Follow a gripping, surprise-filled journey as two dissimilar characters form an uneasy partnership in order to survive through a perilous, post-apocalyptic America. 150 years in the future, war and destruction have left the world in ruins with few humans remaining and nature having reclaimed the world.
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Utgivelsesdato: 24. okt, 2013

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Om dette spillet

Follow a gripping, surprise-filled journey as two dissimilar characters form an uneasy partnership in order to survive through a perilous, post-apocalyptic America.

150 years in the future, war and destruction have left the world in ruins with few humans remaining and nature having reclaimed the world. Mysterious slave ships harvest the dwindling population and take them out west, never to return.

Trip, a technologically savvy young woman has been imprisoned by a slave ship but manages to escape using her mental prowess. Monkey, a strong, brutish loner and fellow prisoner also gets free by virtue of his raw power and brawn. Trip quickly realizes that Monkey is her ticket to freedom and is her only hope to survive her perilous journey back home. She hacks a slave headband and fits it on Monkey, linking them together. If she dies, he dies and her journey has now become his. ENSLAVED centers on the complex relationship between the two main characters. Players take on the role of Monkey, utilizing a mix of combat, strategy and environmental traversal to ensure he and Trip survive the threats and obstacles that stand in the way of their freedom.

Key Features

  • The Premium Edition includes the original critically-acclaimed game, and additional DLC content “Pigsy’s Perfect 10” as well as character enhancement skins Ninja Monkey, Classic Monkey and Sexy Trip.
  • Engaging Storyline - A post-apocalyptic retelling of the classic 400-year old novel Journey to the West co-written by famed novelist and
    screenwriter, Alex Garland.
  • A Cinematic Masterpiece - Dramatic cutscenes co-directed by Andy Serkis, who also plays the lead role of Monkey, portraying critical events that drive the story of Monkey and Trip.
  • Stunning Environments - Explore a beautiful, eerie world of war-ravaged cityscapes that have been reclaimed by nature and are fraught with danger at every turn.
  • Dynamic Combat System - Attack and defend with agile prowess using a combination of melee attacks, blocks, and intense
    takedowns. Use Monkey to overtake an enemy, steal its weapon, then rip the enemy apart systematically.


    • OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.20GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+
    • Minne: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 9600/ ATI Radeon HD 4850
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 12 GB available space
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Stort sett positive (37 anmeldelser)
Veldig positive (2,544 anmeldelser)
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( 8.0 timer registrert )
Publisert: 25. juni
To get the cons out of the way: Occasionally you find yourself stuck on a random bit of scenery. This isn't game breaking, it's not forever stuck, sometimes you just hit it at the wrong angle and you roll instead of jumping, which is only really frustating in the timed sections in which you die you don't make that jump.

Also, the camera occasionally just decides that you should definately be looking in THIS direction, right now -- which is maddening when you're trying to aim, or find the next hand hold, or whatever.

All that said, the game is fantastic. The Graphics aren't bleeding edge or anything, but it's colorful, well drawn, well animated, I'd call it decidedly pretty, and a huge relief after years of gritty brown "realism."

Combat is intuitive and easy to pick up, some of the mechanics are great fun, and as someone who is not a fighting game junkie, that means a lot.

The climbing and jumping around bits are fluid and entertaining. The characters are likeable, even though the escortee does do the occasional annoying reminding you of the objective every two minutes shtick that escortees do, you still find yourself rooting for them.

There's a romance, bit it doesn't feel awkward, or forced or slapped on in post production, it's actually a bit of a slow burn and quite enjoyable. No sudden but inevitable declarations, no because-the-back-story-said-so -- there's actual chemistry and lingering glances.

This game sucks you in, and rarely lets you up for air, so try not to start it an hour before you have to be somewhere -- you are going to be late.
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( 1.9 timer registrert )
Publisert: 25. juni
A massively annnoying and predictable jumping puzzle game with horrible controls and a jerky camera system. All other areas are mediocre. I struggled to keep playing. This has been done better with the tomb raider series. I do not recommend.
Helpful? Ja Nei Morsom
( 10.9 timer registrert )
Publisert: 25. juni
HELP!!! the courtyard scene with the jugernaut keeps glitching and the wall isnt breaking.
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( 9.9 timer registrert )
Publisert: 25. juni
Just finished this fine adventure.
Got astonished with there amazing graphics for game age. it is 2016 and this game looks pretty and vivid. Really nice voice acting. Face expressions.
I had really fun time playing this game. Interesting main story, with cloudy back story and this game left me wanting to know what happened next. I guess it is too good to hope about second part of this game or some kind of other game in the same universe to continue developing this world.
Game mechanics is easy. reminded me prince of persia just a lot less hardcore version of that. You can't jump of the cliff like in POP there you had endless ways to die.
Get xbox 360 controller or something like that. Game ment to be played on consoles and consoles input is the best. Tried with keyboard and didn't like that . finished all game with the controller.
I can recommend this game, have funny time playing it.
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Jacana jacana
( 9.8 timer registrert )
Publisert: 22. juni
in the dystopic future, please and thank you aree long dead

