Vous êtes le commandant dragon. Votre mission est de réunifier un empire brisé et d'en devenir le nouvel empereur. Pour y parvenir, vous devrez démontrer votre aptitude à diriger efficacement un empire. Levez d'invincibles armées et menez-les à la victoire ! Vos armes secrètes ? Votre intuition tactique, votre âme de meneur...
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Date de parution: 6 août 2013

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"A game that maybe tries to do too much and succeeds at most of it. Genre-bending with funny and interesting writing and dilemmas. Dodgy RTS sections."
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"Un jeu d'une extrême richesse...Un mélange des genres savoureux" - 16/20 -

"L'aspect stratégique est irréprochable"
Canard PC

"Très beau, coloré, profond et très fluide"

À propos de ce jeu

Vous êtes le commandant dragon. Votre mission est de réunifier un empire brisé et d'en devenir le nouvel empereur. Pour y parvenir, vous devrez démontrer votre aptitude à diriger efficacement un empire. Levez d'invincibles armées et menez-les à la victoire ! Vos armes secrètes ? Votre intuition tactique, votre âme de meneur... et votre capacité à vous changer en dragon !
Dragon Commander est bien plus qu'un simple jeu de stratégie : c'est l'alliance grandiose d'un système de stratégie en temps réel, de campagnes de conquête au tour par tour, d'un jeu de rôle mettant en scène l'ascension d'un futur empereur, et de phases de contrôle d'un terrifiant dragon.

Caractéristiques principales

  • Stratégie en temps réel : dirigez vos forces maritimes, terrestres et aériennes en temps réel. Coordonner vos opérations et savoir où et quand frapper votre adversaire sont les éléments clés qui vous mèneront à la victoire.
  • Combats de dragon : pendant les phases de stratégie en temps réel, prenez l'apparence d'un dragon pour rejoindre le combat et aider vos troupes à terrasser l'ennemi grâce à vos exceptionnels pouvoirs draconiques.
  • Campagne au tour par tour : partez à la conquête de nouveaux territoires sur la carte du monde au tour par tour. Assurez-vous d'avoir des coups d'avance, levez de puissantes armées et investissez dans les bonnes avancées technologiques ou magiques.
  • Dirigez votre empire : en tant qu'empereur, c'est vous qui prenez les décisions ! Mais prudence, l'équilibre diplomatique est des plus fragiles. Chaque partie est différente, et Dragon Commander vous demandera parfois de prendre des décisions difficiles. Découvrez les conséquences de vos choix sur le champ de bataille au fil des conflits.
  • Modes solo, multijoueur et coopération : découvrez l'histoire captivante de la campagne solo, testez votre force contre d'autres Chevaliers dragons, en ligne ou en LAN. Générez votre propre campagne multijoueur avec ou contre un ami, ou affrontez-vous sur une carte Escarmouche.

Configuration requise

    • OS:Windows XP SP3
    • Processor:Intel Core2 Duo E6600 or equivalent
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GT (512 MB) or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 4850
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:15 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX9c compliant
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Windows 7 SP1
    • Processor:Intel i5 2400
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 550 ti 1GB ram or or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 6XXX
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:30 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX9c compliant, 5.1 surround sound
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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7.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 23 septembre 2014
Les commandes sont justes une plaie à mettre en place, hormis ça le jeu est une tuerie !!!
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Posté le : 16 novembre 2014
Here is my review of the game:

This game has an extremely good politics system in place where you can make decisions that effect not only individuals but entire races as a whole. This phase is easily the best part of the game, it is well voice acted, well animated, and provides great enjoyment for most.

-Map phase:
The map phase is shallow to say the least, here you can play cards that improve empire related things, or build buildings that will allow you to improve income and recruit units or mercenaries. But that is all, there is nothing more here, no diplomacy, no trading, nothing that would make you want to spend time strategizing here.

