Spectres, fantômes et autres créatures effrayantes sont à vos ordres alors que vous libérez les mauvais esprits sur la paisible bourgade de Gravenville pour effrayer ses habitants. Dans l'univers de Ghost Master, les revenants se plient à vos quatre volontés alors que vous résolvez les énigmes et révélez des mystères dans un défi alliant...
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Date de parution : 23 août 2003

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À propos de ce jeu

Spectres, fantômes et autres créatures effrayantes sont à vos ordres alors que vous libérez les mauvais esprits sur la paisible bourgade de Gravenville pour effrayer ses habitants. Dans l'univers de Ghost Master, les revenants se plient à vos quatre volontés alors que vous résolvez les énigmes et révélez des mystères dans un défi alliant le meilleur du jeu de stratégie, d'aventure et de gestion de ressources.
  • Jusqu'à 15 aventures uniques et effrayantes avec différents scénarios, toutes associées à une intrigue cohérente et un monde virtuel complet.
  • Perspective effrayante : une caméra 3D innovante vous permet de voir l'action avec les yeux des humains ou des fantômes.
  • Effets spéciaux révolutionnaires, personnages incroyablement détaillés et décors macabres inspirés de grands films d'horreur.
  • Intelligence artificielle à couper le souffle : interagissez avec pas moins de 30 personnages artificiels à chaque niveau.
  • Onze décors complets et distincts, dont l'asile de fous de la ville, la base militaire, des maisons pour garçons ou filles et le commissariat.
Ghost Master © 2003 Empire Interactive Europe Ltd. Développé par Sick Puppies, un studio Empire Interactive. Europe Ltd. Ghost Master, Empire et « E » sont des marques commerciales ou déposées de Empire Interactive. Europe Ltd. au Royaume-Uni, en Europe et/ou dans d'autres pays. Tous droits réservés.

Configuration requise

    Minimale : Pentium® III 450. Windows® 98, ME, XP, 2000. Carte 3D NVIDIA® TNT2. 128 Mo de RAM. 750 Mo d'espace disque disponible. DirectX® 8.1. Souris, clavier.
    Recommandée : Pentium® IV 1,5 GHz. ATI® Radeon™7500/NVIDIA®Carte 3D GeForce2. 256 Mo de RAM.
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Posté le : 23 septembre 2015
In Ghost Master, you command an army of ghosts and are trusted with completing an array of different objectives.
The story takes place in Gravenville, a town where a lot of paranormal activity takes place, after a group of teenagers summons you – the Ghost Master.
Before entering a haunting, you must choose which ghosts you take with you. You can pick anyone you want, but sometimes, especially when you are trying a level for the first time, it is better to press “Recommended” which will pick the best available ghosts in your army for said level.
Once you’re in, there are 4 main features you must worry about: Haunters, Fetters, Plasm and Mortals.
There are 47 playable ghosts and you can choose where to place them and which powers they can use. You can’t directly control them, so you need to learn when and which powers you want each of them to use and which orders to give (Allow a ghost to go after someone on its own or even use a certain power when no one is around). You start off by commanding a small army of classic horror characters, like the jack-of-all-trades ghost Boo or the glowing poltergeist Whirlweird. You will also be able to rescue restless spirits throughout the game (every level has at least one of these), increasing your army’s size and versatility. These trapped ghosts need to be set free but that is easier said than done. During the first levels, most ghosts are fairly easy to recruit; maybe you’ll need to destroy the fetter they’re on or scare someone they hated when they were alive. Later, though, there are a couple of complex puzzles you need to solve that require a lot of planning – make a certain person use a fetter or carry something across the building to a certain location. These are hard to figure out but extremely satisfying when solved.
There are 6 kinds of ghosts in the game: Sprites, Disturbances, Elementals, Vapours, Frighteners and Horrors. Each type of ghost has a certain area of expertise. Sprites, for instance, consume little to no plasm (the game’s “resource”), which allows them to use most of their powers early on. They are usually bound to smaller fetters, usually electrical, and can make them malfunction and cause blackouts or power surges. Horrors and Frighteners, on the other hand, consume large amounts of plasm and can terrorize mortals like no one else can. They can possess humans and materialize into gruesome sights, making them useful to get rid of humans who are harder to scare.
Ghosts can also level up; the more you use a certain ghost in the field, the higher its training level. Higher levels mean you will be able to give said ghost a bigger number of ever more complex orders, making its powers more effective and allowing you to let it haunt on its own, while you focus on something else. There are 8 training levels for each ghost.
Fetters are where you can place your ghosts. You can’t just simply place them wherever you want, which makes planning ahead and ambushing something to consider. Certain ghosts can only be bound to mirrors, for example, making them very useful if used strategically, while others can be bound to sleeping mortals, children, water or even emotional objects.
There are 2 kinds of plasm. Normal and gold.
Regular plasm is something you need to summon ghosts and to use their powers. The stronger the ghosts, the more plasm they need to be bound to a fetter and the harder it gets to manage used and available plasm. Plasm is not spent – rather, you allocate an amount of available plasm to a ghost. If you need a certain haunter to use a more powerful spell, you can just unsummon one of the other fettered ghosts so the used plasm doesn’t surpass the maximum amount of available resources or make it use a weaker power which does not use as much plasm. Scaring people is the only way of earning a bigger plasm threshold – that is quite simple and straight forward when you need to scare all the mortals away from a level; on the other hand, when you get to levels where you can’t scare any of them away or you have a more subtle objective that doesn’t involve scaring, it is a rather tense experience. It is all a matter of balance. Failing to do so will have you banned from the mortal realm and you’ll have to try again.
Gold Plasm can be used to buy new powers for your ghosts. You can usually choose different powers for ghosts in the same category, making a more versatile army. Gold Plasm is earned by completing levels and time trials.
Each mortal has a Terror (Red), Belief (Blue) and Madness (Yellow) bar. Some powers cause belief; mortals with low belief are less affected by terror – so you’ll want to increase all sceptics’ belief before attacking them with your terror powers; this will generate more plasm – so you can power-up stronger powers or bind more haunters. You can also take over a human’s mind, making them go insane. People with phobias or older individuals are more susceptible to this. When a mortal’s willpower reaches its Terror or Madness cap, mortals will either flee or go crazy. Mad mortals provide great entertainment and can also help you – terrorizing the rest of their fellow humans with their insane actions.
A big part of humans you use to your advantage is fear – conscious and subconscious. All mortals have them. There are some powers that allow you to uncover said fears. When you know what a certain person is afraid of, you’ll be able to use powers which are absurdly more effective than most others. If someone is afraid of blood, for instance, you can just attract the mortal to a bathroom and use a power that turns water into blood, or make it come out of the walls or even flood the whole room with it. Same goes for spiders, darkness, being trapped or even loud noises.
Fortunately, mortals are not defenseless. You will meet humans that can banish your ghosts from the mortal realm, thus, making them unusable until the end of the haunting. From witches that summon protective circles, to exorcists, you’ll have to battle with all of them to be successful.
Mortals’ AI isn’t all that great; they get stuck fairly often and they tend to do the opposite of what you want them to do. Pathfinding is also an issue when the action takes place in smaller areas.
You do feel like you are haunting a small town because some of the characters you meet during the first levels will show up later in different locations and they also have the same fears and personalities.
Levels are extremely well designed and varied– Mortals have a lot of escape routes to temporarily run away from your ghosts and you will need to improvise new tactics and approaches because humans will react to pretty much everything you do.
Graphics are colorful and the game doesn’t take itself too seriously – which is quite refreshing, in my opinion. It is quite rare for a game about being a ghost and scaring people to embrace such a tongue-in-cheek, comedic approach.
Ghost Master also features a soundtrack I consider perfect. It sets the right atmosphere from the very beginning and I still listen to it from time to time.
This game pays clear homage to classic horror tropes; you’ll get the ghost bride that was left at the altar and even the headless horseman who was killed during the civil war. As you can see, movie references are scattered all over the game and characters and levels are smartly named “after” classic movies –“Phantom of the Operating Room” or “Blair Wisp Project”.
A game that I recommend to everyone. It may look a little bit dated and it may have flimsy AI, but Ghost Master is an inventive game that brings us new gameplay mechanics and is undeniably a game brought to us by people who love and care for their work. The attention to detail and the countless amount of movie references and replay value make it my favorite game of all time.

