Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth is a new science-fiction-themed entry into the award winning Civilization series. As part of an expedition sent to find a home beyond Earth, lead your people into a new frontier, explore and colonize an alien planet and create a new civilization in space.
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"A cautious recommendation. A solid entry to the franchise with sci-fi themes and an interesting affinity system. Lacks personality however."
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8 decembrie

Civilization: Beyond Earth Fall Update Now Live

We’re happy to report the first major patch for Civilization: Beyond Earth is now available. This patch, a collaborative effort between Firaxis Games and all of you who took the time to provide feedback since launch, will automatically download the next time you start up your Steam client. If the patch is not downloading, try restarting Steam.

Players affected by the 144hz monitor issue should find that is no longer the case. Another issue preventing achievements from unlocking has also been fixed. And, in addition to fixing these and other issues, Firaxis has also addressed a number of gameplay balance requests from the community – like optimizing trade route yields and doing away with one particular Covert Ops exploit. This is a substantial update, so please take a few moments to pore over the full patch notes below before you jump back into Beyond Earth for one ... more ... turn ...

Unfortunately, the max character limit on Steam prevents us from posting the full patch notes here. For the full patch notes, please visit the Civilization blog:

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26 noiembrie

Beyond Earth's upcoming patch is almost ready

We’d like to thank all our fans for the feedback and reports they have been posting and sending in. The team has been working hard on bug fixing and balancing, and as you’ll see in the change list below, we’re close to locking down this patch. We’ll share more specifics for the gameplay changes shortly while the build is making its way through the approval process.

-Firaxis Games

Implementing additional bug fixes for quests.
Implementing modified quest rewards based on game speed and which turn they were received in.
• Revisiting difficulty level scaling. Increasing difficulty when playing on Apollo.
• Implementing balance pass on Health system (penalties, bonuses).
• Adjusting certain Virtues for balance.
• Implementing overall unit balance pass (strength, production and strategic resource cost, affinity level requirements, location on tech web).
• Implementing leader/sponsor trait balance pass (Kozlov, Barre, Rejinaldo, and Elodie), as well as some seeded start option adjustments.
• Implementing Covert Ops updates and exploit fixes.
• Implementing Trade Route balance and adjustments, including simpler UI.
• Implementing gameplay bug fixes as reported in the community (Quests, etc.).
• Implementing general AI improvements.
• Adjusting Affinity reward ramping when earning Affinity from Quests.
• Adjusting Station distribution, and arrival timing.
• Improving AI, including energy management, tactical management, tech and victory approaches, etc.

Fixing a memory leak that could potentially crash the game (mostly affected MP)
• Correcting screen resolution problems, particularly related to the 144hz refresh rate full-screen (or lack of full-screen) issue.
• Investigating a start-up problem where the game shuts down with an error immediately following the opening movie.
• Investigating crash issues submitted by users, and through Steam crash reporting.
• Adding an in-game option to disable depth of field effect for players that prefer the game without this.

• Ongoing updates to in-game text, tool-tips, etc.
• Correcting an issue where actions could be missing from embarked workers (like repairing a pillaged water improvement)
• Adding "Completed" section to city production menu so players know what they just finished.
• Adding advanced touch controls, gesture support, pen support.
• Adding color icons to the tech web (categorized) with an option to disable.
• Better inform players of approaching AI victory, and updated victory/defeat screen with additional information.

• Achievements not firing if Max Turns was set in previous games. Also investigating some other possible causes.

Fixing quest mod support.
• Fixing 2D leader fall-back image support for all graphics quality settings.

Fixing an issue that led to disconnects in cases of content mismatch.
Fixing an issue that was causing available/researched technologies after a re-sync.
• Correcting multiple desyncs.
• Ongoing multiplayer improvements.
• Increasing geographic range of server browser distance filter.

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“A must play for strategy fans”
9 out of 10 – GAME INFORMER

“Successfully injects new life into Sid Meier's long-running strategy series”
9 out of 10 – POLYGON

9 out of 10 – DESTRUCTOID

Despre acest joc

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth is a new science-fiction-themed entry into the award-winning Civilization series. Set in the future, global events have destabilized the world leading to a collapse of modern society, a new world order and an uncertain future for humanity. As the human race struggles to recover, the re-developed nations focus their resources on deep space travel to chart a new beginning for mankind.

