Screencheat is a ridiculous competitive split-screen first-person shooter where everyone is invisible, so players are forced to look at each other’s screens in order to win. Supporting both local and online multiplayer, combat in Screencheat is fast and furious with a wide variety of one-hit kill weapons.
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Data di rilascio: 21 ott 2014

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Includes Screencheat, PLUS the complete Screencheat OST by ana_mana as well as 5 unique Ragdolls.

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24 novembre 2015

3.1.0 Patch

Hey guys,

We've been listening to your feedback and have a bunch of fixes and improvements for you! Here's the rundown:

Changes and Improvements

  • GUI performance optimisations
  • Added Xbox One controller support for Mac
  • Prevent resolution changes via registry from being overridden on startup
  • Added Player Settings in Gamemode Settings, allowing you to change movement, jump speed and gravity
  • One Shot: Suicide no longer grants a new bullet
  • One Shot: Max score cap increased from 10 to 50
  • Add info tooltips when new ragdolls/skins unlocked
  • Add info tooltips for new users
  • Bot icons indicate bot difficulty
  • Inputting profile name text will show text in uppercase
  • In-game music track will shuffle when you rematch or play next round after the current song has been played at least once
  • Lobby browser will now show lobbies playing in team modes correctly
  • Default/Inverted guest profiles will now be named “Guest X” instead of “Default”/”Inverted”
  • Bot AI is computed on the host machine only

  • Fix UI elements being obscured in 8 player
  • Fix text chatbox sometimes covering player names
  • Don’t play “5 kills to win” when a player had a negative score and scored up to 0
  • Fixed some cases where you could respawn in elimination style modes
  • Fix being able to concede a point if you win an elimination round and die during the next round countdown
  • Fixed some weapon crates not having meshes
  • Fix some controller icons not switching when going from Xbox One to PS4 controllers
  • Don’t show “Press (A) to join” for unrecognised controllers that have not been configured
  • Fix lobby browser showing lobbies being in Party Mode incorrectly
  • Prevent controller icons from switching in pause menus when a non-paused player uses their controller

Known Issues:
  • AI bots can cause bad performance on low-end machines

Thanks for your help reporting and tracking these problems down. Happy screencheating!

Much Love,
Samurai Punk

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21 ottobre 2015

3.0.0 Anniversary Update

Screencheat Anniversary Update

We launched Screencheat a year ago and what better way to celebrate than with another major update including some of the dream features on our wishlist!

Headlining this update is the localisation of the game into six languages. Now you can cheat in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch or Portuguese as well as English.

We’ve also added AI bots into Screencheat. This will give you someone to play against while you wait for your friends to come online and to allow small playgroups to experience larger games. And for experienced Screencheaters, you’ll be able to find a serious challenge with the Dreamcrusher AI difficulty. The AI are able to be mixed in with online and local players and will be replaced when players join mid game. We hope you enjoy them!

Rounding out the major additions are LAN play for all you competitive players out there and a new map, bringing the total to eleven. Museum II brings some of the familiar design elements from the original Museum across whilst giving it a more vertical and competitive feel to make the map great for new players as well as screencheating veterans.

We can’t quite believe how fast this year has gone and how far the game has come from the initial version we launched.


  • AI Bots for online and offline play, with three difficulty levels. Bots settings can be modified in the lobby. Individual bots can be selected and tweaked in the lobby.
  • Added localisation for German, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and Portuguese
  • LAN play can now be accessed via the online menu
  • New map: Museum II
  • 4 Ragdolls including the Cat/Snake/Duck/Mannequin unlocked at levels 3/12/17/22
  • New mutators: SlowMo Kills, Ice Skates
  • Allow setting custom descriptions for custom gamemodes
  • Added support for Steam Controllers REQUIRES STEAM BETA CLIENT (For the best experience play in Big Picture)
  • Added Legacy and Legacy Southpaw control schemes for controllers
  • Added latency/ping indicator in scoreboard and end-game screen

Fixes and Improvements
  • Steeple visuals have been tweaked slightly and are now slightly nicer and more optimised.
  • Garden visuals have been cleaned up removing some visible seams and adding some better materials.
  • Emir now has railings to help stop players from falling to their deaths so much in some areas.
  • Fix “Press (X) to drop” prompt not appearing properly
  • Raised the maximum score cap on Juggernaut to 50
  • Fixed issue where editing profile name with WASD keys could navigate the menu
  • Updated Chefolet crosshair to animate showing charge progress
  • Allow setting server size to be any number from 2 - 8
  • Improved collision on Temple
  • Show won by default if a player/team wins from other players leaving
  • Improve player highlight UI in lobby
  • Kick votes will expire after 90 seconds
  • Fix UI issues if a menu is open while the game countdown begins
  • Added Stock and Team Stock as default custom gamemodes when you have no custom game modes
  • Fix controller emotes breaking when switching between two controller types
  • Change unslot on keyboard to use “X” key
  • Add ability to customise bot settings when creating a server
  • Bomb Assault: Fix bug where you respawn instantly the first time
  • Prevent picking up a weapon from a crate if you’re holding a pickup
  • Allow using English kill messages if your language is set to something other than English
  • Added setting language via Steam interface
  • Bomb Assault: Fix “Your base are all explode” popup not showing if your base is destroyed while you are dead

Known Issues
  • Players may not match their colours/scores after repeated leaving/joining mid-game
  • Players may still intermittently lose progress from sessions.
  • Game sometimes crashes after game ends on Mac

Much Love,
Samurai Punk

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“Screencheat is the Mario Kart of first person shooters and I absolutely mean that as a compliment”

“Easy going in tone but frantic and stressful by nature, Screencheat seizes on a single novel idea and builds an enjoyable couch shooter around it.”
7.8 – PC Gamer

“Glancing at someone else’s screen and knowing exactly where they are would be nigh-on impossible in most shooters, but Samurai Punk combats this through some smart level design.”