edit: i just noticed the 'sexy robot trip' option in the extras folder after you beat it. f that
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( 14.7 timer registrert )
Publisert: 21. juni
Great game, perhaps on the short side, but comes along with a great add on which gives you an entire new campaign to play, expanding on the story and providing new gameplay mechanics. The overall feeling gives off a well polished and solid game.
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( 6.9 timer registrert )
Publisert: 18. juni
A bit of Matrix philosophy with a touch of aesthetical and creative reinterpretation of the classic.
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( 3.1 timer registrert )
Publisert: 17. juni
It's not perfect, but it's a great game. I'm sad I missed out on this gem when it first came out. There are a few PC hickups graphically, possibly due to driver issues. But those are over shadowed by the great visuals and animations, and clever narrative between the characters. I would recommend this to anyone who is tired of games that forget good stories and mechanics go together like pb and j.
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( 10.5 timer registrert )
Publisert: 16. juni
this games is a cracker really enjoyed it good story to with plenty of action
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( 3.8 timer registrert )
Publisert: 15. juni
I really wanted to like this game but I couldn't. Nice story boring gameplay. If you are bored and trying to get more bored then this is the game for you. You will get so bored that you might start laughing and actually have fun.
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1 av 2 personer (50%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
10.2 timer registrert
Publisert: 14. juni
Enslaved is an action-plateformer with some combat where you play as Monkey, a really agile and really strong guy "enslaved" by Trip, a really intelligent girl who needs him to get back to her tribe. It's set in a post-post-apocalyptic world, apparently centuries after a war against machines. Cities have been deserted and plants have grown everywhere, but in the ruins of civilizations, ancient mechs still lurk and do what they have been programmed for : kill all humans.

Halfway through the game, after a not-so-surpising plot twist, a third character is added to the duo, Pigsy, a fat, smelly guy kinda obsessed with pigs. He will help Monkey and Trip finding and destroying the Pyramid, a place where all humans captured by mechs are enslaved... or are they ?

It's a fun and rather short little game ( maybe don't buy it full price ) combining a lot of easy climbing ( you generally can't die and there is only one path ) and some dynamic fighting, with a bit of shooting and puzzle solving. Monkey has some kind of daibo he uses to kick mech's @sses with, with a light attack, a strong attack, a wide attack and a charged electrical attack. You can also unlock a "fury" attack available after the daibo is fully charged by hitting enemies with normal attacks, and you can protect yourself with a shield, well, two shields in fact : one protects you from bullets, the other one you can activate it when attacked in melee.

The daibo can also shoot plasma and stun rays, used to deactivate enemies shields and kill them from a distance.

In addition, there is one under-used mechanic that only serves a few times in the game : the hoverboard. Called the Cloud ( like the Magical Cloud in Dragon Ball ), it's a really fast disc that Monkey can use at very specific locations to get accross water for example, or fight fast bosses.

And then there is Trip. You can't control her directly, but you can give her orders, she can generate a decoy to attract enemy fire, heal you, and she'll mostly be used to open locked doors, hack stuff and put ladders down. She has an EMP to defend herself in case she gets attacked in melee, and overall she's not really a burden ( unlike most games where you have to escort an NPC, I'm looking at you, Ashely from RE4 ), except when she glitches through the floor and you have to restart the whole chapter/zone.


- nice story loosely inspired by the 16th century Chinese novel "Journey to the West" ( Dragon Ball was inspired by that too, you might find some similarities ).
- nice characters, voice over and facial animations during cutscenes. Monkey is voiced by Andy Serkis, mostly known for Gollum in LOTR.
- easy and effective climbing mechanics, it's quick, responsive, and you can't fall to your death
- upgradable hero and gear
- nice graphics for a 2010 game
- light humor after Pigsy joins the group
- unlockable costumes for Monkey and Trip when you finish the game
- unlockable mini adventure where you play as Pigsy, with its own gameplay mechanics.
- nice cutscenes