As part of an expedition sent to find a home beyond Earth, you will write the next chapter for humanity as you lead your people into a new frontier and create a new civilization in space. Explore and colonize an alien planet, research new technologies, amass mighty armies, build incredible Wonders and shape the face of your new world. As you embark on your journey you must make critical decisions. From your choice of sponsor and the make-up of your colony, to the ultimate path you choose for your civilization, every decision opens up new possibilities.


  • Seed the Adventure: Establish your cultural identity by choosing one of eight different expedition sponsors, each with its own leader and unique gameplay benefits. Assemble your spacecraft, cargo & colonists through a series of choices that directly seed the starting conditions when arriving at the new planet.
  • Colonize an Alien World: Explore the dangers and benefits of a new planet filled with dangerous terrain, mystical resources, and hostile life forms unlike those of Earth. Build outposts, unearth ancient alien relics, tame new forms of life, develop flourishing cities and establish trade routes to create prosperity for your people.
  • Technology Web: To reflect progress forward into an uncertain future, technology advancement occurs through a series of nonlinear choices that affect the development of mankind. The technology web is organized around three broad themes, each with a distinct victory condition.
  • Orbital Layer: Build and deploy advanced military, economic and scientific satellites that provide strategic offensive, defensive and support capabilities from orbit.
  • Unit Customization: Unlock different upgrades through the tech web and customize your units to reflect your play style.
  • Multiplayer: Up to 8 players can compete for dominance of a new alien world.
  • Mod support: Robust mod support allows you to customize and extend your game experience.

Cerinţe de sistem

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows® Vista SP2/ Windows® 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 64 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB ATI HD3650 or better, 256 MB nVidia 8800 GT or better, or Intel HD 3000 or better integrated graphics
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c‐compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Other Requirements: Initial installation requires one-time Internet connection for Steam authentication; software installations required (included with the game) include Steam Client, Microsoft Visual C++2012 Runtime Libraries and Microsoft DirectX.
    • OS: Windows® Vista SP2 / Windows® 7
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Quad Core CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD HD5000 series or better (or ATI R9 series for Mantle support), nVidia GT400 series or better, or Intel IvyBridge or better integrated graphics
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c‐compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: DirectX: DirectX version 11, or Mantle (with supported video card)
    • OS: 10.9.5 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite)
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 (2.2 ghz)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon 4850 / nVidia 640M /Intel HD 4000
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: NOTICE: It is possible for Mac and PC to become out of sync during updates or patches. Within this short time period, Mac users will only be able to play other Mac users. NOTICE: The following video chipsets are unsupported for Civilization: Beyond Earth (Mac) • ATI Radeon X1000 series, HD 2400, 2600, 3870, 4670, 6490, 6630 • NVIDIA GeForce 7000 series, 8600, 8800, 9400, 9600, 320, 330, GT 120 • Intel GMA series, HD 3000
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Postat: 17 noiembrie
A grand waste of my money, time, and thought.

Thusfar, I have played 11 online hours and a total of 32 offline hours (recorded with a secondary software since I have no wifi at work) and I can say that I greatly regret this purchase. $49.99 for a game that is, at best, a reskinned Civ 5 with less playable Civs, a confusing tech tree, and very little explanation of what is needed and why the player should care.

As of now, the only redeeming factor for this game is the mod community which adds several new Civs, better wonders, and reasons to CARE about what you do. With this being said, it is a very, VERY sad day in which I say that a game is only decent (at best) simply because of the modding community. Without them, this game wouldn't be good enough to use for toliet paper.

Until 2K starts putting effort into their products, I will continue to share with others how utterly terrible this game is. If you want to waste your money and don't have anything better to do, then you should buy this game. If you enjoy half-baked ideas with very little effort put into them, then you should buy this game. If you like severe limitations and no reason to care about the "important" choices you made throughout the game, then this game is for you. If you enjoy not being able to differentiate terrain types, unit types, or map types, then this game is for you. If you enjoy relying on user-made additions for the game to even be decent enough to tolerate in short durations, then this game is for you.

