An American geological expedition, under a UN mandate, assesses the natural resources in a distant part of Siberia, deep in the trackless steppes of Eastern Russia. But instead of oil, they discover a deposit of a hitherto unknown mineral.
출시 날짜: 2001년 6월 15일
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Original War 구매

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Original War updated to v + dubbings added

2014년 7월 30일

Once more, due to efforts of Stucuk from Original War gets a new update.

Added: Support for 22 Steam Achievements
Added: Language Pack Support
Bug Fix: Am02 - Mikhail is rather aggressive (Issue 4)
Bug Fix: Am07 - JMM dies but mission successful (Issue 5)
Bug Fix: Bloody valley tree gives exp multiple times (Issue 11)
Bug Fix: Polish "From the Future with Love" - %d and %t (Issue 19)
Bug Fix: Cornell appearance Am10_cont (Issue 25)
Bug Fix: AM15, Connie Traverse (Issue 29)
Bug Fix: RU14 generic characters (Issue 31)
Bug Fix: Am15 W. Gorky event (Issue 34)
Bug Fix: Bug/Exploit. Chatting as others in the multiplayer lobby (Issue 35)
Bug Fix: All soldiers don´t attack legion in 2nd attack 15am (Issue 37)
Bug Fix: Crash at Start of AM15 under certain resolutions (Issue 39)
Bug Fix: Ru02 - barracks (Issue 40)
Bug Fix: AM11 Scout (Yamoko) (Issue 43)
Bug Fix: Am15 "No loses" medal (Issue 44)
Changed: Multiplayer Protocol Increased (Incompatible with previous versions)

As part of this update we have also added dubbing in French, German, Polish, Spanish and Czech.

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Original War updated to v1.12.8

2014년 2월 26일

Thanks to the great work of Stucuk from, The Steam version of Original War has been updated to v1.12.8.

Change log:
Added: WINDOWFULL parameter
Added: Window option to launcher settings
Bug Fix: Original War shuts down when a mission is lost
Bug Fix: Range Check Errors removed
Bug Fix: Spanish Translation would crash multiplayer
Bug Fix: Launcher displays error when sent parameters
Changed: When ran directly OW correctly sets the resolution
Changed: Launcher no longer runs OW instantly when parameters are sent (Steam Only)

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게임 정보

An American geological expedition, under a UN mandate, assesses the natural resources in a distant part of Siberia, deep in the trackless steppes of Eastern Russia. But instead of oil, they discover a deposit of a hitherto unknown mineral.

American scientists working for Department of Defense find out that this mineral is in fact identical to the substance used to power an extraterrestrial artifact in their possession. This object is called the EON (Extraterrestrial Object Nexus).

It was found in 1919 by Colonel Emerson near the site of the Tunguska explosion. Emerson was the commander of a US military unit in charge of transporting US war supplies from the city of Vladivostok to the Eastern front during World War I.

DoD Experiments have shown that items placed in the capsule are transported hundreds of thousands of years back in time. The American scientists were not able to understand its construction, nor could they manage to synthesize its fuel. Eventually, the machine - classified Top Secret - was stored, pending further advances in human science.

시스템 요구 사항

    • OS: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/7 (Windows 8 not supported)
    • Processor: Intel Pentium® III - 700MHz
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia® GeForce™2 - 32 MB
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 2000/XP (Windows 8 not supported)
    • Processor: Intel Pentium® IV - 2GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia® GeForce™4 - 256 MB
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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게임 시간은 꼴랑 5분이지만, 이 게임을 중학교 시절 데모로 살짝 플레이 한 다음 재밌어서 잊지 못해 대학 들어와 어째저째 토렌트로 구한 사운드도 개떡같은 이상한 버전으로 열심히 플레이하다 gog.com에 정식으로 나오자마자 환장해서 곧바로 지른 다음 플레이하고, 플레이하고, 플레이한 사람이니 평가에 대해 걱정은 말도록.

정말 다른 외국인들 리뷰가 딱 맞다. 이 게임, 지를 가치가 충분하다. 과거 스타크래프트와 재기드 얼라이언스 시절에 나온 이 게임은 마케팅의 실패와 너무 엄청난 경쟁작들 때문에 '쩔어주는' 게임임에도 그대로 묻혀 버린 비운의 수작이다.

스토리도 그럭저럭 흥미롭고 - 원시시대에서 다른 세계의 미국과 소련이 충돌한다 -, 그래픽도 그때 당시 시절로 생각해봐도 상당히 괜찮은 편에 속한다. 무엇보다 돋보이는건 이 작품의 게임성이다. 이 게임은 절대로 스타크래프트같은 평범한 RTS 가 아니다. RTS와 RPG의 만남이라는 절대로 흔치 않은 조합, 유닛 하나하나가 모두 유니크한, 병사 1이 아닌 고유의 캐릭터 - 물론 정말 비중없는 녀석도 좀 있지만 -, 그냥 건물만 올리면 거기서 유닛이 나오는 단순한 전략 시뮬레이션하곤 완전히 다른 새로운 시스템 등 지금 봐도 감탄사가 터져 나올 요소가 많은 녀석이다.

