Sequence combina elementos de juegos de ritmo y juegos de rol para crear una experiencia totalmente única.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 20 de Oct, 2011

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"Rhythm games meet RPGs with an excellent soundtrack and challenging difficulty at the higher levels."
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“... Sequence es uno de los apenas cuatro o cinco juegos a los que he jugado jamás que están a la altura de su potencial de manera tan absoluta y con tan poco margen para la mejora.”
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Acerca de este juego

Sequence combina elementos tanto de juegos de rol como de juegos musicales rítmicos para crear una experiencia completamente única. Únete a Ky en su ascenso de la misteriosa Torre, guiado en su camino por una misteriosa chica llamada Naia. Encuentra monstruos mortales y personajes ridículos, y descubre la gran trama tras el misterioso aprisionamiento de Ky... si sobrevives al viaje, claro.

Características Principales:

  • Modo historia de más de 10 horas con diálogos completamente grabados con voz
  • Con música de Ronald Jenkees y Michael Wade Hamilton
  • Complejas mecánicas de síntesis de objetos y personalización de hechizos que proveen una experiencia de juego de rol completa
  • Total integración con logros de Steam y partidas guardadas en la nube

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Procesador: Dual Core a 1.7 GHz o superior
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 250 MB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Gráfica con 512 MB de VRAM y compatible con DirectX 9.0c y Shader Model 3
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
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El joven Ky es encerrado en una misteriosa torre, monitorizada por unos desconocidos, para hacerle pasar ciertas pruebas en las que deberá enfrentarse a diversos guardianes en cada uno de los siete pisos.

Éste es guiado por una misteriosa chica llamada Naia, a través de altavoces, situados en cada piso, la cual irás conociendo poco a poco con unos diálogos muy divertidos.

En el sistema de batalla deberás ir alternando tres pantallas: Defensa, Ataque y Recuperación de Maná. Deberás seguir el ritmo para ir recuperando maná e ir atacando con tus diversas habilidades y derrotar a los enemigos mientras te defiendes de sus golpes.

También contamos con un sistema de forja de objetos en el que usaremos nuestra propia experiencia para crear nuevas mágias, armas, accesorios...

Lo que más me ha llegado a atraer de este juego, ha sido la gran banda sonora. (¡¡Ronald Jenkees es un genio!!) Todas las canciones se te acaban quedando en la cabeza, ¡ya que debes repetir 'esas' canciones para conseguir ese dichoso objeto que no ha caído a la primera para continuar avanzando!

Como bien he mencionado anteriormente con Naia, las conversaciones son muy divertidas. Los guardianes de cada uno de los siete pisos son muy peculiares, con maneras distintas de expresarse contigo. La verdad es que me han hecho sacar más de una carcajada al aire, son tan... 'especiales'.

Si te apetece bailar tus dedos al son de la música para acabar con esta dichosa torre, Sequence es una muy buena elección.
Publicado: 29 de Agosto
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I've been buying a lot of bundles recently, I picked up ~20 in July, and Sequence has been one of my favorite pulls thus far.

*NOTE: This review will be fairly biased, as I enjoy dj-ing/mixing electronic dance music.

If you like rhythm games like Tap Tap Revolution, music - in particular the electronic dance music genre, grinding, and crafting, then you will really enjoy this game. Ronald Jenkees does a lot of the music for the game, and if you like his style then you will love the music found here.

The aesthetics of the game are nice - the artstyle for the characters and backgrounds are well-detailed. The music is very, very good, however, if you do not like the electronic genre, then you may get tired of hearing the music, and this is critical because it is the core of the gameplay and (so far) the variety is not too expansive. You will also grind quite a bit, so you will be hearing the same tracks repeatedly.

The story is decent, nothing too fancy. The voice acting is not bad, and the comedic banter between the main characters is funny at times. There is also some teasing of common RPG elements, which I always find very nice when not overdone.

The controls are easy to familiarize yourself with - you use the WASD keyes and/or the arrow keys in combination with the numbers (spell hotkeys) and Q and E. The tutorial is skip-able but extremely important for understanding the mechanics of the game. The learning curve is moderate to difficult - especially if you are not used to playing rhythm games. I am pretty good at beatmatching by ear, so I tried the 2nd hardest difficulty and had to tone it down a level - my finger dexterity on the keys are still rusty; however, I plan to do a playthrough on the hardest difficulty once I beat the game.