If you have a lick of common sense, do NOT buy this game until the untold amounts of paid bloatware make this game somewhat entertaining.
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Postat: 28 noiembrie
A technically polished, but otherwise soulless, modification to the Civilization V engine. While it tries to take its cues from 1999's fantastic Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (SMAC), it lacks all personality and spark that made SMAC special.

It's not a bad game, it just never gets out of second gear. Dissapointing given Firaxis's history. Maybe expansions will help the game (as they did with Civ V), but I can't give Beyond Earth a recommendation as-is and at full AAA price.

The good stuff:
- Novel try at a "three dimensional" tech tree.
- An orbital map layer where you can deploy satellites.
- Crisp graphics and inventive alien design.
- A clever new social policy "talent tree" that awards going wide as well as deep.

Underwhelming stuff:
- Very limited unit selection and customization.
- Bland AI whose only difficulty comes from production and gameplay bonuses.
- Diplomatic screens ripped right from Civ V. They didn't even bother to rewrite the flavor text.
- The affinity system. It tries to organicly grow your culture in the form of a pure human, cybernetic singularity, or human/alien hybrid civilization. Unfortunately, you have to commit very early to one of these affinities, so it ends up being a forced and uninteresting choice.
- Uninspiring technology quotes. You'll miss SMAC's philosophy and witty commentary.
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Postat: 30 noiembrie
Firstly, I wish I could give this game a neutral rating.

I'm an avid Civ V fan and I did enjoy Civ BE. But BE is overpriced for the amount of game content, and the multiplayer is too unreliable to be counted upon unless gaming with a known premade group of friends. I have given up on even attempting public mutliplayer at this point in time. Basically don't buy this game if single player isn't enough for you.

BE offers a refinement on Civ V's mechanics in many ways, the tech tree, automatic Civ-wide instant unit upgrades, and the "explorer" mechanic instead of old scouts being three major ones. But other game mechanics just don't exist (yet, I'm sure they will charge $30 for them later). Religion, culture wars/tourism, great works, great people, and world congress all do not presently exist yet in BE and have no replacement mechanics. The number of military units is less than those found in vanilla Civ V as well.

The tech web is probably the greatest concept of BE, but I didn't understand why until I actually used it. It allows players to diversify and focus on wonders other players will never even attempt to go for, and it rewards players that focus on one "branch" of the web as opposed to Civ V where everyone was researching the same techs and fighting over the same wonders all the time.

Unfortunately, the tech web by itself isn't the game. For all the beautiful graphics and (much appreciated) game optimization done, it feels like there is less "game content" here than there was in the original Civ V at its launch. There's only 8 "civs" but most of the original V AI was carried over with all it's idiosyncracies and inability to win without ignoring all the game rules.

Civ BE is a good game in of itself if you enjoy single-player city-building, but I'd suggest waiting for a steep sale or the inevitable steep discount when major DLC gets released. The single-player AI will make for an unsatisfying challenge for Civ V veterans and the multiplayer will only lead to a hopeless waste of many hours per failed game.
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Postat: 20 noiembrie
It doesn't even feel like a completed game and I got bored with it after playing it through twice. I guess they're planning on completing it through dlc or some sort of expansion like civ 5 so wait until a complete set with all the dlc goes on sale.
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Postat: 26 noiembrie
An incomplete game and a blatant cash grab riding off Civ V's hype. This is a bait and switch more than anything. At first they hint that it's inspired by Alpha Centauri. Then after release they say that it never had anything to do with it. The only problem is pretty much every single review or interview before and after release brings it up. The diplomacy is simply cut and pasted from Civ V. There is a complete lack of effort. If you fire up Alpha Centauri the sounds are awesome you feel immersed. When you play this there is no bond to it the factions have zero personalities. You will see lines like, "Once bitten twice shy." I can't recommend this to anyone. If I had any recommendation it would be to not buy this until all DLC have been released and you can pick it up for $5. Those that already own it wait for the complete version to purchase any more DLC. Otherwise, you just encourage this behavior and you'll continue to get burned.
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Postat: 19 noiembrie
While I enjoy the new aesthetic and premise of this new title, this feels an awful lot like Civ Lite. The Sponsers don't have any personality like in previous Civ games and their bonuses feel fairly Lack-lustre. Affinities are cool, especially how it changes the architecture of your cities and have cool unique units who's aesthetic reflects the sponsor's primary affinity, but otherwise feel fairly similar to eachother in terms of abilities. The fact that i can get all the affinity bonuses for each affinity in a single playthrough feels a bit, well, unvaried and cheap to me. Otherwise, mostly everything else feels like Civ 5, which is good; but then again, i'd rather play Civ 5 if i wanted to feel like i'm playing Civ 5.

