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Scopri il vasto mondo di Nihilumbra e unisciti al Born nel suo viaggio alla ricerca di sé, mentre tenta di fuggire dalla sua inevitabile maledizione. Il Primogenito è scaturito dal Nulla più assoluto. Venuto alla luce abbandonando il Vuoto, egli intraprenderà una lunga odissea durante la quale imparerà a sfruttare i colori che lo...
Data di rilascio: 25 Set 2013
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Win a Nihilumbra interactive making-off app by sharing with us your favourite moment in the game.

13 Giugno 2014

Grab It Magazine published an special app dedicated to Nihilumbra making off. It's full of insights and with tons of graphics and music.

We have four codes to giveaway! you only have to comment and like this post on facebook telling us your favourite moment in the game! Will decide the winners on Monday.

Link to the app: http://t.co/IYjhfD69x5

Esta semana la revista Grab It Magazine ha publicado un número especial dedicado a Nihilumbra, con un making off lleno de gráficos y muy bien ambientado. Tenemos cuatro códigos para sortear entre todos aquellos que comentéis aquí diciendo vuestro momento favorito del juego. ¡Estamos deseando conocerlo! Decidiremos los ganadores del sorteo el lunes.

Link a la app: http://t.co/IYjhfD69x5

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Nihilumbra for Android is on its way!

16 Maggio 2014

We're glad to announce Nihilumbra for Android is in the works. As you can see below, our progresses look promising! pic.twitter.com/2P8sqjJJhj


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“is the kind of game that many will look over because they think they’ve played things like it hundreds of times before. It’s not. This is a project filled with incredibly smart puzzle design and an important message at its core. Anyone who absentmindedly picked it up during a sale should do themselves a favor and play right now. If you don’t yet own it, then definitely consider making a purchase in the near future. Nihilumbra is a thoroughly enjoyable experience that will stick with you. (4.5/5)”

“The whole game is great, but for me the presentation takes Nihilumbra from being a fun and clever indie game to something really special. Its presentation rivals games like Braid and Limbo. Everything looks hand drawn and a bit ethereal, a mix between a Tim Burton movie and a Jhonen Vasquez comic. The visuals are complemented by an orchestral score that’s just Danny Elfman enough, and narration that is very well voiced for the story. The tone of the game is serious, and the presentation really supports that rather than undermining it and making it come off as silly.”

“Nihilumbra shines brightest here (Void Mode). Where the story merely hints at the potential of behind its mechanics, Void Mode demonstrates their genius. It brings out Nihilumbra’s best levels, testing your mettle while retaining the game’s penchant for easily understood puzzles. The mode tests you without employing opaque logic, making you reexamine how you approach problem solving. Plus, there’s even a couple story hooks that bring some additional closure, thus sweetening the deal. (4.5/5)”

Steam Greenlight

Informazioni sul gioco

Scopri il vasto mondo di Nihilumbra e unisciti al Born nel suo viaggio alla ricerca di sé, mentre tenta di fuggire dalla sua inevitabile maledizione.
Il Primogenito è scaturito dal Nulla più assoluto. Venuto alla luce abbandonando il Vuoto, egli intraprenderà una lunga odissea durante la quale imparerà a sfruttare i colori che lo circondano, apprendendo potenti abilità: ma il prezzo che dovrà pagare sarà altissimo.

Il Vuoto deve essere uno, lo reclama e non smetterà mai di braccarlo, distruggendo qualsiasi cosa gli si pari innanzi. Per sopravvivere, il Born sarà costretto a condannare la terra su cui cammina, facendola svanire per sempre.

Check www.nihilumbra.com for a browser demo!


  • Cambia la fisica del terreno usando cinque tinte diverse!
  • Usa cinque mondi come tele da pittura e trasformali a tuo piacimento!
  • Colonna sonora originale composta da Álvaro Lafuente.
  • Sblocca una bella sorpresa al termine dell'avventura! Longevità assicurata!

Requisiti di sistema (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space

Requisiti di sistema (MAC)

    • OS: Snow Leopard or later
    • Processor: Intel Mac
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Nihilumbra is not compatible with Apple Trackpad.

Requisiti di sistema (Linux)

    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
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Ideas+motivation=indie games.

And Nihilumbra is a good way to prove indie games can have a space on the AAA games on the market

Colors, unnending questions, and a desesperate pursuit to answer the most enigmatic question of yourself:

"Why are you here?"

