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Eres Garrett, el maestro ladrón. Pocas veces visto y nunca atrapado, Garret está mejor que nunca. Es capaz de despistar a cualquier guardia, de abrir cualquier cerradura y de entrar en las residencias con los sistemas de seguridad más ingeniosos.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 11 de Jun, 2004

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Incluye 3 artículos: Thief: Deadly Shadows, Thief™ Gold, Thief™ II: The Metal Age

Acerca del juego

Eres Garrett, el maestro ladrón. Pocas veces visto y nunca atrapado, Garret está mejor que nunca. Es capaz de despistar a cualquier guardia, de abrir cualquier cerradura y de entrar en las residencias con los sistemas de seguridad más ingeniosos. Garrett roba a los ricos para dárselo a sí mismo, mientras vive en la oscura y opresiva Ciudad. Aquí el crimen y la corrupción están a la orden del día, los ricos nobles explotan a pobres y a otros nobles y la magia y la maquinaria coexisten de manera inquietante. Garret, cínico y hastiado del mundo, sólo quiere ejercer su oficio en paz. Pero las cosas nunca son tan sencillas.
  • Innovadora mecánica de juego basada en el sigilo - ¡Escóndete entre las sombras, despista a los guardias o embóscalos desde la oscuridad!
  • Amplio arsenal de herramientas de ladrón - Incluyendo ganzúas, una porra, flechas, guantes para escalar muros, frascos de aceite, bombas cegadoras y una daga.
  • Una ciudad entera para explorar - Entra en cualquier edificio, atraca nobles en las calles, gasta tu botín y gánate una reputación. Siéntete como un auténtico ladrón en un entorno urbano de interactividad incomparable y respuesta sin precedentes.
  • Inteligencia artificial avanzada – Gracias a la IA, los guardias ven y oyen, siguen pistas y sospechas, buscan intrusos, pelean, persiguen, cambian la expresión facial y sincronizan los labios en tiempo real con cientos de líneas de diálogo.
  • Sistema dinámico de iluminación y sombras - Cada personaje y cada objeto arrojan sombras dinámicas y realistas que afectan al sigilo.

Requisitos del sistema

    Mínimo: IBM PC o 100% compatible, Windows 2000 o Windows XP, Intel Pentium IV a 1.5 GHz (o AMD Athlon XP equivalente), 256 MB de RAM, 64 MB de VRAM, Direct3D 9.0 y Pixel Shader 1.1, dispositivo de audio 100% compatible con DirectSound 9, 3 GB de espacio libre en disco, teclado y ratón
    Recomendado: Intel Pentium IV a 2.0 GHz (o AMD Athlon XP equivalente), 512 MB de RAM, 128 MB de VRAM, Direct3D 9.0 y Pixel Shader 1.1
    Thief: Deadly Shadows no soporta el juego en portátiles.
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This is a quality 2004 stealth game. You are Garrett and you have to find out what the Prophecies of the Keepers are. Because you are a Master Thief, the keepers use your abilities to steal certain items which involves the prophecy.

The game is a first/third person stealth game where you can roam around the city. Steal from houses, pickpocket random people on the street and do whatever you can to get money, between missions. It all feels quite alive in all the small areas of the city and it's always fun to find new routes or hiding places from the guards as you bag all them precious stuff.
The people talk to each other, saying Good evening or bugger off as they walk by. Making it feel like a should be.
Missions are done in special areas where you can't get in when you are just roaming though.

However, I said hiding. Though in this game you can hide from a guard who spotted you in a shadow that is about 1 meter away. The AI isn't the smartest around. Once a guard killed a, what I think was a bandit, and when he walked passed it 15 seconds later, he wondered how there could be a corpse on the ground and directly want to scan the place for enemies.
Which in most cases, is the player because well...nothing is as suspiscious as wearing a black hood.
But even in missions, I once had an AI regularly walking and suddenly fall to her death, alerting everyone in the area.

I think that has to be the worst and maybe the only real problem of this game as the other thing that springs into my mind, is how awfully bad the physics system is. Bad but a good kind of bad. Everytime you will be amazed at how bodies go there way in this game.

But other than that, this game is a wonderful game. The story is interesting, the difficulty gradually gets higher as the game goes and the level design is just wonderful. Especially props to 1 certain level which could've been a stand alone horror game. *Shivers*

All in all, I recommend this game for it's story, gameplay and level design. The game looks a little old and it's best to download a FOVPatch from the internet, but the value of this game is certainly worth it.
Publicado: 26 de Marzo
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Pros: you can see the cute small brown kitties.

Cons: you can kill the cute small brown kitties.
Publicado: 4 de Abril
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Pros: The sound/light-driven stealth is in some ways improved, with dynamic shadows, AI noticing pickpocketing, open doors and the like. The graphics are great. Some improvements via streamlining. Wall climbing gloves are fun, if not without irritants.

Cons: Takes a lot of cues from Deus Ex(that the developers had been doing before this), and the two franchises do not go well together. The open world aspects don't fit. Levels are smaller. Plot remains vague and unengaging for most of the duration.

It's pretty good, if bland, since it doesn't choose either Thief or Deus Ex, and ends up somewhere in the middle between the two.

My recommendation: Most stealth fans will enjoy it, but purists may want to stick with the first two.
Publicado: 25 de Junio
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Thief: Deadly Shadows is definitely the weakest addition to the Thief series, as it catered for the broadened player base as part of it’s developed for the Xbox console, making it nowhere near the level of its predecessor, but still a solid stealth game and probably one of the lasts of its genre. Despite that, the developers have put in an effort into recreating the world of Thief.

It takes what was best from Dark Project and adds a new layer of surreal horror to it that results in one of the most widely playable games yet. The setting is familiar to the first instalment and the story becomes similarly weird and mysterious. The controls have improved over Metal Age and enable a flawless exploration of the world. The story is what really tops the two previous titles.

However, the dated graphics engine means that loading screens are plentiful and levels are small. It's been streamlined for the Xbox crowd and the consoles limitations and features a bunch of nonsensical elements which were not present in previous Thief games. Getting wedged in the scenery is not a rare event and the rag-doll physics are lazy and unnatural compared to what they should have gone with - good animations. The game now uses a ‘City-hub’ rather than the assumed natural progression between missions as seen in the previous titles. Deadly Shadows is a lot more linear, and suddenly rope/vine arrows and scouting orbs don't exist, and Garrett has forgotten the ability to swim as he dies the instant he touches water. The combat system as expected is not one of the Thief’s strong points, and it would be safer altogether, to just avoid an enemy in the first place.

Die-hards fans might consider it a disgrace to the Thief series, and as a whole, it simply does not live up to the legacy, but despite all of this, the game does deserve credit for maintaining the Thief atmosphere and keeping the series going.
Publicado: 19 de Mayo
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Steal stuff... my kind of game!
Publicado: 26 de Marzo
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Puedes robar a tus vecinos.
Publicado: 17 de Febrero
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