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您扮演 John Blade,是精銳的 HardCorps 特勤隊指揮官,誓言保護 Freeport 市民的安全。 四年前,您擊敗了那位美麗聰明卻又冷血,並且想依自己扭曲思想再造人類的科學家 Elexis Sinclaire 。 法律無力制裁 Elexis 和她的龐大集團 SiNTEK,於是 Blade 決定挺身而出執行正義。 加入 Blade 陣營的還有身懷秘密的駭客 JC,以及擅長滲透各種高度戒備設施的新手 Jessica Cannon。 進入鮮活生動的 Freeport 市,這是結合了紐約、舊金山、東京的未來世界。 就在 Freeport 市遭受變種大軍攻擊的同時,您必須在 Sinclaire 推動她的邪惡計劃,並永遠改造人類之前阻止她。
發售日: 2006年5月10日
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您扮演 John Blade,是精銳的 HardCorps 特勤隊指揮官,誓言保護 Freeport 市民的安全。 四年前,您擊敗了那位美麗聰明卻又冷血,並且想依自己扭曲思想再造人類的科學家 Elexis Sinclaire 。 法律無力制裁 Elexis 和她的龐大集團 SiNTEK,於是 Blade 決定挺身而出執行正義。 加入 Blade 陣營的還有身懷秘密的駭客 JC,以及擅長滲透各種高度戒備設施的新手 Jessica Cannon。

進入鮮活生動的 Freeport 市,這是結合了紐約、舊金山、東京的未來世界。 就在 Freeport 市遭受變種大軍攻擊的同時,您必須在 Sinclaire 推動她的邪惡計劃,並永遠改造人類之前阻止她。

《原罪:首部曲》(SiN Episodes™: Emergence) 將開創新一代的關卡式遊戲。 這個由 Valve 獲獎技術 Source™ 所推動的第一人稱射擊遊戲,不但提供了前所未有的互動性,有引人入勝的劇情,更有創新動態困難度系統,能依您的技術和遊戲風格給您個人化的體驗。

  • 緊湊的戰鬥步調:對抗不斷進化的火箭機動兵和變種人,擊倒殘暴的敵人。 您會看到能適應您動作的敵人,不但會團隊合作互相掩護,還會幫助被擊倒的同伴再度起身奮戰。

    要善用周圍有利位置並運用環境的致命要素做為陷阱,智取敵人。 玩家可針對敵人不同部位精確攻擊,也有肉搏招式可近身戰鬥。
  • 前所未見的互動性:增強版的 Source 引擎建構出高互動環境,讓玩家盡情破壞。 遊戲中的角色會依玩家所見和環境狀況而有不同的反應。 玩家還能瞄準載具特定部位射擊,也能直接把載具炸成碎片。 彈性定位系統給您全新的載具戰術體驗,讓您在內部自由移動,挑選最佳攻擊位置,襲擊敵軍。
  • 個人挑戰系統 (Personal Challenge System™):《原罪:首部曲》應用遊戲史上最精細的統計系統,能夠不斷適應您的遊戲風格,針對您的技術量身打造您專用的困難度。
  • 關卡式發行:想玩多少就買多少,每單位給您 3 至 6 小時緊張刺激的遊戲享受。 不過別忘了,您所做的每一個選擇都將會以未知的方式影響未來發行的關卡。
  • Source 引擎技術:使用《戰慄時空® 2》相同引擎,《原罪:首部曲》給您精緻華麗的畫面與符合物理法則的遊戲體驗。


    最低:1.2 GHz 處理器、256MB 記憶體、DirectX 7 等級顯示卡、Windows 2000/XP、滑鼠、鍵盤、網際網路連線

    建議:2.4 GHz 處理器、512MB 記憶體、DirectX 9 等級顯示卡、Windows 2000/XP、滑鼠、鍵盤、網際網路連線

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Buy this because Inside Gaming... BLADE!
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***I WROTE THIS REVIEW IN 2006... Found it on my HD and reposted it because I felt it still holds up- hope you enjoy it***


If you figured the gameplay would be similar to Half-Life 2 because they use the same engine, you would figure correctly. The movement of the characters, the inside and outside environment with impressive lighting and of course the physics are almost identical to Half-Life 2.

Because SiN uses the same engine has HL2, one might think the games would be so strikingly similar SiN would completely rip off Hl2 in its entirely. Although the enemies are similar, both games include soldiers in armored suit that sounds like they are talking out of some sort of walkie-talkie, there is enough original material for you to forget about HL2 and start thinking SiN.

