Screencheat is an online and offline split-screen multiplayer FPS where everyone is invisible and you have to cheat to win. Remember when looking at your friends’ screen in Goldeneye was frowned upon? Well those days are gone and in Screencheat, we encourage it!
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"A great FPS that forces you to ScreenCheat and that only increases the fun on the game, but don't screencheat to much because everyone else see you too."

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28 de febrero

Screencheat Update 1.2

Hello Screencheaters!
We’re happy to announce our biggest update yet, Screencheat 1.2.

2 New Maps Added

  • Emir - An ottoman palace with moving bouncy cushions and a swinging chandelier. Perfect for larger objective games.
  • Ascension – The lost temple still in perfect condition serves as a wonderful deathmatch arena.

New Weapon – Sorgean
  • A rocket propelled yoyo crossed with a medieval mace. It’s great at crushing multiple opponents in tight corridors. But watch out as it returns to its sender when it runs out of fuel.

2 New Game Modes
  • Bombs Away – An objective Based mode where each player has a base they must defend. A neutral bomb is on the map which once planted has a short timer before it explodes. Defenders are able to diffuse if they’re quick enough. Last person standing wins the round and gets the point.
  • Juggernaut – One player is a super powered Juggernaut with a beefed up Blunderbuss, players needs to kill or get kills as the Juggernaut to score points.

Online Experience Improvements
  • You can now join and play in games that are already in progress. You are now required to join slots before joining an online game.These will be used when you join a running game.

Level Progression System
  • Your profiles can now gain experience and level up as you play.

Improved Game Mode Customisation
  • Weapons can now be toggled on/off on a per weapon basis on all modes. If random map is selected, you can toggle on/off which maps are in the random rotation.

Saving Custom Game Modes
  • You can now save your favourite game mode settings as custom game modes which will stay saved in your game mode list.

Rebindable Keyboard and Mouse Inputs.
  • Keyboard and Mouse controls can now be completely re-bound and will be saved to a custom keyboard preset.

Other Features
  • UI button prompts now shows Xbox One and PS4 icons if those controllers are connected and in use.
  • New General Ragdoll selectable from your profile customisation.
  • Option to show player names in game, this can be enabled from the Game Settings menu.
  • 6 New Achievements added to coincide with the new content.
  • 2 New Music Tracks added
  • Complete visual overhaul made to Steeple. Also major optimisations made to Steeple.
  • Manor now features the paintings which previously lived in Steeple.

Other fixes and improvements:
  • Manor exit vent in orange raised to follow new standard.
  • Museum exit vent in purple raised to follow new standard.
  • Small visual improvements made to the Bear Bomb and Chefolet.
  • Optimisations to all maps to improve performance.
  • Improved lazy texture tiling on most maps.
  • Cleaned up old assets on Museum.

  • Tweaks to menu UI, allows confirming and cancelling changes in certain menus
  • Options menu accessible in lobby
  • Unifying font sizes across UI
  • Number of wins saved and displayed in lobby
  • Fix some weapon icons overlapping on weapon selector
  • Updated weapon skin selection menu
  • Removed terrain details options, as no longer relevant
  • When using a profile for more than one slot, a temporary profile will be created
  • Fix mouse inversion not being saved when set in lobby

  • Improvements to killcam
  • Fix for elevators, pinatas and bombs now interact with elevators
  • Fix projectile weapons being able to shoot through walls
  • Cleanup objects that fall out of levels
  • Forks and spoons nerfed: Blunderbuss range reduced

Much Love,
Samurai Punk

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15 de enero

Patch Notes 16/01/14

+Password support for online lobbies
+Lobby Settings menu in online mode
+Control Presets option, including support for AZERTY keyboards and left handed players (accessible in game and through Profile settings in Lobby)
+Added an “Eliminated!” message when player is killed in Elimination mode
+Updated menu theme music.

