Enter the mind of Howard Phillips, a young man who has developed an obsession with his dreams. Explore unique worlds filled with puzzles, secrets and horrors to find meaning in Howard’s directionless waking life.
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Дата выхода: 13 авг, 2013

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Приобретите игру и начинайте — примите участие в развитии этой игры.

Примечание: данная игра в раннем доступе находится на стадии разработки. Она может измениться в будущем, а может остаться в текущем состоянии, так что если вам не по вкусу то, что игра может предложить сейчас, рекомендуем дождаться ее дальнейшего развития. Узнать больше

О чём разработчики хотят сказать:

Почему ранний доступ?

“As a small team of 3, ‘Dream’ is our first game and so we have a lot to learn! One of the best ways to make sure we’re on track is to get community feedback as we go along. This also helps us focus our time on the features that our audience most wants.”

Сколько примерно эта игра будет в раннем доступе?

“Our current timeline has ‘Dream’ coming out of early access in Q2 2015.”

Чем планируемая полная версия будет отличаться от версии в раннем доступе?

“Being on Early Access allows the community to help refine the game all the way to final release.
Upon completion, ‘Dream’ will have a rich story throughout the games levels in multiple languages.

Mechanics and features for ‘Dream’ will be added, altered and refined for the full version after being tried out and tweaked in Early Access. Some of these include a more comprehensive and easy to use Inventory System, Collectibles to find which offer story and rewards, Options expanded with more intuitive menus and In-Game items which help aid with exploration and game optimisations.

While these are already somewhat available in the Early Access version they only represents a small part. The story serves as a placeholder in order to give a general idea without spoilers and give players some context in order to voice their opinions in shaping the game”

Каково текущее состояние версии в раннем доступе?

“Two out of the three acts of ‘Dream’ are available to play with different levels being at different stages of completion. An Alpha of the Oculus Rift version is also available for DK1. DK2 will be added once there is support from Epic.”

Будет ли разница в цене до и после раннего доступа?

“Dream will be included in sales where appropriate during Early Access but it is currently undecided whether the price will go up come full release.”

Как вы планируете вовлекать сообщество в развитие игры?

“So far the community has been providing us with indispensable feedback on what works, what doesn’t work as well as it could and what they would like to see next on top of helping us with bug/crash reports. We would like to keep this dynamic going all the way up to our final release.”

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"Developer said on Nov 2nd 2014 that they will announce more DK2 info soon. DK1 being dropped unless there is high demand."

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24 февраля

Dream 0.5.5

Fixed an issue causing a crash when entering the Act III Side-dream 'Meadow'

Sorry to those of you who were getting crashes since the last update. This patch should sort it, again thanks for the support!

You can find the previous patch notes here


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10 февраля

Dream Side Dream/Fix

Just a small patch to fix the issue:

+ Psychic Paper now works in Meadow Side Dream. Gives a clue on how to proceed.

Yesterdays Patch below:

Dream 0.5.4 - Act III Side Dream.

  • Added new side Dream accessible via act III
  • *Upon finishing the puzzle a black cube item is collectable. This is just a placeholder for now. Collectable and exit arch coming in future update.
  • Fixed issue with no sound/music in the Rollercoaster Side Dream.

Dev updates:

  • Story is 90% written and being implemented/recording.
  • Last 'Side-Dream' nearly complete.
  • Working on new inventory/items/collectables

Still to come are the endings, localisation and fixes.

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Dream is an adventure game with a focus on narrative and exploration. Play as Howard Phillips, a young man whose waking hours are filled with feelings of dread and despair, but whose dreams are clear, lucid and powerful. Do these dreams hold the key to Howard's future? Journey through the subconscious mind in a quest for self-awareness and truth.

Dream is currently in Early Access and is still a few months away from being completed, you can expect the following if you get the game now.

  • Two of the three main acts are complete, with the main hub of act 3 available; a total of eight dreams to explore.
  • A Nightmare for each complete act so far released.
  • The game is currently PC-only and English-only.

Unique Interact-able 3D Environments
Every environment in the game is lovingly hand-crafted by our close-knit team of four and with no worldly restrictions to the environments we can have a vast range of aesthetics and puzzles.

