In a dark Cyberpunk world, you (and up to 3 friends) wage war against the all-powerful Federation in this Source-powered FPS/RPG.
Brukeranmeldelser: Veldig positive (3,806 anmeldelser) - 81% av 3,806 brukeranmeldelser for dette spillet er positive.
Utgivelsesdato: 29. jul, 2011

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Anbefalt av kuratorer

"You can try to hack a door and the door might hack you back! This game is a hot mess, but brilliantly demented with it!"
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New Expansion - E.Y.E Blood Games

E.Y.E: Blood Games takes you into player competitions with new and varied maps.

Battle Royal:

In this round by round competition, the last man standing wins. All other participants are enemies!
You start each round with a random weapon and armor. Your aim is to finish the game with the most possible points.
You get points when you kill an enemy and also, when you are the survivor of the round.
You are free to use one of your existing Avatar, including one from the solo.
Some of your PSI and cyber powers are deactivated in this game mode.

Team Artifact:

Team competition: In this mode, Jians confront Culters for the artifact control. To do that you need to:
  • Take the artifact and carry it to the enemy area.
If the artifact is in the enemy area, the round ends. A new one will start and players will return to their initial positions.
Each team starts with an amount of resurectors. You win the round when the other team runs out of resurectors. There are several ways to do it:
  • Carrying the artifact to the enemy area.
  • Killing an enemy.
  • Hacking special interfaces.
At the beginning of the game, choose your team and character class.

Om dette spillet

As a member of the strange secret society E.Y.E, you wake up after a fight in which your fellow teammates were killed. E.Y.E, an armed branch of the Secreta Secretorum is attempting a coup against the all-powerful Federation, a coalition of several worlds and planets that rule with an iron fist.
To complicate matters, E.Y.E itself is plagued with its own internal conflicts between the Jian faction and the Culter faction, to which you belong. Your loyalties are torn between Commander Rimanah, your superior and the chief of the Secreta who is a separatist with an unstoppable ambition, and the "Mentor" your friend and instructor. The "Mentor" tries at all costs to unite the two rival factions. In doing so, you are thrust into the middle of a fratricidal war frought with political conspiracies and quests for power in which different groups and megacorporations are implicated.
These troubles set the stage for an attack by an unknown force bent on destroying humankind.

Key features:

  • Multiplayer co-op modes directly influence solo play, and vice-versa. The limits of solo and multiplayer games are finally left behind.
  • Psychological and mental trauma management.
  • 25 weapons, different shooting modes, dynamic precision, drilling shots, iron sighting, extended zoom.
  • Complete hacking system with game play impact
  • 9 devastatingly subtle PSI powers.
  • More than 20 NPC with non-scripted, fully reactive and efficient AI, endowed with a sense of initiative. Bloody close combat with technical detail. Incredible physical movement realism thanks to Source Engine physics.
  • Excellent replayability - primary and secondary missions, dynamic environments, non-linear level progression, and random NPC spawn, type and appearance. Death doesn't penalize players: no need to restart the current mission.
  • Open-level gameplay for hours of fun without reloading.