In conclusion, for Civ veterans who own every bit of DLC for Civ 5, i would recommend sticking to that, IMHO. For
new-comers to Civ, Beyond Earth is a fine introduction to Civ. Similar mechanics to Civ 5 make it a good stepping stone for those that may look at getting into previous Civilization games. Overall though, Beyond Earth feels a bit empty for me. Perhaps in a later patch or DLC they may add stuff that will bring me back into it, but otherwise, i'm sticking to Civ 5 for now.
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Postat: 21 noiembrie
I'm very sad to have to say this, but as it stands, Beyond Earth is a bland version of Civ 5 with a better tech tree and differently skinned barbarians (aka aliens). It lacks any of the historical connection that Civ 5 has, which means the technologies are very generic. I've never been faced with such a disconnected choice, like, do I want the generic +1 health or the +1 power building. And half the Wonders I could not even tell what they were supposed to be at all, other than their stats. The units suffer from an excessivly generic issue, as well. In an attempt to simplify the various unit types, you upgrade existing units throughout the game. Unfortunately, this leads to questions like "What was the Arbiter again? Was that a boat, a melee infantry, or rocket artillery?"

As many have said, they retained so much of Civ 5 game that it feels like a reskin of the base game. While that is not in of itself a bad thing (Civ 5 is great, afterall), they kept too much and what they did change, they made only modest advencements, leaving us with a overpriced, bland, generic sci-fi reskin of a popular game.
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Postat: 22 noiembrie
Pre purchased, like I had with CIv 5 and X-com, but I don't think I'll pre-puchase another Firaxis game after this. Not awful, just boring and slow with no real direction for the player to follow.

It's just a reskin of Civ 5 with no real new gameplay at all and nothing to do with Alpha Centauri. Vague and difficult to understand due to odd and poorly explained goals and a tech web that follows no real structure. Only worth it if you've not played Civ 5 or Alpha Centauri as otherwise you'll be let down by what a sideways step this represents for Firaxis games. I'd expect this kind of low effort expandalone sequel from the Call of Duty franchise, not from Sid Meier's team.

Expansions may return the series to a more solid footing but at this price it's simply not worth it for a game that turns into a boring button pressing exercise for the last 200 hundred turns.
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Postat: 9 decembrie
I really tried to like this game but I have to give it a thumbs down.

Short review:

- the game lacks personality.
- the leaders are bland.
- diplomacy is worse than Civ V
- colour palatte/graphics make it hard ot distinguish tiles
- buildings are boring and non-descript
- wonders are underpowered and unimaginative
- there are better games out there (Endless space, endless legend, Gal CIV III (when it comes out).

Don't buy it.

Long review:


(1) Leaders: It's certainly been said before, the leaders are boring. They have no personality. They're animations are basically the same as well.

(2) Diplomacy: Civ V's diplomacy was a huge stepdown from Civ IV but what made it passable was the excellent leader animations which made the model tolerable. With BE, you have the exact same diplomacy from V but with bland leaders.
They had a real opportunity to make this game stand out but they decided to add in feature after feature rather than refining what was there. One common complaint regarding Civ V was the diplomacy but it seems the Devs here could really care less. Too bad. Great diplomacy could have rescued this game

(3) Graphics: Certainly the graphics are different than what you see in V but they are ultimately forgetable and very frustrating. The biggest complaint I have is it's impossible to tell what some tiles are without hovering the mouse over them. On some planets you'll have purple tundra which looks very simlar to purple grassland which looks similar to plains. ARRGH.

(4) Too many buildings: I think what ended up happening is when they were making the game the Devs realized you run out of things to do quickly since the game isn't very deep. Hence, they added more buildings to give you something to do with your cities rather than just allocating them to wealth, research, production. The end result is you get building 1 which give 1 health, and building 2 which gives 2 health and 1 science, and building 3 which gives 2 health and 2 science. None of them are interesting or something you'd b-line a tech to get because it will help you. They are all forgetable.

