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An American geological expedition, under a UN mandate, assesses the natural resources in a distant part of Siberia, deep in the trackless steppes of Eastern Russia. But instead of oil, they discover a deposit of a hitherto unknown mineral.
Release Date: Jun 15, 2001

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Original War updated to v + dubbings added

July 30th, 2014

Once more, due to efforts of Stucuk from http://owsupport.com/ Original War gets a new update.

Added: Support for 22 Steam Achievements
Added: Language Pack Support
Bug Fix: Am02 - Mikhail is rather aggressive (Issue 4)
Bug Fix: Am07 - JMM dies but mission successful (Issue 5)
Bug Fix: Bloody valley tree gives exp multiple times (Issue 11)
Bug Fix: Polish "From the Future with Love" - %d and %t (Issue 19)
Bug Fix: Cornell appearance Am10_cont (Issue 25)
Bug Fix: AM15, Connie Traverse (Issue 29)
Bug Fix: RU14 generic characters (Issue 31)
Bug Fix: Am15 W. Gorky event (Issue 34)
Bug Fix: Bug/Exploit. Chatting as others in the multiplayer lobby (Issue 35)
Bug Fix: All soldiers don´t attack legion in 2nd attack 15am (Issue 37)
Bug Fix: Crash at Start of AM15 under certain resolutions (Issue 39)
Bug Fix: Ru02 - barracks (Issue 40)
Bug Fix: AM11 Scout (Yamoko) (Issue 43)
Bug Fix: Am15 "No loses" medal (Issue 44)
Changed: Multiplayer Protocol Increased (Incompatible with previous versions)

As part of this update we have also added dubbing in French, German, Polish, Spanish and Czech.

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Original War updated to v1.12.8

February 26th, 2014

Thanks to the great work of Stucuk from http://www.owsupport.com, The Steam version of Original War has been updated to v1.12.8.

Change log:
Added: WINDOWFULL parameter
Added: Window option to launcher settings
Bug Fix: Original War shuts down when a mission is lost
Bug Fix: Range Check Errors removed
Bug Fix: Spanish Translation would crash multiplayer
Bug Fix: Launcher displays error when sent parameters
Changed: When ran directly OW correctly sets the resolution
Changed: Launcher no longer runs OW instantly when parameters are sent (Steam Only)

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About the Game

An American geological expedition, under a UN mandate, assesses the natural resources in a distant part of Siberia, deep in the trackless steppes of Eastern Russia. But instead of oil, they discover a deposit of a hitherto unknown mineral.

American scientists working for Department of Defense find out that this mineral is in fact identical to the substance used to power an extraterrestrial artifact in their possession. This object is called the EON (Extraterrestrial Object Nexus).

It was found in 1919 by Colonel Emerson near the site of the Tunguska explosion. Emerson was the commander of a US military unit in charge of transporting US war supplies from the city of Vladivostok to the Eastern front during World War I.

DoD Experiments have shown that items placed in the capsule are transported hundreds of thousands of years back in time. The American scientists were not able to understand its construction, nor could they manage to synthesize its fuel. Eventually, the machine - classified Top Secret - was stored, pending further advances in human science.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/7 (Windows 8 not supported)
    • Processor: Intel Pentium® III - 700MHz
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia® GeForce™2 - 32 MB
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 2000/XP (Windows 8 not supported)
    • Processor: Intel Pentium® IV - 2GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia® GeForce™4 - 256 MB
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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1 review
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I´ve had this game when I was a kid, giving it a nostalgia value to me, I lost the game discs but I still remembered it. Then I seen it in Steam, for bargin price. So I remembered that game was good and...

IT WAS. Fantastic Voice acting, marvelous story, interesting characters, unique resource gathering, permadeath (when character dies, he/she is gone, forever, unless you replay mission and make sure he/she will stay alive)...

Look how much there are negative reviews compared to number of positive reviews.

At the time of wrting this review: 24 positive/0 negative (+ this one, which is positive making it 25)

Posted: February 15th, 2014
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11 of 14 people (79%) found this review helpful
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5 reviews
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The best RTS game ever made. You won't find any other storyline like that one. You just have to play it! And I guarantee You won't forget that magic ambience and the music.
Najlepsza gra RTS jaką kiedykolwiek stworzono. Nigdzie nie znajdziesz drugiej takiej fabuły. Musisz po prostu zagrać! I gwarantuję, że nie zapomnisz jej magicznej atmosfery i muzyki.
Posted: February 3rd, 2014
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6 of 8 people (75%) found this review helpful
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3 reviews
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Old good memory, pretty enjoyable on everythings it has, enough reason for me to just repurchase it :D
Posted: February 2nd, 2014
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
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4 reviews
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Original war , title doesn't lie.

Posted: May 15th, 2014
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
65 products in account
7 reviews
8.8 hrs on record
My god...This game is the best from RTS/Strategy. Perfect Dialogs, Voice Acting, Vehicles. Everything. You need to play this. Polish Voice Acting is much more better than English, but fine. Everyone got have own sentence. Just buy it! :3
Posted: May 17th, 2014
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188 of 201 people (94%) found this review helpful
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4 reviews
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I still have the boxset from this game in my closet since 2002ish. This game is pure awesome. Don't let its retro looks fool you.

Its something along the vibes of jagged alliance. you get character progression and permadeath. Most of the main characters have their own lines and personalities written for throughout the entire campaign; i always tried to keep em alive just for that ;D

other than that, the storyline, while slightly convoluted, simply serves as a backdrop for a great rts/rpg game where you manage not only your resources, but your human resources as well. 4 Character classes where your characters can switch between and gain experience in during missions carry out specific tasks, where soldiers fight, scientists do research and heal people up, engineers start buildings and collect resources, and mechanics drive and build vehicles.

Decisions you make within each mission affect subsequent missions. Somewhere down the line you will be forced to make one which will split your campagin progress into two trees. *spoiler :D*

I really loved the vehicle design in this game, where you slowly overtime research and unlock modules to provide more options for modular vehicle construction. Gun+Chassis+Power source+ wheels/tracks is awesome. I like the really distinctive look of the double gun cars. <3

all in all, this game is worth my 20 bucks then, and the 5 bucks now. buy it. you wont be disappointed.
Posted: January 27th, 2014
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