-Fixed an issue where the announcer would incorrectly sympathise with some deaths
-Crossbow renamed to Trappeur
-Spawn points improved across all maps to support murder mystery better.
-Jump Pads on Steeple should now clip the roof less
-Re-ordered game mode list
-Various UI usability fixes

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, and there’s a lot of cool content in the works. Expect to see some new content, features and an improved online experience in the coming month or two.

Much Love,
Samurai Punk

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“Screencheat is the Mario Kart of first person shooters and I absolutely mean that as a compliment”

“Easy going in tone but frantic and stressful by nature, Screencheat seizes on a single novel idea and builds an enjoyable couch shooter around it.”
7.8 – PC Gamer

Acerca de este juego

Screencheat is a first-person shooter that throws conventional split-screen multiplayer rules out the window and actively encourages players to look at their opponent’s screen. As your enemies are invisible on your screen, it’s impossible to find out where they are on the map without taking a not-so-sneaky peek at their screen. We say not-so-sneaky because in the world of Screencheat, it’s not really cheating!

Final Features

• Nine unique weapons – You won’t find any iron sights here, just weapons of chaos like the Blunderbuss, grenade launcher and the Chefolet pulse cannon.
• Eight colourful maps – Each map in Screencheat has been handcrafted to feature distinctive areas and landmarks to help you hunt down your opponents.
• Eight game modes PLUS game mode customisation – Take well known modes, add in a healthy serve of crazy and you've got yourself a ton of fun.
• Four player split-screen local multiplayer, or four player split-screen online multiplayer
• Controller support
• Steam achievements + Trading Cards
• May or may not be Lance Armstrong’s favourite game

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP+
    • Processor: 1.4GHz or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any from the last 4 years
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.6+
    • Processor: 1.4GHz or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any from the last 4 years
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu
    • Processor: 1.4GHz or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any from the last 4 years
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
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Publicado: 4 de abril
“Gana si puedes, pierde si es necesario pero siempre haz trampa. 7.6/10“

Hace mucho tiempo, antes que existieran las partidas multijugador online solo había pantalla dividida, donde tu y tus amigos tenían que jugar uno al lado del otro mirando la misma pantalla, por lo que podía darse la ocasión de hacer trampa mirando la pantalla de tus contrincantes lo que otorgaba una seria ventaja durante la partida.

Ahora ScreenCheat planea traer eso de vuelta, no me refiero a jugar junto a tus amigos sino hacer trampa mirando sus pantallas. En ScreenCheat todos son invisibles y la única manera de eliminar a tus oponentes es haciendo trampa, por lo que puedes ir olvidándote de escuchar que ganaste por tramposo porque aquí los tramposos ganan.

En ScreenCheat la pantalla estará dividida en 4 sin importar si estás jugando en linea o no, al inicio de cada partida los jugadores aparecerán en una zona diferente del mapa cada uno, por lo que tendrás que mirar sus pantallas para deducir que parte del mapa es y eliminarlos.

La manera en que están diseñados los niveles toma un papel muy importante en ScreenCheat, pues tendrás que memorizar cada zona del mapa para localizar a tus contrincantes antes que ellos a ti. Cada mapa está dividido en 4 diferentes zonas de color, por lo que te será fácil distinguir unas de otras, pero debido a que cada nivel está plagado de estatuas, trampolines o sitios donde esconderse tendrás que buscar rápidamente sin perder de vista la pantalla enemiga.

  • Jugabilidad frenética y divertida.
  • Excelentes modos de juego.
  • Utiliza un concepto conocido por todos como hacer trampa y construye un juego alrededor.
  • Gran diseño de niveles.

  • Se hace aburrido al jugar en linea.
  • No hay muchos servidores.

ScreenCheat es uno de pocos juegos que de verdad tienen un concepto único, hacer trampa nunca fue tan divertido y especialmente si se hace con amigos. Desgraciadamente aún tiene muchos fallos por pulir y bastantes huecos por rellenar, si estás buscando un juego divertido para jugar una tarde con amigos ScreenCheat es la elección perfecta, pero si buscas un titulo para buscar un buen desafío en linea es mejor que busques en otra parte.

