Garry's Mod is a physics sandbox. There aren't any predefined aims or goals. We give you the tools and leave you to play.
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Data de lançamento: 29/nov/2006

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"A LAN party masterpiece. Plain GMod is already fun, but it also has hundreds of integrated player-made gamemodes that amplify the fun. TTT, ZMod, etc!"

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11 de julho

The Summer Hotfix

A minor update containing a few hotfixes for last update just came out. Restarting your servers is strongly recommended.
If there are any persisting issues left, please report them on the official GitHub issues page.

GLIBC_2.15 dependency on Linux dedicated servers
Some Linux dedicated server owners may have noticed that the game now requires glibc 2.15. This is a necessary change since the version we were using before was really outdated. If your server is running on a relatively old distro which does not include that library, you can find instructions on how to install it here: Linux Dedicated Server Hosting.

Fixed non-ASCII characters being removed from player names
This was accidentally introduced in an attempt to fix an exploit which would let servers tamper with a client’s configuration file, sorry for that! Everything should be back to normal now.

Fixed model scaling not working correctly on some models
Entity:SetModelScale and Entity:EnableMatrix had an issue with some models which would cause transformations to be applied twice. This issue is now fixed, you can see the difference below:

This will break scripts that rely on the old broken behaviour, so I also added Entity:SetLegacyTransform for those who want their current scripts fixed with minimal effort. This function basically brings the old scaling behaviour back for the entity it is called on, so it should be used exclusively as a temporary fix.

Full Changelog

  • Fixed plugin_load not doing anything
  • Fixed players being removed when sitting in a vehicle parented to another entity
  • Fixed non-ASCII characters being removed from player names
  • Fixed tabs in RichText selection
  • Fixed properties not correctly working on vanilla
  • Fixed Color.__tostring not outputting alpha
  • Fixed render.CapturePixels crashing when used on render targets
  • Fixed Weapon:CallOnClient crashing when called on a weapon owned by a NPC
  • Fixed player names not updating in scoreboard and voice panels
  • Fixed weapon holdtypes not always updating on the client
  • Definitely fixed Entity:SetModelScale and Entity:EnableMatrix applying transformations twice on some models
  • Added Entity:SetLegacyTransform(bool)
  • Removed properties.HaloThink
  • Removed _restart from blocked concommand list

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8 de julho

The Summer update


  • Fixed item pickups not being collectable in some cases
  • Fixed env_microphone not always transmitting NPC voices in multiplayer
  • Fixed some textures on gm_construct having an incorrect normal map when running under DX8
  • Fixed console crash on some machines
  • Fixed another possible exploit with CNetChan::SendFile
  • Fixed an exploit allowing access to any file on a client machine
  • Fixed vehicle noclip exploit
  • Fixed SMG viewmodel animation glitch when firing exactly 3 shots in a single burst
  • Fixed inaccurate text selection in RichText controls

  • Files with an incorrect extension can no longer be loaded as modules
  • Loose .vcd files can now be loaded without having to be compiled into scenes.image

