Vivi un'avventura coinvolgente e piena di sorprese! I due protagonisti sono costretti loro malgrado ad allearsi per sopravvivere nella pericolosa America post-apocalittica. 150 anni nel futuro, la guerra ha devastato la Terra. Non restano che rovine, la natura ha ripreso possesso del pianeta.
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Acquista ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition


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"A criminally overlooked game, this beautiful title retells Journey to the West with Andy Serkis being grumpy!"
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Vivi un'avventura coinvolgente e piena di sorprese! I due protagonisti sono costretti loro malgrado ad allearsi per sopravvivere nella pericolosa America post-apocalittica.

150 anni nel futuro, la guerra ha devastato la Terra. Non restano che rovine, la natura ha ripreso possesso del pianeta. Misteriose navi schiaviste rastrellano i pochi esseri umani superstiti e li trasportano a ovest. Nessuno torna mai indietro.

Trip, una ragazza abile con la tecnologia, è stata imprigionata da una di queste navi. Grazie alla sua intelligenza, però, è riuscita a evadere dalla cella. Anche Monkey (un suo solitario, possente e brutale compagno di sventura) è riuscito a fuggire, facendo ricorso alla forza e ai muscoli. Ben presto, Trip capisce che Monkey è il suo biglietto per la libertà, nonché l'unica speranza che ha di sopravvivere al lungo e pericoloso viaggio verso casa. Per questo, modifica una fascia da schiavi e la fa indossare a Monkey, legandolo a sé. Se lei muore, lui muore... e le loro storie oramai sono diventate una sola. ENSLAVED si basa sul complesso rapporto fra i due personaggi principali. Il giocatore veste i panni di Monkey e deve utilizzare un insieme di combattimento, strategia e spostamenti per far superare a lui e a Trip i pericoli e gli ostacoli che si frappongono fra loro e la libertà.


  • La premium Edition include la versione integrale del gioco pluripremiato e i contenuti aggiuntivi "Pigsy e il partner perfetto" oltre alle skin Ninja Monkey, Monkey classico e Trip Sexy.
  • Una trama avvincente: il classico della letteratura "Viaggio in Occidente", in una rilettura post-apocalittica co-scritta dal famoso romanziere e sceneggiatore Alex Garland (The Beach, 28 giorni dopo).
  • Un capolavoro di stampo cinematografico: gli intermezzi filmati co-diretti da Andy Serkis (Il Signore degli Anelli, King Kong), che interpreta anche il ruolo di Monkey, rappresentano gli eventi chiave che portano avanti la storia di Monkey e Trip.
  • Ambientazioni sbalorditive: esplora un mondo misterioso e fantastico, in cui la natura ha ripreso possesso delle città devastate dalla guerra e i pericoli sono in agguato a ogni passo.
  • Combattimenti dinamici: attacca e difenditi con coraggio e agilità, sfruttando una combinazione di corpo a corpo, parate, e colpi intensi. Usa Monkey per sopraffare un nemico, rubare la sua arma e poi fallo meticolosamente a pezzi o distruggilo con un singolo e gratificante colpo finale.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.20GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 9600/ ATI Radeon HD 4850
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 12 GB available space
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VERY shortened review. To see my full review, please click HERE.

We have full 360-degree control of both our character and the camera... most of the time. Sometimes we have only limited control of the camera, which I believe the devs did to help us know which direction we're supposed to go. There were a few moments when I simply could not figure out what I was supposed to be doing, but by taking my time to look around, I'd eventually spot something flashing. These flashing objects are items that you can climb, jump on/to, clamber on, etc. Our character is quite acrobatic, but you don't have to stop and watch him twirl around to finish his maneuver before jumping to the next location; that can be fun, but when you're being attacked, I really don't recommend it. ;p

We have a companion on our journey, which already know if you've looked at any of the game screens. Trip has many abilities of her own, and she is also the reason we've been collecting those tech orbs. First off, though, let me explain a little bit about the dynamics.

We have a screen we can bring up to interact with Trip, and there we have some options. We can tell her to create a distraction, run or do some kind of action (like flipping a switch for us), apply a health serum (provided that we have some), and the upgrade function, which is where the tech orbs come in. There are four sub-options for upgrades: Staff, Combat, Shield, and Health.

There is a well-known GLITCH during one scene in the game, and I'm putting this in spoilers in case you don't want to see the solution:
The second time we run into one of the mechs with wrecking balls for "hands" is where the glitch shows up. You hear something, but see nothing unusual. There's a brick wall there that's supposed to have broken, but all you see is a solid wall. Eventually one of these mechs will appear, but there doesn't seem to be a way to defeat it, no matter how many times you hit the damned thing! Meh The game is telling you to taunt it, but it just runs into one of those low walls and gets stuck there. *sigh*

What you need to do is taunt it until it runs into one of the large, solid walls -- the one right below Trip is the one I used (and maybe it's the only one that works, I don't know!) Once it hits the wall, you need to do a takedown in order to defeat it, so be sure you're close enough that you don't run out of time!

EXTRAS (unlocked upon completion of the game):
Pigsy's Perfect 10 - Play as a lonely Pigsy just looking a bit of company*
Classic Monkey - Changes Monkey's outfit to red & gold and doubles his striking power
Ninja Monkey - Monkey becomes outfitted in black, and he has unlimited stunning and plasma ammo
Sexy Robot Trip - Changes Trip's outfit and doubles the length of all stunning attacks

I really enjoyed everything about this game -- from the sights and sounds to the story to the gameplay, I just enjoyed the hell out of it. I have to agree with those who have mentioned that this is a hidden gem. I really do think that the game deserved a lot more attention than it got, and I highly recommend it to any action-adventure fan.
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A journey through a desperate mind.

