Pode comandar espectros lúgubres, espíritos uivantes e gremlins astutos à medida que liberta os espíritos assustadores na cidade de Gravenville e aterroriza os seus cidadãos. No mundo de Ghost Master, os sustos comandam à medida que resolve puzzles e desvenda mistérios, num desafio que combina o melhor de jogos de estratégia, aventura e...
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Data de lançamento: 23 Ago, 2003

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"Kinda looks like the sims but instead of taking care of the people you try to spook them out of their houses by placing ghosts and spooky traps."

Acerca deste jogo

Pode comandar espectros lúgubres, espíritos uivantes e gremlins astutos à medida que liberta os espíritos assustadores na cidade de Gravenville e aterroriza os seus cidadãos. No mundo de Ghost Master, os sustos comandam à medida que resolve puzzles e desvenda mistérios, num desafio que combina o melhor de jogos de estratégia, aventura e gestão de recursos.
  • Até 15 aventuras únicas, de "pôr os cabelos em pé", com cenários que se dividem - tudo num enredo coerente e num mundo virtual completo.
  • Visualização assustadora - uma câmara 3D inovadora permite-lhe ver a acção da perspectiva dos humanos ou dos fantasmas.
  • Efeitos especiais revolucionários, personagens incrivelmente detalhadas e cenários macabros inspirados em filmes de terror clássicos.
  • Inteligência artificial inovadora - interaja com até 30 personagens conduzidas por inteligência artificial em cada nível.
  • Onze localizações expansivas e distintas, incluindo o asilo psiquiátrico da cidade, a base militar, a comunidade religiosa feminina, casas comunitárias e a esquadra da polícia.

Ghost Master © 2003 Empire Interactive Europe Ltd. Desenvolvido pela Sick Puppies, um estúdio da Empire Interactive. Europe Ltd. Ghost Master, Empire e "E" são marcas comerciais ou marcas comerciais registadas da Empire Interactive. Europe Ltd. no Reino Unido, Europa e/ou noutros países. Todos os direitos reservados.

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    Recomendado: Pentium® IV a 1,5 GHz. ATI® Radeon™ 7500/NVIDIA®
    Placa GeForce2 3D. 256 MB de RAM.
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Publicada: 22 Janeiro
This game is an instant classic. You won't see any scaring games being released around this era of gaming.

Ghost Master is game where you bind and equip ghosts into the houses/places of people you want to scare. You can also unlock new ghosts that are somewhat trapped in the houses you try to clear out. The game offers not just scaring out of the blue but it also makes use of certain situations like for example if the residents are non-believers then you have initiate a certain event like a hidden dead body to be spotted by the residents. By doing so, they will slowly become vulnerable to your scaring tactics and powers. Each ghost has its own specialty and powers and their binding points depend whether they are fitted for indoors, outdoors, or both. You can also train your ghosts so that they can learn new powers or enhance their scaring abilities. It's your choice of strategy whether how you want to scare the current residents. The main goal of the game is to scare out all the residents from the house.

I recommend this game to anyone who loves the classic scaring games genre.

NOTE: If you want this game, you should buy it during a sale. This game is more likely to be on sale during the Fall Sale.
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Publicada: 11 Abril
Haunt the house before Haunt the house existed, but better.

Multiple ghosts with specialized areas to be placed.
Everyone has a little backstory, even the ghosts.
More ghosts to unlock by finding out how to free them from where they're chained.
You can see what the sim-like characters are seeing.
Ghosts can get new abillities and level up.
Cool cinematic view where it follows one person in their adventures for as long as you want.

Danse macabre doesn't play Danse macabre.
No level creation.
Sometimes the ghost's hints aren't very helpful. I still have no idea how I would be able to break the brain guy's jar.

Overall, a very good game. 8 out of 10.
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Publicada: 22 Maio
I love details in this game like bio of people you are scaring, the story of places where you are scaring, stories of ghosts you can obtain in game. You can also get your goals multiple ways which is always nice. The graphics are not really that good but since its older game it's to be expected. You'll instantly fall in love with the sinister voice of your guide!

Overall this game brings back memories of my early teen years and one of the first games I played. I love it and I really wish they'd make Ghost Master 2.
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Publicada: 27 Junho
(I have the game on disk and played through it at least 3 times now, don't mind the steam time played)

Ghost master is one of the hidden gems of gaming, an old game with a sims lookalike feel, but with completely different mechanics. In Ghost Master, you control an organisation of ghosts, spectres and horrors. Your objectives range from the simple and amusing frightening of mortals to gather energy from their fear to more complicated matters such as making sure the mortals find the bodies of murder victims to appease their spirits and many other tasks that are suitible for one controlling ghosts and spirits.
Many levels have oppertunities to pick up new ghosts for your future missions, with their requests ranging from complicated tasks such as proving the corruption of one mortal to an other to the relatively simple tasks of freeing them from a fetter or bond placed upon them by breaking it in some way. The key aspect here is that you can not go and just smash or destroy the object yourself. You will need to use either your team's powers to control the circumstances such as the wind and rain or the mortals in a mission. Ghost Master will let you feel like you're playing a god...All while delegating these tasks to your ghosts and having goals set by someone or something higher up the chain of command. You organise an invisible force that tries to acomplish its goals through subtle manipulation of the mortals. Mortals who themselves might intervene in your plans - maybe they call in a medium to try to banish your ghosts, or perhaps they're just incredibly stubborn and refuse to believe in ghosts. Whatever the case, you can choose to do the absolute minimum needed, you can just scare off the mortals in as entertaining matters as you can...Or you can subtly manipulate them to do your bidding, get all the potential ghosts freed and play with those scared fools by checking on their individual fears and phobias to scare them as best as possible for as little energy as possible, or try to drive them insane(Though complete insanity is a thing that usually only works on those who are already unhinged, or with a LOT of time). Every one of them is different, with their own fears and a bio, their own jobs to do, their own behaviors their own relationships, and so on.
Many of the levels include a puzzle-like request by a ghost, having you complete a task to set them free(At which point they join you for future missions). Usually this is a matter of resolving a last grievance they had while alive, or to do them a favour or break the item that holds them there. Some are easy, and others are incredibly hard.

The ghosts are controlled by placing them at a fetter, something that they identify with and can use to stay in the physical realm. Something that fits them that they can inhabit in the physical world. It could be an electrical appliance for a gremlin, or a fireplace for a fire elemental, or objects with an emotional charge to them, a place, or even a child. You control what powers they have access to by feeding them energy, which you extract automatically from the fear of mortals(And powers with a bigger effect tend to have a higher cost).
Mortals who do not believe in ghosts are harder to scare, so you need to boost their belief in the spirit world by odd events, such as rain indoors, unnatural cold, heat or luck, a sudden storm coming out of nowhere or several other things that don't quite fit or erode their mental barriers...Which coincidentally makes them easier to scare.

But then there aren't only good things. The story ends on a cliffhanger, and sometimes the favour needed to free a ghost can be annoyingly frustrating and appear based on random chance more than your own actions. The game's recommend haunting team does not always have the powers needed to complete these favours, and you do not know what you're going to find in a level until you check it out. There are no missions aside from the story ones, and in my personal opinion there weren't enough that were simple missions to scare away everyone, or a sandbox mode - Just for the fun of it all.

Whatever the case, you'll spend hours enjoying building your team, toying with the mortals or just trying to do the missions, in the end it is well worth the price. If you're not entirely sure even then, it goes on sale quite often and you can pick it up for incredibly cheap almost every steam sale.
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Publicada: 11 Abril
Just buy it, it's great <3
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