Our journey begin with "Born" an unknown creature made by somehow on the Void, our character escape from it, after that you have to many question to face. To prove your existance.

This being adapt himself with a family and preferably form. A"scarecrown" (similar to a human form).

The narrator is so amazing , i consider it like a character on the story, because he is always there, he is always saying something about you, your enemy, your background, questioning yourself or giving you clues, annnything.....

The colors are an essential fact throught the story, a new color = a new power, a way to understand this new and strange world. Every single one has a purpose to help you. You would notice you eventually will need to mix them to get it done.

The OST is well done, specially on the void pursuit.

Negative things:

-Short: 3 hours to complete the main storyline (but it have a void mode to replay the story)

-The puzzles aren´t very convoluted, fews are going to stop you and make you think for a moment.

This game has the word "originality" in every part of it, that is the most remarkable of the game. Is a philosophical game with a clearly message waiting in the end. Games like this makes you faith on indie games increases.
Pubblicata: 18 Agosto 2014
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I went into this game not really expecting much, just an average adaptation of a Steam game from an app, but I was pretty surprised with how well this game translated, and I would even say that the PC version was better! Basically, you take control of a being created by "The Void", who is searching through the world, trying to discover what he is and where he belongs. Along this journey, he takes control of many different elemental powers, which makes up the basic gameplay. This may sound like an overused story with a basic platformer, but the game is extremely charming and a load of fun. Top it off with the low price of $9.99, a good soundtrack, and an overall great atmosphere, and you have a game that I can't help but recommend. The only downside that I can see with this game is the brutally punishing difficulty curve, via Void Mode. You basically go from a game that even young kids could play with relative ease, to a game that I doubt the developers themselves could beat with ease, but that's not necesarrily a bad thing, especially to anybody who wants a good challenge and added replay value. Just be prepared to be left floored by some of the especially challenging levels. Overall, this is a game that I really enjoyed playing through, and I recommend it to any platforming fans that are looking for a good side-project.

Rating: 7.5/10
Pubblicata: 2 Marzo 2014
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Nihilumbra is a platformer with a few twists. You go through many different enviroments while learning about colors, its abilities as well as yourself. The game revolves around the subject of life, death and existence. It really gets to you sometimes...having to reconsider all that you know. This game isn't complete without puzzles, some are self-explanatory while others require some thinking. There are achievements that are really easy to acquire, while others require patience and practice. Overall, the concept is unique for a standard platformer.

Highly recommend it for those looking into some good platformers. Rating: 8.5/10
Pubblicata: 20 Agosto 2014
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Really enjoyed the game, one of the few puzzle games with certain action sequences stuffed in, along with a superb atmosphere & music. I'd play it again if I could erase my memory, but am happy beating the Void Mode for now. Gosh.

+Easy for the eye & controls are easy to learn
+Brilliant music
+Beautiful graphics
+Story Mode is not too hard for even children to play

-Void Mode can be *VERY* challenging to adults (unlocked after finishing the Story Mode, of course)
^Suppose the above can be added as a positive thing for all you brainiacs/thinkers!
-Depressing story (it's still a plus, game-wise... Perhaps players can redeem themselves eventually? *cough*)
Pubblicata: 20 Maggio 2014
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Quite challenging puzzles but let down by not so good camera focusing and control system.
Not bad but there are a few better games out there of same caliber.
Pubblicata: 27 Aprile 2014
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E' un gioco carino, ottime musiche e originale l'idea del risolvere situazioni utilizzando spennellate di colori sulle superfici tramite mouse, ognuno dei quali ha delle proprietà particolari. Il primo giro si conclude in fretta ed è semplice...ma poi si sblocca la seconda modalità e quella, al di là della ripetitività dei nemici e degli stessi scenari, è davvero tosta!
Lo definirei un piccolo gioiello come lo è ad esempio anche Limbo ;)
Pubblicata: 6 Gennaio 2014
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  • App Store Best of 2012: Hidden Gems
  • Gamelab 2013: Best Game Design
  • Casual Connect Hamburgo 2012: Indie Award
  • Generació Digital: Best game 2012
  • gamingillustrated.com Best Mobile Game 2012
  • Indie Burguer Awards 2013: We want a sequel and Crowd awards