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Este análisis fue realizado con una copia del juego facilitada por el equipo de Surprise Attack.
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Publicado: 27 de diciembre de 2014
Muy muy bueno. El unico problema es que hay muy poca gente conectada... asi que es raro jugar nua partida de 3 o 4.

Pero si tienes colegas con los que jugar en persona en la misma habitacion, os aseguro risas. Y mas si los que pierden beben un chupito :D
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Publicado: 2 de marzo
Tengo familiares que dejaron de jugar conmigo a videojuegos como este por hacer trampa mirando las pantallas de otros. Bueno, ahora puedo seguir haciendo esto sin que nadie me diga nada.

best game ever.
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Publicado: 6 de diciembre de 2014
Do you remember when playing first-person shooters locally was your only option for multiplayer modes? Screencheat developer Samurai Punk does.Screencheat is a loving homage to those days, with one unique twist—looking at the screens of your opponents is essential to ensuring victory. Regardless of whether you’re playing Screencheat locally or online you can always see your opponents’ point-of-view, as the game brings back those split-screen windows that are slowly becoming a thing of the past. While playing a first-person shooter in split-screen is typically not ideal, in Screencheat it is absolutely necessary as each player in a match is invisible, thus forcing you to check their screen to discover their position on the map.While you’re not exactly armed to the teeth with weaponry, the game does feature a reasonably sizeable selection to choose from, with the majority of them being suitably off-the-wall. There are a few guns that are based in reality, such as the revolver and blunderbuss, though there are also the likes of the hobby horse, which gives you a boost of super speed and kills your enemies when you bump into them, the candelabra, which can be used to beat enemies over the head, and my personal favorite the bear bomb, a remotely detonated teddy bear that hops around the battlefield in a similar fashion to the explosive sheep featured in the Worms series.Screencheat’s unabashed love of the insanity of late-nineties/early-noughts shooters is thoroughly endearing, though its homage to the frenzied action of the likes of Goldeneye 007, TimeSplitters and Unreal Tournament is somewhat absent in its level design. Samurai Punk puts such a strong emphasis on symmetry that each map feels like it’s missing something.Thankfully Screencheat excels in its 5 game modes, which feature the likes of deathmatch and king of the hill, alongside a fun ‘One Shot’ game variant that only allows players to reload after each competitor has shot a round from their weapon, and the inventive ‘Murder Mystery’ mode which sees players being handed a selection of cards detailing the color of the room that the opponent they must kill is hiding in, alongside a picture of the weapon that they must kill them with.Screencheat’s unique concept is one that provides a nice dose of hilarity and harkens back to all those memories spent staying up late playing with friends.
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Publicado: 4 de noviembre de 2014
They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but with nostalgia as its weapon, Screencheat manages to blend old style local multiplayer into a mechanic of its own.

  • Old school, fast paced shooter fun.
  • 5 maps, 6 game modes, 8 weapons, 4 players.
  • Hybrid local/online play - You can be on your keyboard with your friend using a controller, while playing online filling up the remaining available slots.
  • Incredibly friendly community!
  • Replayable
  • Low minimum specifications - This allows for a larger audience to play it. Will it play on your laptop? Probably!
  • Can be difficult finding a lobby - as with most Indie games in their infancy. This will change as the playerbase increases.
  • No AI - Requires human players, either online or local to play.
  • Low minimum specifications - I feel required to put this under both in today's day and age, but if graphics are important to you, then take a second look to make sure this game is for you.

Through making players invisable, forcing you to cheat by watching other players' screens, this game is a surprising throwback to a day and age long gone, and missed by many. It not only brings back splitscreen in a new dynamic way, but also the old style of arena shooters in general - something which some developers are pushing for a modern day revival. Happy Cheating!
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Publicado: 6 de noviembre de 2014
I can kill invisible people with a candlestick.
10/10 would have Hanukkah again
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Publicado: 10 de diciembre de 2014
10/10 you can finally be that annoying kid at the party that everyone hates
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Publicado: 5 de diciembre de 2014
Hilariously good fun when in a call with the 3 others. kinda boring when not wiht mates. Really would be better with voice communications ingame.
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Publicado: 14 de noviembre de 2014
I held off on getting this game for a while. My experience of indie FPS' has been mostly negative, some have been OK but really havn't been able to offer anything unique at the cost of smooth play, graphics and content. The concept of this game looked funny and original but I was sceptical about how fun it would actually be.

