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Game One of the iDGi-1 Trilogy. Taking place entirely aboard a massive futuristic aircraft, CONSORTIUM is a first person science-fiction role-playing experience unlike any other. The story begins in our world - the "real world" - where we here at Interdimensional Games have developed a satellite (iDGi-1) capable of opening a...
Data di rilascio: 8 Gen 2014
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The Master Edition is coming...

7 Aprile 2014

This announcement is best described by reading our latest Kickstarter update

More details coming soon...

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V1.15 is here

16 Marzo 2014

  • Fixes doubling sub-titles issue
  • DX9Ex upgrade is now up for everyone (fixes alt-tabbing, etc), and the "Failed to create D3D device" issue that was introduced in v1.14 has been fixed.
  • Game balancing tweaks.

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“Consortium is an ingeniously subversive gem, containing enough backstory to fill a Triple-A trilogy while focusing exclusively on an airship crew in distress.”
4/5 – The Escapist

“At $20 I'd say it's worth it - you'll find a game that's punching well above its weight”

“This makes me happy...”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Informazioni sul gioco

Game One of the iDGi-1 Trilogy.

Taking place entirely aboard a massive futuristic aircraft, CONSORTIUM is a first person science-fiction role-playing experience unlike any other. The story begins in our world - the "real world" - where we here at Interdimensional Games have developed a satellite (iDGi-1) capable of opening a digital rift through time and space...

Anyone with an internet connection can travel through this rift and awaken within an alternate dimension from our own - the "game world" - in the year 2042.

  • The first of a planned trilogy, Consortium contains a fully resolvable arc, but links to further games by a much larger story and its countless mysteries. Each subsequent title will act in this way, with both an internal story and a serialization that continues to build the alternate universe.
  • Immerse yourself in the interactive story of the C-3800-D "ZENLIL" Consortium Command vessel on December 21st, 2042...
  • Built with a modified version of the SOURCE engine, explore ZENLIL, a living and highly interactive environment with complete freedom and agency. Includes turbulence and non-scripted decompression events!
  • Engage with a cast of over 20 people in innovative and life like conversation. Over 4,000 lines of fully voiced dialogue, each choice changes how they think about you. Or choose not to engage with them at all and never speak a word!
  • Experience an all original orchestral score by award winning composer Jeremy Soule
  • Act as detective investigating an on-board murder, while simultaneously playing peacemaker to a large band of mercenaries who seem to want YOU dead. Or play diplomacy with a smoking barrel, and let the tragedies continue to mount.
  • Dive into a world with well over 150,000 words of back-story and lore, where everything you read, see, speak, or hear relates to the story and characters, and everything is there for a reason.
  • A highly original energy based inventory system with original sci-fi weapons, gadgets and armor.
  • The story unfolds based largely on your actions. You may use diplomacy and talk your way through the entire game - never shooting anyone! OR, decide to use deadly or non-lethal force.
  • Forge lasting relationships with the crew of ZENLIL, and alter the course of the story through your actions. Your choices will change your play experience, and subsequent playthroughs offer the chance to make different decisions and see all new outcomes.
  • Regardless of what you choose to do or not, the experience always moves forward, adapting seamlessly to YOU.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7 32bit
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.7GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 260 | AMD Radeon HD 4890 series
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Of the maximum 4GB of addressable memory space on a 32-bit system (2 ^ 32 = 4,294,967,296 bytes = 4GB), Windows reserves 2GB. This leaves any application (such as Consortium) with a maximum of 2GB to play with. During loading, Consortium can allocate up to 1.8GB worth of memory. If you are running Consortium with a 32 bit machine, be sure to close as many other simultaneously running programs as you can, otherwise "out of memory" crashes may occur.
    • OS: Windows 7 x64
    • Processor: Intel i3 2100T | AMD Phenom II x4 or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 460 | AMD Radeon HD 5830 series or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
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High quality job. The interaction between player and A.I. seems so natural and realistic, and the voice acting is seriously one of the best I've seen, better than most big budget games. There's a lot of variety in dialogue choices, which actually make a big difference in the outcome(s). I encourage all to play multiple times, you will discover a lot of different things. You will encounter events and situations if you're at the right spot at the right time (some quite humorous), making it seem like a real living world. The story is definitely its other strong point, with plenty of background lore to discover if that is your thing - or otherwise you can be just as engrossed without the deeper knowledge. Graphics are unique, good textures, nicely detailed areas, minor graphical glitches, nothing game breaking. I haven't done much combat, as I prefer the diplomatic options, but from what I have experienced there's nothing wrong with it.

All in all, it's fantastic on so many levels, and I wait in anticipation for the next installment.

Pubblicata: 5 Gennaio 2014
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So here I am... Trying to get KOTOR to work on my computer and failing miserably. I go to the store with $20 in my Steam wallet. Fed up and tired to pick an indie game that looked interesting.

I run into CONSORTIUM.

I decide ah, what the hell and buy it. To my surprise, it actually turned out to be a great game.

The story goes as follows: You are you. The game itself is actually a portal to an alternate reality's future where you inhabit the body of a man codenamed "Bishop - 6" a high ranking officer in the CONSORTIUM. That's all the game tells you about the character (at least in the time I played it) The game physically cannot let you know about Bishop's past, as it glitches out when people talk about it. The characters and the writing are better than a lot of triple-a titles out there and can be very humorous at times.

The music is beautiful, it sounds like it could go in KOTOR itself, and there is a reason for that: Jeremy Soule composed this game's soundtrack. As an admirer of his work I was pleasantly surprised.