- the camera sucks most of the time, but especially during combats
- some bugs and glitches, Trip disappearing into the environment, scene becoming black when you alt-tab, game crashing when you alt-tab
- no real save system. There is a checkpoint system when you die, but if you quit the game or if it crashes/glitches, there is a big chance you'll have to start the whole chapter over
- characters are a bit cliché : you have the strong hero, the naive cute girl and the funny sidekick. I'd like to have seen some more "extreme" personalities to get more tension between the characters. especially between Trip and Monkey.
- not a big variety of enemies : normal mechs, gun mechs, shielded mechs, stun mechs, some stronger versions of mechs and variants and combinations of the above.
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3 av 3 personer (100%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
12.2 timer registrert
Publisert: 9. august, 2015
En virkelig perle av ett spill. En fantastisk historie med flotte fargerike omgivelser og en god blanding av små puzzles, kamper og historieprogresjon. Veldig gode stemmeskuespillere og karakterer. En av mine favorittspill noensinne.
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292 av 324 personer (90%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
10.2 timer registrert
Publisert: 7. november, 2014
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is a sci-fi reworking of the classic Chinese tale, Journey to the West. Set after an apocalyptic war, the world has largely been abandoned and only a remnant of civilisation remains, alongside what's left of a hostile robot army.The setting is at times stunning. The skeletal remains of civilisation are being re-enveloped by verdant nature. It's a refreshing move away from the barren browns and reds we usually associate with post-apocalyptic settings. Despite its age and technical limitations - coupled with even more limited graphics options - Enslaved is a beautiful game with obvious care and attention paid to its lush environments, its detailed, motion-captured animation overseen by Andy "Gollum" Serkis, and its nuanced character design.It's also clear that care has been lavished on the story. Main characters Monkey and Trip are fully rounded out. The nature of their strained relationship plays out naturally, and develops organically. There are the occasional fumbles, especially at the very beginning as the rules of their relationship are set, and the conflict feels a little rushed and too quickly resolved. Overall, however, the dialogue and character development prove to be sophisticated to a degree far in excess of what one might expect from an action-brawler.Other characters taken and adapted from the novel are equally well represented, and the central narrative pays homage to original story reinterpreting its themes of action, choice and consequence expertly and without the heavy hand mass market media so often utilises. The game plays out as an extended escort mission of sorts. The concept may strike dread in the hearts of many a gamer, but it’s not so much a burden and plays in a similar fashion to Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth. Trip will hide from combat while Monkey lays the smack down on robots. The combat its self is initially frantic and exciting, but soon it becomes clear it lacks any sort of depth. In fact, for all its visual punch the combat has no actual power behind it and its limitations quickly become evident. Other aspects of the game also suffer from being pedestrian and uninteresting. Platforming and puzzle elements are functional, but both lack any imagination and act as little more than a distraction from the combat zones.Enslaved is highly scripted and very linear, and despite the verticality of many levels and the sprawling nature of the world Money and Trip have a very narrow path to follow. The scripted nature of the game is both its strength and ultimately its biggest weakness.Despite some stunning art direction and a rich story complete with interesting and complex characters, Enslaved fails to provide a compelling game play experience to complement its artistic and narrative strengths.
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146 av 158 personer (92%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
24.2 timer registrert
Publisert: 15. november, 2013
Based on the ancient Chinese story 'Journey to the West'

This has got to be one of my top favorite games. It has a brilliant storyline, engaging characters and character development. Beautiful scenery, funny moments within the game between Trip and Monkey. It's just overall a amazing game to play.

I'd recommend playing it on hard though, and to tweak your graphic settings in the ini file to improve the game a lot more better.
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Publisert: 16. april, 2014

genre : action/adventure

Enslaved is a sci-fi tale, set after an apocalyptic war, where only a remnant of civilisation remains and a hostile robot army prevails. You take the role of Monkey and you are captured and compelled to aid Trip by use of an electronic slave headband in order to escort her to her home.

+ Very solid presentation, with care and attention paid to its lush environments, the character models are very well done, detailed motion-captured animations. Configuring the .cfg file can improve the results (see the forum), since the graphics options are limited.
+ Excellent atmosphere, sci-fi post apocalyptic setting, original and complelling story and likeable main character , sophisticated dialogue and character development way more than one might expect from an action/brawler.
+ Gameplay wise it's an action game with some platforming and exploration elements, simplistic puzzles, cooperation with the main npc in order to advance, some tactical options like distract etc. It never becomes boring. It's kind of a game that we don't see often on our pcs.
+ Melee which is the main element of gameplay feels very satisfying , don't except variety like in dmc, but still it's done right.
+ Fluid controls ,also remappable, runs smoothly.

+/- Highly scripted and very linear.

- Platforming and puzzle elements are functional, but both lack any imagination and act as little more than a distraction from the combat zones
- Some camera problems when platforming
- The combat is initially frantic and exciting, but soon it becomes clear it lacks any sort of depth.