굳이 단점을 꼽자면 다음 2가지를 꼽을 수 있겠다. 먼저 이 게임은 한판이 30분 내로 끝나는 스피디한 게임이 아니라 시간을 들여 차분히 해 나가는 게임이다. 즉 전체적인 게임의 페이스가 느린 편이다. 이 때문에 빠른 게임 진행을 원하는 사람들에겐 좀 거부감이 생길 수 있겠다. 그리고 이 게임, 한글판이 없다. 즉 어느 정도 영어 실력이 베이스로 깔려 있어야 스토리도 이해하고, 미션마다 생기는 이벤트나 건물이나 차량에 대한 설명도 뭐가 뭔지 알 수 있다.

리그베다 위키에 미완성이긴 하지만 어느 정도 정리된 소개글이 나와 있으니 참고하도록.

아, 그리고 이 게임 웬만해선 토렌트질도 힘들다. 돌아다녀봣자 더빙이 무슨 러시아어로 된 괴상한 버전밖에 없더라. 그냥 여기서 돈 주고 사자(...)
게시 일시: 2014년 5월 15일
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I got this old game because it was on sale, because I hadn't seen the concept of an RTS closely involved with time travel anywhere else but Achron, and because of its positive reviews. I was wrong - this game is nothing like Achron, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Last night, I stayed up until 6 AM trying to beat the first two USA missions in a way I could be proud of, and spent more than an hour on the third mission besides! I've only played one other RTS which directly applies how well I performed on one level to how well I start on the next level and to the degree that it is possible to get an unworkable start if you really mess up. The best part is? The game doesn't tell me that. It lets me explore, lets me find that out. It lets me find out that level 2 is much easier if I keep level 1's wounded soldier alive, lets me discover that Sabre-tooth tigers attack my troops as a matter of course (New policy: Pre-emptive extermination), makes me find out the little things that divide a Lieutenant from a quartermaster.

The tutorial's unobtrusive, taking the form of hints which pop up along a small, out of the way bar at the bottom of the screen. Easy to ignore if you've seen it before, and easy to miss if you aren't paying attention. Just the way I like it.

The graphics are, to be honest, not good by today's standards. But I am a firm believer in "Graphics matter only to the point where they help the consumer suspend disbelief", and they are good enough for me to suspend disbelief. If you've played the original Starcraft, it's around that level of quality.

Unlike in Starcraft, however, terrain is hugely important in Original War. Long grass conceals soldiers who are crawling, but is temporarily flattened if a vehicle or walking human crosses it. Harder and softer terrains have different effects on the movement of vehicles depending on their propulsion (Tracks seem to be slower than wheels on harder ground and faster on softer ground) and the movement of infantry.

The variety of units we have access to is honestly extremely well done - a basic human can fulfill any infantry role, but the skills they've acquired (In four areas, which transfer from mission to mission as the character does) determine how effective they are. Whether they're effective or not, just performing in the role will increase their ability in it. The four roles I've been exposed to - Soldier, Engineer, Mechanic, Scientist - are each so useful choosing between them is actively painful, and I count that in the game's favor. I've only seen three vehicles so far - two wheeled and one tracked - but being exposed to the vehicle construction menu informs me that eventually I will have the option to deploy vehicles of multiple chassis types, controlled directly by humans or remote guided, armed with distinct weapons, and so far I've seen both gasoline and solar power represented in the game.

Now, the gameplay itself. Original War features RTS gameplay, but it honestly spends most of its time telling a story of people trapped two million years ago which is reflected by the gameplay. Most RTS games accept one basic conceit - that if you click a button in the barracks, you get another man or woman with a rifle. Original War rejects that conceit, and as a result you get a game more about using up, salvaging, resource allocation, and making do than it is about build orders, micro timing, or army composition. The result neatly becomes a sort of hybrid between an RTS and an RPG, with the large battlefields and unit management of an RTS and the detailed statistics and many, many options of an RPG.

In terms of what I as a player can do, Original War impresses me. Do I want the resources that captured vehicle represents more than I want the vehicle itself? I can have it taken apart for a bit of a refund. Do I think it's time for my top soldier to learn how to repair vehicles? I can make her put on overalls and carry repair tools. Do I need to build a bunch of buildings fast? Turn everybody into engineers! Frustrated at the Engineer's slow speed while carrying resources? Vehicles with cargo bays can gather that for them. Am I considering mounting a final, do-or-die assault? Why am I considering that? I can pick the enemy's irreplacable unit count down with a small group of soldiers if I move carefully. Do I want my vehicle to be built quickly or just eventually? Do I want that tech researched NOW or eventually? And this is not counting the in-mission choices - I've received at least one dialogue choice per mission and this is without mentioning the implied choices.

All in all, if you like RTS games, if you like RPG games, and most of all if you like HARD, uncompromising games which ask you as a player to think, learn, and make choices I think there is a very good chance you will enjoy this game as I am.
게시 일시: 2014년 6월 30일
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Original war , title doesn't lie.

게시 일시: 2014년 5월 15일
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18.8 시간 기록
This is in my opinion one of the best RTS/RPG ever made and it has aged well.

The story is unique and interesting, the characters have personality and are interesting as well. The gameplay mechanics are great even by today standards, lots of options for base building. The graphics are nice and look good even today.
게시 일시: 2014년 6월 1일
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27.1 시간 기록
i sitll own the solid copy of this game back in 2005-2006, and i still play it, dosnt that explain how good the game is? :D :D
게시 일시: 2014년 6월 25일
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