Du er mestertyven Garrett. Sjældent set og aldrig fanget: Garrett er den bedste nogensinde. Han kan snige sig forbi enhver vagt, der findes ikke den lås, han ikke kan åbne, og han kan bryde ind i selv de bedst sikrede huse.
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Udgivelsesdato: 11. jun 2004

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Du er mestertyven Garrett. Sjældent set og aldrig fanget: Garrett er den bedste nogensinde. Han kan snige sig forbi enhver vagt, der findes ikke den lås, han ikke kan åbne, og han kan bryde ind i selv de bedst sikrede huse. Garrett stjæler fra de rige og giver til sig selv, så han kan opretholde tilværelsen i den mørke og ildevarslende by. Her byder hverdagen på forbrydelse og korruption, de rige adelige udnytter de fattige og hinanden, og magi og maskineri lever i skrøbelig sameksistens. Kynisk og træt af verden ønsker Garrett intet andet end at være i fred, så han udøve sit håndværk. Men sådan går det aldrig.
  • Banebrydende Action Stealth Gameplay: Gem dig i skyggerne, snig dig forbi vagterne, eller lok dem i baghold ude fra mørket!
  • Kæmpemæssigt arsenal af tyveriværktøj - inklusive dirke, knippel, pile, handsker til murklatring, olieflasker, lysbomber og dolk.
  • En hel by at gå på togt i - Bryd ind i enhver bygning, overfald adelige på gaden, brug dit udbytte og skaf dig et omdømme. Lev som en rigtig tyv i et bylandskab med en hidtil uset reaktionsevne og interaktivitet.
  • Avanceret kunstig intelligens - AI-vagter, som ser og hører, forfølger spor, er mistænksomme, søger efter indtrængende personer, kæmper, optager forfølgelse, med læbesynkronisering, ansigtsudtryk og hundreder af linjer med realtids-dialog.
  • Dynamisk lys/skyggesystem - Alle figurer og genstande kaster realistiske, dynamiske skygger, der muliggør stealth-gameplay.


    Minimumskrav: IBM PC eller 100 % kompatibel, Windows 2000 eller Windows XP, Intel Pentium IV 1,5 GHz (eller AMD Athlon XP eller tilsvarende), 256 MB systemhukommelse, 64 MB grafikhukommelse, Direct3D 9.0 og Pixel Shader 1.1, 100 % DirectX 9-kompatibelt lydkort, 3.000 MB ledig harddiskplads, tastatur og mus
    Anbefalet: Intel Pentium IV 2,0 GHz (eller AMD Athlon XP eller tilsvarende), 512 MB systemhukommelse, 128 MB grafikhukommelse, Direct3D 9.0 og Pixel Shader 1.1
    Thief: Deadly Shadows understøtter ikke spil på bærbare computere.
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Indsendt: 6. februar
Ahh, this game. It's a great stealth game. One of the best, really. Its got stellar stealth effects. Light, sound, it all has an effect. Its fun using your wide array of items to either kill or knock out an enemy, or sneak by unseen. The bow is paricularly lovely in this game. The water arrows you use to put out torches are particularly unique. The city is pretty nice, even though it's small, it still manages to feel alive somehow. The areas are fun, filled with different paths you can take to complete your objectives. Which path will you take through the shadows? You choose. And its really fun sneaking around in the shadows. To me personally, this is one of the few stealth games where it isn't like " I'm right in front of your face and you still don't see me, you stupid gaurd ? " And while THAT much is great, there IS a reason for it. Because if you run this on windows 10 the game is so effing dark that you probably see as much as the gaurds you sneak past can. On windows 10 the brightness toggle doesnt work. And it starts off very dark. And there isn't a thing you can do about it. It's very frustrating. But as far as I know this problem is only on windows 10. Aside from this glitch, the game falls flat in a few areas. Even though this is a stealth game, the combat should be noted. It's awful. If you get caught and are engaged in combat, you might as well just retry from check point. I doubt this will matter to most people, but it still needs to be noted. Aside from that, they don't tell you how valuable resources are. They give you something likw 20 arrows, and you have to save them and not use them in the first mission, as if you spend all the money you make from the supposedly " rare " object you steal in the first two missions gets you enough money for around 17 arows. Yeah. Anyways, this is still a really good game, and an amazing stealth game. Windows 10 version: 6/10, Every other version: 8.5/10.
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8 af 9 brugere (89%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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4.9 timer bogført
Indsendt: 27. marts
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Indsendt: 26. november 2015
the man jogs very slow
would recommend to speedwalkers
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Indsendt: 17. januar
Its not as good as the first 2 in the series, i am not fond of the engine it uses its too glitchy and feels broken, the story is meh, but the gameplay and feel is still thief enough for me to recommend it.
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Indsendt: 13. marts
Thief: Deadly Shadows is the third Thief game in the original trilogy. Since original developers of the first two Thief games, Looking Glass Studios, ended up closing due to financial troubles, Ion Storm was the one to develop the final game in trilogy, releasing it in 2004. Thankfully, this company hired some developers that were working in Looking Glass and based game development on their original vision of the third game so you can still be sure that true Thief game plot-wise and great conclusion. Oh, and it's based on Deus Ex IW engine which is heavily modified Unreal 2 and is known as being bad.

It's also was developed for both Xbox and PC and yet, console restriction hit PC version as well. Enjoy tiny levels with loading gates. And intro automatically running if you stay in main menu for some time.
Xbox version and PC are very close to each other. Xbox version makes some interesting use of gamepad, where you can easily set a needed speed with analog stick and it also gives ramble feedback during lockpick minigame. But then agian, Xbox never recieved any patches, so stick with PC.

Technically, it's one of the buggiest games around. Or more exactly, it hangs on this territory where bugs aren't strong enough to completely stop you from playing yet you will be kept reminded that they exist and will meet them around at every corner. It would make Bethesda explode from envy. Then again, what else would one expect from makers of Daikatana. Hell, this game even had a bug at the launch that would always reset difficulty to normal. At least it got fixed. Yes, Steam version has latest version.

Like, everytime the game was loading something, it would show my desktop twice in the beggining, which was annoying me. Then the framerate often goes awry when there are multiple light sources present on the screen. Maybe because it doesn't support more than one processor or just because of bad compitability. And sometimes it just crashes on quicksave. At least in these cases it wouldn't get corrupted, thank goodness for that.
And then I heard that some people had issues where lockpicking minigame does not display on screen. In such cases some suggested turning off V-Sync. But some still had troubles.

Eh, you really should download some of community patches. Really. Though I played without any, because all yay vanilla experience.

The game continues the story of Garrett the Master Thief in the City. Twice did he impact and restore the balance of powers as evidenced in previous games. The last time he stopped the Mechanists with all their mechanical progressive view. As a result the City seemed to abandon everything that they have done. Actually, it went into such extreme of Medivel style category, that there is almost no Steampunk left. As a result Thief 3 seem to have the most bland, uninspired envirmoment and seems to lack same charm of mystery and Fantasy/Steampunk that I came to like about original. It's all about cartoonish blue darkness now. Which isn't to say that it doesn't have a few immersive memoriable levels. And music does fine job sometimes too. But yea, it's not same anymore.

But hey, those few levels are indeed very moody and nice experiences. Even if most of them are gray and bland.
Like Museum level with low-humming music and creepy recordings. Or the mansion level while there is storm and rain outside. Or even the famous Cradle horror-level which, while isn't going to scare anybody nowadays and also quite bland overall, still provides an interesting level-plot and exploration of it.

And in this game you will get yourself close with Keepers and their prophesies, with game providing good conclusion to the series. I am not going to spoil much, but it's quite interesting to follow. Just a shame that cutscenes aren't even. Half of cutscenes are nicely drawn animations. And another half is made using ugly, by comparison, in-game models. Oh well. And no, animations aren't in same style as the first two games. No briefing either, aw.

And to be honest, first impression with the game was just godawful. It combines the third and first person view into one ugly movement that seem to be bad in both modes and there are tons of glitches. It seems like the first person is done just by moving camera to where the head. Ok, that doesn't sound too wrong and it's nice to see your hands and legs. But, don't know how to explain, but the way it controls in first person feels clumpsy, like the game has to synchronise your movement with one of model animations. Heck, the head camera seems to lag and rubberband around the body itself. Even leaning may make you fall off the edge sicne it's uses slow clunky animation that shifts your collision box along. Heck, it even takes a second for body to turn around when you start moving in different direction.

The third person perspective isn't much either. It's not as immersive experience. And then I am not sure how I am supposed to turn around while standing in same spot, with PC default controls. Which also reminds me that game was so rushed that they didn't include mouse sensetivity in options.

So yea, it's more about you trying to get used to first person control, while switching to third person around corner to peek around without revealing yourself, which you can view as nessercary "cheating". And then the clumpsy movement add up to overall bugginess. Like not being able to pick up some ragdolls. Or some items in chest. Or being able to pick one through the locked chest. Or seemingly not being able to stand up near walls. Or getting stuck after jumping attempts in some strange hovering state where you can't jump anymore until you pull arrow with your bow. Or hell, getting stuck between two barrels where I had to knife one of them for whole two minutes until I finally knocked it out where it rolled down the slope, fell and made woman on another side of wall gasp. Is this emergent gameplay that everybody makes buzz about?

Gameplay-wise it also got changed around. Like, Garrett changed sword to daggers. Which may sound fancy, but it means no more cool sword fights. Now combat sucks, as you can't block, just you trading damages with enemy. I know that it's not something player is supposed to do, but it was cool to do some sword-fight when backed into corner. Then agian, escaping is more viable there as NPCs get tired from chasing after Garrett after some time and have to stand and take a rest. And hiding in shadows is as easy as ever. By the way, this game was one of the first to use dynamic shadows, like in Doom 3. And it makes use of them heavily, graphic-wise. Gameplay-wise? Nah, nothing to do with moving shadows, nothing programmed to recognise that. Oh well. At least you can blow small candles up now.

It also turned lockpick into minigame. Nothing exciting, it looked interesting at first, but soon you will realize how limited it is and how tedious it gets as it gets longer and longer futher in game.

It also includes city hub thing. Which could be better. It's a nice time waster of sorts, you can pickpocket, unlock some doors and steal objects so you could sell them and buy yourself supplies of items. But it gets old to avoid same guards around most corner. It has pathetic faction system where you have to do some small things so they will not attack you. It's easy to do and there is no conflict between trying your best to amuse both factions, no interesting things happen otherwise. It does get funny when, in order to appeal to Hammerites, you shoot arrows at explosive rust bugs only for everybody in the city to freak out and call out you as murderer. Meh, it's mostly fun only to see chaos later on in the game, as silly as it looks.

It's not something I would highly recommend to new players, but those who want to see conclusion of the Thief storyline will be happy enough. Too many loading gates and glitches though.
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