This was a surprise for me , since i don't play on consoles and didn't know the game before, straightforward action-adventure game with a detailed and involving story , refreshing and at times stunning setting. Two thumbs up.
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126 av 140 personer (90%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
21.3 timer registrert
Publisert: 24. juli, 2014
Disclaimer: Do not buy this game if you do not own a gamepad. The mouse support is about as bad as it gets. I use kb/m whenever possible in third person games and I had to use a gamepad for this one.

Enslaved is a well-written and satisfying-but-simple spectacle fighter with a heavy story emphasis and some minor puzzles. It is a post-apocalyptic adaptation of a classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West." There are several nods to the original story, such as the names of the main characters which may interest those who have read the book.

The writing is excellent for the most part and acted very well. The game manages to be both serious and humorous while telling the story and rarely feels out of place. My one issue is the way that the two main characters Monkey and Trip meet. The meeting should be the biggest source of conflict in the entire story, yet it is glossed over and forgotten within a minute. It reminds me a lot of the criticism aimed at Tomb Raider 2013 and Far Cry 3 for how quickly those main characters got used to killing people after leading normal, peaceful lives up to that point.

Gameplay is pretty simple and definitely nothing groundbreaking. The game is a simple yet satisfying spectacle fighter with simple one-button traversal mechanics. You also need to solve a few basic puzzles to make it through some levels. It is quite easy even on hard difficulty. Unfortunately the game makes use of seemingly randomly-placed fixed camera angles that can easily confuse the player and will sometimes make your character immediately walk back through a doorway after entering a room. The other big issue with the camera is during combat itself. It likes to jerk the camera around randomly every time you attack and zoom way in so it's impossible to keep track of enemies other than the one you're attacking. It may also cause motion sickness. It's a stupid design decision chosen just to make the combat more flashy, as seems to be a common problem with spectacle fighters.

The game has a nice art style, but average last-gen console-quality graphics. I find that this is enough to hamper the art style in what should be a very beautiful game, which is very unfortunate. It still has its moments, but it would be an absolutely gorgeous game if the developers had put any effort into the PC port.

Speaking of the port, it's just about as lazy as it gets. The mouse is treated like a joystick and is given a deadzone when you go into aim mode, just like Dead Space. It's basically useless and I found it unplayable. Graphical quality is limited to low/medium/high though it thankfully has a separate toggle for motion blur which looks even more fake and ugly than most games. There are no graphical enhancements for the PC version. Button prompts always show controller buttons even if you don't have one plugged in. The game has a custom mouse cursor, yet the mouse doesn't work in menus. The one good thing about the port is that the game uses Unreal Engine 3 so it runs very smoothly and will handle 120/144 Hz flawlessly with only a minor config tweak.

So while it's far from a perfect game, mostly due to poor and outdated design decisions and a lazy port, it's quite fun and a great story experience.

The Premium Edition on PC also includes the Pigsy's Perfect 10 DLC. It turns the game from a simple-but-satisfying story-focused spectacle fighter into a sub-par stealth/cover shooter starring a fat, disgusting, misogynist pig on his quest to build a robot girlfriend. Seriously what were they thinking? Thankfully it was short.
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95 av 101 personer (94%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
18.4 timer registrert
Publisert: 11. november, 2013
In 2010, "Enslaved - Odyssey to the West" came out for consoles and sold a little less than half of what the publisher had hoped for. Reasons quoted for this were that it was overshadowed by a number of other AAA titles and that there were quite some glitches. But reviews praised it, especially for its story. With a delay of 3 years, it has now been ported to PC.

"Enslaved" is very loosely based on a classic Chinese tale, "Journey to the West", and plays 150 years in the future. The planet has been ravaged by a brutal war the remainders of which are ruined desolate cities and hostile mechs that attack anyone they encounter. Humanity has scattered far and about, not only threatened by the mechs, but also by mysterious slave hunters that kidnap people without so much as a clue as to where they're taking them. Onboard a ship of slaves-to-be, Trip, a young woman with tech skills manages to escape her cell. This also opens up a way out for fellow prisoner "Monkey", a muscular loner who has subsisted in the wilderness on his own for most of his life. They manage to flee from the crashing slave ship on the last remaining escape pod, but Monkey loses his consciousness. He awakens to find that Trip has put a slave headband on him that will kill him should her heart stop. She wants to return to the community where she came from and knows she would never stand a chance all alone. So Monkey is forced to cooperate: He is the muscle that takes on all hostiles they meet, Trip is the brains with her knowledge of technology.

