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Potete fermare il tempo e manipolare il mondo con una fisica dinamica che apre infinite possibilità: potrete superare gli enigmi e le piattaforme nel modo che preferite. Nulla è precalcolato e i livelli possono essere risolti in tantissimi modi. L’incontro tra Super Meat Boy e Braid: Morirete in continuazione, ma vi piacerà.
Data di rilascio: 7 feb 2014
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Introducing Inside My Radio

2 giugno

We’re super happy to introduce our new project – Inside My Radio!


Inside My Radio is a rhythm-action platformer game where you start as a little green guy living inside a broken boombox. During your quest to fix it, you journey through different musical worlds where all the actions you perform must be synchronized with the beat of the music.

Check out the official website for more information, follow us on Twitter for latest news or like on Facebook!

Inside My Radio is planned for digital stores on PC and Consoles sometimes when it’s ready… We may do a Kickstarter in the Summer so keep in touch!

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Ethan releases on PS Vita next week! Steam sale too!

10 aprile


Today I’m very happy to announce Ethan: Meteor Hunter will release on PlayStation Vita on 15th April (SCEA) / 16th April (SCEE) for $9.99 / £7.99 / 9.99€!

PS Plus members can claim a 20% discount for the launch week and the game is of course cross buy with the PlayStation 3 version!

PS Vita version features touch screen and rear touch pad to manipulate objects, I’ll let you have a look on official PlayStation Blog on how it looks (GIF overused) over here!

Let’s not forget about Steam and try to get some exposure here with a weeklong deal starting Monday with 75% off to enjoy!

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news! We will be soon announcing our next game...

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Informazioni sul gioco

Potete fermare il tempo e manipolare il mondo con una fisica dinamica che apre infinite possibilità: potrete superare gli enigmi e le piattaforme nel modo che preferite. Nulla è precalcolato e i livelli possono essere risolti in tantissimi modi. L’incontro tra Super Meat Boy e Braid: Morirete in continuazione, ma vi piacerà. Imparerete a dominare il gameplay a base di morti sul colpo e vi sentirete degli eroi!


Elenco Caratteristiche

  • Oltre 50 livelli in 3 diversi mondi
  • Gameplay telecinetico: I giocatori muovono elementi dell’ambiente per creare un percorso verso l’uscita
  • Enigmi basati sulla fisica: Grazie all’uso della fisica in tempo reale e a una vasta scelta di oggetti con diverse proprietà, ogni giocatore può trovare il suo modo personale di risolvere un enigma
  • Sfide multiple: Obiettivi di corsa contro il tempo, raccolta di frammenti o numero minimo di pause in ciascun livello. Inoltre, ottimizzato per le speedrun!

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: Dual Core 2 GHZ
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphic card with 256 MB of VRAM or more
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 900 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c- compatible sound card
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A lot better than I expected! 4/5
- Very challenging puzzles and platforming.
- Good variety of challenges.
- About 3 leaderboards per stage. Clear time, fragments collected, and pauses used.
- 3 worlds with many stages. The game is hard enough to make you spend a lot of time trying to beat it. (I spent an hour on a stage once...)
- Lots of replayability for every stage due to built-in challenges for low clear time, fragments collected, minimal pauses used and leaderboards.
- Physics are well done. Momentum needs to be manipulated as well. Tons of possibilities.
- Multiple ways to complete stages.
- In-game art/graphics are decent.
- Animations are smooth.
- Quick restarts, instant respawns.
- Controller support (though I prefer KB/M on this game)
- Sound effects are decent 3/5. They don't bother me.
- Music never got annoying, I never felt like I had to turn off the music, even after many hours of playing.
- Steam Card drops.
- Has achievements (better than none)
- No RNG. This is great news for speedrunners. (This would be an entertaining game to see speedruns of, it's like Super Meat Boy)
- No bugs from what I've seen so far. (Aside from a tiny one with the restart dialogue popping up continuously if you spam the confirm button on keyboard or controller)
- Some stages have cheese hidden in hard to reach places.

