Prove you are the world's greatest swordsman! Engage in tactical 1 vs. 1 sword fighting, 2 vs. 2, or sandbox FFA, or capture Control Points in a tactical slash-em-up.
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"Blade Symphony's duels are electrifying and intimate, more than making up for a lack of content."

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Indie Game Stand Deal 10 Hours left! Tell everyone!

The Indie Game Stand Deal has only 10 hours left! You can buy Blade Symphony for a min $1 And beat the average to recieve a copy of our new game Galacide (Current average is $1.25) which is in early access soon to be full released.

Here's the lastest Galacide trailer:

I can't stress enough that this is a very low price for both games, and I honestly don't know the next time they'll be this much of a bargain.

So even if you own Blade Symphony, just gift out the extra copy or donate it to a tournament. Galacide is woth this alone! And now is the time to stand up and be counted, we're calling you to your social media, tell everyone!!!

<3 PunyHuman.

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"... the saving grace of Blade Symphony is that its duels are thoroughly, distinctively, and consistently exhilarating."
PC Gamer

"Blade Symphony is primed and ready to help expand the melee combat genre on the PC."
Capsule Computers

"Blade Symphony looks like Chivalry with elegance."

"When it’s a Dystopia dev’s new otherworldly duelling game, you pay attention. Especially when it’s looking quite so beautiful."


Prove you are the world's greatest swordsman in Blade Symphony: a slash-em-up featuring a highly detailed and in-depth sword fighting system. Face down other players in tactical swordplay, 2 versus 2 team duels, sandbox FFA, or the Control Points game mode!

Choose your fighting style

Each of the four characters have a unique fighting style suited to how you want to play.
  • Phalanx, a fencer gladiator hybrid, attacks with long range stabs and a versatile array of side attacks
  • Judgement, a knight crossed with a samurai, uses hard hitting forward attacks and wide strafing attacks
  • Ryoku, a vagrant street ninja, attacks with break dance moves and a signature reverse blade style
  • Pure, an acrobatic wushu style assassin that attacks with flips, cartwheels, extremely mobile
  • Vanguard, a quick-footed champion that uses leaning plunges to push opponents into her blade

Each character has four combat stances and over forty different attacks.

Choose Your Sword

Pair your character up with a sword type to completely change your way of approaching combat.
  • Katana, cause massive damage when parrying your opponents
  • Longsword, a well-balanced, hard hitting and adaptable sword
  • Rapier, a piercing, high damage forward thrusting weapon great for parrying
  • Scimitar, a weapon based on turning and performing as many cuts as possible
  • Jian, an agile, responsive weapon great for combos

Tactical Sword Fighting

There are no unlockable advantages in Blade Symphony. All unlockables are cosmetic. You care about proving your skill and so should your game.

Every attack has openings that are determined in real-time and efficacy is entirely up to you. Did you start an attack too early? Turn away and end the attack in a safe location. Did your opponent stupidly use a lighter stance? Go in and punish him! By switching stances mid-combo you can chain attacks into your own flurry of death.

The fighting system is open for your exploration, you can dash, jump, do an air attack, land, swing sideways with a heavy stance, parry with a light stance, and then roll away.

Every attack flows from your blade in true three dimensional space. As does your opponents! Swords collide in mid-air and you will need good timing and aim to defeat your opponent.

Advanced Character Customization

Customize your character with skins, masks, swords, and multiple attachments streamed directly from Steam Workshop.

Fight as a Team

Play in the new Control Points game mode and participate in team-based sword fighting.


    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: 3.0 Ghz P4(+), Dual Core 2.0(+) or AMD64X2(+)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX9.0c Compatible 256MB VRAM, NVIDIA Geforce 7600 Series / ATI x1600 Series
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB HD space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection
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Q.1 日本語対応?日本人多いの?鯖は?
A.1 日本鯖はありません。昔にアジア鯖も公式が告知も無しに殺処分したため

Q.2 どんなゲーム?
A.2 XYZ軸で戦う立体的なタイマン格ゲー。剣を振り回して戦います。

Q.3 実際楽しいの?
A.3 中途半端に面白いクソゲー、ただしQ1で述べた通り、Ping120を超える、ちょっぴりラグめの環境が日常なので注意。

Q.4 人口は?
A.4 時間帯にもよるが、個人的には遊べる範囲のPingの鯖(150以下)ならそこそこいる。


Q.1 ワンパターン攻撃に勝てない。
A.1 空中>ヘビー>バランス>ファスト>空中なので、ヘビー連打して来る人には空中をお見舞いすると相手は死ぬ。
   ちなみに強さを表すランクは マスター>ダイヤモンド>スティール>アイアン>オーク。

Q.2 攻撃したらリンチされた。
A.2 FFAモード(マップ内を自由に散策して自由に戦うモード)では辻斬りよりも戦いたい相手にRキーを押して決闘で戦うようにしよう。