Non-linear Narrative and Gameplay
You are free to explore dream environments where puzzles can be completed in different orders and the story progresses according to your choices. The paths you choose affect which dreams you experience and how the finale plays out.

Collectables, Items and Secrets
Each dream is filled with secrets and collectables that help the player progress and contribute to the story.

Dream features an original soundtrack by composer Norman Legies.

Системные требования

    • OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 3 compliant graphics cards (GeForce 8800, GeForce GT220 and above)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible, 16-bit
    • Additional Notes: While under development in early access Dream performance will vary until optimizations are done, these requirements are a bare minimum so ideally you should try and ensure you exceed them to get the best experience.
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3.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 6 апреля
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the closest thing you can get to a getting-high simulator

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1.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 4 апреля
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Do NOT buy this game at least until it is finished. I encountered a bug even before I began a new game. The entire first level is walking around 3 different mazes accomplishing the same task, if that's your idea of fun, try Talos Principle. After that, you're back at the house and then trapped in a living room with an answering machine. BUG HERE, if you touch anything with an audiosource, the answering machine stops playing and your stuck. yay.

Developers: If you're going to sell a game that's in Beta, be kind enough to playtest and get all the bugs out of the early release version, while you work on the REAL game.
I'm out 16$ for a game I played 10 minutes before I gave up.
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63.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 28 октября, 2014
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Если Вы искали что-то красивое, то, поздравляю, Вы это нашли.

Во что Вы играли в до-компьютерном детстве? Любили строить замки из подушек и стульев? Тогда Вам, наверное, это придется по вкусу. Любители казаков-рабойников, которым важно лишь кого-то застрелить, посадить на кол, пустить на фарш - проходите мимо, не задерживайте очередь.

Даже на этом этапе разработки игры, очевидным плюсом является её атмосферность. Эта игра создана, чтобы расслабиться и помедитировать. Побродить по своему маленькому миру под приятную музыку. Отойти от реальности, побыть в одиночестве и подумать о чем-то своем. Хотя, если Вам надоест сидеть на месте и ничего не делать, то у Dream для Вас припасен ассортимент головоломок, лабиринтов, и даже пара-тройка кошмаров, чтобы пощекотать кому-то нервы.

Технически, эту игру можно было бы назвать головоломкой. Однако, если делать упор на решении задачек, то игра покажется безумно короткой, уже не говоря о том, что большинство из них уж больно простые*. В первую очередь это - инди, где важно само Ваше пребывание в игре. Сюжет** крутится вокруг главного героя (т.е. Вас), который в своих снах понемногу узнает новое о себе, своей жизни, о том, что произошло, и что ему делать дальше.

В общем и целом суть такова... Устали от назойливых соседей, родителей, коллег, других устроителей ежедневных проблем:
↓ Надевайте наушники
↓ Запускайте игру
→ И Zzz...

*да и даже если Вы с чем-то не будете справляться, в сообществе стима есть масса прохождений, повторить которые не составит труда: ловкости рук и точности реакции от Вас тут никто не будет требовать

** технически, игра поделена на три главных сна, так или иначе связанных с жизнью героя. В каждом из них есть три небольших сна, один из которых является кошмарным. Чтобы открыть для себя новый большой сон, Вы должны справиться с проблемами (задачками) предыдущего. Сюжета как такового, в общем-то, и нет. Вы просто должны понять, что это за фрукт - Ваш персонаж. Никто его историю не расскажет и журнала с подробным описанием Вы нигде не найдете. По мере прохождения, его жизнь и история, потихоньку складываются из увиденных во снах элементов. Собственно, это и есть весь смысл - пройтись по закоулкам сознания этого юноши и разобраться в нем (а он, видимо, сделает это вместе с Вами)