Informazioni sul gioco

Screencheat is the ridiculous split-screen shooter where everyone is invisible so you have to “screencheat” (Screencheat - verb: to look at your opponent’s screens. “Stop screencheating you cheater!”). Master a wide variety of one-hit kill weapons including a blunderbuss, a car engine that shoots bouncing plasma balls and a teddy bear loaded with explosives. Train your skills in the solo time trials then engage in fast and frantic combat with up to eight players locally on the couch or online. With colourful maps, unique modes and a huge number of customisation options including wacky mutators, Screencheat is the ultimate party FPS.

Ranging from the dependable Blunderbuss to the heroic Hobby Horse to the completely crazy Chefolet; a car engine that fires ricocheting energy balls, all are designed to deliver deadly satisfaction. Each weapon comes with its own unique advantages and disadvantages, encouraging wildly different play styles. These include not only the way a weapon shoots but also the 'tells' the weapon leaves such as the smoke from the blunderbuss or the trail of fire behind the Hobby Horse.

From traditional favourites such as Deathmatch to the completely unique Murder Mystery that challenges you to find and frag your specific target with a specific weapon. Play in teams or all against all. Challenge up to seven of your mates on the couch or online or a combination of both, the game is always split screen whether you are on or offline. When your friends aren't around, train your skills and learn the maps in the solo time trials or play against AI bots.

In the spirit of the best arena shooters you’ll spend time traversing 11 maps via air vents and trampolines until you’ve acquired your target and fragged them accordingly. Each map is designed with colour-coded areas as well as plentiful landmarks such as statues, paintings and furniture that allow you to quickly locate other players without being able to actually see them.

Inspired by games like Towerfall we've provided players with a highly granular level of customisation to play the game the way they want to. Choose which weapons you'll allow, how and when they can be swapped or reloaded, apply time limits, adjust the victory conditions, penalties and more. To really mix it up stack on some Mutators such as slow mode, low gravity or flappy jump.

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP or newer
    • Processor: 1.4GHz or faster
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any from the last 4 years
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.6+
    • Processor: 1.4GHz or faster
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any from the last 4 years
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu
    • Processor: 1.4GHz or faster
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any from the last 4 years
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Pubblicata: 20 agosto 2015
My 7 year old son loves to play this one with me. He has never played a FPS before, but caught quickly and is now bear-bombing his father to the giggling delight of his sisters. Fun for the friends, family and whoever else that loves to 'cheat' at FPSs.
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Pubblicata: 6 ottobre 2015
This game is amazing and has an amazing concept. you are invisible and must screencheat on your enemies in order to defeat them. It is so simple, yet so satisfying. I haven't played it too much yet, but I played it with my friend before I bought it and it kept my interest. I would reccomend it, because it is funny and very fun. Especially with lots of players
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Pubblicata: 17 dicembre 2015
I usually don't like "Deathmatch" games very much. The reason is simple: I usually am very bad at them so I spend most of the time waiting for respawn and I get bored (and angry) quite easily.
But I love this one!
In Screencheat all of the players are invisible but each and avery one of them can see what the others see at the same time, so you always know where your opponents are... without knowing EXACTLY where they stand. You notice that one of your opponents is on the blue area of the map, next to a couch. Good! You too are on the blue area of the map and, look!. you're just in front of the couch. So you pull the trigger. And miserably miss by a hair's breadth. So now he knows EXACTLY where you stand (guns leave some sort of a contrail for a couple of seconds after the shot) and merciless frags you.
It's glorious.
Even if I die alot, this game is so entertaining and offers so much fun I don't really care. There are a dozen of different maps and a list of different game modes and you can even add mutators (like slow-mo, walking upside-down...) to make things more spicy.
Also a number of well-designed Steam achievements to get.
Also when you die your corpse get visible for posterity and never disappears no matter how long the match is or how many dead bodies are already on the floor. Trying to kill your enemy while stepping on your own human-fish-shaped (!) corpses is very cathartic.
I absolutely recommend this game.
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Pubblicata: 5 dicembre 2015
Great game if you already have a habit of looking at other people's screens.
Also a good game for screaming at your friends. C:
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Pubblicata: 7 dicembre 2015
My new favourite Steam game!
I just wish it would be more popular because this deserves to be much bigger than it is.

Cheap(ish), well worth the money
GREAT level design
Enough maps to keep you going a long time
Many weapons
Well optimised
Easy controls (as you'd expect)
VERY funny kill messages and ragdolls

No extra weapon unlocks (though weapon and character skins can be unlocked which, for me, makes that acceptable)
Not many people online :(
Some weapons are a little unclear in terms of how you use them, at least to begin with

Still, this is the most fun I've had all year, would definitely recommend it.
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