Enslaved is an adventure game overlooked by a majority and (rightfully) loved by most who played it. It follows the story of the great classical Chinese novel, although is set in a post apocalyptic future where seemingly armed robots are enslaving people.

Armed with a staff and some sweet climbing skills, you play the enslaved warrior Monkey. Tasked with helping your captor, Trip, get home to her father. Throughout most of the game, you will be jumping, climbing over obstacles and mowing down mecs in either brawling close combat or shooting plasma bolts long rage style.The game is designed in such a way to keep this recipe fresh and not feel repetitive. Smart enemy placements contribute to this as mixing ranged and melee enemies in fights makes you think before you act. Boss fights are a sweet bonus.

Weapons, shields, health and combat techniques are all upgradable and a must to get past the later chapters.

Contrary to what you may believe, the post apocalyptic setting in Enslaved really does its art justice as the environment and visuals are just gorgeous. The greenest of trees, bluest of skies and warmest colors of explosions are visually pleasing. The art is well complemented by the ambient sounds and music.

After about half of the game, you are joined by Pigsy who is, although a disgusting pig, easily the most exotic and colorful of characters. He livens up the game to a high degree and counters the somewhat reserved character of Monkey.
Pigsy is playable in the included DLC and offers a different kind of play style by scrapping the melee combat in favor of a rifle and four kinds of cooldown-based items (distraction device, EMP, ally bomb and damage based bomb). Accompanied with the joyful Truffles, Pigsy goes on his own little adventure. The extra content is a must play and Is just as good if not even stronger in some parts than the main game.

The only weaknesses I found in the game was the overly scripted camera that takes camera controls away from you to show objects of interest in an overly obvious way. Sometimes the camera becomes fixed in a static position for portions of the pacing through the level. This can sometimes become a bit distracting. I was also annoyed with how some animations take to long to complete. While fighting (bosses especially) I found it very difficult to evade after attacking due to the attack animations not completing yet. Similarly when climbing pipes jumps to other objects would not register.

So, linear post apocalyptic action adventure brawler with ravishing visuals and interesting characters. Action, drama and humor packed into an adventure with a deeper meaning. It has completionist potential and took me 12 hours to beat with the must play extra Pigsy campaign. Sit back, plug in that controller and go on a fun adventure.
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I'm honestly uncertain if I want to recommend this game or not.

-Pretty graphics
-Interesting world, characters and story.
-Good voice acting

-Extremely linear gameplay, almost boringly so. I've been on actual train rides that have been less railroaded. I get that it is for console gamers originally, but please, they cannot be that weakminded. Not a single place in the game can you figure stuff out for yourself, which pathway to take, or which way to solve a problem. You're basically just following instructions the whole game.
-A lot of the gameplay involves jumping, but you can't jump wrong and there is only one path, so most of the time you don't need to see or aim where you're jumping. Just hit whatever direction you're going and jump, jump, jump. Ta-da, you're there.
-Occasional annoyances due to camera angles
-Some sections are impossible to succeed at unless you're very lucky or you know where the next obstacle is going to be.
-The port from console is not flawless, sometimes when selecting menus with the mouse the cursor is not where it is supposed to be.
-Unskipable cut-scenes. That you have to watch again and again if you die at a difficult section. Seriously, this is not acceptable!

Main gripe:
This could have been an awesome game. But the way it has been designed, it should have been an animation movie instead. There's just not enough actual game in it. The player has no agency. I still finished the game, because I wanted to see where it was going and I was marginally pleased. No spoilers, but a waste-disposal related question popped into my mind when I saw the end cutscene, which is the kind of thing that annoys me. Aside from that anal-retentive (pun may be intended) technicality, the game as a whole just doesn't do it for me. There were times in the early game when I thought, this is going to be neat once all the hand-holding and easy linear paths become more complex, but that never happened. As such, I would not recommend this game if you're looking for a good game. If on the other hand you're looking for a cute interactive animated series, then, heck, it's all right for that purpose.
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Enslaved Oddysey to the West PC review:

Enslaved : Odyssey to the West is best described as an adaptation of the novel and concept : Journey to the West. Despite never having read the novel Journey to the West I expected it to be a game with history about slaves and our history as a nation escaping slavery of the days of old. However, what I found was a game that has more on its plate then what is just under the surface of its base description. It has parkour, a decently good story to follow along with at the start of every new chapter, collectibles for replayability and a world that seems as just a lonely and barren wasteland.

Story: At first the story I thought was rather lacking. However, once I made it past the first chapter this whole synopsis about this barren wasteland being the home of enslaved people really caught on to me. You play as a character named Monkey which later on finds one slave remaining that has survived and wants to return home to their family just like yourself. However later on we find out Monkey doesn't really have a home anywhere while Trip the female character you partner up with does have a family and a home where she grew up. Early on Monkey and Trip's friendship isn't that strong. However when later you need teamwork as you help Trip up to ledges she can't reach and more , the friendship between you and her get close and strong knit.

Appeal: Many people will be interested to try out this game because of the description of it being a game about companionship, emotions and the escape of being enslaved by your own world and order that controls your daily life. Many people's first question would be can you find freedom outside yourself and others through embracing a new life to claim your freedom. The answer is yes and the ending of the game's story concludes with a very emotional transversal of events. The thoughts that went through mine and I am sure others who have or want to play this game is , would it of made a difference if Namco Bandai Games added more history about slavery into this game? I think history of enslavement and enslavement camps would of gave this game a more appealing and interesting story overall. That is not to say that the story was not good. I highly enjoyed the game's story and Pigsy this other character you meet along the way with his one liners that are somewhat humerous in tone.

Overall: 8.5/10.
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too linear...too simple...too good!
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