Игра приятная. Уютная и приятная. Как деревенский домик, кресло-качалка, мягкий плед и теплая кружка в руках.
Upd: про английский. Люди, которым важен фактор языка, по моему разумению, ищут соответствующую табличку в правом столбце. Можно ли играть в эту игру, не зная языка? Она мне понравилась еще когда в ней текста как такового почти не было. Ответ очевиден, не правда ли? А теперь, подробнее.
Для чего Вам необходим английский: понять слова login и password; перепечатать пару команд из списка (я это делал методом тыка, ибо мне было лень читать, хоть я и могу, и, Вы не поверите, у меня получилось напечатать слово а ля "start"); понять названия блюд из заказов (кофе - он и в Африке кофе); а так же на слух воспринимать цифры от 0 до 9. Прохождения, словарик или друзья/дети с базовым знанием английского Вам в помощь.
Для чего желателен английский: понимание фраз "боже мой, как я устал, хочу спать"; понимание фраз по ходу сюжета** (игра есть, а сюжет еще в разработке. Улавливаете? Ну не важен он здесь! Какую-то часть истории без фраз, естественно, Вы не поймете, но это лишь часть. Часть видео-игры, а не книги); понимание описания лабиринтов и прочего сопровождающего текста; понимание настроек из главного меню игры и самого главного меню.
Для всего остального Вы, желательно, должны быть начинающим программистом, музыкантом, психологом и даже увлекаться криптографией, так как ряд пасхалок требует более обширных знаний, чем простое знание языка.
Что ж, если Вы жить не можете без полного понимания всего и всё равно читаете обзор к игре, в списке языков которой висит исключительно английский, то знайте, локализация, вероятно, будет, но только после того, как игра будет готова или почти готова. По крайней мере, у разработчиков были амбиции по переводу игры на момент написания рецензии, основываясь на сообщениях в форуме проекта.
Ну и раз уж я тут так разошелся, то напишу еще одну вещь: тем, у кого "эмоциональный диапазон как у зубочистки", игра крайне не рекомендуется к покупке!!! (цитата из "гп и оф", если что)
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15.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 10 ноября, 2014
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
!!! Для игры жизненно важно знание английского языка, иначе ничего не поймете !!!

Не сразу понял в чем суть игры, куда идти и что делать, но потом игра действительно удивила своей красотой. Визуальная и звуковая составляющая завораживают, так что выключайте в комнате свет и надевайте наушники :)

В игре ваш персонаж засыпает и видит сны в которых вам предстоит решать всяческие пазлы. Сам мир снов довольно велик и задача которую нужно решить для данного мира не подсвечивается большой зеленой стрелкой. Нужно исследовать мир, запоминать детали и решать головоломки. Частично игра похожа на "The Stanley Parable", только тут коридоры шире.
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6.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 19 ноября, 2014
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
This was written 19/11/2014 during the game's early access.

Right now as this game stands, I would have to say avoid it until it's finished. I won't bother writing a full review until I have replayed the game after its release but here is a short breakdown of the notes I took along the way:

- Beautiful graphics and scenery, absolutely amazing to be able to explore
- Fun little collectables which express dream interpretations of things around you
- Have feet, always a bonus
- Little questionable but not entirely bad voice acting
- Non-linear game but the structure is a little lacking organisation wise
(easy to get lost, map is not very intuitive, not really sure what you are supposed to be doing or when you have completed an area and therefore get a little bored of the beautiful surroundings you are in)
- Crashed several times
- Puzzles can be a tad frustrating and pretty unimaginative, lacking originality
- Got stuck on one level, left unable to progress any further because of a bug which hasn’t been fixed (Terrace Walkway)

Don't get me wrong, a lot of that is negative but I have high hopes for this game when it's fully released. I have the highest of intentions of coming back to it and re-writing this review to say nothing but good things. But that's down to if the dev starts fixing some of these issues. The one that bothers me most being that I can't progress any further.
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Пользователей, посчитавших этот обзор забавным: 1
2.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 31 октября, 2014
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9/10 Amazing
Beautiful Scenes.
Creative Storytelling.
Fantastic Music.
Not Only a Game but a Work of ART.

A little bit SCARY.
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Пользователей, посчитавших этот обзор забавным: 1
10.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 7 декабря, 2014
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
As a lucid dreamer myself, I had a special interest in this game. I hoped it to be very weird, hard and mentally satisfying. It was those 3 things and ever more! The word mindf*ck is a great one to describe this game : -) in short.

