You become a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of society, and team up with your friends to remain among the living.
Käyttäjäarvostelut: Erittäin myönteinen (103,475 arvostelua)
Julkaisupäivä: 7. heinä, 2014

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Early Access -peli

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Kehittäjien kertomaa:

Miksi Early Access?

“More things are constantly being added and the experience will change over time. It's less beta testing at this point and more expanding on the game, although bugs and glitches are inevitable.”

Miten kauan Early Access -vaihe suunnilleen kestää?

“Most likely for several months, but it will depend on what the community thinks.”

Miten täysi versio eroaa Early Access -versiosta?

“The current final release goal is to improve graphics, upgrade networking functionality, create more content and provide full Windows, OSX and Linux support.”

Millainen on Early Access -version nykyinen tila?

“The game is completely playable with hours and hours of content to explore.”

Hinnoitellaanko peli toisin Early Accessin aikana ja sen jälkeen?

“It will remain free, but the abilities provided by Gold may change. Nothing that will make the game pay to win, however.”

Miten yhteisö otetaan mukaan kehitysprosessiin?

“Throughout all of the development so far popularly recommended ideas have been added to the game. This will continue through the Steam release with the forums. The Steam Workshop could also be integrated to allow the community to create their own content. Polls are widely used to gauge community interest in various ideas.”
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Kuraattoreiden suosittelema

"Minecraft + DayZ = Where could anybody go wrong :D Seriously addictive multiplayer survival game!"

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23. joulukuu Update Notes


If you're interested in testing out this patch head on over to the Preview branch! You can gain access using the secret passcode "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF" in the Betas tab.


  • Added bedrolls. (IDs 288-295)
  • Added metal bar. (ID 285)
  • Added vault door. (ID 286)
  • Added bars fortification. (ID 287)
  • Added ability to drag map when zoomed in.
  • Added icons when starving, dehydrating, toxic and drowning.
  • Added property to resources to choose amount of scaling.
  • Chat uses nicknames if the player is in your group.
  • If a player doesn't have a nickname any group information will use their character name.
  • Increased spawnrate of vaccine.
  • Increased width of magazine label.
  • Fixed top floor of mansion missing a door slot.
  • Fixed group tags staying up while scoped in.
  • Fixed a player collision issue when inside vehicles.
  • Fixed barricade related crash on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed a random number issue with guns on client.
  • Fixed dynamic variant of concrete impact.
  • Fixed fortifications getting stuck on requiring a window.
  • Fixed a crash when loading maps with incorrectly configured navigation.
Tomorrow there may be a small silent update to fix whatever major bugs emerge from this update, but I am now taking my week off so don't expect any new content until January. The last day of December will be a recap post and the January roadmap.

Have a nice winter break and merry christmas if you celebrate that!

Thanks for reading!

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22. joulukuu Update Notes


If you're interested in testing out this patch head on over to the Preview branch! You can gain access using the secret passcode "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF" in the Betas tab.


  • Added maple, birch and pine doors. (IDs 281-283)
  • Added jail door. (ID 284)
  • Added door slots to all existing models and structures.
  • Added barricade and structure blocking messages.
  • Added option to swap between primary and secondary terrains, beforehand it was based on whether the editor was in or out of bounds.
  • Improved turnaround time on new player related information.
  • Improved main game interface layout, however still looking for feedback on this.
  • Improved feeling of forest density.
  • Safety alert goes away right after turning it off or 2 seconds.
  • Increased number of vehicles per map.
  • Disabled motion on hint box since it was distracting.
  • Wrecked up the old jail door model.
  • Fixed saving destroyed vehicles.
  • Fixed crash when deleting navigation flag.
  • Fixed wrong color returned in ligthing.
  • Fixed gold chat field without gold.
  • Fixed getting into vehicles as passenger.
  • Fixed crash when adding/removing from a nonexistant tier.
  • Fixed a bug with stopping inventory and surrender animations.
  • Fixed vehicles loading into eachother when starting up the server.
  • Fixed main undo with border.
Thanks for reading!

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“I think what is there looks pretty promising, to be honest.”
-rocket2guns (DayZ Creator)

Steam Greenlight

Tietoja pelistä

Unturned is a sandbox game in the emerging multiplayer apocalypse survival genre. Rather than focusing on being an MMO it provides players with easy systems to sit down and survive the zombie infestation with their friends. Over the course of a typical adventure, groups will have a blast fortifying locations, scavenging for supplies, trying to live off the land and negotiating with other people. The game is being developed entirely with the community in focus, and tons of features are based entirely on feedback:

Players can build massive forts out of structural building blocks, or build onto smaller buildings in the world with barricades. It is also possible to create traps and intricate electronic systems. More options for building are constantly being added based on what the community requests.