This should be the most interesting part of the game, since this is the part where you get to be the dragon...for about 2-5 mins. Here are the problems with this phase:
First the design choices, as in the way the units look, they are not only quite small(can't zoom in enough), but also look the same for all factions.

Second, the speed of the combat is waaaaay too fast, if you want to play defensively, you are screwed, you want to build up bases, you are screwed. The only way to win is if you blob all over the enemy at the start of the battle in which case the battle ends rather quickly because if your draw it out, the enemy becomes too strong and usually you can no longer overwhelm them before you run out of resources, enjoy your 5 mins long battle without strategies and being the dragon for about 5 mins. This problem however also relates to being the dragon.

Third, the dragon is strong at the beginning, but if you try and draw out the match to enjoy some base building, you will quickly find, that your dragon is becoming more and more useless as time passes on, since the enemy is improving their units all the time, they will take more hits and you will take less, in the end you will die extremely quickly, making becoming the dragon rather useless.

Fourth, the units have way too many skills you can't micromanage on the same level as the ai, which can make some fights rather one sided.

Fifth, and this is the largest problem with the combat by far. Mercenary cards. Why in the world would you even want to enter combat with such bad mechanics behind it when you can simply bypass it by spamming inns and mercenary cards and than using auto-combat?

-The length of the skirmish matches:
These only take anywhere from 25(min difficulty)-45(max difficulty) mins. I tested this by using only mercenary cards and lol i won all of my matches against highest difficulty ai in 45 mins max. This is a joke. Mercenary cards shouldn't be in the game or should be better balanced.

What story? You mean the few cutscenes we get?
The campaign can be completed in about 2-3 hours, which is extremely short for a game like this. The enemies are quite generic, have no personality, don't taunt you and pretty much act the same on the battlefield, or at least i haven't noticed that they did anything differently from eachother.

To sum it up, the devs created a great politics mechanic in the game, unfortunately the game fails at the other parts, and for the title dragon commander, i was expecting to see more dragons or at least more often than about 2-5 mins in combat. I have the feeling that if they went with the original concept, instead of remaking the whole game halfway through in a single year, they could've achieved more, alas, it is not so.

Do i recommend this game for the current price(40eur)? NO
This game is not worth 40 eur.
But i do recommend you pick it up when it is on offer.
The game is worth about 15-20 eur, carried by the politics and the multiplayer may give you a few hours of amusement.
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14.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 11 octobre 2014
I recommend this only with a big caveat: you'll like this game if you're willing to appreciate what it could have been, rather than what it really is. I found myself enjoying the game's core concepts enough that I could overlook a lot of the poor execution, but not everyone will have the same experience.

First off, the bad. The RTS gameplay, which forms the bulk of the game's combat systems, is a mind-numbing clickfest of swarming units around. Everything you own dies almost instantly, to the point where it feels pointless to try to micromanage your units, or even use them wisely - it becomes about trying to get the largest horde and throw it at your enemy's weakest points. Playing across the Risk-like metamap can be a tedious slog if you're waiting around to build units, and auto-resolve usually loses you far more units than necessary. I gambled with a direct strike across the entire map to my enemy's capital in the final stage because I couldn't stand the thought of grinding away at his territory for another several dozen turns; under-prepared and outnumbered, I had to fight that last battle about 10 times before winning, but it still felt worth it to not have to play the metamap anymore.

On the other hand, being able to transform into a dragon in the RTS battles is fun, especially since, after some practice, it becomes possible to win battles that are almost entirely in the enemy's favour by judicious dragon use (I easily won battles that the game's auto-resolve system gave me a 90%+ chance of losing). This ultimately ends up defeating the purpose of the RTS gameplay, though it's still pretty fun to play around with. One thing that annoyed me was the realization that the only reason the dragon is not totally invincible is because enemy projectiles will home in on you, forever, from across the entire map, which feels like a cheesy design solution.