Graphics aren’t that good, but the gameplay makes up for that ten times over. And as a musician I am also very interested in the sounds and music. The music was great, but it could have been a bit more weird or experimental in my opinion, but still not a bad job! The sounds and FX are great! You really get sucked into it from time to time.

The story is also cool, but I won’t spoil anything by telling too much here ; ) If you like puzzles, weirdness and non-traditional gameplay? Buy it! It’s way worth the money, and since it’s still in development, it will keep surprising you!

Have fun!
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1.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 7 ноября, 2014
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I always thought I hated walking sims. I hated the fact that barely anything is happening and felt so bored until I quit. Don't worry because Dream is not that at all. It may be a walking sim buts it's varied. Its not the boring Island of Dear Esther or the slightly more colourful boring island in Proteus. I have always loved the idea of a game built around dreams and this completely delivers. I also loved the narration giving me a real sense of progression and the simple exploration Dream is built around. I don't care if this is in early access, I love this game.
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14 из 16 пользователей (88%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
2.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 15 января
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Really interesting game, playing in your dreams/nightmares. Full exploration games with some really good ambience/ambient music. Worth a try!
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10 из 13 пользователей (77%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
0.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 1 ноября, 2014
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I hated Early Access Games until I discovered this one. One of the best-developed games I have ever played. The developers have great attention to detail and skill.
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21 из 34 пользователей (62%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
Пользователей, посчитавших этот обзор забавным: 1
7.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 22 февраля
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
Almost all of this game is fine, and actually kind of charming. I've even been quite enthralled by some sections.


The controls on the terrace garden puzzel section are so bad that they turn a 5 minute puzzle into something that I have spent nearly 4 hours across three days attempting to complete.

There is nothing complicated about this puzzle. I worked out very quickly that I had to rotate the lasers and I didn't have any trouble figuring out how I should align them to complete the sequence of rings.

It was the fact that I had almost zero control over the actual means of rotating the laser. Holding down F is the only way get them to turn, and they turn following some kind of mixture of RNG and some other hidden variable. Getting a laser to aim correctly would take me between 5 and 30 minutes. Often I had to give up on a solution as I had to go do something and wasn't able to leave the game running.

I'm still not done. I'm currently writing this as I attempt to align the forth of the nine lasers.

I don't really know why I am even still continuing with this. Some primitive mixture of anger and determination.

If the Terrace Garden controls receive vast improvement, I'll think about either removing this or writing a nice review about the many things I really liked about Dream.
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8 из 10 пользователей (80%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
6.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 17 ноября, 2014
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
Dream is a wonderful game and has been very enjoyable for me to play. It may still be in Early Access, but it has a lot of potential. I did run into some minor problems with walking through doors and stairs, as well as the puzzle mechanics in one section of the game, but nothing to ruin playability. I love the puzzles, they're clever but simple enough to figure out, and especially in the Nightmare sequences they work very well. The graphics are stunning and the variety of places to explore trange from immensly beautiful to a little bit creepy; overall, the environment is excellent. My favorite thing about Dream is it's soundtrack - it's whimsical and at times a little melancholy, but fits with the theme of the game very well. I cannot wait for the full game to be released!
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6 из 7 пользователей (86%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
12.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 25 февраля
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
Currently I am experiencing some kind of crash with the latest update so will enlighten on how I felt about the game last I played it (last review is deleted). For a while I loved DREAM and it still is a great game. Good enough that I still recommend it. The premise is a fantastic and unusual one for a video game: Lucid Dreaming. As a result this opens so many doors to how creative and fun the game can be. For its already existing good points, DREAM is filled with quality. The environments are stunningly detailed and beautiful and even more enjoyable to explore given the non-linear design of the game. Puzzles are varied and at times really challenging to accomplish. As you wander in Howard's dreamland your ears are bombarded with some beautiful and appropriate music. Added together, these things highlight significant promise for the developers' ambition. Overall, I commend them for taking a brave turn in development in this unique setting.

