X²: The Threat tilhører en ny generasjon romsimulatorspill. Du spiller rollen som Julian Gardna, som fortsetter handlingen som ble påbegynt i X: Beyond The Frontier. Den oppdaterte grafikkmotoren gir universet et mye spenstigere utseende, med nydesignede romskip og romstasjoner som gir universet enda mer mangfold.
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Utgivelsesdato: 3. des, 2003

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Inkluderer 6 objekter: X3: Albion Prelude, X3: Terran Conflict, X3: Reunion, X2: The Threat, X: Tension, X: Beyond the Frontier

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Kjøp Egosoft Collection

Inkluderer 8 objekter: X Rebirth, X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost, X2: The Threat, X3: Albion Prelude, X3: Reunion, X3: Terran Conflict, X: Beyond the Frontier, X: Tension

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28. september

Steam Cloud Sync Enabled

We are pleased to announce that Steam Cloud support is now enabled for all games in the X series, to bring the older games in line with X Rebirth.

Your savegames will now be synchronised across different PCs using the same Steam account by default.

If you do not wish to use Steam Cloud to synchronise your games, then right-click on the game in question in the Steam library, choose Properties, go to the Updates tab and uncheck the "Enable Steam Cloud synchronization" checkbox setting.

You can, of course, re-enable it at any time if you change your mind.



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Om dette spillet

X²: The Threat tilhører en ny generasjon romsimulatorspill. Du spiller rollen som Julian Gardna, som fortsetter handlingen som ble påbegynt i X: Beyond The Frontier. Den oppdaterte grafikkmotoren gir universet et mye spenstigere utseende, med nydesignede romskip og romstasjoner som gir universet enda mer mangfold.
  • Utforsk: Du kan utforske mer enn 130 vakkert utformede sektorer, som er omsluttet av en stjernetåke som påvirker romskip og romstasjoner, samt asteroider der du kan utvinne materialer som du senere kan tjene penger på.
  • Nye skip: Utforsk i over 60 romskip i ulike størrelser, fra speiderromskip til mye større hangarskip.
  • Nye oppgraderinger: Oppgrader romskipssystemene med en rekke oppgraderinger, og last ned nye oppgraderinger som bruker den nye skriptmotoren, som er spesialdesignet for X².
  • Nye våpen: Legg til nye våpen i romskipet, blant annet ionforstyrreren og massekatapulten. Du kan også bygge fabrikker som utvikler disse våpnene og selger dem, og på den måten utvide ditt eget imperium i universet.
  • Nye oppdrag: Ta del i oppdrag som du blir tilbudt på oppslagstavlene på romstasjonene, tjen penger på å forsvare konvoier og ødelegg invaderende flåter fra Xenon som er fast bestemt på å ødelegge alt som står i veien for dem.
    Men fremfor alt må du hjelpe til med å forsvare universet mot Khaak før de dreper alt og alle de kommer over.


      • OS: Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / ME / 98SE
      • Processor: Pentium III 800MHz or same grade
      • Memory: 256MB RAM
      • Graphics: 32MB 3D card compatible with Direct X 8.1
      • DirectX®: 8.1
      • Hard Drive: 1200MB available space
      • Sound:
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    Publisert: 5. juli
    A straight-up upgraded version of the original X games. There is a plot that is easy to follow, unlike the first game, and there is a sense of progression. After that, the main core of the game is better, in terms of graphics, ships, mechanics, and especially the interface, which was painstaking to go through in previous games. Although it is still as complex and frustrating as its predecessors, it certainly is more new player-friendly, with less confusing graphics, and some text-based descriptions. Overall, the modern version of the series where new players can enjoy the game without having to understand what the old graphics or mechanics were supposed to be.
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    Publisert: 9. august
    This is my 1st time with a space sim and the X series and I love it. I was able to do the first 2 or 3 missions without guidance so the general controls are not terribly complex, but might be a bit confusing for a few. The simulation tutorials are quite helpful, but the pilot license training is extremely difficult...didnt finish those. The graphics are okay. The storyline and plot so far are decent enough. Combat is fun and challenging. The economy and trading aspects are deep and complex but anyone with a basic concept of supply and demand and buy low sell high can probably make the most of it over time. There seems to be quite a lot you can do in this game and plan to use it as training for Ascent the Space Game and possibly for Eve Online in the future.

    10/10 will press the 'H' key to bring up the Help menu again.
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    Publisert: 13. juni
    It's on sale again. Get it now before you'll regret missing the chance like I did last sale.

