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Universo sandbox dinámico y abstracto. Cambia y evoluciona como tú quieras.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 17 de Jun, 2011
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Acerca del juego

En la mayoría de los juegos ves estrellas en el fondo, disparas a asteroides o vives en planetas. ¡Pero en Solar 2 tú SERÁS esos objetos! Entra en un universo en el que deberás mostrar tu valía a las creaciones de Dios y ayudarlas en sus variadas y extrañas tareas. ¡O ignóralos y mira todo lo que pueden crecer!

Solar 2 es un juego sandbox con un mundo abierto situado en un universo abstracto. Si juegas de forma constructiva, harás crecer tu sistema, darás vida a tus planetas y atacarás a las formas de vida alienígenas en batallas espaciales. Pero si juegas de forma destructiva, deberás colisionar con otros asteroides causando el caos, utilizarás la órbita de tus planetas como una bola de demolición e incluso robarás planetas de otros sistemas.

Características Principales:

  • Universo sandbox dinámico y abstracto. Cambia y evoluciona como tú quieras
  • Misiones no lineales y mecánica de juego abierta
  • No hay límites. Surca el cosmos para siempre en un ambiente de felicidad espacial
  • Repleto de humor excéntrico
  • Banda sonora larga y personalizada

Requisitos del sistema (PC)

    • SO: Windows XP SP2 o posterior
    • Procesador: 1.5 GHz
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 50 MB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Tarjeta de 128 MB compatible con Shader Model 2.0
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Extra: Compatible con controlador Microsoft Xbox 360

Requisitos del sistema (MAC)

    • OS: OSX 10.6 or greater
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB
    • Video Card: 128 MB Graphics Card that supports OpenGL 2.0

Requisitos del sistema (Linux)

    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or above
    • Processor: 1.5 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB
    • Graphics: OpenGL compatible graphics card with 128 MB RAM, Pixelshader 2.0
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB
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Bonito, relajante y corto :D
Publicado: 27 de Julio
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Un juego super corto , unas 14horas y te quedas sin objetivos o metas a cumplir muy bueno , un juego muy similar a Spore , pero lo supera por mucho..
Publicado: 13 de Septiembre
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Have you always wanted to be a celestial object? In this interesting take on the "grow bigger" genre you finally can. You begin as a smallest of asteroids and have to hit other asteroids to grow in mass and avoid marauding space ships and anything too much larger in the process. You move with arrows or ASDW (I used keyboard) in a 2D universe, while everything else is dictated by gravity.

At some point you will grow into a planet. This changes mechanics: no longer will you try to hit stuff but instead try to make asteroids orbit your piece of rock, after which you can absorb them. Mechanics are different for each phase: asteroid, planet, star and black hole. Planet phase is separated into regular and life planets (all with shields, planetary cannons and spaceships).

Orbiting is pseudophysical: that is, not real physics at all. The objects will actually be attached to the orbiting system. You should know that this is not a real physics simulator, so this is totally fine. This makes for some truly bizarre possibilities: you can form multi-star ring systems with ridiculous numbers of stars and yet have aggressively orientated fully evolved killer planets orbiting the system.

Story and achievements provide some 10-20 hours of playtime within three missions and 2-3 challenge mini games for each phase and finally a boss fight. They often make clever use of the game's physics and mechanics. You can also stop anytime you want and the cloud will make sure you can continue from where you left, or if you'd like to, from somewhere entirely different. Playing is very enjoyable and the only time I remember it getting tedious was when I grinded my way to 40 stars supersystem. Fortunately, you can save your favourite configurations (like that one with super-multistar megasystem) to be loaded any number of times again (handy for achievements) and play with physics options if regular pseudophysics gets boring.

Once you're done with the universe simply grow your planet-eating super-heavy neutron star into an all-devouring black hole and consume the world in a Big Crunch. A fitting end to a crazy little game.
Publicado: 11 de Junio
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You're in space. You're a rock in space. Bump into more rocks to become bigger rock, become a rock with little people on it, avoid letting rocks pelt your planet and avoid bringing the race to extintion long enough for your little planet to develope self defence, become bigger, explode into a star killing an entire life system on your planet and then become a solar system. In space. With more planets with more self defence. Grow your star untill it evolves, explodes, and devours space. Space.
Publicado: 19 de Junio
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Possibly the smallest game I own, but it packs a bigger punch than that.

Solar 2's main strength is that you can play at your own pace, with your own goals, and that leads to a good few hours that you can spend just bumbling around in space and figuring out what you fancy doing. Going from a tiny asteroid to a black hole? Staying as a solo planet and building up a small armada of ships? Just flying around like a lunatic smashing into stuff and dying repeatedly? All viable playstyles.

If you want more structure, the story and challenge missions offer a good balance between fun and difficulty, and add considerable longevity to the game. The general idea is to work your way up the planetary body hierarchy - from diminutive asteroid through to planets, stars, star systems and eventually nature's biggest vaccuum cleaner. There are individual missions for each stage of being, some of them simple, others very difficult. I have yet to witness another game that lets you play as the stage itself at a rock concert.

For a little indie title, there's a surprising amount to do, and while it could perhaps get a little samey after beating everything the game has to offer, there are physics options that you can use to craft a more creative playing experience - like mass space dogfights between hundreds of ships, for instance.

Or, you could just let the cool ambience of the game float you away on a paradoxical vaccuum breeze...
Publicado: 5 de Julio
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Un gran juego. Es corto, te quedas pronto sin cosas que hacer, pero por lo que vale (en mi caso lo compré en una oferta por 1,5 euros) te da unas cuantas horas muy buenas. Mención especial para la música, que está muy bien.
Publicado: 25 de Diciembre, 2013
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