O melhor amigo de Quico, Monster, é um enorme animal de dentes aguçados mas isso não impede que Quico brinque com ele. Dito isto, Monster tem um problema bastante perigoso: é viciado em sapos venenosos. Mal vê um a saltar por perto, apanha-o de imediato e entra num violento acesso de fúria causado pelo sapo durante o qual ninguém, nem...
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Data de lançamento: 18 Abr, 2013

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"What begins as a puzzle platformer, and very much has its up and downs, becomes a series of brilliantly, beautifully, devastatingly evocative moments."
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12 Junho

Regarding Papo & Yo for Mac and Linux

Dear Steam Community,

Since the release of Papo & Yo on Playstation 3, back in 2012, we've often found ourselves coming back to it to draw inspiration for other games like Spirits of Spring (released on iOS in 2014), and another one quietly waiting in our backlog, Cali (planned for VR devices).

Papo was our first game, the one whose creative process helped cement us as a team. And so it's been our pleasure to port it to PC, and subsequently, to Mac and Linux to take more gamers on a journey to Quico's colorful favela.

Since then, part of those communities have been able to enjoy our game by purchasing it on the Humble Store, but it hasn't yet come to Steam for Mac and PC. We're very sorry for that. Papo means a lot to us and it feels great to see how much it means to you.

Right now, we're hard at work on a new game called Time Machine VR, developed from the ground up for virtual reality devices. We like to sum it up as a time travel dinosaur safari. Yeah, it's a mouthful, we're still working on that description. You can find out more on Time Machine VR at: http://www.weareminority.com/time-machine/

In the midst of this new adventure, we haven't forgotten about the Mac and Linux community on Steam. Although we don't have a precise time line as to when we'll get down to it, rest assured that you WILL enjoy Papo for Mac and Linux on Steam.

Thank you for your dedication!

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“… one of the best games to come out this year.”

“One of the top ten games of 2012”

4.5/5 -TIME Magazine

“Papo & Yo, a lyrical tale of a boy and a monster, has set a new and altogether different standard in gaming for representing the world as it is.”
New York Times

Acerca deste jogo

O melhor amigo de Quico, Monster, é um enorme animal de dentes aguçados mas isso não impede que Quico brinque com ele. Dito isto, Monster tem um problema bastante perigoso: é viciado em sapos venenosos. Mal vê um a saltar por perto, apanha-o de imediato e entra num violento acesso de fúria causado pelo sapo durante o qual ninguém, nem mesmo o Quico, está a salvo. Mesmo assim, Quico adora o seu Monster e quer salvá-lo.
Na pele de Quico, os jogadores desenvolvem a amizade com Monster resolvendo puzzles em conjunto e partindo em aventura através de um mundo mágico e surreal. Os jogadores terão de aprender a usar em seu proveito as emoções de Monster, tanto as boas como as más, se quiserem chegar ao fim da sua demanda e encontrar uma cura para o assustador amigo!

Principais Características

  • Relacionamentos reais – Através de uma combinação única de jogo e narração interactiva, os jogadores exploram as complexas relações entre Quico, Monster, Lula e Alejandra
  • Mundo Mágico – Uma bela favela sul-americana baseada num realismo fantástico e que destaca obras de famosos artistas do graffiti
  • Cativante Banda Sonora Original – Uma criação plena de alma criada do zero pelo compositor de origem venezuelana Brian D’Oliveira e La Hacienda Creative
  • Puzzle baseado no Ambiente – Explora e interage com um mundo repleto de intrigantes surpresas para avançares na tua jornada
  • História Pessoal – inspirada na difícil infância do Director Criativo Vander Caballero

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS:Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor:2.2 GHz dual core or better
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce 6800GT, ATI Radeon X1800 or better
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
    • Sound:Windows compatible sound card
    • Additional:Game supports Multi-Monitor
    • OS:Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor:2.8 GHz quad core or better
    • Memory:3 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, ATI Radeon HD 5870 or better
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
    • Sound:Windows compatible sound card
    • Additional:Game supports Multi-Monitor
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Publicada: 12 Fevereiro
Empathy seems to be in short supply lately.

Though it’s now easier than ever to interact with others, between the endless deluge of vitriolic comments, coordinated harassment, seemingly spontaneous violence and the general lack of decency so often show to other human beings, it feels as if we’ve only become more disconnected as our methods of communication advance.

Papo & Yo is the rare game that asks for us to find the ability for greater understanding. Its design is subtle and meaningful, created in an attempt to tell nuanced human story but without the intention of forcing its meaning upon you. It’s an exploration of our capacity to love someone trapped and tormented by their inner demons, and how sometimes the ability to help them is beyond our ability.