The story, politics, and RPG elements that occur between battles on the command ship are where the game really shines. The characters are surprisingly well voiced, the art style is excellent, and the storyline and dilemmas are quite compelling, both on their own as well as in terms of their impact on the game. It's sad to see how an excellent RPG/strategy hybrid is hiding in there, barred from becoming as good as it could be by mediocre RTS design. Another six months of polish and design work could have made a world of difference.
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Posté le : 6 novembre 2014
This game tries to do too much, but that gives it a certain amount of charm. The RTS is pretty simple, and bum rushing is basically the only strategy you need. Being able to turn into a dragon adds the needed fun action you need to keep it interesting. The Risk-like stragey board is servicible. The star atraction here is interacting with the characters on your ship. Reminiscent of the adventure game ship stuff from Starcraft 2, except here Dragon Commander actually comes out on top. The choices you have have little impact on gameplay, but just getting the reactions from the characters is worth it. The writing and voice acting is all pretty good.
I wish there was a little more to the campaign mode, but the weird variability with the wives provides some replayability. I reccomend this game if you're looking for some adventuregamey character stuff and aren't too bothered by shallow RTS gameplay.
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Posté le : 1 décembre 2014
Of all the games that I have played, the game that probably did the best at challenging my ethics was Divinity: Dragon Commander. Admittedly, the gameplay is lackluster in both the strategy and combat phases; it was not long before I habitually skipped tactical battle for auto-resolution. But where Divinity: Dragon Commander really shines is in the diplomacy phase – the phase of each turn where you take a step back from world conquest to deal with management of your empire through the enacting of laws and policies. Your empire has racial factions, each with their own dominant political, social and religious sensibilities. Sure, their representatives are largely caricatures of modern political stances, but they still manage to bring arguments to the table that push you to evaluate your choices.

Every decision will have consequences – in the very least, they will alter how favorably each faction views you, and can have other (sometimes quite unexpected) impacts as well. Displease the dwarves too often, and you might find your royal coffers running on empty. Make the imps happy enough, and they’ll offer up the opportunity to gain a fantastic and horrible new bomb… if only you’ll allow them to mine in the one place where the mystical material they need can be found (despite, you know, the whole “sacred elven burial site” nonsense). Divinity: Dragon Commander was surprisingly good at making me examine if and when I would embrace practicality or expediency over my personal sense of right and wrong.

The diplomacy phase also includes dealing with your military generals, each of which bring their own personalities, problems and histories to the war room. In addition, you will enjoy a diplomatic marriage that will bolster your approval rating, at least initially, with one of the races; but your wife adds an entirely new substory to navigate through, with multiple possible outcomes.

The diplomacy phase of this game is rich enough to not only play the game for, but to replay it until you have exhausted all the diplomatic possibilities. And since maintaining high enough favor with a faction will open up surprising new avenues, there is a lot of possibilites to explore and enjoy.
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17.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 1 novembre 2014
While i haven't experienced online multiplayer, i can say that the singleplayer storyline is worth it on its own; the RTS elements may be considered weak as there is only one "faction" as such when it comes to units; and most of the units fall into basic and uninteresting roles; this is but one part of a much larger and more intracate strategy game.
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17.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 10 novembre 2014
May be not a blockbuster, but a solid 7/10 game. There is some story (good looking, but not engaging enought to replay with different outcomes), some strategy (5/10 sadly) and (surprise!) some dragon flying (selling point here). Some parts could have been better, but a decent way to pass a weekend.
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70.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 23 septembre 2014
This is an extremely difficult game to critique.

Let me start with saying the game is fun, the game is very fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it and continue to enjoy it from time to time.

Now, let me say as an avid fan of real time strategy the actual strategy part is nothin special, some would say abhorrant and I would almost agree with them. It IS a strategy game but an incredibly simple one, and not in a good way. There isn't much to it other than spam units and zerg rush capture points, which does involve strategy but in the same way a sandwich involves bread. Very simple, little depth, and not a huge amount of strategy.