  • Fixes
    • Admin commands no longer appear in "last words"
    • Fixed a minor issue with teleporter effects
  • Additions
    • Added lag compensation to the crowbar's secondary attack
    • Added TTTPlayerUsedHealthstation hook
  • Fixes
    • Fixed vehicle third person affecting cameras
    • Fixed shipped weapons creating errors when given to NPCs
    • Fixed SimpleDoF to properly work with cameras
    • Fixed return values of draw.SimpleText
    • Fixed big numbers not sending properly with net.WriteTable
    • Fixed gmod_admin_cleanup/gmod_cleanup errors when run in a dedicated server console
    • Fixed vehicles not duplicating their skin, bodygroups, etc
    • Fixed derma.SkinTexture
    • Fixed longstanding thruster crash exploit
    • Fixed pasted ragdolls with duplicator being in T pose until you touch them (still happens for saves though, sorry)
    • Fixed snow footsteps
    • Fixed some base weapons (Alyx gun, HL1 grenade) being .357 clones
  • Improvements
    • Post Process effects are no longer saved across restarts
    • Hidden some useless HL2 maps
    • Updated jQuery/AngularJS
    • draw.SimpleTextOutlined now returns same thing as draw.SimpleText
    • Lua errors notification only stays for 10 seconds instead of 30
    • Clicking "Resize" in spawnicon right click menu no longer automatically rerenders the icon.
    • Fancified Bouncy Ball
    • Updated server browser looks
    • Bots are no longer counted towards player count in server browser
    • Sort addons and games alphabetically in Browse
    • Made player_manager.TranslateToPlayerModelName case insensitive
    • Tweaked some tools
      • Tweaked default values for some of the tools, tweaked limits in context panels for some of the tools
      • Added right click option for lamp tool to copy settings of another lamp
      • Deprecated settings/controls/*.txt, noone uses it, serves no benefit.
    • Improved context menu properties in various ways
      • Now works properly when you look from camera/driving a vehicle
      • Fixed some issues with "Drive" property and cameras
  • Additions
    • Added team.SetColor(index, color)
    • Added Angle:SnapTo(component, degrees)
    • Added IsColor, net.WriteColor, net.ReadColor
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Entity:PhysicsFromMesh building a deformed collision mesh
    • Fixed PhysicsCollide entity callback missing information about the entity which was collided with
    • Fixed IMaterial:GetMatrix crashing the game
    • Fixed sound.Add not working on dedicated servers
    • Fixed ents.FindByClass not interpreting wildcards correctly
    • Fixed util.CRC not working correctly on strings with embedded zeroes
    • Fixed util.JSONToTable losing precision for large integer values
    • Fixed Entity:GetBoneController returning a truncated value
    • Fixed Entity:SetHitboxSet not working properly with an integer parameter
    • Fixed NPC:FoundEnemySound, LostEnemySound, FearSound, IdleSound and AlertSound not calling their appropriate equivalent in the engine
    • Fixed InnerAngle and OuterAngle parameters not doing anything in lights created by DynamicLight()
    • Fixed util.TableToJSON crashing when passed a table containing keys that aren't strings or numbers
  • Improvements
    • Updated LuaJIT to version 2.0.3
    • Reverted Entity:IsValid to its old behaviour
    • Changed Entity:PhysicsInitBox behaviour to be more consistent with Entity:PhysicsInitConvex (no longer creates a broken physics object in some cases)
    • game.GetWorld is now shared
    • Player:HasWeapon and Player:GetWeapon are now shared
    • Entity(0) now returns the world on both server and client
    • Entities can now have up to 64 DT vars of each type (except strings)
    • Player:Kick and Player:Ban kick/ban reasons are now optional and may contain newlines
    • SWEP holdtypes are now properly networked
    • Vector and angle access using a numerical index rather than x/y/z is now slightly faster
    • gui.OpenURL now clamps URLs to 511 characters max
    • Added safeguards to mesh library functions
    • Entity:GetMaxHealth() is now shared again and properly networked
    • Entity:DrawViewModel now takes an optional second argument which controls which viewmodel to show/hide (defaults to 0)
    • Moved Entity:Disposition, GetActivity, IsNPCMoving, IsUnreachable to NPC:Disposition, GetActivity, IsMoving, IsUnreachable
    • Trace tables now accept an "output" parameter which may contain the table in which trace results should be written
    • sound.PlayFile and sound.PlayURL callbacks now receive an error ID and error name as their second and third parameters if an error occurs
    • Weapon:CallOnClient second argument is now optional
    • Moved Player:PlayScene, NPC:PlayScene and NextBot:PlayScene to Entity metatable
    • Entity:PlayScene second argument (delay) is now optional
    • MsgC can now print text with several colors in a single call
    • Moved Player:Freeze, GodEnable, GodDisable, IsFrozen, HasGodMode to Lua
    • Clamped pitch between -90 and 90 instead of -180 and 180 for AngleRand
    • util.KeyValuesToTable and util.KeyValuesToTablePreserveOrder now accept a third parameter which prevents keys from becoming lowercased when set to true
    • vgui.LoadControlsFromFile/LoadControlsFromString now properly creates scripted panels
    • Optimized vgui.LoadControlsFromString
  • Additions
    • Added Entity:PhysicsDestroy()
    • Added Weapon:GetHoldType()
    • Added util.SharedRandom(uniqueName, min, max, additionalSeed=0)
    • Added util.BlastDamageInfo(dmginfo, origin, radius)
    • Added Entity:SetLOD(lod=-1)
    • Added Entity:SetLagCompensated(bool), IsLagCompensated()
    • Added Player:SetAllowWeaponsInVehicle(bool), GetAllowWeaponsInVehicle()
    • Added CSoundPatch:SetDSP(dsp), GetDSP()
    • Added IGModAudioChannel:EnableLooping(bool)
    • Added IGModAudioChannel:PlayFile(path, flags, callback)
    • Added optional second argument to Entity:SetPhysicsAttacker which controls expiry time
    • Added game.SetSkillLevel(int), game.GetSkillLevel()
    • Added the following hooks to scripted effects: StartTouch, Touch, EndTouch
    • Added CUserCmd:SelectWeapon(weapon_ent)
    • Added __tostring to CNavArea, CSoundPatch, IGModAudioChannel, PhysObj, dlight_t metatables
    • Added PhysObj:GetName()
    • Added CNavArea:Draw(), IsUnderwater(), GetSizeX(), GetSizeY(), IsRoughlySquare(), IsFlat(), GetZ(pos), IsOverlapping(pos, tolerance), Contains(pos), IsCoplanar(navArea), GetClosestPointOnArea(pos), IsVisible(pos), GetCorner(cornerId)
    • Added navmesh.GetNavAreaCount(), GetNavArea(pos, beneathLimit), GetNavAreaByID(id), BeginGeneration(), IsGenerating(), GetPlayerSpawnName(), SetPlayerSpawnName(), AddWalkableSeed(pos, normal), ClearWalkableSeeds()
    • Added Entity:IsDormant()
    • Added ENT:Blocked(other)
    • Added Color:__tostring, Color:__eq and Color:ToHSV
    • Added gui.InternalKeyTyped(code)
  • Removals
    • Removed "loop" flag from sound.PlayURL
    • Removed support for vm_origin and vm_angles from GM:CalcView

