Journey to the dark heart of the Edgewood Home for Lost Children in this fiendishly difficult action RPG! When her teacher stepped out of the classroom a month ago, Cordy never imagined he would be gone for good. Now her fellow students have turned on each other as the school descends into chaos.
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"Similar to Binding of Issac but with a few differences, and in a beautifully drawn Gothic style. Just good ole dungeon exploring and monster fighting."

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Experimental patch pushed to live (v480)

For those playing on the live build, the latest incarnation of Edgewood appears stable enough to push live. Stay tuned for additional changes!

Quick list of things changed...

  • You should now be able to save/exit/resume ONLY in between floors (leaving mid-floor will still result in a death/restart)
  • Grade levels have been adjusted (expanded the amount damage you can take before dropping from grade B to C and grade C to D)
  • Normal mode early boss HP reduced moderately (particularly Chapter 1 bosses)
  • Princess Diaries perk has been buffed slightly
  • Hollow Day Friend price has been reduced
  • Admin's Enigma description has been fixed
  • If you have extra lives remaining, they will now be shown on the character sheet
  • Room counts have been adjusted slightly (slightly more on floor 1, slightly fewer on upper floors)

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New Experimental Patch (v480)

Testing some new optimizations / engine upgrades. No meaningful changes to game since Experimental Patch (v478). Please let us know if there are any crashes.

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“A challenging and beautiful foray into the genre.”
8.75 – Game Informer


Journey to the dark heart of the Edgewood Home for Lost Children in this fiendishly difficult action RPG!

When her teacher stepped out of the classroom a month ago, Cordy never imagined he would be gone for good. Now her fellow students have turned on each other as the school descends into chaos. Cordy must battle feral classmates and dangerous creatures as she ascends to the cruel Administrators’ offices atop the Edgewood Home for Lost Children.

Our Darker Purpose is a top-down, rogue-like action RPG that combines the ingenuity of genre-defining classics with the expansiveness and accessibility of modern day action adventure games. The gameplay is steeped in a variety of influences ranging from A Link to the Past to The Binding of Isaac to Diablo. We love games with great mechanics and awesome, bizarre storylines, and that’s what we’re creating with Our Darker Purpose.

Each playthrough features a unique set of procedurally generated levels. Death is permanent, but your accomplishments earn you resources to buy lesson and upgrades in the afterlife... and your education lasts forever. Every game teaches you more about the Edgewood Home for Lost Children, the disappearance of the adults, and the darker purpose of the Administrators.

Key Features

Fast-Paced, Combat-Oriented Gameplay: Face unique boss encounters and challenging enemy mechanics! The Edgewood Home is a merciless environment. Dodge between fireballs and flying desks while your former classmates try to pummel you into the walls, and that’s just the lower levels…

Character Variety and Customization: Assemble selections of randomized perks and upgrades to reflect your play-style – tanky bruiser, glass cannon, fleet-footed assassin, or anything else. Assemble your skills into devastating combinations… or pick style perks with no benefit at all, at your peril.

Oh Yeah, and It Takes Place in a Sinister Orphanage: Prepare for a an unflinching look at what happens when an already terrifying boarding school/orphanage goes all Lord of the Flies, and try not to get eaten by any of the possessed furniture. Only the psychologically strongest gamers will be able to withstand the insightful taunts of the Administrators themselves…


Allocate precious skills

Uncovering Edgewood’s dark secrets will yield valuable experience for Cordy. Each time she levels up, you’ll be able to select from one of two new abilities that she can acquire, depending on your play style and the situation at hand. You will never be as strong as you need to be, so prepare for some nail-biting choices…

Choose your own ghastly fate

The house is different every game, and every level is uniquely generated. But fear not, there’s more than one way to ascend through a dystopic Victorian manor! Pick your route – would you rather battle a feral horde than risk an encounter with the dangerous Capulets? The choice is yours! Of course, each floor offers unique credit tokens to buy new upgrades, so choose wisely…

Acquire eternal powers

Adorable, creepy, stylized Edgewood Home students don’t give up when they fail --- they go to class. Each time you lead Cordy to a fiery (or chalky, or spikey, or venomy, or monstery) demise, you get some time to strategize with your kindly scarecrow guidance counselor. He is happy to offer his one-of-a-kind insight in many academic disciplines…