One of the more original ideas is to take the healing method from HL2 and modify it. SiN makes you search for empty canisters that can be found throughout the game, and carry them to wall mounted health stations where they can be used to spray a healing blue cloud. Other times when you are too lazy to carry the canister, you can just shoot them and the healing cloud will be released around the area, allowing a quick heal but not as complete as it would have been if you had taken it to the station.

Another neat feature they added was a type of chemical agent, that when exposed to, it increased your response time dramatically. What does that mean? Well it means they kinda copied F.E.A.R and Max Payne and slowed down time a bit so the player can react to apposing enemies better. This feature is not controllable, but rather goes into affect when a canister is broken in a gun battle and you walk through he green cloud. The time it takes to wear off is represented as a green bar on the left side of the screen. But be careful. Too much exposure will result in the loss of health.

Over the course of the game, Blade will interact with a few different characters. We saw in HL2 how impressive Valve was able to create life like faces and by playing through the game, you can see this effect was used in SiN.

Blade also fights along side the hot Jessica Cannon who pretty much resembles Alyx from HL2 and does most of the talking. But Alyx didn't have her thong strings poking above her hips now did she?

Gun battles are similar to HL2. You are given a handgun at the propitiate time and gradually upgrade to an assault rifle and shotgun, but that's it. I'm guessing the plan on releasing more guns as the episodes continue, but it gets a little repetitive using the same guns after a while. Most of the soldiers are easy to kill, until you get to the more armored mini-gun soldiers. One thing SiN lacks that HL2 incorporated so well was a scare factor. SiN ignores this approach and aims for a more typical shooter where you can see your enemy coming from a couple of feet down the hall or road.

A couple of notes as I investigated SiN a bit further. I read afterwards that SiN apparently keeps track of your shooting statistics. The data isn't kept for you to print out and nail to your dorm room wall, but the game actually analyzes the data and will adjust the difficulty level of the game as your progress through the game. For example; if the game see that out of your last 10 kills, 9 of them were headshots, you may see soldiers appear with helmets or dodge your fire more often. As I think about it now, I can remember a few instances in the game where I tired to kill an armored soldier and took a lot more ammo then I previously had used. Very impressive idea for the date of this game.


SiN is filled with crisp luminous lighting in various different areas of the game. The soft pastel sunset with a mirrored reflection over the water looks great and need I say HL2ish? There are numerous scenes throughout the game where you stop fighting and shooting, and just take a moment to look at the scenery, or when you're inside, look at the detail of some of the rooms.

The monster and mutant skins are nothing special, except for the two giant ones you end up fighting, but I have a feeling they are going to release a few more enemies in the next episode.

Again, the faces on most of the characters look extremely realistic and in the very opening scene, you will notice an obvious feature that they added to one of the bad guys…or should I say bad girl.

Pros: Fast paced, inspired visuals from HL2, interesting story, check out all the hot chicks!

Cons: Only 3 weapons

Bottom Line: For $9.99 you will receive a fun, quick FPS shooter. It's a bummer Ritual claimed they have 4-6 more hours of upcoming episodes, which were eventually canceled. The entire episode took between 3-4 to complete.
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What HL2 should have been.
Fast paced, fun, explosive, and incomplete, SiN : Emergence is one of the saddest things in the universe.
This was supposed to be an episodic series of short first person shooters (this may not have been the smartest idea), but the company went bankrupt and was bought off to make casual games after half of the team left the studio.

The company was killed by ridiculous marketing. Nobody in their right mind would pay 10 euros for a 2-3 hours long episode.

However, I consider this well worth the asking price.
Not only for the original SiN (it's pure gold) but also because this little episode is very interesting.
The core gameplay manages to be fun and stay fresh with only 3 weapons (A very reliable pistol, a shotgun, and an SMG), incendiary grenades, a melee attack, and a secondary fire for every weapon.
That's pretty impressive.
The level design is very similar to something like SoF, with some elements borrowed from HL2.
Think HL 2 on steroids.
You're constantly running around, jumping, shooting stuff, and fighting your way through well designed arenas.

The experience will leave you wondering what amazing things could have come from Ritual.
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Just imagine if SiN had taken Half Life's place. Doesn't really bear thinking about. Still - this was the beginning of a great (albeit kinda-sexist) game that was unfortunately cut short. Damn casual games.
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This game perhaps lacks of weapons (mines, crossbow,..) and finally perhaps a little bit too short because no episodic sequel but overall i really enjoyed this game:
I've noticed an interesting use of Source engine in the level progression!
The story isn't really its best asset but the gunfights are dynamic thanks to an advanced AI and different fire modes for each weapons it's really pleasant!

NB: Keep in mind that the package includes: Sin (original+multi) & SDK (episode 1)
Tips: As far as I'm concerned i've use sv_cheats 1 & impulse 101 for more fun!