You are Garrett, the master thief. Rarely seen and never caught, Garrett is the best that ever was. Able to sneak past any guard, pick any lock, and break into the most ingeniously secured residences. Garrett steals from the wealthy and gives to himself, making his living in the dark and foreboding City.
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發售日: 2004 年 06 月 11 日


購買 Thief: Deadly Shadows


購買 Thief Collection

包含 9 個項目: Thief, THIEF: The Bank Heist, THIEF DLC: The Forsaken - Challenge Map, THIEF DLC: Booster Pack - Opportunist, THIEF DLC: Booster Pack - Predator, THIEF DLC: Booster Pack - Ghost, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Thief™ II: The Metal Age, Thief™ Gold

購買 Eidos Anthology

NOTE: This version of the Eidos Anthology is not playable in Germany.



"A worthy sequel. Pioneers its own unique, innovative (if occasionally unpolished) blend of sandbox and stealth. You're welcome, Assassin's Creed."


You are Garrett, the master thief. Rarely seen and never caught, Garrett is the best that ever was. Able to sneak past any guard, pick any lock, and break into the most ingeniously secured residences. Garrett steals from the wealthy and gives to himself, making his living in the dark and foreboding City. Here crime and corruption are commonplace, wealthy nobles prey on the poor and each other, and magic and machinery coexist uneasily. World weary and cynical, Garrett wants nothing more than to be left alone to ply his trade. But things never work out that way.
  • Cutting-edge Action Stealth Gameplay - Hide in the shadows, sneak past the guards, or ambush them from the darkness!
  • Huge Arsenal of Thieves' Tools - Including lock picks, a blackjack, arrows, wall climbing gloves, oil flasks, flash bombs, and a dagger.
  • An Entire City to Explore - Break into any building, mug nobles on the streets, spend your loot, and earn a reputation. Feel like a real thief in a cityscape of unparalleled responsiveness and interactivity.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence - AI guards that see and hear, track evidence and suspiciousness, search for intruders, fight, give chase, and perform lip synching, facial expressions, and hundreds of lines of real-time dialog.
  • Dynamic Lighting and Shadow System - Every character and object casts realistic, dynamic shadows that effect stealth gameplay.


    Minimum: IBM PC or 100% compatible, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, Intel Pentium IV 1.5 GHz (or AMD Athlon XP equivalent), 256 MB system memory, 64 MB video memory, Direct3D 9.0, and Pixel Shader 1.1, 100% DirectSound 9 compatible sound card, 3,000 MB free hard disk space, Keyboard and mouse
    Recommended: Intel Pentium IV 2.0 GHz (or AMD Athlon XP equivalent), 512 MB system memory, 128 MB video memory, Direct3D 9.0, and Pixel Shader 1.1
    Thief: Deadly Shadows does not support play on laptop computers.
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張貼於:05 月 21 日
Some people actually believe the reboot is better than this game.

Some people aren't able to realize how stupid they are.
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張貼於:05 月 23 日
I advise you to get the Sneaky Upgrade, an unofficial patch that fix some issues and add a bunch of new options as the game is pretty old, 10 years already but still enjoyable.
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張貼於:04 月 19 日
I remeber playing this game as a kid 10 years ago. When I saw that the new thief was being released the nostalgia hit me and I just had to play it. I cannot stop now, this game is incredible and looks fantastic for its time. It plays smooth, and emulates your role as a thief to perfection. It is a must play for all stealth fans.
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張貼於:05 月 17 日
The third game in the Thief series provides for a lengthy yet entertaining experience. There are some compromises between this game and previous offerings as a result of the engine choice (no underwater areas, rope arrows, etc) but I found it to be a worthy successor to the overall series. The hub world was a nice touch too and provided some interesting distractions in-between missions.
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張貼於:04 月 30 日
I fondly remember this game which was the first stealth based one I played. There are especially two scenes I remember for their uniqueness when compared to other gaming experiences I had up to that time.

The first one was in Shalebridge Cradle. I entered this old decaying building in the middle of the night. On my path to the uppermost level of the cradle I was crawling up that long and wide circular stairs, when the athmosphere and the sound of the scenery won: I could't bear the tension and closed the game. The next day, in bright sunlight, I tried it again - and failed after seconds. Too vivid were the horrors I imagined lurking in the halls beyond.

So I got reinforcements and brought a friend who - unlike me - had played and loved the first two titles of the series. That actually helped and - slowly - I made my way up the stairs. I can't remember the exact place, but soon afterwards I looked at the crossing of two hallways. So many directions the evil that must be lurking in this building could come from! Cautiously I approached the crossing, listening for treacherous sounds, when I suddenly saw something moving in the dark. My heart rate increased when I went to investigate it. But I couldn't find anything in any direction. Then - you know what's coming! - I turned around, only to find myself eye to eye wuth the first of the gruesome remnants of this cursed place. I screamed like a little girl and ran! Then my friend and me had a good laugh.

In the other scene I remember I was lurking atop some walkway which was built at noticable height to allow good overwatch. I believe this was when I made contact with the pagans, but don't know for sure. However, I saw some female guard on patrol right below me with no one else in sight. I braced myself and jumped down, expecting to hurt myself. Instead I landed gracefully right behind the guard who, to my excitement, screamed in surprise without turning around - paralysed be the shock. Once I understood what had just happend I took advantage of it and landed a clean hit with my trusty blackjack before the scream ended to knock out the poor guard. Amazing!
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