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“It brings back the silly glee of unbridled experimentation, intuitive learning and playful social interactions that most of us haven't experienced since childhood. For that, it's essential.”
88 – PC Gamer

Sobre este jogo

Garry's Mod é uma ferramenta para experimentar com a física. Diferentemente dos outros jogos, não há metas ou objetivos pré-definidos. Nós te damos as ferramentas e te deixamos livre para brincar com elas.
Use objetos e junte-os para criar sua própria engenhoca – pode ser um carro, um foguete, uma catapulta ou alguma coisa que ainda não tem nome – é por sua conta.
Se você não é muito bom com construções - não se preocupe! Você pode colocar vários personagens em posições engraçadas.

Requisitos de sistema

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows® Vista/XP/2000
    • Processor: 1.7 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 512MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX® 8.1 level Graphics Card (Requires support for SSE)
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB
    • Other Requirements: Internet Connection
    • Processor: Pentium 4 processor (3.0GHz, or better)
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card
    Mínimo: OS X versão Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, 1GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8 ou melhor, ou ATI X1600 ou melhor, ou Intel HD 3000 ou melhor, Mouse, Teclado, Conexão com Internet
Análises úteis de usuários
21 de 23 pessoas (91%) acharam esta análise útil
31.7 hrs registradas
Publicada: 17 de novembro
O que dizer de um jogo que era apenas um "Modder" para alguns jogos e que acabou-se tornando um ?

Neste jogo você pode fazer o que bem entender com personagens, cenários e tudo o que tiver direito. Existem ainda um modo cooperativo, a possibilidade de criar engenhocas com técnicas avançadas e uma função na qual é possível transformar as criações em celebridades pela composição de pequenos filmes, normalmente cheios de humor.

Neste jogo, a zoeira não tem limites e sua imaginação é o que dita o que será criado. Pessoas minúsculas com cabeças enormes? Explosões por todos os lados? Zumbis pançudos? Seja lá o que esteja passando na sua cabeça, pode virar realidade se você tiver domínio do Garry’s Mod.

Recomendo a todos que curtam jogos Sandbox.

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Publicada: 18 de novembro

Some people just ran into Garry's Mod and say "What the f**k is that?" Yes, at first is a little bit difficulty to understand what is Garry's Mod. But when you get into it, you can't go out. Made in Source Engine based on Half Life 2, in Garry's Mod there is no limits. You can do everything you want, when you want. Using objects of Valve games installed in your Steam, you can create anything, buildings, NPC battles (so cool lol) and even movies! The game have infinite possibilities. You really j can do everything! And with the mods, there is REALLY nothing you can't do. You can be any character of any video game with mods, including Snake, Kratos and a lot of other characters. With a lot of tools, you can do what you want to characters, ragdolls, NPC, and whathever you are using. You can download the "Best GMod 13" mod pack on Workshop and then, you are free, you have everything and can do everything with everything! Having millions of vehicles, guns, even swords, really everything of everything! What you gonna do with these tools, is up to you! Welcome to Garry's Mod, a new world of possibilities. And there is even multiplayer.