- Story is lacking, but is not absent.
- The opening cutscene to a new game is not very good.
- The game can't be minimized in windowed mode.
- Configuration limited to resolution, VSync, fullscreen/windowed, and FXAA on/off. But you would likely not benefit from any more options than these on this game anyway.
Not many cons, you see. Try it out.
Pubblicata: 17 aprile
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Ethan: Meteor Hunter is an atypical platform game. Mixing a classic platformer with distinctive elements has definitely been a good idea. The game is difficult, but the level design is extremely good and the game worth its small price.Ethan: Meteor Hunter has good ideas, but it lacks variety of challenges and its control is imprecise.Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a solid platformer, but it lacks the character and exceptionality.If you like this kind of games, especially those harder than the average puzzle/platformer, it well deserves a try. However, it fails to show any outstanding feature. Overall 6/10.
Pubblicata: 28 luglio
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There have been a lot of 2D platformers hitting the various download services recently. In order to stand out you need to do something different and do it well. Ethan: Meteor Hunter aims to mix the precision and difficulty of the Super Meatboys of the world with some old fashioned block/tile sliding puzzles (the things that used to drive us mad as kids and when you could never get the last piece in the right place).

You play a mouse named Ethan who needs to navigate a number of platform/puzzle levels while gathering chunks of meteor and eating cheese. While it might not sound that original it certainly does things a bit differently. The platforming elements are handled in pretty much the same way as a Cloudberry Kingdom or Super Meatboy, that being that they require precision jumps and timing with constant traps and dangers ready to kill you instantly.

Ethan is more about precision than breakneck speed and your character handles differently than you may expect. Handling has changed a little from the PS3 game and there is a better flow to your movement. This allows for the more fluid run that the levels seem to be designed for. There are also numerous checkpoints to avoid having to repeat large sections and the improved handling does help to lower the frustration, however it is still a very difficult game.

The main gimmick is the ability to use telekinetic powers to move blocks around to create platforms and solve puzzles. This, for the most part, works really well and adds variety to the game. Sometimes you’ll be simply moving blocks around to get to the next area, while at others you’ll need to be in a constant flow of jumping and pausing to move blocks to block flames or traps as you pass by. It’s in sections like this that the game really comes to life and the creativity of the development team really shines through.

Levels themselves are designed to the highest standard and just about every conceivable way of twisting the basic mechanics is brought to the table. This means the game is always throwing something new at you or asking you to think about how to use your skills and abilities to reach the next area.

Players need to stay sharp as this is a tough game from the start. You will die and die often and it’s certainly the type of game to cause controller smashing. Most of the time this is due to the player but there are odd occasions where the controls will let you down (it is much less prevalent than the PS3 version though). There are also a few minor issues that add to frustration. The main one of these involves small cut scenes or animations, especially when fighting bosses. You really don’t need to see a five second animation sequence over and over every time you die and it can tarnish the experience at times.

Another minor irritation is the timing of some of the sequences. In areas where things drop from the ceiling or roll along it seems that, on occasion, they don’t start quickly enough. This means that after death you then have to wait a few seconds for the object to get moving before you start charging off as otherwise you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and die again. These are all minor issues but in a game as difficult as this it does add to the frustration when you have to repeat a section a large number of times.

Overall, Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a brash, inventive and challenging platformer. It has strong level design and a lot of imagination through its fifty or so levels. It certainly shows a lot of potential, the few minor issues with timing and controls seems to have been smoothed out somewhat since the PS3 release which creates a more enjoyable experience. For those looking for more platforming action this is another must have, just be prepared to smash a few pads on your way to conquering the game.

Overall 8/10
Pubblicata: 29 giugno
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This is a platformer with puzzle elements, consisting of pausing the fast-paced jump-and-avoid-action to very methodically place wooden blocks to form stairs, bridges and whatnots. The idea is cool enough, but the pause-and-action-system really screws up the immersion. It's a few hours of pretty solid gameplay, but most of the time it isn't very fun, just annoying. The puzzles aren't that hard; they require more luck than anything.

4/10, I'd say.
Pubblicata: 5 maggio
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This game is an absolute blast. Hard as hell at times, fun at all times. Great work.
Pubblicata: 28 maggio
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I really dig this game. I stumbled upon it during the sale and it looked like a decent platformer.
Being a fan of the genre I decided to give it a go and I was not dissapointed. I was actually quite impressed.

I'm very competitive so the leaderboard is a really nice feature. After being inspired by the video posted of a Time Attack on the first map I decided to give it a go myself and soon I would find myself battling it out versus one of the developers of the game.

Even if the competitive aspect isn't your forte the game still has a lot to offer. It looks amazing, it controls well and the levels are really well made (and there's plenty of them!)

If you like platformers I can't imagine you'd be dissapointed with this game
Pubblicata: 10 febbraio
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“Finalista allo Indie Showcase Develop 2013 "
Brighton, luglio 2013

“Finalista allo Indium Game Contest 2013, European Fantastic Film Festival "
Strasburgo, settembre 2013