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Battle your way through a twisted graffiti world where your prowess in puzzle solving makes the difference between life & death!
Utgivningsdatum: 15 Nov 2011
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Kämpa dig igenom en snedvriden grafittivärld där din skicklighet i pussellösning gör skillnaden mellan liv och död! Hoppa in i en av de mest unika och visuellt lockande 3D-spelvärldarna som skapats. Följ med i Nox's snurriga resa genom ett kvickt 2D-äventyr som utspelar sig i en 3D-värld. Lås upp nya förmågor för att besegra fiender och rädda vänner. Var försiktig i Sideway™ New York, nu är du i en värld där din favoritfärg kan ta kål på dig!


  • Upplev en äventyrsplattformare som du aldrig sett förrut!
  • Bemästra utmaningarna när det gäller att ändra kameravinklar, gravitation och rörelser mellan 2D och 3D-världar!
  • Samla upplåsbara förmågor som låter dig STEGRA, GLIDA, HOPPA och SKJUTA dig igenom dina fiender.
  • Stödjer full drop-in/drop-out lokal co-op
  • Slåss i bisarra boss-strider, t.o.m mot en saditstisk rosa kanin som kräks sadistiska rosa mini-kaniner...ja, det har vi.
  • Kolla in det svängiga ljudspåret av Mr. Lif.


    • Operativsystem: WinXP SP3 (endast 32-bit), Vista SP2, 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz eller bättre
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM
    • Hårddiskutrymme: 2GB
    • Grafikkort: 256 MB grafikminne med stöd för Shader 3.0; ATI Radeon X850XT / NVIDEA GeForce 7600GT
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c eller bättre
    • Ljud: 100% DirektX 9.0c-kompatibel ljudenhet
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When I first saw this game on steam, I was instantly drawn to it.

Sideway New is a side-scrolling platform game with inspiration from FEZ. The artwork is great, fit the game very well to make an enjoyable atmosphere. The game is filled with light humour, but for the most part, are unnoticeable. The game has a variety of enemies, traps, and skills to keep you on your toes.

The game is short. There are some noticeable problems that would frustrate you, but if you do get the game working, it is an enjoyable game. If I recall, the game does not like multi-monitor setup, so you will have to disable all other monitors to play the game. Unfortunately, if that does not fix your problem, I can not remember what was the other procedure I had to do to get the game working.

Is the game worth it? That depends on whether or not you can get the game working.
Upplagd: 1 December 2013
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Everything is solid. The platforming, the artstyle, the music, it all works. Except that there's no reason to play it. Unfortunately it is bland. It does nothing other games before it haven't accomplished better, and there is way too much 'same-y' levels going on. To the games plus there is coop and a decent amount of levels, but when there are games like Rayman Legends and New Super Mario Bros U out there, why would you go with the low budget action flick?
Upplagd: 9 December 2013
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Very Interesting Game... Quite Fun!
Upplagd: 29 Januari 2014
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I like the style of it, and it does some things sort of well, but they're almost all things that have been done before, and they're not done well enough to really be interesting. The mechanic of playing a 2D game on the sides of 3D buildings so you can wrap around and end up sideways in a previous section is kind of a neat idea, but it mostly ends up being problematic because it frequently makes it non-obvious how different sections are connected. The game also doesn't entirely feel smooth on what should be waaaay more than enough hardware to run it (i5 2500K@4.5GHz, 660 Ti, SSD, 1920x1200), even though FRAPS says it's sticking around 30fps with v-sync. It's not bad, but it's not that great either, which is kind of disappointing after they made Madballs in Babo Invasion, which was probably the only legitimate excuse to use the term "amazeballs" (See, because it was amazing, and it was about balls...get it? I'll get my coat...).
Upplagd: 27 Januari 2014
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Everything is nice in this game, and the 2D-sliding-on-the-walls gameplay in a 3D environment is quite smart but... it's boring. It lacks the right feelings.

Probably the most uninspired level design ever.
Upplagd: 9 Februari 2014
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