It is entirely possible to live off the wilderness by harvesting trees and rocks, growing crops and hunting animals down. What sort of survival stuff is added is entirely decided by the community.

The game goes where the community wants it to. The initial release map is set on the lovely Prince Edward Island, but over the next few months many more locations will arrive for players to explore depending on what the community wants to see. Currently the island has plenty of interesting locations to discover and loot.

Players can choose to enter player versus player servers and battle other players to steal their gear. Banditry is highly supported with plenty of weapons and sneaky devices.

Players can join player versus environment servers to team up with other people, and easily create clans to play with their pals.

Early Access:
This is the first public release of the game, but new features and content are constantly getting added as a result of community feedback. You can see how far the game has come with the help of the community since the original testing prototype:


Mac OS X
    • OS: XP
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 256 MB available space
    • OS: Leopard
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 256 MB available space
Hyödylliset arvostelut
1/1 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
21.3 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 26. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Good game
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
1/2 (50%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
5.0 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 30. marraskuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Buginen vielä, mutta hyvä noin niinku muuten.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
82/92 (89%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
60.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 8. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Unturned is another post-apocalyptic survival type game...
What sets it apart from the handful of other survival games coming out lately (After the success of things like minecraft and DayZ) is the heart, the community, the developer, and the fact that it's free haha.
I wouldn't say this game is amazing or inventive, but it is really really fun! The graphics are pretty basic, smooth flat coloured surfaces and blocky character models... but I like them a lot. I think the graphics, more than simple, are just plain charming. I love the silly character customization too. And who doesn't want to be able to survive in the apocalypse with their friends? Multiplayer for games like these is necessary, and I'm glad Unturned supports multiplayer gameplay.

I've heard a lot of people complaining that the beginning is too hard, but honestly as soon as I found a melee weapon I felt pretty set. If anything, I think the gameplay is too easy as it is right now. (This is before the big 3.0 update that is currently in developement) Once I established a base to store things in my character just stopped dying haha. Crafting is confusing and unintuitive though and I felt like it really took too many resources. (But maybe that's just me) the update is fixing that though with a built in crafting menu that gives you recipes based on the resources you have in your inventory. (As far as I can tell)
Once the newest version is released it will have a custom map maker as well! It's fairly easy to use once you've tinkered with it a little bit. I've already seen some amazing content from the community!

Anyway, If you're looking for something different from minecraft and dayz, look elsewhere.
But if you want a fun and simple survival game with lots of respawning zombies to headshot and constant content and gameplay updates, try it out. Why not? It's free! It also has some great PvP potential! (Hiding in fields, wearing camoflauge to sneak up on people, using things like trees, bushes, buildings to stealth with, etc)
Also, the game is being overhauled and so far the beta of the newest version really is adding a lot of improvements! I can't wait to see where this game goes!

Before I finish I'm going to say that the developer (Nelson Sexton) really puts a lot of hard work into this game. He listens to the community well and updates more than the other early access games I'm keeping my eyes on. I really apreciate how much time and effort he manages to put into Unturned.

I recommend buying gold if you like this game! The bonuses are worth the $5. (In my humble opinion)
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
63/79 (80%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
7.9 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 12. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Shot a zombe in the head, and it went in to orbit
10/10 would shoot again
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
55/69 (80%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
21.0 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 29. marraskuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
This game is Great! I played it once before, and didn't like it. I tried it a second time and I absoloutly loved it. Aside from being free, you can play with friends. It's defidentally something for your library. GET IT NOW.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
68/90 (76%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
522.1 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 13. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
I regret nothing
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
40/45 (89%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
64.0 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 29. marraskuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
I started out playing this game punching trees thinking I was in a blocky game of mining, but I wasn't. I got the newsflash when I was gangbanged by 8 harmless looking zombies. I tried to fight back, swinging away with my flashlight, trying to get away but, was ripped limb from limb. Now, after a few long months, I have become a god with metal barricades and doors blocking my lighthouse base.

11/10 would get gangbanged again
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
54/70 (77%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
3.6 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 9. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
G-g-great fun to play with S-Stan, Eric and K-Kyle!

Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
32/35 (91%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
11.7 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 18. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Found a shotgun, got naked, drove a pickup truck then put on a cowboy hat.