Q.3 ボイスチャットうるさい
A.3 オプションで切ろう

■キャラごとの違いがよくわからない人向け (独断と偏見)
火力 ★★★ 攻撃速度 ★☆☆ 攻撃範囲 ★★★

火力 ★☆☆ 攻撃速度 ★★★ 攻撃範囲 ★☆☆

火力 ★★☆ 攻撃速度 ★★★ 攻撃範囲 ★★☆

火力 ★★★ 攻撃速度 ★★☆ 攻撃範囲 ★★★

火力 ★★☆ 攻撃速度 ★★☆ 攻撃範囲 ★★★
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スタイリッシュ剣劇ニンジャ格ゲー。ゼンめいたBGMや雰囲気がいい感じ。Free For Allモードの鯖で座って観戦してるだけだったりしても楽しめます。格ゲー部分は詳しくないけどシンプルでわかりやすいかと。おすすめ。
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投稿日: 6月25日

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Alrighty, its about time edit my review from a long time ago. But first some things I wish to point out.
  • After 900 hours I can be a little biased in favor of this game
  • This is not a game where a person with 1 hour should be reviewing, this game takes much more time to understand and any reviews from these people should be ignored, if you like it or not.

Blade Symphony, released May 7, 2014 by Puny Human Games. This is a game that without a doubt I am addicted too, though idk if that is good or bad, probably bad. From my first day on Blade Symphony spamming with Jian Ryoku, to becoming almost top tier, my journey has been wonderful. I have met tons of people, most of them on my steam friends list and I dont regret anything. Though I feel like im a rare case, for many many players have stopped playing for multiple reasons that ill get too in second.

  • Complex fighting mechanics (can be good or bad, but probably a good thing).
  • Good community, most of them you will talk to and get to know them a little bit.
  • Members of the community are taking an initiative to try and balance the game.
  • Awesome soundtrack.
  • Fun player-made events like Battlechess, Machine, King of the Hill, Fencing, Kendo etc.
  • Steam Workshop enabled, allowing you to choose from tons of player made swords.

  • Bad retention rate.
  • Not much content.
  • Time between patches can get rather long.
  • Devs aren't as involved as they once were (though they are still here).

This is one of those games that is not for everyone, and if you get this game you need to go in knowing that you will get stomped, beaten, and "lolgitgudfgtggnore"'ed by bad eggs, this is only a very small amount of players though, most of the players are actually very friendly and willing to help you. Time and practice will gain you skill, you will need to be patient. You dont know how many times ive seen new players come in and get mad because they cant win. Sorry, your not going to win against someone with houndreds of hours. As of right now their are two servers with teachers, "Sexy Food" US, and "Avalaon" EU.

But this game isnt without flaws, because of the games retention rate (sorry cant remeber the exact figure), you will notice not very many play this game. Those that do play, have lots of hours. So if you are looking for a game with many players. Quit reading and find a new game. But because this is a fighting game, the most important thing is the balancing. Tbh this game has become less balanced than in the past. But im sure devs, and experienced players will work together to balance the game in time.

If you are looking for a complex fighting game, and can handle being beaten up many times, I strongly recommend this game. As I said, this game isnt for everyone and you need patience. But after 900+ hours ive had my journey and it has been pleasant, and I wish to see more people.

I mentioned about me having most of my friends list ppl from Blade Symphony. Im going to take this moment to list every single one of them so you have an understanding of just how many people I have had the pleasure of meeting and having on my friends list.

Lexxure, Blood Spartan, CanadaOP, Dr.untitled, Goobie, Matthiasa, Mike, Paco, RedBreadMcjagger, Redmund, Tea Time, Tork, Tyrone, Waifu, MTU, Nani, Narny, Norman, Pedro, R3D343, Raffle, Scal Forte, Septum Sonus, Skeleton, SSauce, Taz, Kmoney, Water, Xehanoth, Darknight, Vendetta, Vylli, R3D5n0w, Animas, Bready, Chipi, Codemonkey, Death, Dnoor, EatabagofDiks, Elmo The Grand Defiler of Soul, Famos, Frok-Vee, Fug4life, Hade, Imposter Snake, JESUS IN REHAB, Kevin, Kiinsy, Lostinei, Maconjr, ManofHonor, Paradox, Ricky, Rozie, Sazed, Sergeant Stoner, Milo, Stewy, The Fish, Greatest Black Karate Man, Zealum, Trolligy, ZeronKnight.

As you can see I have met many people from A-Z, and have enjoyed talking to each and every single one of them, or they wouldnt be on my friends list. Im at the point that I stay for the community, not the fighting itself. Once you start playing and you stay, you will see your friends list stack up with people you meet. And with that being said......I recommend this game.
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