+Updated every year
+A lot of tools to do anything
+Mods to do anything you want
+2004 graphics but still cool (thanks to Source)
+A lot of maps to do your creation
+Best noob-friendly movie creator lol
+Easy Gameplay, just a little complex
+A lot of online gamemodes to play with friends
+A lot of new things/maps if you have other Valve games
+Very funny. This game is the fun itself.
+Active Community: More than 400.000 workshop mods!
+Playing with physics and positioning characters and buildings

Garry's Mod is the perfect tool to do anything. And have thousands of mods 10/10



Algumas pessoas apenas olham em Garry's Mod e dizem: "O que cara*** é isso?" Sim, em primeiro lugar é um pouco díficil para entender o que é Garry's Mod. Mas quando você se acostuma, você não pode sair. Feito na Source Engine baseado em Half Life 2, no Garry's Mod não há limites. Você pode fazer tudo que quiser, quando quiser. Usando objetos de jogos da Valve instalados no seu Steam, você pode criar qualquer coisa, as construções, as batalhas de NPC (tão legal lol) e até mesmo filmes! O jogo tem infinitas possibilidades. Você realmente pode fazer tudo! E com os mods, não há realmente nada você não pode fazer. Você pode ser qualquer personagem de qualquer jogo de vídeo com mods, incluindo Snake, Kratos e um monte de outros personagens com uma grande quantidade de ferramentas, você pode fazer o que quiser com personagens , ragdolls, NPCs, ou qualquer coisa qie você estiver usando. Você pode baixar o "Best GMod 13" Modpack no Workshop e, em seguida, você é livre, você tem tudo e pode fazer tudo com qualquer coisa! Tendo milhões de veículos, armas, mesmo espadas, realmente tudo de tudo! O que você vai fazer com essas ferramentas, cabe á você! Bem-vindo ao Garry Mod, um novo mundo de possibilidades. E há ainda multiplayer.

+Atualizado todo ano
+Um monte de ferramentas para fazer qualquer coisa
+Mods para fazer o que quiser
+Gráficos de 2004, mas ainda legais (graças a Source)
+Um monte de mapas para fazer a sua criação
+Melhor criador de filmes noob-friendly lol
+Fácil Jogabilidade, um pouco complexo apenas
+Um monte de gamemodes online para jogar com os amigos
+Um monte de novas coisas / mapas, se você tem outros jogos da Valve
+Muito divertido! Esse jogo é a encarnação da zueira!
+Comunidade Ativa: Mais de 400.000 mods no Workshop!
+Brincar com a física e posicionar personagens e construções

Garry's Mod é a ferramenta perfeita para fazer qualquer coisa. E tem milhares de mods 10/10
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4 de 5 pessoas (80%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 5 de novembro
que delicia de jogo cara, ai que deliciaaa!
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4 de 5 pessoas (80%) acharam esta análise útil
12.9 hrs registradas
Publicada: 14 de novembro
Se eu pudesse matava mil, qui eu sô cabra-ômi!
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2 de 2 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
258.8 hrs registradas
Publicada: 21 de novembro
Oque dizer com esse jogo ne , RECOMENDO 100 % , principalmente com os amigos, se voce que esta lendo isso e queira comprar , compra imediatamente , pois eu diverti mtt , ri pra krl , recomendo muito , vale a pena comprar , mesmo sendo 17 conto ^^
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Publicada: 11 de novembro
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Publicada: 15 de novembro
Best Game Ever
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Publicada: 12 de novembro
nossa esse jogo é muito marotp O/ muito bom recomendavel, da para vc fazer coisas legais como matar seus parças, tem tudo de bom kkkkkkkk só zoeira mas assim esse game é massa
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1 de 1 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 12 de novembro
Muito legal
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Publicada: 9 de novembro
Você achou esta análise útil? Sim Não
1 de 1 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 16 de novembro
. Muito bom e divertido =]
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Publicada: 31 de outubro
muito loko
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1 de 1 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
70.2 hrs registradas
Publicada: 18 de novembro
Jogo muito bom,zueir,varios modos,recomendo
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1 de 1 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
13.7 hrs registradas
Publicada: 22 de novembro
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1 de 1 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 21 de novembro
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1 de 1 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
118.3 hrs registradas
Publicada: 23 de novembro
garry's mod é um jogo muito bom. Jogando sozinho, o jogo pode ser bem intediante, mas o seu multiplayer é ótimo!
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1 de 1 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 25 de novembro
Muito Divertido , existe variedades de coisas para fazer :)
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2 de 3 pessoas (67%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 14 de novembro
O jogo é simplesmente incrível, existe uma infinidade de coisas para se fazer nele, desde addons, jogos e outros estilos de diversão, sem falar dos servidores, que além de possuir uma diversidade de modos de jogo incrível nunca faz o jogador enjoar, sempre inovando com novos sistemas ricos em pura diversão e imersão
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Publicada: 30 de outubro
esse jogo e muito bom e tem graficos bons tambem da pra se divertir
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Publicada: 2 de novembro
TOP :)
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