Other than a few minor bugs, the CONSORTIUM is a fantastic experience in my honest opinion.

Check this game out! You'll be glad you did!
Pubblicata: 9 Gennaio 2014
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UPDATE 3: A developer has been kind enough to respond to this review, to which I've attempted to reply as honestly as possible. Please read the comments.

UPDATE 2: Patch is out, I'm neck deep in school but I'll replay the game whenever I get a few free hours.

UPDATE: The Consortium devs have released an acknowledgement of the more game-breaking elements of the game and are aiming for a patch on January 31.

I fully intend to edit this review once it gets a few patches, but I would recommend holding off on this game for now. (video footage of the main, game-breaking bug I encountered that I'll be talking about (warning - it shows part of a late sequence of the game) : http://www.twitch.tv/breadcrew/c/3517241 )

First of all, this is a really interesting concept to me and on the whole the crew interactions and relationship with the ship are interesting and well thought out, especially for an indie game. It definitely feels like a solid, inspired labor of love.

I'm torn on the meta plot; apparently the developers either haven't played the Assassins Creed series or took from it exactly the wrong lessons. I find it forced and a little full of itself. This will be a divisive point for many, but that's no reason to skip the game as the in-world plot has a lot of potential.

At the moment however, and I'm not sure how many people will encounter this, I stumbled upon a major bug that stopped me from completing the game, actually overwriting my autosave with an incorrect and bugged map that will force me to start from the beginning. (i had quicksaved after the bug occurred before I realized I was stuck)

At what I believe is the end of the game or at least very close to it, Consortium does the thing that tons of games do, flashing you back to earlier, familiar events. Unfortunately, during the third of these events, an AI didn't trigger and nothing happened; I was sat stuck in a room with several mercenaries pointing their guns at me, not shooting. I decided to try punching them since that seemed like the only option. They all began firing, but the game seemed to have flagged me with god mode for the purposes of that little interlude.

I reloaded the autosave, thinking maybe that was a fluke, but again the game didn't trigger whatever it needed to trigger. I started exploring, mercenaries pointing their guns at me wherever I went but never firing. All of the doors out of the room I was in were locked, but the elevator wasn't, so I traveled around the ship as much as I could and found bugged and missing textures and models.

Honestly I was giving it the benefit of the doubt, that maybe the game breaking like that was intended, considering the meta plot, then I found that the VR training terminal on the ship was working. It loaded the first VR training scenario from the beginning of the game. I exited back out, and it loaded an early map of the game where you first get your earpiece communicator, but the woman meant to hand it to me wasn't sitting where she used to be, and while the prompt to take the earpiece appeared, the game wouldn't let me take it.

My trying to mentally resolve the game in this way exacerbated the problem - when you design bugs and signal degradation into your game, to actually have the game break completely ruins the illusion.

I pasted a link to my encounter with the bug above.

When I exited the game, a 3.8 megabyte patch downloaded but I can find no patch notes, so maybe (hopefully) the issue is already fixed. I'll update when I get around to trying again.
Pubblicata: 8 Gennaio 2014
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Click here for my full video review

Consortium is a science fiction RPG where the player takes control of an Avatar aboard the Consortium ship through a video game. This isn’t a typical RPG though. There are no levels or experience points. The game isn’t designed around the combat, skills, or even the relationships. It’s designed around the personalities of the characters. The joy of this game comes from the fun visuals and most importantly the diverse and talented voice actors. The dialog is something to be savored rather than skipped though. The voice talent and fun visuals made me really fall for this game but I can’t fully recommend it yet. If you buy Consortium you will love it eventually but the game had several very frustrating bugs and I spent more than 2 hours finding a work around for one. Once the developers work this out the game will be great. Buy this game now if you love deep backstory, plot, and character development. Buy this game next month if you just like RPGs.
Pubblicata: 9 Gennaio 2014
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Edit: I originally had massive problems with running this game, and even now some people are still having problems. In my frustration i wrote a negative review because of its near unplayable state.
Interdimensional Studios themselves have admited ( and apologized ) that "Consortium's" launch is buggy, they have released a few minor patches that have fixed some problems and even have a major patch planned for the 31st of Jan.

I intended on fully editing this review if the problems were solved and now ( for the most part) they thankfully have.

I can best describe 'Consortium' as a mix of the original Star Trek, Mass Effect and even a bit of Half Life 2 and if that mix doesn't sound good to you ( or you didn't like any of these example ) then its hard to recommend. However if you're looking for epic 1st person sci-fi romp with an emphasis on dialogue and wrapped up with some decent shooting mechanics and characters then look no further.

'Consortium' is a still a little buggy at the moment, even with a couple of patches, however enough has been fixed that it deserves another look. The game is brilliantly written, it has marvelous presentation and the characters throughout the adventure are interesting and their dialogue throughout the game is well done. Combat is a bit like an old school shooter mixed with Half-Life 2 (which i find works well enough) but its hardly the focus of the game.

No, the focus of 'Consortium' is the interactions between you and the other crew aboard the ship with multiple dialogue choices and the consequences for most of them, and Interdermentional studios have done it brilliantly.

While still buggy in some places, ( frame rate is still a little loopy and people are still reporting multiple crashes on the forums ) Interdimensional Studios have acknowledged and are continuing to patch 'Consortium' to make it a better experience.

If you can look past the problems it has however you'll find a game like no other. This is the type of game i've been wishing for ever since Mass Effect came out, and most of the time it doesn't disappoint.
Pubblicata: 8 Gennaio 2014
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