Boy was I wrong. The basic concept of invisible players and having to "screencheat" to find them is really something you need to experience for yourself. Level design colors rooms differently to make it easier to screencheat - thus familiarity with the map is not everything. Games are intense and involve split second choices such as firing in the enemies general direction or glancing over at their screen one last time to determine their location more precisely.

The game offers more than this concept though. The game offers tradition kill mode, king of the hill, capture the flag. It also has a "one shot mode" where you cant fire again until 15 seconds elapse or all other players fire. As well as a cluedo inspired game mode, where you have to kill a particular player with a particular weapon.

The weapon system is also in my opinion far superior to other FPS'. Instead of being aware of weapon spawn points on maps being the key to winning, each time you respawn you pick your weapon, ANY weapon, and you cannot change it until you respawn again. The weapons are all balanced, unique in concept, and offer different strategies, advantages and weaknesses.

Graphics are suitable for the purposes of the game but quite poor. If you're overly concerned with graphics in your FPS' then this game might not be for you. Otherwise there are no drawbacks.

Thrilling game. Best FPS I have ever played.
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Publicado: 10 de diciembre de 2014
Screencheat is damned clever. It is a fast-paced first person arena shooter in colorful maps where you are always watching the screen of every player, to find their position and murder them. There are several game modes, including death match, king of the hill, murder mystery, and others. Murder Mystery is like death match, except you are given a weapon to pick up and a target to kill -- and you only score if you accomplish killing that selected target with that specific weapon. The weapons are clever, too. Rifle revolver, exploding bear bomb, blunderbuss, brave knight charging on a children's makeshift horse-on-a-stick.

The only downside is the limited player-base. As of this writing, you can find a game, but it will take awhile and you will probably be the one who has to host it. This would be improved, if the developers didn't require you to leave the game and go back to a lobby in order to pick up new players (including those who are actively spectating you and may want to join). A smarter move would be to just fill the empty slots with new players as old players drop off. If not during a game or round, then in-between rounds. This oversight is frustrating.

As of this writing, Humble Bundle store has this game on sale for four copies for ten bucks. It is absolutely worth that. Even if you have to find a few people to play locally on a LAN with. This is a unique experience that should be tried.
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Publicado: 25 de diciembre de 2014
I killed my best friend with a stick horse while leaving a trail of fire behind me.
It's a very simple game with a very simple concept. All hits are instant death.
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Publicado: 10 de diciembre de 2014
I grew up on the ol' N64 playing "Mario Kart 64", "Perfect Dark", and "Goldeneye". Every single game I would play with my friends I would be accused of screen cheating. Yes, I am a screen cheater. I have admitted my problem and now need some way to satisfy my addiction. How about playing a game where everyone is invisible and you HAVE to screen cheat?

I love games that have unique gameplay mechanics and I think this may be the most unique one I have ever played. This game is wonderful. You may think it's a one trick pony that will get old within an hour. To be honest that was kind of what I expected. Boy, am I glad I was wrong. There are quite a few game modes, a handful of maps, and Online AND local play. Yes that's right, you can plug in some controllers and gather round the TV for some good old fashioned screen cheatin'. I got this game in a four pack for 9.99 on The Humble Store but I would have gladly payed full price :)
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Publicado: 30 de noviembre de 2014
Anyone who has owned a N64 would remember Goldeneye. And anyone who has played Goldeneye with friends would have cheated by looking at their screen so they know where they are. Don't deny it. Everyone has done it. Well, if you have been screen cheating in a lot of games, well your work has paid off. Now it is a necessity. In this game, you have to kill your opponent but everyone is invisible. To find them, you must screencheat in order to win. This game is extremely fun if you have friends to play with. Online or Local the game proves that you can have good times with it. The biggest dissapoint is most definetly the lack of AI. There IS NO singleplayer practice mode. Also they multiplayer base is still small but as time goes by it will grow. If you know a lot of people with Screencheat, this is a must have. If you do not know anyone with this game, or just don't have any friends, take a pass.

