PANZAR is a fantasy multiplayer third-person shooter. You get to choose from eight unique character classes, team-based PvP battles, exciting PvE adventures and regular tournaments with real prizes. Advanced RPG elements, the non-target combat system and the most modern graphics by CryEngine 3 will make your combat experience...
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Guess Where Contest II - between 29th and 4th Jun


Here we are a brand new puzzles weekly contest called "Guess Where". The essence of the competition is that at a certain time fragments will be published of images of four gaming locations world Panzar. (date and time of the start of the competition will be announced in advance, at least one day before the start of the competition) . And you will have to guess all of these locations, and post the correct answer.
For convenience, each location we assigned a number (see list. Below), so your response should look like a sequence of numbers (for example: 1,2,3,14).

The contest will run until 4th Jun 2015 12:00 CET or until the moment when the 3 correct answer are in.
The First 3, that give the answer with the correct number combination and will be our winner! The prize -  500/300/100 crystals .

If nobody can guess the correct combination during the day since the start of the competition, the competition is completed. We will show you the correct answer, and the prize will be added to the prize pool of the next competition. Thus, in the next contest winner will take not 100 but 200 crystals or not 500 but 1000 crystals.

Non locations: 
1) Arena of Warlords 
2) Jungle Village 
3) Fire Coldron Valley 
4) Hall of Ancesters 
5) Dwarf Quarry 
6) Orcs Shrine 
7) Fortress Cannibals / Monkey Hill 
8) Meteor Hunt 
9) Orc Burgwall 
10) Siege of the Swamp Fort 
11) Cursed Altar 
12) Chimera Garden 
13) Toxic Bay 
14) Expanse of Mists 
15) Temple of Sandstorms 
16) Alchemists Citadel 
17) Kromholm Mine 
18) Elven Pier

Terms of the contest:
1) One account only one answer, so be careful and take your time. 
2) To post a response wait until you see the pieces. 
3) Answers containing other information, other than Ingame Name - Zone - a combination of four numbers will not be considered. So if you want to write your opinion about the competition, or something else, put it in a separate comment. 
4) a combination consisting of less than or more than four digits are not accepted. 

Join and check for date and time here

SO TO BE ABSOLUTE CLEAR (1 line answer anything else will not be accepted)

White Wolfs T - EU - 3,6,16,5

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Prices are half as high!! Summer and Panzar is a formula for an everlasting good mood!


ATTENTION! Great news from Panzar Studio, friends! It is time to indulge yourself!

Moreover, it is time to get off on all cylinders! All in-game prices in crystals have been reduced by half! We'll repeat: all prices have been reduced by 50%. Only the cost of the premium subscription remains unchanged. The exchange rate of crystals to gold has also changed and will be 1 to 600.

Argus is laughing insanely, and Krom is chewing the remnants of nail polish in a paroxysm of greed. One can only hope that we will have enough armor, amulets, weapons and other indispensable equipment which will greatly simplify your way to the top of military glory on the battlefield. Enter the game, find true allies and worthy opponents, prepare for battle - it's time to achieve victory.

Summer and PANZAR - is surely the best combination for a good mood!

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PANZAR is a fantasy multiplayer third-person shooter. You get to choose from eight unique character classes, team-based PvP battles, exciting PvE adventures and regular tournaments with real prizes. Advanced RPG elements, the non-target combat system and the most modern graphics by CryEngine 3 will make your combat experience unforgettable!

Key Features

Dynamic Team-Based PvP and PvE
PANZAR is built on high intensity team-based battles. Players fight in 8 vs 8 PvP fights and extensive breathtaking PvE raids where no one can secure victory alone. The secret to success in battle is how well you coordinate with your other teammates. It’s ideal entertainment for groups and clans. PANZAR’s developed clan system gives you the chance to participate in spectacular mass tournaments for glory and prizes.
One Spectacular Fantasy World

Incredibly Detailed Fantasy World
PANZAR comes to life through the raw power of CryENGINE®3, the ultimate game development platform deliveri
ng incredibly detailed graphics and fluid gameplay. Players face off in rich and detailed environments such as mountain waterfalls, jungle villages, ancient castles and temple ruins. PANZAR is flexible, serving a wide range of graphics capability modes, so computers of many generations can get into battle.

Tactical Gameplay Modes
PANZAR has a wide range of locations, equipment and skills creating an almost never-ending variety of tactical options and battle strategies. There are eight different character classes, each with their own unique skill set, game dynamics and overall role within the team. With several different gameplay modes – Domination, Siege, Rugby and King of the Hill - it’s a game you’ll want to play again and again.

Unique Heroes
Players can create their own formidable characters and develop and equip them as they like. You can buy, sell, craft and upgrade weapons, armor and magical potions at any time between battles. Not to mention the nearly limitless freedom of self-expression arising from all the hairstyles, battle cries and armor paint choices. Unleash your imagination!