Alot of people don't care about the units they command, some people only play certain factions for the bonuses or the way they fight and so on. I, personally can't really enjoy a game unless I like the aethetics, so units in an RTS are a HUGE part for me and I probably just won't ever consider playing an entire faction just because I hate the way the units look. That said, I don't like the units in the game. I understand what they were going for, but it's weird and kind of dumb. Had what your entire army is assembled of been special units, I might be alright with it, but ALL OF YOUR UNITS ARE WALKERS. Every single one, and it's BORING. Really really really boring. The blimps and airships are fine, but ALL of the land units are so unbelievably dull and boring.

Map design in this game is quite fun. Had this game been a bit strategic, it would be a classic. Bottlenecks, choke points, high ground, the works. While fights are typically decided by face smashing zergs together, over all battles are decided by who manipulates the map.

Speaking of maps, there's a campaign map. And, yes I do like campaign maps. There's not a vast collection of campaign maps to choose from, but it's forgiveable. The Campaign map in Dragon Commader is actually quite good. It's design and style is fun and makes you feel like an emporer moving his pawns about the field. It's got some depth that doesn't leave much to be desired.

Wassat? You said Dragons? You say
You say you Dragons?
Yes, you can be a Dragon.
You wanna be a Dragon? Cause you can be a dragon.
Wassat? You wanna know if it's fun?
You're a Dragon.
You fly around at hyperspeed and blow ♥♥♥♥ up with fire and acid.
What do you want me to say? You're a dragon. Yes, it is fun.

This is all fun, but there's more. There's an almost Elder Scrolls, rpg social aspect to this game. There's a whole thing with you getting a princess and all kinds of ♥♥♥♥ and ♥♥♥♥ you I married the Dwarf you're jealous. That's what we call a run-on sentence. One of the things that's very enjoyable is the ability to make decisions within your Empire. This means that, on top of conquering other empires, you get to feel more like it's your empire slowly devouring the world. And these decisions make small, but sometimes noticeable changes to your empire. Yes, I allowed public nudity and for Elves to be industrially cremated for the purpose of Imp nukes to be mass produced.

Should you buy it?
Can you tell me another game that allows you to create a Elvish Holocaust for the sole purpose of producing Imp warheads to level entire cities while you, a dragon with a giant jetpack, swoops overhead melting everything with acid and brimstone?
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Posté le : 15 décembre 2014
This game is absolutely brilliantly written.

Very very minor spoiler here: I sent two NPCs on a mission and they don't like each other. Upon their successful return, one said of the other "There must be some brain cells left 'neath that simian cranium of his afterall - holding on for dear life I expect."

There are a great deal of very unique and well differentiated characters and personalities here. There are a lot of cliches like 'greedy dwarf' or 'nature loving elf' but the execution makes this game stand out.

Did I mention your lizard general wears a monocle?
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Posté le : 14 décembre 2014
I recommend this only to the extent that you pay no more than $15 for it. This game has high production values and is very polished, but it is a very very short game. There just isn't enough content. I beat the single player campaign in 12 hours on my first try on normal. There are a couple game mechanics quirks that you can exploit to make the game a breeze once you learn them.

There seems to be a push to have you play multiplayer but this isn't a popular enough game to really find others to play with. The RTS controls are mostly primitive, and dragon form doesn't really last long enough (and isn't really effective enough) compared with RTS controls to really be a big part.

That said, I still give it a thumbs up because the dialogue is witty, the voice acting is well done, the world is refreshing, and there are innovations here that I enjoy. It just all ended too soon. I have a general rule - each dollar of a game should last me at least 1 hour, so a $40 game should give me at least 40 hrs of enjoyment to be worth the price. This game is therefore a "thumbs up" at about $10-15, but not a good value after that. I will try the custom maps and maybe change my review, but given that the best part of this game is not empire management and combat, but the characters and politics engine, it really is a better fit as a single player, story-driven game.
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Posté le : 12 octobre 2014
Great game if you wanna make your own decisions, you don't get the feeling that the decisions you are making its pointless, since you gain or lose something doing the coming rounds.
Great graphings this game just cool look [which is one of the major reasons why i bought this game ]
a lot of maps and a lot of ways to fight them, you can fight battle with your generals, dragon form or your commander form.
This game is very short, i went and conquered all the land before moving on and yet it took me about 18 hours to finish it, i played once again with another wife/queen and that is the only reason i would play this game more then once.
what i mean is once you finish it once, there is nothing to do but change wife/queen, and of course change your decisions. [ 75% of the time i ended up picking the same ]