HOWEVER, there are a few negative points that really need addressing:

- I must be honest with the story. It's really not as good as it could have been. Though the premise is fitting enough, as it focuses on a lonely young man whose life seems futile and non-progressive, and depends on the ability to lucid dream in order to find reason to live. And that simplicity is completely OK if it can be executed well. You'd think it could given that it focuses on the psychological/dream world which opens the ability to produce so much depth and surreal interpretation for an otherwise basic plot. Unfortunately it doesn't utilize that potential. I know it's an indie game made by a very small and inexperienced team, but it still would have been nice to have more in the way of mystery and reason that is not all that well-developed. Things might change in the final release once the (various) endings become available but until then, I can't laud the story too much.

- Though it is an early access game, the controls are really terrible. It's easy to get stuck in weird places and it makes some of the already challenging puzzles even harder to accomplish. For the setting of an inner subconscious world I would expect one to feel more "free" in their experience and gameplay. I would have forgiven the clunky feel if the game still took some advantage of "freedom" like adding some flying sections (a large domain of lucid dreaming) instead of constantly walking/running around and doing too many physically basic 'waking life' routines. Additionally, the nightmares are a bit lacking. Though they have good atmosphere and some appropriately bizarre design they just feel more like anxious thoughts than actual *nightmares*. There is no danger to the player and they always take place in the same area which wouldn't be a problem were there more variation in added environmental designs. Given that the nightmares are the major point in the game's storytelling they don't provide nearly as much sense of horror and progression as I would have liked.

I applaud the team for tackling a project like this, particularly as their very first! And the game is still worth buying if you wish to support the game and developers. As excited as I am that there's a game that takes on the subject of lucid dreaming with a very ambitious focus, its current form makes it difficult for me to give a high rating for the time being (higher than 7/10). I'm sure my review will change as the game further improves. In fact, I still encourage you to get it if you are interested as it's full of potential! Just for the time being it hasn't quite reached it yet.

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10 из 15 пользователей (67%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
Пользователей, посчитавших этот обзор забавным: 1
6.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 11 января
Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
This game is very creative and well sorted out
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5 из 6 пользователей (83%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
9.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 6 декабря, 2014
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I haven't even finished this game, nor feel close to it and I am utterly amazed at the artistry and depth this free-roam dreamy adventure, and how it dazzles and emerges the mind into the first person perspective. Even not finished entirely as a greenlight game, this feels like a masterpiece with only a few small aesthetics to iron out that are easily forgettable while passing through each elaborately clean and well themed environment.

Truly a place of dreams. And if you happen to be fortunate enough to own a Oculus, this is definitely one of the titles worthwhile to sail under the flagship of virtual reality gaming infancy, exceptionally so for the price.

If you don't care much for puzzles and want straight action, this game, however, is not for you, but I recommend giving it a try sometime on a insomnia-driven night. Might make you dream, and dream well. :)
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I appreciate this game for what it is. It seems a but buggy and poorly optimized though. I have a pretty good PC rig and despite turning on AA etc. I still get horrible screen tears throughout this game, especially while awake.

OK, as for the game itself - it is very unique, has interesting puzzles and despite being poorly optimized some of the areas can be breathtaking!

I got the game on sale for around 3 bucks but if you like exploring, solving small puzzles and interesting environments - you may like dream. I can highly recommend it, on a good sale (less then 10 bucks) but I can not (despite the love someone is obviously putting into this game) recommend it at full price, at this point in time but they update constantly and may very well be worth the full price once finished.

I was really impressed (and confused) by the Escher-esque level.
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I liked parts of this game but I felt like it was missing something. I can't exactly put my finger on it. Maybe it's the puzzles which can be kind of "ehh" at times. Or it might be the fact I wasn't really sure what to do. I felt like I was just wandering around and would end up at a dead end or back where I started. Of course the game isn't done, so they could fill in the empty space which this game has a lot of.

Some levels are cool like when it suddenly turns into a horror game and you're put into this creepy enviorment inside your house, but then there's levels like the huge buisness building with the pipes all around where there's just nothing to do but walk around and find the end. It is possible it was a bug and I wasn't supposed to be there.

Overall the game has potential to be really good. The developers just need to kind of smooth out the edges in terms of fun or interesting gameplay. I haven't been able to beat the game because of a game breaking bug where I'm trapped, so this review isn't from the most experienced person.
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Dream is what happens when you have a designer creating a game who understands nothing of the topic they are trying to build an experience within and even less understanding of how to make a game which provokes any kind of enjoyment or emotion from the player. It is clearly aiming to be some kind of exploration into the psyche of the main character, called Howard, by trying to be something thought-provoking and intellectual. But it fails miserably to accomplish even that one simple task for two reasons.