Much of Papo & Yo is surreal and impossible, with walking houses and magic chalk lines allowing its themes to come across less overtly. Playing as the young Brazillian, Quico, the world takes on a sort of childlike wonder, delightfully playful and unconcerned with any greater troubles that might exist within it. Running around picking up frogs and reading the crayon drawn insides of cardboard boxes, I was struck by how humbly the game presents itself. It doesn’t attempt more than it knows it’s capable of, but at the same time has something important to say and wants to make sure it says it right.

One of the ways developer Minority Media achieves this, is how it presents its other main character, Monster. It’s a giant horned creature, but what’s important about it is it’s never framed as the antagonist. When you first meet Monster he’s just a big sleepy companion, who runs around with its tongue hanging out as you lead it around with the help of a mellon. These early moments help to develop the bond between Quico and Monster, as they help each other through levels and Quico shows a very clear fondness for his hulking friend.

Monster’s love of poisonous frogs however, turns him into something to fear. As he ravishly gobbles them up, his actions become violent and his appearance demonic. What was once your friend becomes an unstable brute, and in this feeling of helpless terror Papo & Yo strives to give you a glimpse at the horror of being a child surrounded by abuse. I wanted to help Monster, but any attempt to do so only lead to him taking out his aggression on me. It made me feel small and powerless to do anything but flee, and distressed that there seemed no solution to Monster’s addiction.

Papo & Yo might not be the most polished game, and its puzzle design is rife with unnecessary backtracking and tedious solutions, but it’s overshadowed by what the game represents and is trying to convey to the player. With much of the narrative being autobiographical, it makes it all the more raw and haunting to watch Quico and Monster be torn apart from each other. It’s a complicated story told with uncomplicated methods, deriving empathy through gameplay more than dialogue. From the start of the game, Minority Media seem prepared to not overly simplify the story they want to tell or to take the reassuring route with a clean cut happy ending. I’m finding it hard to completely reconcile my feelings over how everything wrapped up, but if nothing else I feel I comprehend at least a little more what those going through the sort of experiences displayed here are feeling. And that’s something we could all stand to do more often.

You can read more of my writing on Kritiqal.
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Publicada: 11 Abril
I really liked this game. The music and visuals were pretty good with a unique setting. The game is very story focused although the story is never told in direct terms. It becomes obvious as events in the game reveal it. I think for people who enjoy games with a story to them the presentation here is something to appreciate.

The story really resonated with me personally but I will refrain from saying why to avoid any spoilers. You may find that it does with you as well but even if not it is still just as worthy of your time.

As for the gameplay itself, it is simple puzzling and platforming and I do mean simple. Anyone good at those sorts of games may be critical of this one on that account but I hope not. The gameplay is just a vehicle to deliver the story really more than anything else. It's very casual but I liked that personally as someone who does not generally get into puzzlers or platformers much at all. If you shy away from those sorts of games don't let the mention of that here scare you off. It is so easy I can do it which means anybody can. Furthermore, there is a built in easily accessible hint system that will guide you along so you cannot fail if you find yourself puzzled about how to advance. Now, I did not need this of course but I just wanted to let you know it is there and makes what you need to do crystal clear.

I played the Mac version on OS X 10.10.2 with no problems at all. It ran just fine on my late-2013 27" iMac.
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Publicada: 7 Abril

Pretty good game. Here are a list of pros and cons.

1. Nice graphics
2. Decent level designs
3. The story is what really kept me going
4. Very good ending
5. Simple, straightforward controls

1. Some puzzles were unneccesarily frustrating
2. Some puzzles felt useless and recycled

Overall, fun puzzle game with exceptional story/idea behind it.
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Publicada: 5 Maio
A beautiful and heart-wrenching game entrenched in metaphor. This game left me shocked, silent and with a lot of thoughts to process. Our story opens with Quico, a young boy living in a Brazillin favela with his abusive alcoholic father. Retreating into his imagination, we follow his adventures through a surreal landscape as he interacts with his friend Monster as his means of coping with the real world. Beautifully written and and powerfully executed, more than once I felt on the brink of being physically ill at many of the implications and how they related to Quico's life.

In terms of gameplay, it's a fairly standard puzzle-platformer. As you travel through the favela you'll be pulling levers, hitting buttons, manipulating the landscape in surreal ways, and either coaxing Monster to aid you, or running from him. The puzzles are fairly simple and never frustrating, nor do they ever interfere with the game's atmosphere. In terms of music, the atmosphere is only boosted by a gorgeous soundtrack (which you can purchase along with the game). The game's only downfall is how short it is, as it can be completed in less than a day.

This is truly a masterpiece and a work of art. If you're a fan of heavily story-driven games, I highly recommend Papo & Yo.
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Publicada: 5 Junho
I cried playing this

It was a truly immersive experience. The puzzles interacted with the environment beautifully, the protaganist is very easy to relate to, and the story telling was well done. This game can definitly change a person for the better.

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