La aclamada franquicia de Prince Of Persia regresa por primera vez para las consolas de nueva generación y nos trae un viaje épico y completamente nuevo. Emerge un nuevo héroe – domina las acrobacias, la estrategia y las tácticas de combate del más ágil guerrero de todos los tiempos.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 10 de Dic, 2008

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Acerca de este juego

La aclamada franquicia de Prince Of Persia regresa por primera vez para las consolas de nueva generación y nos trae un viaje épico y completamente nuevo.

Emerge un nuevo héroe – domina las acrobacias, la estrategia y las tácticas de combate del más ágil guerrero de todos los tiempos. Cuélgate del borde de edificios, realiza acrobacias aéreas perfectamente medidas y deslízate a través de cañones, edificios y prácticamente cualquier cosa que esté a tu alcance. Este nuevo guerrero deberá utilizar todas sus nuevas habilidades a lo largo de un sistema de combate totalmente nuevo para lograr combatir con éxito a los tenientes corruptos de Ahriman y así poder curar la tierra de la oscura corrupción y restaurar la luz.

Comienza una nueva y épica aventura – escápate para poder experimentar un nuevo y fantástico mundo de la antigua Persia. Historia y elementos ambientales perfeccionados que ofrecen una experiencia de aventura y acción que bien podría competir con las mejores películas de Hollywood.

Nueva estructura de mundo abierto – por primera vez en la historia de la franquicia de Prince Of Persia, tendrás la oportunidad de determinar la forma en que evoluciona el juego en una aventura no-lineal. El jugador decidirá cómo se desarrolla la historia al escoger su camino en este mundo abierto.

Surge una nueva aliada – la aliada más grande de la historia se revela en forma de Elika, una compañera con IA dinámica que se le une al Príncipe en su lucha para salvar al mundo. Dotada de poderes mágicos, Elika interactúa en el combate, la acrobacia y la resolución de rompecabezas dentro del juego; permitiendo así al Príncipe alcanzar nuevas alturas de artística y mortal acrobacia a través de movimientos acrobáticos a dúo y devastadores combos de ataque.

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistema operativo: Windows XP/Windows Vista (únicamente)
    • Procesador: procesador Intel Pentium D Dual Core a 2,6 GHz Intel Pentium D o AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 o superior (se recomienda Intel Core 2 Duo a 2,2 GHz o AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400 o superior)
    • Memoria: 1 GB para Windows XP/2 GB para Windows Vista
    • Tarjeta gráfica: 256 MB compatible con DirectX 10.0 o DirectX 9.0 y Shader Model 3.0 o superior (ver lista de tarjetas compatibles)*
    • Versión de DirectX: DirectX 9.0 o 10.0
    • Disco duro: 9 GB
    • Tarjeta de sonido: compatible con DirectX 9.0 o 10.0 (se recomienda 5.1)
    • Controles: teclado, ratón, o mando opcional compatible con Windows (se recomienda el mando Xbox 360 para Windows)

    *Tarjetas gráficas compatibles en el momento del lanzamiento:
    ATI RADEON series X1600*/1650*-1950/HD 20004000
    NVIDIA GeForce series 6800*/7/8/9/GTX 260280
    *Sólo compatible con PCI Express

    Las versiones para portátil de estas tarjetas pueden funcionar pero NO se consideran compatibles. Estos conjuntos de chips son los únicos que permiten ejecutar este juego. Puede consultar la lista de requisitos mínimos más actualizada en la página de FAQ de este juego o en nuestra Web:

    Para audio Dolby Digital se requiere NVIDIA nForce u otras placas base/tarjetas de sonido que contengan el Codificador de Contenidos Interactivo de Dolby Digital.

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Buen juego, mezcla la jugabilidad del clásico original con la movilidad de las nuevas versiones
Publicado: 7 de Junio
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Aburridisimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hacia mucho que un juego no me aburria tanto. Hay alternativas muchisimas mejores. Lo jugue solo media hora... tal vez despues mejore algo.... pero no tenia ganas de seguir sufriendo
Publicado: 14 de Julio
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Nathan Drake is back again in his newest game. Join The Penguin as he saves the world from a constantly spreading corruption. The Bosses' journey will be pretty easy though, since he can't really die or be hindered in any real way. Still, sometimes Vashyron just wants to take in the sights, you know? Raph is (not) suprisingly really slow-feeling in a fight though. The ending is suprisingly bad, despite Captain Walker ending up regretting what he's done. The bottom line is That Guy From Shadow Complex will deliver you through some entertaining platforming and pretty environments and I guess that's all I really need.
Publicado: 4 de Mayo
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As this review was reasonably current at the time it assumes you know one major thing new to this game in the franchise: you cannot die. Should you fall or lose a combat, your companion Elika will save you. In combat this resets the health of the enemy.

I thought this would be a platformer, but it plays more like an extended quick-time event. I didn't find it took much platforming skill (I'd know if it did, I suck at them) so it was actually rather interesting stringing all those moves together. Not entirely satisfying, just more interesting.

The music seemed sparse. I see that there appears to be quite a bit of it, but it sure didn't seem that way and there was a lot of silence. I don't think it made full use of its score. I found sound balance to be an issue in general, with far too many things drowning out dialogue and even towards the end of the game I was fiddling with volume levels.