Advanced Social System
Players can communicate with other players right in-game using voice, team and general battle chat options. Finding new friends, grouping or reconnecting with old ones is simple! There are even gold bonuses on offer for each new friend recruited. Join teams, claim victory and crystals in tournaments, even create your own clan and choose the comrades you will fight shoulder to shoulder with. In PANZAR, there is only one goal…Victory!


    • OS: Windows® XP
    • Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 5600+ 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 4870
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • OS: Windows® Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel® Core Quad Q9450 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom II x4 920 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 470 or AMD Radeon HD 6790
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
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Totally dominated by russians (Packed with cheaters) and pay to win. do i need to say anymore!
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fun to uninstall
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It's 100% pay to win, And sadly im not buying it, thanks bye.
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This game is one of the most fun games I have played. The game has balanced combat, good graphics, fun combat, and 17 maps.


The game is pay 2 win, and the developers try suck at pricing items. They ruined their own game with their terrible cash shop. They should have made the game buy to play, instead of some pay 2 win trash.
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Really good gameplay but sadly it is pay to win.
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Played it.
Loved it.
Stopped playing for a while.
Decide to play it again.
Find out it turned into another P2W.

Not surprised this turned into a Pay 2 Win, Free To Play developers often mess up their own games and its no different with this one.
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This game has alot of potential and it's with a bit of hesitation I give this a negative review. It does fit into a category of "pay to win" because if you spend enough money on it, you will get a good character that runs over newer players.

Good graphics
Interesting classes and abilities
Upgrading Objects is a good idea
Purchasing Hairstyles/Facial Hair gets you more XP from battle

Mostly a Russian player population which can make them hard to understand or ask advice from.
Half baked tutorial that could use alot of improvement
Mediocre sound quality

This game probably caters to the Russian servers which is a shame, because there'd be alot more potential if they found a way to put a translator into the game, or found some other way to fix the language barrier. Interaction with some objects has to be a bit of guesswork at first until you find what combination of buttons works.Overall though it's still alot of fun and has lots of potential, but feels a bit exclusive to one Country.
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Well this game looks like fun i didnt play much but its hard not to notice how much money sucking this game is. Really shame tho if they could put more lore into it and make this game less pay to win game would be great. Atmosphere feels a bit like warhammer age of reckoning and thats good part. Combat for low levels is boring as ♥♥♥♥ and pve while standing in place and waiting for waves of mobs to come aint that fun also
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a terrible pay2play game,waste of time
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it is fun but it lacks...something really important...oh, right, it has no one who actually plays antymore
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So much potential. Fun gameplay and good graphics. However, the game is ruined by pay to win and ridiculously long load times (West NA, 5+ minutes). Not to mention the eastern European chat spam. Sorry Panzar, but you guys are on the wrong continent.
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I'll start with the only good aspect of the game, the graphics are nice.

The game is Pay2Win, wasn't always pay2win, back in early beta is was quite a good, balanced game, with real money mostly used for just cosmetics like coloring your armor, now it's entirely pay2win with you able to buy overpowered characters with cash that are neigh-godlike to anyone not dropping money on the game.

The game has no mouse sensitivity settings at all, with the game defaulting to a sickening turn speed of mach 5 for the camera, I felt sick turning the camera around after a while, not to mention it's awful for aiming.

Game has lousy class balance, even before the pay2win comes into effect.

Avoid this garbage like the plague.
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+Graphics are real good.

- Pay2Win. Tortorial shows how you can use diamonds/gems to get armor. And diamonds/gems you can buy only by real cash.
-RUS players only. I played like 10matchs all the time russians. They was yelling, and 60% was 8y old kids.
F**k this game.
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Panzar is really good game, it has 2 HUUUGE drawbacks though:
-To long queue
-Pay to Win
Also don't even think that you'll be able to communicate with team. That's not gonna happen unless you're russian. Despite these disadvantages, I think this game is masterpiece. Great combat system, one of the best i've ever seen in game like this.

I wouldn't recomennd this game. mostly because of boring 30-minutes queues, but you know. Better rating -> more players. I'd appreciate if you persuade your friends to play Panzar. We can't really change the P2W thing, but long queues - we surely can.
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To be honest i havent played this game at all just because i could not... The waiting time to find a game is over 5 min which is just too long. There should either be that you can choose server regions like in dota 2 or have a custom server browser... I aint waiting 5 minutes for a game, i aint no ♥♥♥♥♥.
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The game is gorgeous,considering all terms,but if you don't want to pay or aren't willing to farm REALLY HEAVY for every item,this game is not for you.
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9.2 小时(记录在案的)
Really fun game!! I like the combat, crafting, and leveling of the game. Although, I wish there were more classes to use and more maps to play on. Along with a slightly higher quantity of resouces gained when completing battles for crafting purposes. But all in all it is a very good game.
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