Neverwinter, ünlü fantastik rol yapma oyunu Dungeons & Dragons üzerine kurulmuş, oynaması ücretsiz bir aksiyon MMORPG'dir. Destansı hikayeler, hareketli dövüşler ve klasik rol yapma, Neverwinter'ın fantastik dünyasına girecek kadar cesaretli tüm kahramanları bekliyor!
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21 Şubat

The Cloaked Ascendancy is Live!

Greetings Adventurers!

After your adventures in the frozen lands in the North, it’s time to come back home to Neverwinter. Hang up your cloak, have your laundry done, and tuck away your newfound treasures. Enjoy the warmth, both in weather and the welcome of old friends like Knox. It’s a time to relax and reflect, and to drink a toast to absent friends. But heroes in Neverwinter never rest for long…

Trouble is stirring. Rumors of magic and uprisings fill the taverns. And now Lord Neverember is calling upon adventurers to help reclaim the old River District. It’s time to pull the boots back on and see what’s happening to your city!

Let’s dig into what we’ll see in this new expansion, The Cloaked Ascendancy:

New Adventure Zone: The River District - Lord Neverember has made good his claim to reclaim and expand upon Neverwinter by opening up the old rich merchants and nobles neighborhoods of the River District. Now he’s looking for adventurers like you to help him secure the port and land.
By establishing guard posts around the River District you can help recover wealth from abandoned mansions and crypts through excavation sites. The trouble is, he’s not the only one with the idea. Several powerful wizards have laid claim to the River District, and even worse - one of them has claimed sovereignty over Neverwinter! The River District comes complete with a new campaign with alternate paths towards completion.

More Treasure Hunting! The River District is full of possibilities and hidden treasures. All you have to do is find a map!

Ships ahoy! The opening up of the River District port means lots of opportunities for trading. Protect treasure caravans and barter with travelling merchants willing to trade fresh supplies of Voninblood and other sought after treasures in exchange for resources from the River District.

New Skirmish: The Illusionist’s Gambit! This crazy skirmish has you battling wits and blade against the mind of a mad illusionist. Be ready for anything- then play it again and be ready for something else! The skirmish has dozens of play combinations. Go test your luck!

The Return of the Spellplague Caverns!
Refurbished and remastered, we’ve cleared out all the corpses of adventurers gone by, and reopened both standard and Master versions. New challenges, new boss fights and of course new epic loot. The Mimic King compels you!

For everything mentioned above and more, follow the quest path to these blogs:

New Zone: River District
Monsters of the River District
Instances of the River District
River District Environment
New Ascendant Weapons
Updated and new dungeons Spell Plague Caverns
New Skirmish: The Illusionist's Gambit and updated Enviroment
Many-Starred Lockbox

Thanks for reading, welcome home and look me up in the Driftwood Tavern - I’ll buy you a drink!

Thomas “Mimic King” Foss

Lead Designer

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23 Kasım 2016

Explore the Sea of Moving Ice!

The ice was here, the ice was there, the ice was all around…

The Sea of Moving Ice brings our story of Storm King’s Thunder to its epic culmination, finishing up the exciting adventures far up into the frozen north.

To recap on our story so far, Artus Cimber has pinpointed the location of the Ring of Winter. It's in Svardborg, the lair of Jarl Storvald in the far north oceans called the Sea of Moving Ice. It seems an impossible task, but with the fate of the world on the line, an attempt must be made to punch through the frost giants' defenses and recover the ancient artifact. This can’t be done alone. You need help. You need allies. You need an army!

Between helping their new allies by freeing them, arming and supplying them with food, you must also work with the arcane brotherhood and the Storm King's daughter, Princess Serissa, to forge an alliance against Storvald. The goal: track Jarl Storvold to his lair, breach his defenses, and launch an assault on the stronghold to take back the ring of winter.

Our new update has many exciting and new features: let’s take a look.

New Zone - The Sea of Moving Ice is a loose connection of 7 large and 10-12 smaller icebergs with the largest big enough to support a small army, or an entire tribe of Ice Hunters. Jarl Storvald has been using this vast floe to muster his forces and gather his resources to attack once he controls the Ring of Winter. Artus, Catti-brie and a hand full of other heroes have set up a secret camp on a small iceberg, magically hidden by the powerful mage known as Kavatos Stormeye. From there you will set about to take down Storvald and his army.

New Ways to Travel – Is that flail snail mount of yours afraid to go into the salt water? Fear not, as when you come into the Sea of Moving Ice, we give you a khyek outrigger boat for travel between the icebergs. Work hard and you’ll get a better one. Remember you don’t have to be faster than a dragon turtle, just faster than the guy in a khyek next to you.

Fishing Mini-game – We’ve revamped the old fishing and come up with an engaging mini game. Come try your luck and skill, and try not to become bait yourself. If you are really lucky, you may even catch a bottle with a treasure map.

Treasure Hunting - While adventuring in the Sea of Moving Ice you can come across bottles with bits of map in them. Match up the image on the map with a place in the zone and start digging.

New Trial - Assault on Svardborg. Join nine other adventurers on an epic assault against Jarl Storvald and his army, to take back the Ring of Winter.

Artifact Weapons - In your continued efforts to reclaim lost relics from the frost giants, you will earn powerful artifact weapons: weapons far stronger than any seen before. You are going to need them to take down the Jarl.

Extended Campaign - This expansion also sees an extension to the Storm King's Thunder campaign. As players conclude their search for the Ring of Winter, the story takes them to the Sea of Moving Ice. The campaign extends to cover this new zone and introduces new tasks as players meet and win favor with the Elk Tribe and explore the floating icebergs and frozen islands that drift in the region. The campaign screen tracks your standing with each ally and provides additional awards from each faction

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy adventuring in the Sea of Moving Ice. Remember, you don’t have to have the fastest khyek to outrun a dragon turtle, just faster than the guy fishing next to you!

Thomas “Mimic King” Foss

Lead Designer

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“With its fast-paced combat and ubiquitously streamlined design, Neverwinter nails the concept of what an action-MMO should be.”

“Neverwinter takes the most satisfying aspects of D&D's 4th edition in terms of combat and development, and turns it into a D&D adventure that left me squeeing with the joy of seeing my favorite monsters and mechanics.”
The Escapist

“Cryptic has created a finely tuned, smooth game that remembers the lessons its predecessors learned, and in the process bookends a long progeny of MMORPG development.”


Bu Oyun Hakkında

Neverwinter, ünlü fantastik rol yapma oyunu Dungeons & Dragons üzerine kurulmuş, oynaması ücretsiz bir aksiyon MMORPG'dir. Destansı hikayeler, hareketli dövüşler ve klasik rol yapma, Neverwinter'ın fantastik dünyasına girecek kadar cesaretli tüm kahramanları bekliyor!

Dungeons & Dragons'ın Unutulmuş Diyarlar evreninin en sevilen şehirlerden biri küllerinden yükselirken, onu keşfe çıkın ve koruyun. Bu sürükleyici MMORPG sizi şehrin kuşatılmış surlarından, yeraltı dehlizlerine; unutulmuş sırları ve kayıp hazineleri aramaya götürecek.

Key Features

  • Oynaması tamamen Ücretsiz
    Seviye 1'den en son seviyeye kadar Neverwinterda yer alan tüm oynanabilir içerik, herkesin tecrübe edinebilmesi için tamamen ücretsizdir.
  • Çekici Aksiyon Savaşı
    Tab-hedeflemesi ve otomatiik-saldırı gibi öldürmeleri unutabilirsiniz. Neverwinter inanılmaz görüntüsü ve harika hissi ile aksiyon gerektiren savaş tecrübesi sunmaktadır.
  • Sınırsız İçerik
    Neverwinter Foundry ile gelmektedir. Bu araç seti ile kendi maceralarınızı oluşturabilirsiniz. Hikayenizi tamamladığınızda geçerli Dünyaya ilişkelindirebilir ve toplulukla tecrübe edinmeleri için paylaşabilirsiniz.
  • D&D Tecrübesi
    Eğer geriden gelme oyun ve hikaye tecrübelerine sahipseniz. Neverwinter'ın birçok ikonik sınıflarını, bölgelerini ve karşılaşmalarını hatırlayabilirsiniz. Maceralarınıza bir Muhafız Savaşçı olarak başlayabilir veya düşmanlarınızı Kurnaz Düzenbaz ile yokedebilirsiniz, Sadık Ruhbanla doğru yolu takip edebilir veya daha fazlasını yapabilirsniz! Neverwinter maceralarında etraf karalarla çevirilidir. D&D gezegeninden Koboldlar, Beholderlar, Mimicler ve birçok çirkin yaratıkla karşılaşacaksınız.

Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • İşletim Sistemi: Windows® XP SP3
    • İşlemci: Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz (or equivalent AMD CPU)
    • Bellek: 2 GB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: NVidia GeForce 6600, ATI/AMD Radeon X1300, or Intel G965 Express (Direct3D Hardware Feature Level 9.3)
    • DirectX: Sürüm 9.0c
    • Ağ: Genişbant İnternet bağlantısı
    • Depolama: 23 GB kullanılabilir alan
    • Ses Kartı: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound chip or onboard audio capability with the latest sound drivers
    • İşletim Sistemi: Windows® 10
    • İşlemci: Core i5-2xxx Quad Core or better
    • Bellek: 4 GB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: NVidia GeForce GTX 4xx, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 5xxx, or Intel HD Graphics 4xxx (Direct3D Hardware Feature Level 11.0) or better
    • DirectX: Sürüm 9.0c
    • Ağ: Genişbant İnternet bağlantısı
    • Depolama: 23 GB kullanılabilir alan
    • Ses Kartı: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound chip or onboard audio capability with the latest sound drivers
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