(5) Wonders are horrible: Wonders in every Civ game were something that ultimately could give you a good boost. In BE they are basically slightly more powerful verisons of the normal buildings you'd already build but they cost 5-10 times as much. I don't even remember the names of any of them. Again, they're forgetable.

(6) Victory conditions are too similar: Three of the 5 conditions are pretty much the same: Build special building, then in 30 turns you win the game if you remember to click the buildling every turn (yes, this is a simplification but that's pretty much it). Again, forgetable.

Really the entire game is: forgetable. There are other games I'd try before spending any money on BE. Endless space, despite it's shortcomings really had more charm and gameplay. Endless legend is way better.

If you doubt my review, check out the latest game play stats. Despite getting a huge patch a day ago the number of players hasn't jumped beyond 6200. Civ V, 4 years since release, is still at 35000.

Firaxis dropped a rare bomb here. I truely hope that the Devs who worked on this don't play any significant role in Civ VI.
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Postat: 6 decembrie
Anticipated this game a lot. Hoped for a space themed Civ5 and some more.

What I got was a game that consists mainly of clicking 'next turn'. Even on medium-high difficulty the game is just incredibly shallow.
There's a new 'virtue' system that allows you to go through 3 different paths, but you scan score points in these paths only through research and literally three random quests that you might, or might not run into.

I'd recommend waiting a couple of months for the next updates and content packs and hope that firaxis steps up their game. Right now, Civ5 on launch day was more complex than this.

The price is not even close to being justified.
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Postat: 30 noiembrie
Beyond Earth tried to bring back the Alpha Centauri goodness back from 1999 combined with the strengths of the Civ 5 engine. Unfortunately the effort fails, and fails big time. There are so many holes and short comings in this game, that it's hard where to hard start. Don't get me wrong, the game has generally good mechanics and is visually appealing, but overall it just maybe good, but definitely not a must-pay-game.
  • The biggest drawback is balancing. The game is way, way too easy. In any Civ game before I didn't dare to play the highest difficulty level. Not so in BE. I skipped two or three levels inbetween and played my 4th game at Apollo and won it easily within 180 turns.
  • Currently trade-route-spamming is the most effective way to win/dominate a game. With 3 traderoutes (Auto Plant!), the bonuses you get from trade routes are eclipising any early or mid-game buildings you use in a city. And the boost is enormous.
  • The AI is just too passive. Even on Apollo level it rarely attacks, and if so its forces are too weak to make a prolonged and effective attack work.
  • The aliens, while interesting at the start, soon lose any appeal and become cannon fooder as soon as you build your first affinity specific unit.
  • No proper feedback. I just build a unit or a building, but where?? I have to check the logs to find this information??
  • No in-game videos. I build a wonder, just a textbox. I won the game, just a textbox, and so on ..
Would I recommend this game? In the current state (first version; unpatched) I would only recommend it only to the die-hard Civ fans, and even for those the long-term motivation is minimal due to the lack of balance and challenge. Maybe 6 out 10 would be a fair rating, imho.
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Postat: 8 decembrie
Latest patch (Fall season) that was supposed to fix all the previous problems entirely broke a perfectly working installation on my system. I can't create a new game, nor load a saved game. Nothing else has changed except this patch that I couldn't choose to NOT install, nor revert.

Considering how long it'll take 2K to get around to even recognize this issue (based on their last record of 2+ months), DO NOT attempt to look at this game for at least another year until some heads at 2K roll.
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Postat: 11 decembrie
Broken program. Overpriced and unfonctional since the patch. Do not buy this useless piece of junk. Even if you could run Civ V, the Beyond Earth demo or the game itself when it was released, chances are the game will still not work. Hundreds of people who bought and played the game are now unable to do so. The only response from the 2K, Firaxis support is that their cutomers should buy the $200 ADM graphic card and that those same customers were pretty stupid to believe that if you could run their demo, you could run their game.

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Postat: 17 noiembrie
I'm big fan of Civilization series... This game, however, is not worth buying.
I just might not like psychedelic colors but aliens are fun. And there ends the fun.

