A unique adventure, a stunning scenario to discover in one season!
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Veröffentlichung: 29. Okt. 2010

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Hinweis: Winter Voices’ Episoden sind nicht alleine spielbar. Jede Episode muss in Reihenfolge gespielt werden.

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Enthält 7 Artikel: Winter Voices, Winter Voices Episode 1: Those who have no name, Winter Voices Episode 2: Nowhere of me, Winter Voices Episode 3: Like a Crow on a Wire, Winter Voices Episode 4: Amethyst Rivers, Winter Voices Episode 5: Overflow, Winter Voices Episode 6: Falls


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"A slow paced, thoughtful RPG which is recommended for fans of narative-based choice and consequence gaming."

Über dieses Spiel

Ein einzigartiges Abenteuer, ein atemberaubendes Szenario, aufdeckbar in einer Saison!
Winter Voices ist ein von der Erzählung angetriebenes Episoden-Rollenspiel, welches in einer imaginären und zeitlosen Welt am Anfang der industriellen Revolution spielt. Der Spieler übernimmt die Kontrolle über die 24 Jahre alte Heldin, die momentan mit dem Tod ihres Vaters zu kämpfen hat. Sie muss durch das Herz des Winters reisen und sich ihren schlimmsten Feinden entgegenstellen - ihre eigenen Dämonen.
Die erste Saison der Winter Voices-Serie umfasst sieben herunterladbare Episoden, die immer mehr über das Schicksal der Heldin preisgeben.
Winter Voices kombiniert "Point und Click"-Echtzeit mit stark defensiven Kämpfen in Rundenstrategie. Indem das Spiel Dialog und Weltentdeckung mit Kämpfen abwechselt, werden Spieler einen rundenbasierten psychischen Krieg miterleben.

Besondere Eigenschaften:

  • Kreative Erzählweise für Erwachsene, die Reise in das menschliche Bewusstsein und das Eintauchen in eine wachrüttelnde und ruhige Rollenspielerfahrung
  • Anspruchsvoll und Gedanken-Kämpfe: der Spieler nutzt “Verteidung der Verstands” Mechaniken, wird von Erinnerungen überschüttet und kämpft gegen seine eigenen Dämonen, Ängste, Stimmen der Illusion, Schuld, Wahnsinn...
  • Taktisch ... mit einem kleinen Unterschied: rundenbasierte Kämpfe sind defensiv
  • Eine wunderliche und ungewöhnliche Welt: Eine imaginäre und zeitlose Welt am Anfang der industrielle Revolution
  • Dynamischer Soundtrack: Zusätzlich zu der Musik bei der Selbsterkennung wird der Spieler von Melodien, die ihn jagen, geführt, wodurch eine düstere, faszinierende Stimmung erzeugt wird, die zur kalten Reise des Hauptcharakters und dessen seltsamer Vergangenheit passt

Winter Voices Prolog: Avalanche

Ein Drama findet in einem kleinen Dorf statt, das von Schnee bedeckt ist, verloren in den Tiefen eine Three-River Principality Valleys. Ein plötzlicher Tod, eine jetzt feindliche Heimat, neue sensorische Fähigkeiten, die wie ein Sturm auftauchen und eine Abreise ins Ungewisse, das einzige Mittel dem Tod zu entkommen ist jetzt die Flucht ... Die Heldin, plötzlich Waise, muss das Dorf ihres Vaters verlassen, wegen der Stimmen in ihrem Unterbewusstsein. Die lange Suche nach Antworten wird Sie durch viele Ereignisse führen, in denen Sie Wut, Trauer, Schmerz und Angst überwinden müssen um endlich zu enthüllen, was die Stimmen des Winters flüstern.


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Prozessor: Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3000 +
    • Speicher: 1 GB (2 GB für Vista)
    • Grafik: 128 MB, 1280x720
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Festplatte: 500 MB
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c
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Verfasst: 12. Juni
Truly unique turn-based RPG that doesn't quite reach the potential brilliance of its central conceit, but has enough that's great about it to be worth playing. You are a girl in a fantasy kingdom trying to piece together your history while overcoming the trauma of your father's death. All of the upgrades and skills are associated with different psychological ways of dealing with grief and all battles are psychic manifestations of said grief.

That's the brilliant part. Unfortunately, the writing doesn't always match the game's central, great idea. It can be vague, meandering, and unbearably pretentious in a super self serious freshman creative writing sort of way, especially at the start, but the plot does pick up significantly around episode 3 (and there's even humor at times, or attempts at it, anyway). I suspect that the game suffers from a rather poor English localization, which might make the writing seem more stilted and awkward than it is in French (it tends toward the poetic at times, and poetry, like humor, is notoriously difficult to translate, so if you speak French it's probably best to play it in its native tongue). Once you get acclimated to the stilted language and glacial pacing, however, the story itself is quite interesting in its own small scale and internal way. This isn't an epic quest about a chosen one trying to save the world. Just a girl trying to learn about her family while fighting for her own sanity.