Firstly, there is lack of creativity here that is so pronounced that even the designer felt that they needed to label significant things and explain them. Floating text frequently appears at key points-of-interest within the environments to explain what this thing you are looking at represents. There is also scraps of paper, supposedly from a Dream Dictionary, which you can find in places if you explore. What this reminds me of is when someone tells you a joke that is so lame that they have to explain it to you afterwards.

Secondly is the complete lack of anything enjoyable to do in the dreams, since most tasks are simply mundane puzzles which are only difficult due to how long they take as a result of setbacks from mistakes. You won't have any 'eureka' moments here since the solution to the puzzles are obvious. The Dreams aren't visually interesting either causing you to not really want to bother exploring and at other times they clearly aren't intended for exploration anyway. I'm not joking here, but there is a dream where you go onto a very slow roller-coaster ride around a smoky-grey room and do nothing for a good 5 minutes. Another is when you walk around an empty office building just looking for how to get out unless you happen to notice a pc you can access using passwords written on a clipboard from the ground-floor. This gives you some puzzles and rewards you with access to a "Nightmare" that is so unimpressive that I actually felt cheated out of the time I spent solving the puzzles.

If Dream is trying to convey that Howard is depressed, bored with life and has no sense of direction or purpose then it accomplishes this goal with huge success... because the game itself is also boring, lacking direction and creativity.
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I have to say this is a very interesting and a rather interesting concept focusing on lucid dreaming. The visuals are suitably pleasing and there isn't much of a story the individual dreams make up the 'missions' each taking place in a completly different section with interesting puzzles to solve, the soundtrack is also nice and relaxing as well but for every dream there is a nightmare but while there aren't actualy nightmares there are sections which can be startling or downright creepy which gives a nice contrast to the surrealism of the nice dreams. On the whole I like this game a lot, it's fun, interesting and has some nice puzzles to it and I do heartily recomend it for the spectical alone.

Check out my youtube channel for a playthrough and other videos
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This is my first proper review of a game. I chose this game on purpose because there is a lot to be said. This game is one of the closest thing to a masterpiece in the form of a videogame. I won't beat around the bush and just get the cons (or should I say con, since there is only one) out of the way.

When I played the first couple of minutes the voice acting of Howard Phillips seemed a bit souless and without character which deeply annoyed me to the extent that I just muted him and read the subtitles instead, I would have expected a person such as Howard to have a bit more emotion in his voice. Again this is a personal opinion and I don't expect a lot of people to agree.

Where the game really gets my "Yes" or "Thumbs Up" score is the beautiful dreams captured so vividly. Everything in the 'Dreams' just bursts with this combination of saturation and contrasts. Many of the dreams that are in this game bare a striking ressembelence to dreams I have as a 15 year old and some levels just feel familiar. The psychology behind each dream is quite accurate, due to the stressful things occuring in Howards life it's very obviously represented in the dream.

The nightmares are also well designed, it's very dark and surreal. You're never sure of why they're so random because it's so... realistic, but then you remember that it is a nightmare. It's not really a "jumpscare in your face" as much as it is a pure psychological horror and tends to rely on just feeding your brain terror. It drives shivers through your body and the nightmares just get more and more terrifying.

Another aspect I really enjoyed in this game is the puzzles. You could spend either minutes, hours, or a whole day on a puzzle. If you really enjoy brain teasers and headache inducers then seriously this game is hands down the best game for you.

The soundtrack is another great aspect of the game. When the dreams are calm and pleasent then you'll hear the new age music or ambient noises. When the dreams are confusing and weird you'll hear robotic/techno type music. When you are in a nightmare you'll hear a piano melody that is slightly out of key. Every song works really well with the level/dream.

So lets summeries


-Brilliant level/dream design
-Solid psychology and philosophies behind the dreams
-Great puzzels
-Suiting music


-Voice acting needs some work

All in all the pros outweighs the cons so I have decided this game certainly gets a well deserved 9/10
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