • Forge lasting relationships with the crew of ZENLIL, and alter the course of the story through your actions. Your choices will change your play experience, and subsequent playthroughs offer the chance to make different decisions and see all new outcomes.
  • Regardless of what you choose to do or not, the experience always moves forward, adapting seamlessly to YOU.


    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8 32bit (NO XP SUPPORT)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.7GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 260 | AMD Radeon HD 4890 series
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Of the maximum 4GB of addressable memory space on a 32-bit system (2 ^ 32 = 4,294,967,296 bytes = 4GB), Windows reserves 2GB. This leaves any application (such as Consortium) with a maximum of 2GB to play with. During loading, Consortium can allocate up to 1.8GB worth of memory. If you are running Consortium with a 32 bit machine, be sure to close as many other simultaneously running programs as you can, otherwise "out of memory" crashes may occur.
    • OS: Windows 7/8 x64
    • Processor: Intel i3 2100T | AMD Phenom II x4 or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 460 | AMD Radeon HD 5830 series or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
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10.3 óra a nyilvántartásban
You could be interested in this game if you like short, dense, dialogue driven games in a near future setting - with a focus on replaying different permutations of choices.

You are dumped on a high tech airplane that functions as mobile base as the enforcer of a multinational all-powerful corporation. You are the "new guy that everyone is a bit frightened of" since you are the guy with the Robocop-armor and guns. You get know your 16 fellow corpers then someone dies and suddenly there are fighter airplanes on the horizon and someone in the plane seems to feed them information and sabotage as much as possible. The meat of the game is to talk to your fellow specialists, watch their actions, threaten them (or not), deduct information, cross reference alibis, and find the traitor (if there is one). Dialogue (and background dossiers on the info-terminals) are extensive, well written and well performed.

Solving the mystery around the traitor(?) is the big draw of the game but since it is quite short (about 5-6 hours) and events are dense and develop quite differently depending on how you talk to people replaying the game just for kicks can be very motivating if you are the kind of player this appeals to.

There are first person shooter elements in this game but they are mostly optional. The gameplay in these is competent but nothing special.
Közzétéve: április 30.
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28 emberből 26 (93%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
56.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
The first time I played through the game I found a fun, interesting, tightly woven adventure story with humor, action, drama and rising stakes... very enjoyable.

But interestingly, I didn't have to resolve every single thing to get through the game's narrative. Still, I felt a stong desire to resolve a particular situation and uncover this part of the story. So I played through again. And then a third time.

On the third playthrough I resolved the situation and uncovered something that not only fit with things that the game had been hinting at, but also blew my mind because the "narrative device" of exploring this complex alternate universe turned out to be more complex than it appeared on the surface. I finally got a small part of what the game had been trying to tell me all along.

Once you realize what might really be going on -- it is HUGE.

Now not only did I WANT to play the game again and learn as much as I could for my own enjoyment -- and I'll mention here that I've played the game all the way through about a dozen times, finding new and interesting things each time -- but I also felt that from a narrative perspective that I NEEDED to play through and learn as much as I could because of what I realized was going on.
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25 emberből 21 (84%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
8.3 óra a nyilvántartásban
Though some aspects, especially the shooter gameplay, are a little finicky and it's over all too soon, CONSORTIUM is an interesting take on the interactive mystery, and not a half bad near-future world to get lost in.
Közzétéve: június 20.
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21 emberből 17 (81%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
7.2 óra a nyilvántartásban
For being Chapter 1 in an incomplete series this piece of software shocked me. I've played through the entire game more than twice now. Each time I'm compelled to try things different or to just explore the ship or "world" that you're presented with. The whole idea of this game is refreshing and I really can't place why it makes me want to explore and read everything.

What hooked me is the idea that you're stationed on this giant plane that is your flying home base. That you're given the sense you'll be deployed onto missions and then report back to the plane for debrief. That sense of procedure is amazing. You actually take part in the conversations and influence everything.

A+ from me

EDIT: Updated because I wrote this while tired. Thanks for the heads up IDG.
Közzétéve: április 29.
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7 emberből 6 (86%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
16.4 óra a nyilvántartásban
So the game tutorial starts by snowing you how your special abilities/weapons functions. However, I managed to play through the game and fighting only once. That is a rare thing, a RPG which actually let you forge a path, so far i beleive there are not that many opportunities to fight (this is episode 1, the others promise more action i think but thats speculation, there's also computer simulations for more action if needed). Although there was not much action, the storytelling was exelent. You actually get invested with the people you meet and the action you take. The characters you interact with also have a 'beyond highschool' mindset, and will speak about various things/subject (aka they do more than flirt with each others and reference the same poppular things). For instance a character is an addict to an online MMO and spen most of her time playing it. If confronted about that, other character may tell their opinion but not get invested too much as they are busy at that time. I had fun and will definitely at least replay once. I would say that the game is possibly closer to a visual novel than a full fledged action game, for part 1 at least. This does not take away from the experience, luckily. If you like this kind of game, it's worth a buy, this is not what i was originally expecting, but i enjoyed it all the way through!

have a nice day and game on!

Közzétéve: június 30.
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325 emberből 262 (81%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
16.2 óra a nyilvántartásban

High quality job. The interaction between player and A.I. seems so natural and realistic, and the voice acting is seriously one of the best I've seen, better than most big budget games. There's a lot of variety in dialogue choices, which actually make a big difference in the outcome(s). I encourage all to play multiple times, you will discover a lot of different things. You will encounter events and situations if you're at the right spot at the right time (some quite humorous), making it seem like a real living world. The story is definitely its other strong point, with plenty of background lore to discover if that is your thing - or otherwise you can be just as engrossed without the deeper knowledge. Graphics are unique, good textures, nicely detailed areas, minor graphical glitches, nothing game breaking. I haven't done much combat, as I prefer the diplomatic options, but from what I have experienced there's nothing wrong with it.

All in all, it's fantastic on so many levels, and I wait in anticipation for the next installment.

Közzétéve: január 5.
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