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Divekick es el primer juego de lucha en el mundo que utiliza sólo dos botones. Destila la esencia de este género a solo dos botones sin movimiento direccional del D-pad. La naturaleza enfocada en jugar Divekick demuestra cuanta profundidad tiene una sola jugada y introduce (o reafirma) destrezas fundamentales del género: los juegos de...
Fecha de lanzamiento: 20 Ago 2013
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Divekick upgraded to Divekick Addition Edition for free!

4 abril 2014

Release Date - April 4, 2014
Price - Free!!!!

Non Gameplay -
[ + ] Traditional Menu mode added. Now you can control the menu screens with a d-pad like you have been for the last 20 years. Two Button Menu mode is still also available, and can be turned on in the options.
[ + ] Blind selection has been added to ranked play. Choose quickly and in confidence!
[ + ] Over 180 new Tips from Uncle Sensei have been added to the game.
[ + ] How to play screens have moved to the main menu, and are updated for Addition Edition! Show them to new players please!

Bug Fixes -
[ + ] The game now pauses when a controller is unplugged and replugged during gameplay
[ + ] The game no longer unpauses when a controller is connected when the pause screen is active.
[ + ] Menu sound effect now only plays once when entering any mode from the main menu
[ + ] The game no longer prompts the player to set their kick and dive buttons since Two Button Navigation is no longer the default method of navigation
[ + ] The player is now able to go back to the main menu after entering either Story or Versus mode
[ + ] Various SFX and audio that had been missing have been restored.

System -
[ + ] Style gem bonus is now 15%, up from 10%. Dive gem bonus remains at 6%, and Kick gem at 12%. All of these still say 10% on the gem select screen because we like it that way.

Divekick Addition Edition Character Change List

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“If you were afraid that the idea of a fighter that's controlled with just two buttons was a joke that would get old quickly, then you clearly haven't played much Divekick!.”
9 / 10 – Destructoid

“Simply put, Divekick is a fighting game that you can — and should! — play even if you're not usually good at fighting games.”
A- – Gaming Age

“It has captured everything we love about fighting games in a mere two buttons. Simply put, it’s genius. This is no joke.”
8 / 10 – Cheat Code Central

Steam Big Picture

Acerca del juego

Divekick es el primer juego de lucha en el mundo que utiliza sólo dos botones. Destila la esencia de este género a solo dos botones sin movimiento direccional del D-pad. La naturaleza enfocada en jugar Divekick demuestra cuanta profundidad tiene una sola jugada y introduce (o reafirma) destrezas fundamentales del género: los juegos de mente, el espaciado, la elección del momento oportuno y las reacciones rápidas.

A Iron Galaxy, nos encantan los juegos de lucha. Para el fanático típico, lo divertido de los juegos de lucha está escondido detrás de una serie de combinaciones de botones que nunca termina y que tienen que ser memorizadas. Por eso, Divekick usa solo dos botones: Dive (lanzarse hacia el aire) hace que tu personaje brinque hacia arriba. Kick (patear) hace que tu personaje vuele pie primero en un ángulo hacia abajo. Si presionas Kick en el piso, puedes brincar lejos de tu enemigo. Utilizando estos movimientos, el que pegue primero gana la ronda y el que gane 5 rondas gana el juego. Es pura adrenalina, conciencia y estrategia. Es un juego de lucha condensada a la forma más pura.

Características claves

  • Hay 13 luchadores completamente originales y únicos, cada uno con su propio estilo de pelear y técnicas especiales. Esto significa 91 encuentros únicos para jugar y aprender.
  • Hay una historia para cada personaje, incluyendo una introducción, un final, y peleas con rivales. ¡Se te moverá a lágrimas!
  • Tiene competencia clasificada y sin clasificación usando GGPO sobre la red, la mejor forma de jugar los juegos de pelea. Incluye una tabla de clasificaciones individual para cada jugador y también una tabla de clasificaciones universal.
  • Tiene modo de juego local para dos jugadores con formas fáciles y rápidas de cambiar las configuraciones de los controles para acomodar a más jugadores.
  • Tiene integración completa de Steamworks, incluyendo Big Picture Mode.