8/10 You can kill with teddy bears and candlesticks
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Publicado: 14 de diciembre de 2014
This game is a great co-op shooter with a great consept. It is fun to play and good use of time. Everynow and then when i was screencheating, i would stop my self thinking i shouldnt cheat but then remembering thats how you play. Its is such a good idea turning what was a big problem with FPS into a game of itself.
Also great to see it came from an Australian company.
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Publicado: 2 de marzo
Screencheat'd and Won
Friend got angry and now we aren't friends anymore

10/10 would lose friend again
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Publicado: 9 de diciembre de 2014
THIS IS THE MOST FUN I'VE HAD IN AN ONLINE FIRST PERSON SHOOTER! This brings back major nostalgia. The only way to win is to screen cheat. Its freaking brilliant! Pick up the 4 pack RIGHT NOW. -PR0XIDIAN
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Publicado: 14 de noviembre de 2014
If you always screencheated as a kid you will be instantly a pro gamer in this game - if you always were a honest player and kept the eyes on your screen you will need some time to practice, but after that you will kill those nasty screencheaters, too.

The game is unique and fun, even when you are not 10 years old anymore.

The style of the game is suitable for children and the community is very nice as far as I can tell.

I give it 9/10 points but it may change with future updates since the developers improve the game frequently.
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Publicado: 31 de octubre de 2014
tl;dr 5 maps + random map mode, 6 game modes, 8 weapons, up to 4 players, local and/or online, costomisation, you are invisible and must cheat to win.

This game is extreamly fn and fast paced.

you can choose between 6 gamemodes, deathmatch, hillcampers, one shot, murder mystery capture the fun and Party mode. Instead of talking about the facts about being invisible and screencheating i will explain these gamemodes

Deathmatch: your average deathmatch, by default 5 kills to win, fast paced
hillcampers: King of the hill, stay in the area indicated by a box and hold it for 40 seconds (by default) be warned, the areas move and people may spam the area with explosives

one shot: everyone has the same weapon, blunderbust (by default) and must get a cirtain amount of kills. the twist is that once you shoot you can't reload until the timer runs out or everyone has shot

Murder mystery: each weapon is scattered around the map, you start with no weapon and are given cards, they show you what coloured are your victim resides in, the weapon you must kill them with, and the amount of points you must aquire to win, you must hunt while being hunted. be warned that sometimes your victim may have you as their target aswell.

capture the fun: much like one flag ctf, the fun (flag) will spawn randomly in the map, its marker will appear on your map, you must collect it and hold it for 80 seconds in total (default) whilst you have the fun you are unable to shoot, whilst you can gain around 10 points for each kill you get with using the fun as a melee weapon.

party: a collection of every gamemode that will randomly be selected each round, by default it has every gamemode in the random selection but they may be changed to your prefrences

not saying that you need to buy it. but if you don't buy this game you might go... missing
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Publicado: 9 de diciembre de 2014
This is probably one of the more fun games to play multiplayer with friends at home. One of the really nice things about it is that you can play with friends locally and online at the same time, and everyone's screen is displayed in game.

My only quarrel with this game is that not enough people play it so it's really tough to find a game.
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Publicado: 20 de diciembre de 2014
A fantastic game that just goes back to the basics of split screen and all the shenanigans that go along with it.
Great for parties local and online, fantastic way to see just how angry your friends can get, after they've been crossbowed multiple times.

An incredibly fun and laughter inducing game, gauranteed to make your friends pissed at you or your Bear Bomb back!
Good selection of weapons(can't wait to see what else might be added), and great maps so far(would love to see community made maps if possible.)

Favorite time so far was taking the Horse stick(forgot the words) and having a jousting competition in the tunnel of the garden map.

3 hours well spent so far, and many more to come.
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