    • OS: Windows Vista/7
    • Processor: 1.6 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: X1950 Pro, 7900 GT
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
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+ 丰富的道具和天赋组合,极大的可玩性
+ 完整的故事背景,丰富的收集要素
+ 极富挑战性的成就
+ 出色的音乐

- 脸洗不干净没法玩
- 太难了
- 真的太难了
- 真的太爽了
- 啊哈哈哈哈哈
- 静静你在哪……
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ODP 以撒的结合
概况:孤儿学校中的老师和大人们不见了,同学们分成各个派别打成一团,主角决定动身寻找答案。←这就是游戏开始所交代的剧情。这个游戏的各种分支剧情被分割为64个收集要素并分布在游戏中,通过得到这些收集物可以看到关于各种boss、学生帮派以及其他杂事的描述,有些描述还挺喜感的。 关于以撒的剧情一直是一个谜,我并没有了解太多,只是知道开始时老妈要剁了以撒然后他就跑了。
键位:WSAD和箭头键的作用相信都知道,但是这游戏添加了翻滚(空格)、手动回血(Q)、粉笔炸弹(R)和交互键(F),所以与以撒的手感略有不同,另外,主动是E键。 玩过以撒的同志们肯定都知道键位了,在这里我要提醒一句,玩了ODP之后玩以撒千万不要手贱乱拍空格了!
血量计算:ODP采用了数字计数,每次玩家受伤之后减少HP值,HP降至0后死亡。 相信不用我说了,大家都知道以撒是以红蓝黑心的数量作为血量的。
游戏流程:ODP一共有12层,其中6层为固定,其余的6层在进入之前会给出2至4个分支路线供玩家选择,从而使玩家可以遭遇到不同的敌人组合以及正负面效果。 好久没玩以撒都忘记了,不过我知道以撒这个游戏会在子宫二层给出两个分支。
画风:ODP主打的是黑暗风,并同时采用了“亮度”这个设定,每层通过之后玩家的可见度会变小,进而提高后面层数的难度并且很有阴暗的感觉。 像素风格,总体感觉比较亮,能直接看到房间全貌,一目了然。
音乐:因为是黑暗风格所以背景音乐总体也是略安静,但是很有代入感。 总体来说以撒的音乐就显得比较响,比较激情。
难度:初玩的时候你一定会觉得这游戏比以撒要难,但是熟悉之后难度并没有想象中那么高,不过这游戏的困难模式却与普通模式天差地别。。。 以撒的难度我不好说明,因为要对各个角色进行分析比较麻烦,普通模式和困难模式差距不大,难度主要还是因人而异。



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People will compare this to The Binding of Isaac, and they aren't wrong in doing so. They are both very similar, and yet play very differently.
The similarities follow:
  • Twin stick top-down-ish shooter.
  • Procedurally generated levels.
  • Items to pick up which improve your character.
  • Bosses at the end of levels.
That is where most of the similarities stop however, and the games become very different.

The Binding of IsaacOur Darker Purpose
  • Completely new run every time.
  • Fast-paced and "bullet-hell"-ish.
  • Massively powerful pickups allowing godly powerful characters.
  • Minimal mechanics to keep track of for the average player.
  • Simple heart-based health system.
  • Cartoony semi-cute art style.
  • Traps are a minute threat, especially late game.
  • Certain things can persist between runs allowing for a slightly better character each time.
  • Relatively slower paced but hugely more stategic. There is no run-n-gun strategy.
  • Pickups allow for slightly to moderately better characters. Additionally, there is a leveling system that offers you a choice of two "upgrades" neither usually being too powerful.
  • Several mechanics to keep track of. Enemies are tricky to deal with even after practice. More mechanics with the character as well, including a rolling "dodge".
  • Point-based health system, with varying damage from different sources.
  • Darker Tim Burton-esque art style, making the game feel dark, empty, and abandoned.
  • Traps are an ever-present threat, and just as deadly as the enemies.
In conclusion, The Binding of Isaac and Our Darker Purpose are both great rougue-like twinsticks, however, they are pitched very differently. The Binding of Isaac is made to make you feel powerful, yet fragile, while Our Darker Purpose makes you feel weak and alone, trying to survive, while also being relatively sturdy.
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