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Set in futuristic Tokyo, take control of the robotic community before they control everything!
Utgivelsesdato: 27 Apr 2012
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THE MACHINE AGE HAS BEGUN in this immersive and atmospheric squad-based shooter in which you need to regain control of a futuristic Tokyo from an emerging robotic threat.

Set in 2080, the story starts when Dan Marshall and his squad are sent to bring the robotic community under control as they begin to infiltrate society and slowly take over undetected, leaving humans redundant in their wake.

Thrilling encounters with highly intelligent robotic enemies require you to think tactically, make challenging, real-time moral decisions and build up trust with your team mates in order to guide your squad to safety and success.

Key Features:

  • A NEW TAKE ON FUTURISTIC TOKYO - Experience dual layered Tokyo with a run down and derelict lower city and a clean and affluent upper city.
  • THE CONSEQUENCE SYSTEM - Under the pressures of battle every action, every choice and every word affects everything.
  • PROCEDURAL DAMAGE - Fully destructible and highly resilient robots adapt to the damage they sustain encouraging you to analyse each enemy, find their weaknesses and dispose of them in the most efficient way.
  • WEAPON MODIFICATION AND SKILL SELECTION - Alongside a full armoury of unique weapons, put emphasis on the skills that will benefit you.


    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.66 GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 2GB RAM (XP)/3GB RAM (Windows 7 / Vista)
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT220 (512MB) / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT (512MB)
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB free hard drive space
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 2.66 GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 3GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (1GB) / ATI Radeon HD 5750 (1GB)
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB free hard drive space
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A must-play for every cyberpunk enthusiast. Contains elements of Armitage III, GitS, Blade Runner, Neuromancer and many more.

A TPS game with 3 different endings that depend on the commands you issue to your squadmates and the decisions you make during gameplay. The commands can be issued to your two squadmates either from commands list or by voice and the voice recognition works supprisingly well.

Well-made plot balances the sickening mouse acceleration and other port issues. The shooting mechanics make the gameplay satisfying. Each enemy's limb has its individual damage threshold and whether you go for a headshot or choose to tear through the robots limb-by-limb affects the outcome of many fights as the enemy AI adapts to the current state of the body.
Publisert: 25 November 2013
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For the sale-reduction price of $3.74, this game is an absolute steal. There was evidently a lot of heart and soul put into this, and its a very confident third-person shooter, albeit it doesn't really do anything new. It has good mechanics and interesting enemies, good music, pretty good looking, and a surprisingly interesting, sometimes hammy, but enjoyable story with characters you end up liking and caring about. There's also some cool minor choices you make with the story that are pretty fun to experiment with, and even the gameplay distractions that change the pace (such as sliding down a water pipe or riding a cart) are pretty well done and fun! If you even just have a passing interest in team-based third-person shooters, this game is worth your time, and again, a complete steal when its on sale.
Publisert: 13 Januar 2014
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Binary Domain is a sci-fi TPS which has the basic gameplay elements of common TPS in it. It has also a few gimmicks which trys to improve the gameplay and mostly this works very well ( medi-kits, communication between team-mates, weapon & player-upgrades). But all in all this does not help a lot to improve the replay-ability. Gladly the games strength is the story-telling. It doesn't take itself very serious and it has a japanese touch in how it presents you the game. If you like old-school sci-fi movies like IRobots, Terminator or Blade Runner, this game is definitely for you!

Beside the campaign you get also a Versus mode, which no one is playing anymore. It wasn't anything special, so you did not miss anything...
It has also to that a co-op mode ( horde mode ). Which is one of the best parts of the game and my personal highlight of it. In this game mode you have to survive in teams (1-4 players) for 50 rounds. The further you get, the more important is Teamplay and Resource-management.

The game has also a few issues, like voice recognition but since you can turn this feature off it isn't necessary to count this as a contra point. There are also other issues for some user happening but they can be fixed by discovering Steam Forums or asking Doctor Google. There are also a few people complaining about a weird mouse-movement. it is true that it irritatates a few people BUT it is definitelly nothing that breakes the game and you can get used to it.

Let us sum up. You get an awesome story-line that sci-fi fans can enjoy very well, so long they do not take the story too serious. The Multiplayer is dead and the horde mode is for everyone who seeks for a challenge for himself and a few other players. If you are a sci-fi, TPS -fan or just want to experience a hard horde mode, GET IT!

Result: 4/5 - Over Average
Publisert: 1 Januar 2014
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Surprisingly... amazing! No doubt that the developers poured their heart and soul into this ambitious game! It is most unfortunate that it didn't receive the attention it deserves. The great level design made the already solid shooting exciting through out. The boss fights were phenomenon, and the squad mechanics add interesting dynamic to the game. Most importantly, under the thin veneer of cheesy dialogs, one may in fact find a deep and engaging story that unfolds towards the end! It's the best 3rd person shooter I've ever played! Well worth buying!! <I got pretty attached to all the characters and there are multiple endings>
Publisert: 15 November 2013
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I believe it's quite understandable why might exist such discrepancy among the opinions of this game. Binary Domain is an interesting game not olnly from the different type of enemies you are used to shoot but also for the combination of action, humour and storytelling. The Story kept me interested until the very end.If you were one of those players that would get bored for the constant shooting then in my case, I just found new ways to make it more fun. By shooting the robots in head they will turn against each other. If you add that with shooting others in the feet, forcing them to crawl then you have an interesting combination of events to watch. The city is filled with amazing little details, something you might miss if you are just rushing from point A to point B. But you shouldn't. The bright lights in the city at night are something your eyes will be pleased to see and the visuals are quite good too.

The characters are very distinctive from each other putting Big Bo among the favourites. There's rivalry, sarcasm, humour and even... romance. There are a few plot twists here and there to make the story more compelling and interesting which pleased me until the very end. During the game you are able to talk to your team mates using your own voice (which I didn't because I do not have a Microphone on my PC yet) or simply by using the controller. By doing so, you will offer tactical advice to them but also if they request healing or suggest a new tactic you are free to agree or disagree with them.

It might not be a title that many people have the chance to play it, and those that had it share different opinions about the game, however I found to be a nice shooting adventure from start to finish. There's nothing over the top or extremely remarkable but not all games require to be such experience. Some, like Binary Domain just want to tell a story while mixing a bit of storytelling and bullets, lot's of them, in fact.

There might be more cut scenes that one person who is used to play FPS and TPS would find but to me this was never a problem, in fact, I believe it was balanced between having a lot of things to point and shoot during tense moments, and then, a little bit of story, controversy or plot twist via cut scenes. I like to have both of these in my games but again, many may find it tiresome if all you want is too shoot some robots in their shiny metal ***.

In the end I think it's important to reflect if we are not going too far with our discoveries in advanced robotic technology. I know that it is the year of 2080 and the world most progress but, at what cost..? Paraphrasing Albert Einstein "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction." In Binary Domain, that day may have happened already...
Publisert: 11 Mars 2014
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