    Beautiful game, nice atmosphere, good economy, everything good, except it doesn't have multiplayer. But it's still good to play until Elite:Dangerous becomes cheaper/adds more features.

    I could write more but I'm lazy today, but just believe me if I said the game is great, and totally worth it for the pathetic 2.50€ it costs right now.

    Minimum 20 hours of fun.

    -Edited: Btw this and X-tension are pretty much identical, but X3 and the laters are pretty different, so not sure if X3+ is worth it, but X2 and X1 (aka X-beyond/tension) are totally worth it.
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    Publisert: 1. oktober, 2013
    An hour or so into the game, I'm given a transporter ship and a mission to ferry some civilians from one sector to another. Accompanying me is my employer's daughter, Saya (who bears an uncanny likeness to Alyx Vance). Just as I'm approaching the last jump gate separating me and my destination, Saya's voice crackles over comms: "...I think we're being followed...I swear I saw a pirate ship." We pass through the gate and my heart sinks. A dozen pirate ships were waiting for me. I hand the controls over to the ship's computer and hop in the aft turret to lay down some desperate cover fire. The intelligent auto-pilot system gracefully and effectively dodges the brightly colored emmisions from the enemies' gamma impulse rays as I fire wildly into space. This is a transport vessel; unequipped for a sustained firefight, and woefully ineffective against a sorty of pirate ships. We aren't going to make it. But then, I remember that I have a ship docked in this sector: an M5 class Argon Discoverer light reconnaissance fighter craft. I call up my shipboard computer and access the ship to ship command console. I order my fighter to fly out into space, then I retake manual control of the transport. This plan might just work. I close the distance between my two craft to about 400 meters, rolling and weaving all the while to avoid the enemy projectiles. Commanding the transporter to dock at the TerraCorp HQ, I eject into space. Saya's voice on comms again: "W-what are you...where are you going? You can't just leave us here!" I ignore it, my plan already seeming foolish enough without her to remind me. I jetpack over to the Discoverer and enter the ship. Payback time. Locking onto the nearest pirate ship, I engage the ship's thrusters and begin pursuit. My M5 has the weakest weapons and shielding available, but I don't care. I have to protect the civilians; I have to protect Saya. The majority of the pirate ships turn to face this new threat. Two still chase the transporter. I throw my ship back and forth, narrowly dodging would-be kill shots, but still sustaining heavy damage. Shields critical. Hull at 43%. This plan was suicide. I lock on to the transport to track its progress. 200 meters out from docking. A few seconds away. With renewed hope, I turn my craft around and fly towards TerraCorp HQ and the transport. I just might pull this off. Suddenly, one of the pirates tailing the transport increases its speed and positions itself between the station and the transport. I'm 2 kilometers out, just out of effective firing range. I can only watch as the pirate ship fires a volley of lasers directly into the cockpit of the transport ship. The transport erupts in flames, spirals out of control. "No," I hear myself utter, "no no no..." The transport ship careens into the station and explodes, and with it, my passengers. My ship's computer makes an announcement: "Attention, your Argon Express has been destroyed by a pirate Orinoco in sector Home of Light." Saya, my employer's daughter and my character's potential love interest, dead. The pirates break formation and scatter, their mission accomplished. My M5 is crippled, my S.E.T.A. booster, one of the alpha impulse ray emmiters, and my duplex scanner all destroyed. I haven't the time to mourn, however, as I'm already receiving a message from my other employer: the Argon Secret Service. "Welcome to X2," I think to myself, as I fly my busted ship back to TerraCorp HQ. X2 improves upon Beyond the Frontier in almost every way. You can now fly any ship, leave your ship in a space suit, and trade and command stations remotely. Combat has been heavily refined, the story line improved, graphics modernized, and the universe expanded. This is the one of the few times I've ever seen a sequel outshine its predecessor, and I know that I'll enjoy every second of my journey across the X-universe.
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    Publisert: 3. august, 2014
    Economic simulator IN SPACE! You will HATE this game if you expect to fly around blowing stuff up like a bad Wing Commander clone and I will laugh at you for it. This game is for people who extract joy from maximzing profits as they dominate the market on space weed and use their illicit drug money to build an armada to destroy entire races because a transporter from a neighboring sector bought all the energy cells for their worthless wheat farm.

    Do you like spending long hours establishing your empire?
    Do you like big learning curves?
    Do you like working a second/third job?
    Do you want to wreck the economy?

    If you answered yes to those questions you will enjoy this game, otherwise just go away before you become another one of those people who just doesn't get it and hates the X series without really knowing why. Unless you hate Rebirth, that's different.
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