The battles themselves are fairly well done. They tend to be rather puzzle like, in that you often have to think about how to use specific skills to accomplish specific goals, rather than just being about pure combat. Likewise, while they start out fairly simple in the first couple episodes, they can get fiendishly difficult as the game progresses. This is one game where I highly, highly, recommend hording skill points from level to level and only spending them as you come up against battles that you find unbeatable. Because the game's skill and stat system is so unique, it will take a bit of trial and error for even experienced RPG players to figure out how things work. Especially when playing a Max memory Volva character (this game's equivalent of "hard"), just picking a skill tree and investing in it could very well leave you unable to beat the game at some point.

The game did suffer from some huge bugs on release, hence the terrible metacritic reviews, but most of those have been squashed and the developer is very active on the forums to this day and responsive to issues (I found a fix to one bug myself and the dev sent it out as a patch within 24 hours, which was kind of cool).

Overall, this is a unique, challenging, turn based RPG that deserves to overcome its terrible launch and become a cult classic.
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21.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 5. Juni
Silent violence of the mind,
Dancing on a palet of
Whitewashed watercolor

Leave because of the
Awkward and
Sometimes frustrating

Be lost in translations.

Also, don't try to go to the desktop,
Or you won't be able to get back to the game.

But return
For the memory
Of the atmosphere.

Restay as it all develops
Around you
Into a story rarely seen
In the world
Of games.
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5.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 5. Juli
You start as a 24 years old woman who lives in small village and looses her father. Everything is suffocating her in her hometown, so she decides to travel to a distant city where her father used to live.

It has a unique graphic presentation, nice soundtrack and interesting theme however gameplay and some design choices are trying really hard to repel any person willing to give this game a chance.

The protagonist struggles with a depression after her parent's death and this is quite visual as her fears take on physical form and throw you into the battle. Why would you need to fight a dragon while you have your inner horrors to fight? Battles are turn-based and usually require some planning.
You also improve by leveling when you access skill tree in a form of snowflake and pick an ability which manifests how the character decides to deal with the reality (tough up - persistence +, cling to friends - heal allies, etc.). I like the whole idea quite well.

On the other hand, the game fails to explain gameplay mechanism. Sometimes you find yourself surrounded by enemies, the text hints some a mechanism is being introduced and then you have to figure out what it is.
It would be fine but combine it with slow pace (mostly thanks to slow movement of everything on screen) and the will to experiment leaves you.

It brings me to another flaw in the game and that is general slowness. Controls are responsive but moving across mere 3 screens (1 screen = a short path next to a 1 bedroom house) can take up to a minute.

There is also nothing to explore. You can either walk around, click on a person you wish to talk with or participate in a battle. No clickable objects which is not a flaw but I think it is good to mention.

I played the prologue and a bit of episode 1 because I decided it is not worth it to keep going. I am not excited enough about the story to spend time mostly watching character crawling around.

This game is certainly not for everybody, try demo to decide for yourself.
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1.2 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 22. Juni
Oh dear no. Unusual for sure but please try a demo or just the prologue before buying, it's really not for everyone.

Pretty sure this is a unique title: a badly-translated French visual novel-♥♥♥-game that uses a sort of RPG-lite mechanic to further a story about grief and trauma and all sorts of mental tribulations: it's certainly an acquired taste. I'm afraid it didn't grab me at all, it's sooo slow and the ball-achingly pretentious 'poetic' writing made me want to throw up.

YMMV however and it's worth a go if very cheap.
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Verfasst: 11. August
Generally speaking, I feel like this game misses the mark. The writing is deeply irritating and pretentious nonsense, which is fine. I'd be happy to suffer through a little irritation if the "game" parts of Winter Voices weren't just as deeply irritating. Simply put, the "combat" is terrible.

Firstly, it would be inaccurate to call this combat. It technically is a tactical RPG combat system, but what you're doing isn't fighting so much as avoiding damage for an arbitrary number of turns (one of the popular "win" conditions is Last 10 Turns) or reaching a certain tile on the tactical grid. When I read about it, it impressed me as a novel way of representing the game's protagonist dealing with nightmares and emotions and such, and it is, but the implementation is clunky and amateurish in the extreme.

The art's very attractive, the setting is intriguing, the UI is effective (as you can tell from the screenshots) and while I personally find the faux-Proustian pretentiousness of the writing insufferable, it's entirely possible that it gets less so in the later episodes, but the combat system drags it all down into the mud of disappointment and unplayability. I feel like this would've worked better as a more traditional story-driven adventure or even visual novel-type experience than trying to cram it into tactical RPG shoes.
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