Gameplay is very, very fun if you are interested in the rhythm genre. You have three windows, Defence, Spells, and Mana. Arrow kills will fall in the Defence and Mana windows, and you can swap your active window with the Q and E skills (left and right respectively). If you fail to press an arrow key in the Defence window, you lose health depending on the type of arrow (basic white color = -1 HP, and so forth). If you fail to press an arrow key in the Mana window, there is no effect.

Arrows will only fall in the Spells window when you activate one of your spells with the number hotkeys, however, you must also have enough mana to cast the spell. Failing to press even a single arrow key in the Spells window will cause you to fail in casting it and you will not be refunded your mana. Spells are the way you damage your opponent, and you can also heal yourself. I believe you can only have 4 active spells at a time (you start with 2 slots and unlock more as you progress through the tower).

Between battles, you can craft and equip different items. There are 7 floors in the tower you wake up in, and you are given new crafting recipes as you reach new floors. One item will always give a permanent bonus (ex: +1 to offence), and others can be new spells, armor, or weapons. You can also scrap your items for experience points. When you craft, you have to pay exp. to increase the chance of success (you can even pay lose levels if you want to pay that much exp); if you fail, you are not refunded the exp.

Levelling up is done automatically, you do not have to allocate skill points.

As you progress through the game, monsters will have a unique "guardian ability" for each floor - for example, on the 2nd floor enemies (once per battle) can activate an ability that makes the falling arrow keys fade to invisibility as they reach the lower quarter of your window. Listening to the beat of the music really, really helps because the keystrokes tend to match the beat very well. With enough practice, you can even swap windows freely and continue pressing arrow keys to the beat. There is a craftable item for each floor that allows you to ignore guardian effects (except when you fight the bosses).

Boss battles are fun and the character's are pretty funny. Each boss will use their guardian effect more frequently, and you cannot negate it with the inhibition item.

If you are interested in rhythm games, definitely pick up this fantastic game.

Highly recommend!

Publicado: 2 de Agosto
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Sequence is an amazing music driven game with phenomenal dialogue lines and voice acting, the storyline is also very compelling. Totally worth the full price, I strongly recommend this game for everyone!
Publicado: 9 de Junio
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8.5/10. Pick it up if you aren't tone deaf or rhythmically challenged.
Publicado: 27 de Abril
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At first glance, this game is a unique rhythm and battle game. I would enjoy this IMMENSELY more if there were multiplayer. Fighting against stale AI is pretty dull, but I like it for what it is.

The dialog is full of excruciatingly bad deliveries of unwitty jokes and poor "insightful" satirical sarcasm that belittles people's intelligence in an almost superfluously verbose manner (as if they are talking to a child). I don't need the explanations of these poor attempts at "correcting" whoever they are trying to correct and I am sure most people didn't eg., when they say the word "Mana" and say it is pronounced "Mah-na", It came off so pretentious and belittling. It would just be so much better if they didn't have this unnecessary dialog for the tutorial, people want to get straight to the gameplay and see if they like it before wasting an hour of dialog! I know how "Mana" is pronounced, I am sure most avid gamers are familiar with it and even MTG players. BUT the MAIN character, I guess because of the personality he was given? He speaks FOR me. He called Naia annoying, dear god is she annoying! The voice actor who did her, I don't know if it was a girlfriend of one of the developers or something, but she has that valley girl voice that makes me want to rip my hair out every time I hear her vocal fry. She stutters here and there and fails to convey her credibility as a "guardian" in the game. Despite her lines and voice acting being terrible, the main character proves a redeeming glimmer of hope of tolerance.

Being there were some sound issues already, I expect way more and some of the sfx are not mixed into the overall game volume very well.

The music, thus far, is pretty bland. It would be better if they were all original tracks catered to the players and developers.

I recommend the game if you can catch it on sale or in a bundle or if you have a 10-16 year old sis/bro, otherwise I'd say to go find a different rhythm game. If multiplayer comes to be in this concept, then it's on!
Publicado: 17 de Agosto
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Original RPG con las que probablemente sean las mas bizarras descripciones de objetos de inventario dentro de los RPGs ya bizarros de por si; ejemplo:

ITEM: Polish Remover
Publicado: 27 de Marzo
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