11/10 would America again.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
35/45 (78%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
24.4 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 30. marraskuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Extremly good game considering its a singel developer at age 16 who originated from a roblox game
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
22/24 (92%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
5.4 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 16. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
A game where you start off from nothing to something, Minecraft has taught the developers the theme, but alot different. You play to survive against zombies and scavenge through towns to get food, clothes, weapons, water, ect. The weapons are common, food is scarce, and the animals are also a pain sometimes, but it's cool that the game formulates being an actual predator and not screw up your chances for survival. There's another mode known as arena, which is basically Minecraft PvP and building your homes. Crafting is also a bit complicated, I kinda hated bringing the crafting guide up every time I try to build things like foundations, chests, ect. But, overall, I enjoy the fun aspects of it and playing with friends makes it a whole lot better (but starting a server is complicated believe it or not). The game's free, so I hope free speaks your language.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
20/21 (95%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
12.6 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 11. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Got premium and it's pretty fun with friend.
However, it really needs official multiplayer servers for premium players.
Ordinary servers or community-hosted Gold servers are still fun but sometimes they glitch horribly or,
they just restart in the middle of everything though you get to keep the items on you. Just not your house ;-;

Good game.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
12/14 (86%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
33.7 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 20. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
10/10 would bang.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
20/29 (69%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
15.1 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 11. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Seems like a Dayz for poor people? Wrong! This is something much better, initialy when you join a server you will have nothing (you are nude), you will search for supplies, weapons, whatever you need. But theres always other players! I myself became frustrated when i keept getting killed by snipers roaming about in police cars with sirens on, i tought they were hackers but i were wrong.

One day i met a black dressed man who asked me if i wanted to join his team and of course i said yes! He then spawned in several machineguns, armors, food and a police car came flying down from the sky and landed on that little annoying microspammer.

I had not known that he was actually an admin and so i joined his team, we sat down in the police car. Turned sirens on and began hunting anything that was alive, zombies, animals, players (Mostly nude players) i spent half an hour sitting in the car shooting with my glorious machine gun not having to worry about running out of ammo because i had 20 clips. We drove over and shot anything in our sight.

Don't fool yourself, there is no competetive multiplayer. Servers exist so that The Owner and his friends can hunt down nude players with machineguns in a police car while players scream: "Hackers!" "Help!" "Why you do this?"

Best manslaughter simulator ever 10/10
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
11/13 (85%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
15.3 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 17. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Naked And Clueless. Finnaly a game that represents me and understands my pain.... 10/10
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
9/10 (90%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
13.1 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 21. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Unturned is like a poor man's DayZ. It's a zombie survival game in which you need to survive and collect resources. It has both singleplayer and multiplayer and blocky graphics.

+works without many bugs
+is not that resource heavy on your computer
+realistic scopes and many weapons
+actually dangerous zombies if you let them get too close
+detailed crafting system
+big maps
+has vehicles and animals
+the rifles have some serious killing power

-minecrafty graphics
-gets boring after you have collected everything
-easy to farm (items respawn when you go back to main menu)
-you starve easily
-ammo is hard to find and pistols are WEAK

I highly recommend this game becouse of the high level of detail in this game... and it's completely free! 4.5/5
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
10/12 (83%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
4.3 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 1. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
This game is possibly one of the simplest crafted gamed, and at the same time, the most addicting zombie game I've ever played. I do agree that this game looks a bit low in quality, but there are a few good things for this:

#1: These low qualities provide better gameplay for almost ANYONE, but if you can't get it running perfectly, than something may be wrong with your computer.
#2: Low qualities may give children the idea to play without realizing acatly what they're doing (Meaning this game is pretty kid friendly graphics-wise).
#3: Finally, these qualities provide a much simpler understanding when it comes todetermining what an object looks. For some people, this is good to recognize things easily both inside and outside gameplay!

Not only that, but this game has a very simple gaming mechaninc, including crafting and realistic-looking driving. However, I would suggest a bigger map, as it isn't very big at the moment. Otherwise, this game deserves praise from me and a solid 9/10! :D
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
11/14 (79%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
16.7 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 16. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
The first time I started playing Unturned I found two vibrating smoking police cars while being chased by half the undead population while trippin balls 10/10 would recommend
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
9/11 (82%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
42.5 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 10. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
I played once before and didn't like it, the second time I just loved it.


Better than DayZ 11/10
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei
9/12 (75%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
97.9 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 6. joulukuu.
Early Access -arvostelu
Great game cant wait for 3.0 little lack of content but a great game to play with freinds!
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei