Neverwinter is a free, action MMORPG based on the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. Epic stories, action combat and classic roleplaying await those heroes courageous enough to enter the fantastic world of Neverwinter!
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szeptember 23.

Coming Soon: Rise of Tiamat

Rise up or bow down with Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat

Continuing the ongoing battle between Neverwinter adventurers and the Cult of the Dragon, we’re excited to announce the next module coming to Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat. The newest module will follow the events of Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons and the Siege of Neverwinter, culminating in a treacherous battle with one of Neverwinter’s most powerful dragons.

Check out the newest trailer here:

Learn more about Rise of Tiamat Here:

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“With its fast-paced combat and ubiquitously streamlined design, Neverwinter nails the concept of what an action-MMO should be.”

“Neverwinter takes the most satisfying aspects of D&D's 4th edition in terms of combat and development, and turns it into a D&D adventure that left me squeeing with the joy of seeing my favorite monsters and mechanics.”
The Escapist

“Cryptic has created a finely tuned, smooth game that remembers the lessons its predecessors learned, and in the process bookends a long progeny of MMORPG development.”

Now Live - Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons!

We’re excited to announce that Tyranny of Dragons is now live in Neverwinter! Log in and experience the new Scourge Warlock class, Dragon Heroic Encounters and more! Check out all the features listed below!

Update Includes

  • Scourge Warlock Class
  • Tyranny of Dragons Campaign
  • Dragon Heroic Encounters
  • Artifact Gear
  • Class Balance Changes
  • Armor Reinforcement Kits
  • And more!

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Neverwinter is a free, action MMORPG based on the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. Epic stories, action combat and classic roleplaying await those heroes courageous enough to enter the fantastic world of Neverwinter!

Explore and defend one of the most beloved cities from the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting as it rises from the ashes of destruction. This immersive MMORPG will take you from the besieged walls of the city to subterranean passageways in search of forgotten secrets and lost treasure.

Key Features

  • Completely Free-to-Play
    You don't have to pay to adventure. From 1 to the level cap, all playable content in Neverwinter is free for everyone to experience.
  • Engaging Action Combat
    You can forget about tab-targeting or auto-attacking your enemies to death. Neverwinter provides an amazing combat experience where every action requires planning, feels visceral, and looks spectacular.
  • Infinite Content
    Neverwinter comes with the Foundry, a dynamic toolset that provides you the game assets and a sandbox environment to create your own adventures. When your creation is complete, you can hook it up directly into the existing world for everyone in the community to play!
  • D&D Experience
    Whether you come from the tabletop game or the novels, Neverwinter has recreated many iconic classes, locations, and encounters that you might recognize. You might choose to adventure as a hearty Guardian Fighter, deceive foes as a Trickster Rogue, follow the righteous path as a Devoted Cleric, or more! On your journey through Neverwinter and the surrounding lands, you will face Kobolds, Beholders, Mimics, and other nasty creatures of the D&D universe.


    • OS: Windows® XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • Processor: Dual-core 2.0GHz CPU or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 or higher, GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon X850 performance, 128MB+ video ram
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound chip or onboard audio capability with the latest sound drivers
    • OS: Windows® XP SP3, Windows Vista SP 2, Windows® 7 or Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz CPU equivalent or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon HD 2900GT performance or better, 512MB+ video ram
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound chip or onboard audio capability with the latest sound drivers
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If you like MMOs then I cannot recommend this LESS, seriously, if you start NW you will regret it.

I heard all the good / bad things about NW before I started and decided to give it a try, as you level it's quite good, nothing serious to complain about, a few small things here and there but nothing big. It's once you hit max' level and start going for end-game stuff that you realise you've made a mistake.

Once you are level 60 you'll start looking for a good mount, you can either buy them on the AH for AD or buy them in the zen market for zen (real life money). There are no free good mounts, no drops from bosses, no seasonal event rewards, no achivment rewards, no quests no nothing. You want a mount that moves faster than running speed? Get your bank card out, that's the only way to get one. You can buy them for AD (money you earn in game) but there is a refinement limit of 24k a day, the cheapest good mount costs roughly 1.5 million AD. So you COULD earn one without having to pay real life money, but are you really going to spend THAT much time farming such a tiny part of the game? You could, but you won't, and they know that, get your bank card ready....

So you either logged in and spent hours farming all the daily quests every day for (at least) a month or you just payed, either way you have your mount. Now you want to start PvP, you COULD go into game after game after game getting utterly destroyed all day, every day for months (and I do mean MONTHS) earning the glory needed to buy gear that you will need to stand a chance in PvP..... Or you could get your bank card out. As a newbie to PvP you will earn on average 150-250 glory per match and you'll need 27,000 (and other things) to get one bit of gear (out of 10 mimium) and that's just the best level items. So you COULD get battered all day every day for MONTHS killing all drive to PvP to get yourself some good items without paying a penny. You could, but you won't, get your bank card ready....

Ok, you have your PvP gear and mount, you notice there is a weird enchantment slot in your weapon and chest armor, get your bank card ready...... This slots give some fantastic bonuses and if you are ever to be taken seriously in PvP you will need a weapon and armor enchantment. They are pretty common, but only in un-useable states, you need to upgrade them before they will do anything, once you have what you need and are ready to go, what's your chance of success? 1%.
Yes, you read that right, there is a ONE PERCENT chance that you will succeed and a 99% chance that it will fail, lose your materials and have to try again. Would you beleive it there is a way to raise that 1% to 100%, have you got your bank account details? Good, you'll need them. The way you raise its chance to succeed to 100% is with a "Coaldelesant Ward", *EDIT: They can still be traded from one source, a very rare source that can only be attempted once a week*. So you COULD get the higest level enchantments without paying, but at a 1% chance each time and the 2nd cheapest of out of 4 costs 1.6 million AD each. You COULD do it, but you won't, pony up that dough boy.

Ok, *Sigh* you have your enchantments, mount and PvP gear, now you'll want all the little things that you have been neglecting such as leveling up low level runestones, normal enchantments or getting a good compainion. Runes / normal enchants are easy at lower levels, but once they get higher their chance to succeed drops to 20%, 10% or even lower than that, but don't worry, you can always buy some more C wards! Only £10 for 1! (£10 for ONE? Are you ****ing serious?) Companions are for the most part, bad. There are some good ones out there, such as the angel. All you have to do is log in on at least 360 different days, just log in once a day for a whole YEAR and it's your for free!..... Ooooooooooor you could just, you know, *Ahem* pay for it and get it right away.

At this point you are probable too scared to look at your bank balance, but don't worry, there is an economy in NW so you could make your money back, but how? Just like everyone else, keys. Keys can only be bought with real life money (what a surprise...) and open chests that are found everywhere, you might get a good item (you almost certainly won't though) or you will (almost certainly) get a useless item, keys are traded between players as currency (as gold has VERY limited uses and AD cannot be traded) so you can farm stuff, sell it on the AH, buy keys and use them as money. Oh no, they changed keys to bind when picked up, so you can't do that either. You want keys? C'mon, you know the drill by now.....

A perfect vorpal costs 4.5 - 5.5 million AD, same for a perfect soul forged, plus the 1.5 million (minimum) for the mount, around 750K for your PvP set, enchants / wards / runestones will easily cost you another million or two and a decent compainion will cost a million or two too. That's not including your PvE set, supplies, possible even a 2nd perfect vorpal and soul forged, advancing in campaingns or any other aspect of the game. These are all changes that are being brought in one at a time to avoid too much of an uproar, every module they release they find new ways to squeeze more cash out of you.

If you can get all those items for under 10,000,000 that's a amazingly good deal, but are you really going to spend hours farming 24k a day to over 10 million? No, ofc you're not, that would be a phenomimal waste of your life, it might be a good game, but no game should take up that much of your LIFE. You want to play and be anything more than "That **** guy who couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag", get your bank card at the ready.....

Don't pay = Lose, you wasted WAY too much of your life.
Pay = Lose, you just forked over WAY to much money for a "free" game.
Don't play = Win.

It will cost you hundreds, and I do mean HUNDREDS to get what you want. A single item (perfect vorpal) is being sold by gold sellers for the cheapest prices there are, how much? £50.

You have been warned.

EDIT: Quick example, you start off with a vorpal shard, you need 3 other shards to mix with it (at a 1% chance to succeed) to make it a lesser vorpal. You then need another lesser vorpal to mix with it to make a normal (again, at 1%), then you need another normal to mix with it to make a greater (1%) and then another greater to make a perfect (1%), sounds easy right? Wrong.

Your real chance is to use C wards to raise the 1% to 100%, each C ward costs £10, you'll need 1 C ward to cominbe the shards into a lesser, but then you need another lesser, so you need to combine another 4 shards and use another C ward, then you can mix the lessers into a normal, with another C ward ofc. Then you need another normal to mix, so you make 2 more lessers (at 8 more shards and 2 more C wards) and mix them together (another C ward). now you have 2 normals, use a C ward to mix them and you have a greater. Now you need another greater, same again all the way up to a greater so that's another..... 7 C wards, combine the greaters and you have your (first) perfect at the cost of another C ward ofc.

15 C wards total = £150.... For one item and that's not taking into account the price in AD for shards.
You could buy the lessers / normal / greaters for AD on the AH, but at 1.5+ million AD per NORMAL, are you really going to farm all those with AD bearing in mind there is a 24k daily refinment limit?
Are you seriuosly going to farm MILLIONS of AD just for a 1% chance to succeed bearing in mind if you fail you will lose the materials and have to farm those again? Ofc not.

EDIT: Hit charecter limit, some edits are in my comments in the comment section below.
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Jó kis MMORPG játék, lassan a kedvencemé vált :D
Közzétéve: július 7.
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nem rossz bele lehet mélyülni
Közzétéve: június 20.
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Good Game :D
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Szép grafika, de hamar megunható.
Közzétéve: május 26.
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Csak röviden: Eddig csak 10. szintre jutottam el a játékban, viszont nagyon jó hangulata van, a város tele van élettel, bazi sok játékos van, a játék eléggé csapat orientált ugyan is ha egyedül mész be poti nélkül, vagy rámész poti nélkül egy nagyobb bossra, vége mindennek. Nagyszerű zene, a karakterszinkronok is teljesen passzolnak, szerintem élvezhető kis MMO!
Közzétéve: január 26.
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