Tech tree (or rather tech web) is gigantic messy innovation I was never able to navigate through. In contrast with intuitive tech tree from earlier Civilization series... it is just so wrong and annoying... new player in earlier Civilizations is given choice of tech to discover. Not here. Here you have to bother with the whole tech web since first play and first turn.

In Civilization V (and IV) we had upgrades and we could focus these upgrades according to battlefield situation. So we can here, we can heal or add 10% strength bonus... and that's it... a joke...

Cities have tons of structures, and here is a great idea to upgrade structure via quests, but other than that structures are just a mess to remember, just too many buildings...

I could continue but every other game aspect (factions, units, city states...) is similiar: attempt of innovation, alienish look and feel, and definitely messed up.
But everything should be forgiven if the game is fun - IT IS NOT:
First play is just chaotic, there is no joy from discovering alien world and game mechanics,
And there is not much replayability...

The one good thing about Beyond the Earth is that you can finally realize that Civilization V was quite OK.
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Postat: 18 noiembrie
I have been playing Civilization for many years and always looked forward to either expantions or newer version of the game. Beyond Earth is a bummer game.......
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6.9 ore înregistrate
Postat: 18 noiembrie
Weeks after launch and a minor bug like being able to select the resolution of the game is STILL not fixed. Absolutely unacceptable. I definitely wasted my money on this game.
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100.0 ore înregistrate
Postat: 13 decembrie
It's not a bad game, but honestly it is better descripted as a Civ 5 expansion pack than a stand alone game. The leaders have no personality to speak of, the world is a mostly blue green mass of indistinguishable tiles, and while it probably shouldn't be compared to SMAC it doesn't compare well. The only thing superior to the 15 year old game is the graphics and wide screen support.
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Postat: 12 decembrie
As an Alpha Centauri veteran I was enjoying this game despite bugs, UI issues, idiotic AI, lack of wonder/victory movies, and other nitpicks. I was appreciating innovations like 1UPT, affinity, quests, ranged combat, trade, and virtues, and I was loving the science fiction setting, the map animations/unit design, and the minimalistic art style of the tech web. Although the atmosphere wasn't as rich, I felt Beyond Earth had potential to be a worthy spiritual successor to SMAC. I thought it would provide hundreds of hours more entertainment. But then the first patch was released...

The patch felt like it nerfed everything: trade routes were sometimes worse than useless and buying trade depots no longer possible. Level 4 unique units were suddenly redundant, and covert operations not worth the candle. Changes to the trade route UI which were meant to help, only cluttered things further, and the botch job done to the tech web where smears of colour were applied to the crisp black and white icon artwork felt to me like the defacing of Ecce Homo. Meanwhile that damned explorer animation bug remained.

The game I was playing one day, was drastically changed the next. Instead of a polished game, it now felt like I was playing a beta.

We could argue all day about balancing issues, and I admit the game was easy even on the highest difficulty setting providing one enjoyed a good start location (there was challenge if the start location was less than ideal or on small maps with limited real estate), but such a dramatic adjustment so early leaves me little confidence in the development team. It feels like an overreaction to appease negative feedback, rather than a measured effort to fine tune an already solid system. A change necessary of this magnitude should have been weeded out long before release.

My conclusion is that Firaxis depend too strongly upon fan feedback, rather than the talent and vision of their own game designers. It should also be noted that Firaxis seem unable to deliver polished games without the need of subsequent expansion packs. Therefore I do not recommend this game, and I will certainly avoid getting sucked into any hype regarding the inevitable Civilization 6. I can only hope that as with Civilization V, Beyond Earth eventually finds it feet, and that those who preferred the original design get their game back.
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10.3 ore înregistrate
Postat: 17 noiembrie
It's not worth the full price.
As a fan of the previous Civ games, this one is a major disapointment. It's like the only thing the took from Alpha Centauri was that it takes place in space and in the future.
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Postat: 21 noiembrie
I too loved every Civ game prior. The best way to describe this one would be to say it just has no "soul". It never hooked me the way the others did. I never found myself saying, "just one more turn". Lost interest after about 2 hours and have not gone back. Maybe after some mods and patches it will evolve into something?
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