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A unique adventure, a stunning scenario to discover in one season!
发行日期: 2010年10月29日
注意: Winter Voices’ episodes are not playable as stand alone. Each episode must be played in order.

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包含 7 件物品: Winter Voices, Winter Voices Episode 1: Those who have no name, Winter Voices Episode 2: Nowhere of me, Winter Voices Episode 3: Like a Crow on a Wire, Winter Voices Episode 4: Amethyst Rivers, Winter Voices Episode 5: Overflow, Winter Voices Episode 6: Falls


A unique adventure, a stunning scenario to discover in one season!
Winter Voices is a narrative-driven, episodic, role-playing game set in an imaginary and timeless world at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Players control a 24 year-old heroine as she deals with the death of her father. She must journey through the heart of Winter and battle her worst enemies – her own personal demons.
The first season of the Winter Voices series is comprised of seven downloadable episodes, each unraveling new elements of the character’s tale.
Winter Voices combines “point and click” real-time gaming with strictly defensive turn-based combat. As the game alternates real-time dialog and world exploration with combat, players will experience turn-based psychic warfare.

Key Features:

  • mature and creative narrative, exploring human consciousness and immersing in an evocative and chilling role-playing experience
  • sophisticated and thought provoking gameplay: the player engages in “defense of the mind” mechanics, as the character is overwhelmed by memories and fights against her own inner demons, fears, voices of illusion, guilt, madness...
  • tactical... with a twist: strictly defensive turn-based combat
  • wondrous and unusual world: an imaginary and timeless world at the start of the Industrial Revolution
  • dynamic soundtrack: keeping to the theme of self-discovery, haunting melodies guide the player, setting a dark, intriguing mood to match the character’s cold journey and mysterious past

Winter Voices Prologue: Avalanche

A drama is unfolding in a tiny village buried in snow, lost in the depths of a Three-River Principality valley. A sudden death, a now-hostile home, new sensory capacities rising like a storm and the departure towards the unknown, the only means to escape besides death, has become inevitable...The newly-orphaned heroine is pushed to leave her father’s village by the voices of her unconscious mind. The long journey to find answers will lead you through many events to overcome anger, sadness, pain and fear and finally unveil what is whispered by the voices of Winter.


    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3000 +
    • Memory: 1 Gb (2 Gb for Vista)
    • Graphics: 128 Mb, 1280x720
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 500 Mb
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c
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2.4 小时(记录在案的)

和the banner saga旗帜传说那种紧张的气氛,严峻的形势,快节奏的剧情还有拳拳到肉的战斗完全不同。





个人觉得还行,但准备入的朋友一定要仔细考虑一下,建议去下个破解试试再说。如果拿旗帜传说按照ign的8.6分标准来比较,这游戏大约为6.8分 ,尚可。
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1.1 小时(记录在案的)
Sound Winter is a poetic slow-paced board game .

Banner and the banner saga legends that tense atmosphere , grim situation, there is a fast-paced story Sincere to the meat of the battle completely different.

Winter in the sound you want to slowly explore the surroundings ( walking too slow ) , with the npc dialogue to advance the plot. Dialogue clearly divided patience, complaining, ironically three kinds of style, will have some impact on the growth figures , they did not know whether it will affect the plot .

Most of the fighting are some complementary skills , similar to the open, protection, call or something. Skill tree is very large, you can study a lot of things . It is a goal of most of the fighting , like the escape, the guardian of a person , and so on , most of this is not what the enemy completely destroyed , but the battle is no lack of difficulty , after the kind of thinking to solve the challenges of a happy problem is still there.

Music and style is okay, not very beautiful, but still acceptable.

This game is recommended very hard to say, I think the main factor to consider is whether a smooth read the story, this game is very little domestic introduction estimated Speaking see the. If you read to understand the story , you may be able to find a bit of fun , if you can not understand the whole gameplay will be greatly reduced .

Personally feel okay, but preparing for the friends must consider carefully , it is recommended to try to say the next break . If you take the banner legend according to standard ign 8.6 to compare , this game is about 6.8 , still .
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This is a hard game to recommend. Truth be told, it has a fair share of drawbacks. Even with that in mind, this game possesses amazing naration, a deep, innovative combat/RPG system and a powerful story. It touches some very dark themes, and does so with finesse. The psychological allusions fused with the norse mythology work together to build an unforgetable and deeply affecting experience. My advice - play the demo, and if you are not turned off, go for it.
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A great and mature story combined with an absolutely interesting turn-based combat system make for a great formula of a game.
The drawback? The game has its share of slow moments, especially in the Prologue, and mainly in the engine (Adobe AIR) and the quite large share of issues you'll likely have with it.

But overall, issues aside, it's really fun, and there might also be a Season 2 coming. Be sure to let the developer know in this discussion that we want a proper engine this time around!
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0.8 小时(记录在案的)
The gameplay seems pretty decent (and the battle mechanics particularly interesting), but after thirty minutes or so I've had to set this game aside (at least for the moment) because I simply can't take any more of the purple prose, especially given how often it descends into complete doggerel in what is presumably an attempt to sound "poetic." This isn't even remotely funny-bad, as Bulwer-Lytton contest entries, but simply painful-bad, the hail-like slew of obstreperous adjectives hurtling down in contradictory fashion, each a shard of ice with its own unique, cutting edges inflicting a slightly different shape of wound on my suffering literary sensibility, to combine to envelop me in a veil of unseeing mist, muffling prosaic taste with a bitter aftertaste of a poison blade. (On the other hand, if that sentence doesn't bother you, go right ahead and dive in to the game.)