Gameplay consists of combat, climbing and some mini puzzles. Monkey has a staff he uses to fight with mechs and later on also shoot at ranged targets. The weapon can be upgraded in various ways using energy orbs found in the levels. Considering myself a mediocre gamer, I found fighting to be at an okay-ish difficulty once I had figured out how to block (others said combat was too easy - obviously, your mileage may vary on that). There could be more help with the controls though, special attacks are still described by giving console control pad keys.
Climbing is rather easy since one cannot fall or miss a grip point, all of which are highlighted relatively obviously. Also, in some sequences Monkey steers a hovering disc called the "cloud" over water and ground surfaces - these segments add a little speed to the otherwise pedestrian experience.

The changing relationship between the two main characters is at the centre of the plot. Thus, it's fortunate that voice acting is very good. And when, at times, not a lot is said (Monkey is not a man of many words), the finely motion-captured facial expressions convey all one needs to know. Story, characters, acting - this is where the game really shines and becomes a "page turner". Okay, well, I won't spoil the ending to you, but I think that was the one part where they could have done better. It just left me with "Hmmmmmmmmm."
Other than that, a captivating journey and definitely recommendable.

Helpful notes in case you get the game:
Note 1: Others have reported graphics problems. There are quick INI fixes mentioned on the Steam forums:
With those tweaks I didn't have any issues.

Note 2: You can skip cutscenes with the Backspace key (didn't find that mentioned in-game).

Note 3 (since I've seen this problem pop up in several threads, to the point that people called it game-breaking, but hey, the solution is already in-game, so no need to get stuck): For some jumps during climbing, you have to move diagonally, not straight up/left/right. That's possible by pressing two direction keys at once, e.g. W+D
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Publisert: 17. mai, 2015
A journey through a desperate mind.

Enslaved is an adventure game overlooked by a majority and (rightfully) loved by most who played it. It follows the story of the great classical Chinese novel, although is set in a post apocalyptic future where seemingly armed robots are enslaving people.

Armed with a staff and some sweet climbing skills, you play the enslaved warrior Monkey. Tasked with helping your captor, Trip, get home to her father. Throughout most of the game, you will be jumping, climbing over obstacles and mowing down mecs in either brawling close combat or shooting plasma bolts long rage style.The game is designed in such a way to keep this recipe fresh and not feel repetitive. Smart enemy placements contribute to this as mixing ranged and melee enemies in fights makes you think before you act. Boss fights are a sweet bonus.

Weapons, shields, health and combat techniques are all upgradable and a must to get past the later chapters.

Contrary to what you may believe, the post apocalyptic setting in Enslaved really does its art justice as the environment and visuals are just gorgeous. The greenest of trees, bluest of skies and warmest colors of explosions are visually pleasing. The art is well complemented by the ambient sounds and music.

After about half of the game, you are joined by Pigsy who is, although a disgusting pig, easily the most exotic and colorful of characters. He livens up the game to a high degree and counters the somewhat reserved character of Monkey.
Pigsy is playable in the included DLC and offers a different kind of play style by scrapping the melee combat in favor of a rifle and four kinds of cooldown-based items (distraction device, EMP, ally bomb and damage based bomb). Accompanied with the joyful Truffles, Pigsy goes on his own little adventure. The extra content is a must play and Is just as good if not even stronger in some parts than the main game.

The only weaknesses I found in the game was the overly scripted camera that takes camera controls away from you to show objects of interest in an overly obvious way. Sometimes the camera becomes fixed in a static position for portions of the pacing through the level. This can sometimes become a bit distracting. I was also annoyed with how some animations take to long to complete. While fighting (bosses especially) I found it very difficult to evade after attacking due to the attack animations not completing yet. Similarly when climbing pipes jumps to other objects would not register.

So, linear post apocalyptic action adventure brawler with ravishing visuals and interesting characters. Action, drama and humor packed into an adventure with a deeper meaning. It has completionist potential and took me 12 hours to beat with the must play extra Pigsy campaign. Sit back, plug in that controller and go on a fun adventure.
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84 av 102 personer (82%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
2.4 timer registrert
Publisert: 13. oktober, 2014
I'm only on the third chapter, but it's refreshing to see such a lively game that mixes so many great emotions. I don't understand why this isn't some sort of bestseller. Perhaps companies should start looking more into developing PC ports more often as there's a vast amount of gamers like us out there who don't use consoles. I'm glad I discovered this game and these guys deserve the money. Buy it!
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87 av 109 personer (80%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
11.1 timer registrert
Publisert: 22. juni, 2014
I'm ashamed it took me 4 years to play this game, and It's the only game I've completed in a single sitting. It's a masterpiece.
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