    • Operativsystem: Windows® 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64 / XP
    • Prosessor: Pentium 4 3.0GHz, Athlon 64 3000+ eller bedre
    • Minne: 1 GB for XP / 2GB for Vista
    • Harddiskplass: Minst 6 GB ledig plass
    • Skjermkort: : DirectX 9-kompatibel skjermkort med 128 MB, Shader model 2.0. ATI X800, NVidia 6600 eller bedre
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Lyd: DirectX 9.0c-kompatibelt lydkort
    • Ytterligere: Internett-tilkobling kreves for flerspiller
    • Operativsystem: Windows® 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64 / XP
    • Prosessor: Intel core 2 duo 2.4GHz eller AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+
    • Minne: 1 GB for XP / 2GB for Vista
    • Harddiskplass: Minst 6 GB ledig plass
    • Skjermkort: : DirectX 9-kompatibelt skjermkort med Shader model 3.0. NVidia 7600, ATI X1600 eller bedre
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Lyd: DirectX 9.0c-kompatibelt lydkort
    • Ytterligere: Internett-tilkobling kreves for flerspiller
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85 av 86 personer (99%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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Publisert: 1. juni
What happens when you take a bunch of french people, give them the source engine and let them run amok with it? The result is EYE: Divine Cybermancy, a game with no limitations or respect for the rules of game design, with over the top action, incredibly in-depth, flexible and at times daunting character progression, abusable physics, insanely powerful weapons and an perplexingly convoluted, mind-numbing narrative coupled with a generous host of bugs, 16+ player coop and generally just absolutely crazy gameplay. EYE is SO crazy that the player character has a sanity meter, and when it dips low, he can suffer vivid halucinations. EYE gives the player numerous options for negotiating its sprawling stages: Where negotiation, hacking and stealth fail, the player can employ a varying array of firearms, melee weapons, cybernetic augments and psychic powers to devastate your numerically superior but sorely outmatched foes. As you progress, even assault VTOLs and twenty-foot tall rocket-spewing psycho-deamons will not give you pause. EYE also lets you adjust not only its difficulty but the respawn rate and AI behaviors of its enemies, giving you fine control over its experience. EYE has a few major issues, most notably its poor English translation, easily (and necessarily, in my opinion) remedied by downloading and applying a fan-made translation patch, available from the steam forum. EYE was released around the same time as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, obviously to capitalize on an upswing in interest in cyberpunk games, but in truth, it is a very different beast. Where Deus Ex rewards the calculating, stealthy player who avoids the game's useless lethal weapons in favor of the almighty tranq rifle, EYE fully allows you to become an unstoppable, heavily armed and armored, posthuman super-warrior, and its setting and asthetic owes a great deal more to Warhammer 40,000 then, say, Neuromancer- amusing considering this game's developer has gone on to work on an actual 40k game, the upcoming FPS Space Hulk: Deathwing. EYE is a strange, awkward game, but well worth the price of admission.
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91 av 106 personer (86%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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Publisert: 12. juli



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58 av 70 personer (83%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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Publisert: 30. mai
Strikingly original & ambitious // Recommended for those seeking an immersive FPS/RPG experience

Steam Review Showcase:

+ Fitting and unique soundtrack
+ Stunningly original world, character designs, and environment designs
+ How one can tackle combat scenarios is entirely open; one can focus on gunplay, stealth, hacking, etc. to advance through a given stage
+ RPG elements are incredibly in-depth, and the various stat/build combinations are staggering
+ Items found can be researched to aid proficiency of abilities, etc.
+ Solid, thoroughly enjoyable gunplay
+ Developers created a unique language for the game, and the augmented voice-overs sound incredible when speaking it
+ Equipment and inventory is weight-based, and is very easy and practical to navigate

- Slightly clunky controls (especially ladders); one might consider perusing the default key-mappings and making a few changes
- Lore and backstory are packed into this game, but there's far too much to introduce organically, and it's otherwise thrown at the player in a confusing, incohesive way
- Generally lackluster optimization
- Most of the novel mechanics (hacking, stealth, psi-powers, etc.) are poorly introduced and often end up being tragically underutilized
- Antiquated sound design (in terms of FX)

If you enjoyed this review, please follow my curator page. Also, feel free to join my group, LockeProposal's Big Day Out for discussion and announcements. Thanks for reading!
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51 av 62 personer (82%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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Publisert: 13. juni
Tried to hack a door whilst under attack, failed, got hacked by door, got paranoid, killed everything leveled up, turns out my legs are A-Ok, my paranoias gone and I can level up my hackerness and try again.

p.s. you can blow people up with your mind and summon a monster where they were............ *_*

10/10 would go insane again
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18 av 19 personer (95%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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Publisert: 29. mai
This game is one of my favourites. Despite cranky English texts and bugs (though my friend and I haven't encountered any of them), E.Y.E is awesome. It doesn't spell anything out for you, but once you grasp its mechanics, you're going to love it. It seems that E.Y.E was influenced by Warhammer 40,000, and it has allusions to Philip K. ♥♥♥♥'s works and other things, interesting visual design, what-the-feth-is-going-on story that gets progressively more wtf-y as you go through the game, lovely soundtrack, an opportunity to have fun together with your friends, replayability, and you can approach your target any way you want, stealth your way to it, hack your way to it, berserk your way, etc. Oh, and the wonderful possibility of hallucinations or being hacked by a door.
The only major problem is, not many people know about this game.
So, if you want to play something hard and mind-blowing, give E.Y.E a try. It's worth it.
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