Freeze time and manipulate the world with endless possibilities: build the solution YOU want where nothing is scripted and levels can be solved in multiple ways. When Super Meat Boy meets Braid, you may die repeatedly and enjoy it!
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发行日期: 2014年2月7日


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Freeze time and manipulate the world with endless possibilities: build the solution YOU want where nothing is scripted and levels can be solved in multiple ways. When Super Meat Boy meets Braid, you may die repeatedly and enjoy it! With its unique blend of precision platforming and time-stopping physics-based puzzles, feel like a hero when you succeed!

Your name is Ethan, a rat that got touched by meteorites giving him the power of telekinesis: freezing time and moving objects around him. He is now looking for more meteorites that fell in his surroundings to get more power and his revenge against his neighbor who destroyed Ethan's house!

They played Ethan

Key Features

  • When Super Meat Boy and Braid got together - Unique blend of precision platforming and time-stopping physics-based puzzles to race through a gauntlet of ruthless hazards
  • "Okay just one more try" enabled - Difficult without frustration as you respawn instantly: you don't know it yet, but you'll love killing Ethan
  • Telekinetic gameplay with real time physics - Pause time and move a wide array of objects with their different properties to build the solution you want, nothing is scripted: levels can be solved in multiple ways. Examples? HERE or also HERE!
  • Play more than 50 levels within 3 different worlds
  • Hardcore completionist gamers wanted - getting all the fragments, 100% of the achievements and secret bonuses
  • Replay value - Time-attack, fragment collection or minimum number of pause goals in each level
  • Leaderboards - once you've mastered the levels, will you be the fastest one?


    • 操作系统: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8
    • 处理器: Dual Core 2 GHZ
    • 内存: 2 GB RAM
    • 图形: DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphic card with 256 MB of VRAM or more
    • DirectX 版本: 9.0c
    • 存储空间: 需要 900 MB 可用空间
    • 声卡: DirectX 9.0c- compatible sound card
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A tough 2D puzzle-platformer that gets a lot harder along the way but is a little more focused on precision platforming and a bit less on tough puzzles.

Both keyboard & mouse and a controller work pretty well with this game with me using the keyboard & mouse a lot more often mainly for the frequent puzzle sections that come up where it helps with allowing me to be a little more precise on object placement thanks to the mouse controls. The controller works well for everything else.

You start off in a tutorial level which I don't think tells you everything you need to know so you'd have to do your own learning.
There are three worlds you go through with 17 levels each (I think) including one side scrolling shooter stage, a platforming stage where you go straight up on a pogo stick with the screen only fixated on going up, and a boss stage (plus one extra stage per world if you clear all levels in that world). The pogo stick and shooter stages are incredibly straightforward but weren't actually bad and I'd have wished that there were a wee bit more than just one of those stages per world.
The puzzle-platformer part the game consists of requires a bit more from the player as it actually takes a bit of thinking and somewhat precise controls & reflex to avoid constantly dying and restarting so you'd have to take advantage of its physics engine and just get decent at platforming in general. To be a bit more forgiving you'd be restarting from very frequent checkpoints available.
I thought the puzzles themselves weren't all that unique or innovative or whatever and they're not incredibly difficult but they still require a bit of thought. I did find it kind of cool that you can solve many of the puzzles in more than just one way especially the puzzles that mix with the platforming. The Steam store page says it's a bit like Braid (though I hardly saw it at all) because practically all the puzzles in this game require a limited use per stage of you stopping time and moving objects around within a given area to progress to the end of the stage. The puzzles work for the most part until they get a bit more complicated. Because the puzzles also rely on physics, sliding and placing blocks around can get wonky. For [example] if you're trying to slide a block down a slot or space with the same shape as the block the block itself could wedge itself a bit and likely not even fall down. Or maybe as you're trying to insert a block into an equally shaped slot you could easily bump a corner and the block wouldn't fall down just because you were only a wee bit off in trying to insert the thing into the hole.[/example] I'm not sure if that's part of the difficulty where precision is required even in the puzzle sections.

As well as simply reaching the goal, each stage consists of three types of optional challenges available you can take separately whenever you want to test you out a bit further. There's the fragment challenge, pause challenge, and time challenge (with the exception of the shooter and pogo stick stages where they only just have the fragment and time challenges). The fragment challenge is just the "collect all the scattered items in the stage" deal typical of many other platformers. The pause challenge is where you're only allowed to use pause a certain amount of times or less than stated per stage. The time challenge is just simply a speed run challenge where you have to reach the end of the goal before the allotted time.

Game ain't too bad I thought even if the concept of the game's theme revolving around mice were a bit off putting to me.

Side-note: I noticed that many of the negative reviews's main points for this game are that it's too hard. Unless maybe it's the kind of hard where you have to remember something's there to prepare yourself beforehand or else even if you react fast enough you lose (or unfair) then I think that's a terrible reason especially since it's said on the store page that it's going to be a bit tough.
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This is a lame attempt to jump on the "puzzle platformer" bandwagon just as it was getting saturated and completely played out
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游戏第一关挑战就难住了,怎么也想不明白不要暂停过去.游戏本身素质不错,我是已经没 信心了,手残啊:(
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