Final Score: 9 out of 10.
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Posté le : 15 septembre 2015
Are you one of those people who played The Sims just to torment your little residents? Because I think someone made Ghost Master just for you. As the titular master of ghosts, you take an assortment of spooks and specters into different homes and buildings with the intent of driving out the residents. Each ghost has specific things it can haunt, like electronics or damp things, and several powers that unlock as you scare more and more people. There are also ghosts you can recruit during missions by completing certain tasks, foes to overcome like police and ghostbuster-types, and high scores to shoot for in each level. There are some clever locales to haunt too, like sorority houses, mystery mansions, cabins in the woods, schools, and more.

The game plays like a cross between real-time strategy and puzzle. You can give your ghosts orders and have to manage your spooking power between them, but scaring off mortals and completing tasks is more a matter of getting the right ghost in the right place. It's a terribly charming little game that is unfortunately starting to show its age, and can be a bit frustrating if certain people or ghosts don't path the way you need them to. Since you have no direct control over movement, tasks that require specific placement can be a chore to complete. Minor gripes aside, this a is perfect lighthearted game for the season, and one that most likely anyone can enjoy.
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Posté le : 26 décembre 2015
Train ghosts to scare people and get them to flee the building. Each ghost has a variety of powers at start and you can unlock more over time with gold plasma you earn from your scares. You earn plasma by scaring the people but it also costs plasma to use your ghost's powers. Each level also has a spirit you can unlock by discovering how you free it. I played through the tutorial and saw it has a lot to unlock and each ghost can grow better at scaring the more you use them.

This can be a great game for someone who likes management type sim games but just not for me.
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Posté le : 22 septembre 2015
it's an old game that is still good.

it felt like a casual strategy game.

Have you ever wanted to scare people? Or do you have something against "The Sims"? Or do you want a ghost sim?

Get this game, You can scare the F**K out of humans and ghostbusters.

Grab it on sale for maximum fun and less wallet gouging!
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Posté le : 18 octobre 2015
I picked this up while it was on sale last week. To be honest, never heard of this game before. All I can say is, "WOW!" A truley unique game! I always like that feeling of something new when I play a game. I will also say, if you are a fan of Halloween, then this is a much purchase! You will not be sorry. What interesting is that this game is over a decade old, and still awesome! Just goes to show you, its not the graphics, it's the "game-play" and "story." (Not that the graphics are bad.)
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