Cobertura de los medios

  • How a two-button fighter became the toast of PAX East Penny Arcade
  • Divekick is living the dream of diving and kicking. Yes, it is real Kill Screen Daily
  • Divekick: the best (and only) two-button fighter Shack News
  • Divekick is the Smartest, Most Absurd Two-Button Fighting Game I've Ever Played Kotaku
  • Divekick and Sportsfriends turn friends and strangers into rivals Venture Beat

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Vista or later
    • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10 / DirectX 11 compliant video card
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 10 compliant
    • Additional Notes: OS needs to be updated to have the DirectX 11 Runtime libraries
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Últimamente me he hecho muy aficionado a los juegos de lucha, y este no se queda atrás. Puede parecer un juego muy simple, y de hecho lo es, pero requiere bastante técnica. Me ha sorprendido para bien, aunque personalmente es uno de esos juegos que te cansa tras jugar mucho tiempo, pero ideal para jugar con colegas.
Publicado: 26 noviembre 2013
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El PEOR juego de mi ♥♥♥♥ vida.
Publicado: 30 noviembre 2013
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This does more to teach people about the fundamentals of fighting games than really any fighting game I have ever seen. If you can ignore the fact the artstyle looks pretty DeviantArtish there is actually a really fun game inside.

With two buttons however, comes the realization that people who ARE good at fighting games, have much less to think about. Divekick is both the easiest and hardest fighting game to learn and excel at respectively, for this very reason.
Publicado: 25 noviembre 2013
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Divekick is a recent addition to the fighting game genre developed by Iron Galaxy Studios and released in late August. Everyone loves fighting games, right?

No. Not everyone. But why?

The fact of the matter is that for most fighting games the barrier to entry is complexity. Players must learn about each of the characters, how to perform special techniques, and master precision combinations on a six-button layout just to be able to compete.

Divekick throws all the rules out the door and introduces simple yet absurd gameplay. The madness begins with a simple premise: there are no movement controls, and there are only two buttons: Dive and Kick. Pressing Dive makes the player dive into the air, and pressing Kick while in the air causes the player to kick downward towards the opponent. Pressing the Kick button while on the ground causes the player to jump backward away from the opponent. These are the only ways to move around the arena. All divekicks are one hit kills. The first to five kills wins.

Not exactly what you would expect, huh?

What if I told you that it’s one of the most engrossing fighting games released in the past five years?

In a time when fighting games regularly introduce complexity, it’s refreshing to see a game that breaks fighting games down to the bare essentials; strategy. None of the 13 characters, each of whom dive and kick differently, are severely overpowered. There are no long combos to memorize, no comeback super techniques. With no complexity, all that’s left is mind games; the ability to fake out your opponent, the rush of emotion when a plan is executed and comes together flawlessly.

While Divekick is generally understood to be a parody of the fighting game genre, it also unearths concepts that have been buried under layers of complexity for too long and brings the genre back around full circle. Divekick cannot be recommended enough for any fighting game enthusiast willing to try something nice and silly..
Publicado: 25 noviembre 2013
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Dicekick is one of the most straightforward fighting games ever made: you can dive, kick, and use your specials, that's it, how's that not straightforward? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention you don't even have to use arrow keys — Divekick is literally two buttons.

Does this sound too easy? It is, at first, but when you dive deeper into the game, you realize Divekick has it all: match-ups, hidden techs, supermoves, and even invulnerability! The game's an epitome of "easy to learn, hard to master" gaming law.

If you feel tired of playing fightings that require weeks of learning combos, MOBAs that want you to understand every single ability and kit in the game, or MMOs where you have to level up for months, you should try Divekick! But don't get hooked. Or get, the community's awesome!
Publicado: 20 enero 2014
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