this is a MOST HAVE GAME.... but wait until it's on sale.
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Posté le : 1 novembre 2014
wait for it to go on sale, but when it does buy it if your into RTS/risk games!
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7.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 20 novembre 2014
This game does a lot of things that I like, but falls a bit short for me, since I'm not a huge RTS buff.

Macro level (world map, outside each RTS encounter) movement/production is rather superficial. This is fine if you're mostly interested in the RTS, but less cool if you tend to prefer strategic depth like me.

Would recommend it to any RTS fan.
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6.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 6 octobre 2014
battle in rts and if things go wrong be a dragon its a great game
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13.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 16 octobre 2014
Being a dragon in an RTS/RPG is really neat. Graphics are good. Stories and characters are enjoyable. Not too cartoony/hokey either. I like the handling of military and political issues. Early on I find it difficult to manage gold wisely buying troops vs. having a reserve to pay your generals if you happen to need them. I really enjoy the many mini-video clips to show you how different units and abilities works so you can better understand them before you invest in them. That greatly reduces the trial & error aspect of skill trees of these kinds of games.

The voice of demon Corvus (Alastair Parker) sounds very similar to The Mouth of Sauron (Don Messick) in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King movie.

I do wish that homosexuality wasn't as significant of a political theme - I'm barely into Act 2 and already have had like 4 turns of NPC dialogs about the issue. Political issues are understandably familiar so that you can get into it more easily. Realistically any political decision you make will thrill and anger a portion of your population. Dealing with religious zealot Undead, hippy eco-communist Elves, greedy capitalist Dwarves, elitist Lizardmen, and ... (something I haven't quite figured out) Imps can wear you down if you just care about conquest and not governance. Your decisions do affect bonus and penalties in the RTS part of the game.

So far the only replayability of this game lies in different role-playing choices of your wife, different decisions on political issues, and different levels of cooperation with the demon Corvus.
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Posté le : 1 octobre 2014
Fantasticaly stasfiying game.
Its a mix of an RTS + Risk + Politics
The RTS is kinda lacking and end game is a little frustrating,
But the Risk part of the game is solid,
And the Politics of the game, is great, its a benifit to gameplay,
and I really felt like a lord of a fledling nation talking to these high ranking representatives,
and it felt good.
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Posté le : 9 décembre 2014
Turn based strategic map,
Real time Strategy battles,
Politics which matter.

Divinity: Dragon Commander is all about planing ahead in order to regain a lost empire
akin to RISK you gain cards which benefit you or puts your enemy in a bad place
interactions with your generals and ambasadors makes for great fun and entertainment outside battles

oh right you also happen to be a dragon who can enter the battlefield should you wish to do so

7/10 pretty solid
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4.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 13 novembre 2014
Dragon with a jetpack. Can't go wrong. Looks amazing, controls are easy to learn. Favorite RTS.
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40.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 4 octobre 2014
A very strange game, but a good one. It tries to be several things at once -- an action RPG, a turn-based strategy game, an RTS, an empire management simulator -- but while you'd think being a jack of all trades and master of none would be a bad thing, the multiple layers combine to become more than the sum of their parts and present a very compelling experience.

It's also got a pretty strong story, gorgeous graphics, and a nice sense of humour that isn't too in your face.

Plus, turning into a dragon and blasting the enemy's base into oblivion is pretty damn awesome.
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19.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 1 janvier
Very good dialogue and characters, and I love the gameplay aswell. All around about an 8/10 game loved it.
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