The death mechanic worked. Mostly. Where it didn't work was in allowing me to keep light seeds I gathered when I died, removing all punishment from death and making it easier than quick loading would. All in all it kept the flow of the game, which was broken less by death and more by the odd decision to have the prince pause to catch Elika on the ivy.

The majority of the game was collecting light seeds. If you only collected the precise number to open the pads you were missing a large chunk of the game. This is why it was such a kicker that there is absolutely zero reward for collecting all of them, beyond a sense of a achievement. Hunting them down was actually oddly satisfying, especially the odd tricky one which got you to think for a bit, but couldn't we get so much as a line of dialogue as a pat on the back for 100%? Considering how vital they were supposed to be to Elika this struck me as another failure in the world building.

On that front though, the view was gorgeous. Being able to stand in one land and see all the nearby lands was absolutely outstanding. The immense scale of some of it, seeing the restored clashing with the corruption; made for one hell of a sight.

The fighting system was a bit pants to be honest. You have a huge number of combos, but they're almost entirely irrelevant. You either fight an enemy with their back to the edge (push them to their death) or you fight them with your back to the edge (they can't be pushed off you need room for a combo). In the latter case you memorise the longest combo possible and then unleash it, I think mine was Elika - Elika - Gauntlet - Elika - Sword - Elika - Jump - Elika - Sword. I suspect you could go longer but since I almost never had enough space to unleash the full combo it didn't seem worth my time to find out.

The real problem is that you don't seem to have any real options in combat. The quick-time events often don't punish you for failing them and don't always reward you for passing them leaving you with the question of what they were for. Sometimes I'd deliberately let the enemy hit me just to get them out of the near invincible "Smack you back and Elika down" mode so I could fire off my combo again. For a game which was all about flow in the platforming there was none of this in the combat. And yes, Elika was painfully fussy about distance.

My next biggest complaint is the open world. I like that I could do things in the order I want, but the sacrifice was too great. The story is not the saving the world story it first appears to be but rather it's about two characters with one goal but completely different motivations. One is led by her faith in her god and redemption for the acts of her father, while the other is being strung along by his ♥♥♥♥ at first and then more emotionally intimate feelings later on. The problem is that this requires character development, development which the open world precludes from happening (along with any semblance of a difficulty curve) because every zone can be done at any time and so the dialogue maintains a pretty consistent tone throughout, you never feel that the relationship moves anywhere beyond the initial leap from chasing the girl to saving your first land. This was such an integral part of the game I can't believe it wasn't handled better, the chats upon cleansing a zone should have either been unrelated to the zone, or formed of two parts, one for the zone/opponent and one for the stage of the relationship you have reached so that you see a natural development across the course of the game.

The writing doesn't help, the characters are far too modern in the way they speak to each other, both in their choice of words and in their voicing. Maybe modern isn't the word, but it really felt off for the entire game. The writing problem extends to the enemies as well.

The characters talk about the Concubine for example driving a wedge between them, yet I didn't feel that at all. The best moment was with the Warrior where both characters interpret the events according to their biases and the writer never spells out which is correct.

This is a shame because the ending is so good, so very very good, that I wish there'd been a better build up. The characters are key to your enjoyment of the game and a better writer, or just better development spread over the course of the game, would have pushed this from good fun on a budget into superb territory.

Overall, it wasn't a hugely challenging game and it certainly had its problems, but nor does it overstay its welcome and it's one of a growing number of "buddy adventure" games and that always wins a game points with me. I wouldn't have thought it worthwhile at full price, but in a sale it's worth checking out just to experience the journey if not the tightest mechanics ever seen in gaming. You will also get one of the best endings gaming has to offer.
Publicado: 5 de Agosto
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Even know its vastly different from the PoP trilogy (WHERES MY TIME TRAVEL AND MY SMARTASS PRINCE?!), I still enjoyed it for what it is: A cool cel-shaded game with parkour, a collect-a-thon, semi open world, and one on one shuffle fights of doom. The battles are more or less repetetive, but it usually feels awesome to just execute overly dramatic sword slashes and finish enemies.

...Until I hit the ending, then I just slightly facepalmed at the cliche dramatic plot twist of an ending.

A HERPA DERPA, LETS KILL (X) THROUGH (Y), THEN KILL (Z), AND HAVE (E) BE SACRIFIED TO ONLY REVIVE (Z) AND ALL HIS SHENANIGAN FRIENDS ((X) AND (Y)). And then I silently said to myself "Bugger off you wacky cel-shaded spinoff! This is just simply a nightmare the real PoP is having because Warrior Within's glitches and/or extensive time travel gave him a stroke.

But aside from the (herpa derpa), its a pretty cool, decent experience with pretty awesome environments, although semi-linear.
Publicado: 16 de Octubre
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Lo compre, lo baje, y lo instale, 16 hs depues, durante el fin de semana lo gane y la verdad, es un muy buen juego, Gameplay sólido, la pareja del principe y la princesa esta muy bien realizada, se siente que estan vivos. Me enganche, y no muchos juegos logran eso, la verdad lo recomiendo.
Publicado: 25 de Diciembre, 2012
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