Pixel Piracy is a side-scrolling 2d, real time strategy/sandbox/simulation game created by indie developer Vitali Kirpu and produced by Alexander Poysky. In the game, the player leads the life of a pirate captain. Recruit a crew, outfit and customize your ship and set sail on the open seas.
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Data de lançamento: 31 Jul, 2014

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"An open world pixelated pirate adventure game. Create your captain, build your ship, find your crew, and set sail finding treasure and plundering ships!"

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16 Outubro

PATCH is here!

Hi everybody,
here we are with a new update loaded with some remedies for a few annoyances you spotted out during last weeks. Specially remarkable are the one related to crazy fast flipping movements when your character has tons of AGI points (and/or a light steps skill with too high level). Also we've disabled poop damage to avoid fightings amongs your crew (we'll leave it that way until we fix the infamous poop teleporting bug and all cleaning AI related bugs we find).

Bug Fixes

  • Player was unable to place ship blocks over the shop window while shoppping for ship parts
  • Fixed bug where characters would get stuck when moving at very high speeds
  • Placing ship blocks very fast caused the pathfinding grid to be misplaced
  • When capturing a ship, camera position wasn't centered on the new ship afterwards.
  • Fixed banana and coconut trees being drawn too low.

  • Re-added the view & report bugs button to the main menu
  • Temporarily disabled flying poop damage
  • Blueberries and Raspberries have revised stats (+5 hunger and +8 hunger respectively)

We've added back the bug report button to the main menu, so it will never be easier to let us know what's not working in the game or any improvement you can think of.

Alongside, Mikko is working very hard on the new savegame format. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll be able to publish the first update of the game with some great improvements thanks to this system.

Thanks for your support.
Mikko and Jesús.

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10 Outubro

Follow up on our progresses and new patch incoming.

Hi everyone,
it's been already two weeks since we published the last patch, so we're here to give you some insight on what we've been doing and the next steps for Pixel Piracy:

Mikko is progressing fast on the next big thing Pixel Piracy: new standard XML savegame format. Yesterday the testers started playing the first builds with this system. For the ones who don't know exactly what we're talking about, this improvement will allow us to fix some of the most relevant bugs in the game, mainly the crew members tasks management system and consequently pirates AI. This will also allow us to introduce tailored content in the game, like custom islands with particular enemies and items, missions, treasures, some specific configurations and behaviours to your ship, even that popular community suggestion about being able to build a fortress will then be feasible (and we have plans to implement it!). We can safely say in a few weeks we should be done with the savegame format (testing included :).

You may also be wondering, what about the other annoying bugs in the game? As you can imagine, changing the way the game stores, loads and even generates content is a major change in the game and implies tons of testing and effort, that's why Mikko couldn't dedicate much time to other issues lately.

Anyway, we managed to get a new build out to test this weekend! Mostly, it will fix bugs related to character flipping due to excessive speed and many of the ridiculous fights amongs your pirates that usually trigger when you have overpopulated crews cleaning (and doing poop teleporting magic), to fix this, we temporarily disabled poop damage.

If everything goes as expected testing wise, this patch will be out on Monday for all of you to enjoy.

Thanks for your support and patience.
Mikko and Jesús.

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“Wow, a 10/10, but why?! Why? because this game managed to captured my heart immediately, with its excellent sound effects, cute, even if unpolished, pixel art and the ability to not only lead a pirate life, but do it with your own customized ship and crew. the promised features will make it from a 8/10 right now to the 10/10 it could be. should be. will be. this one is bound to be a classic, and not reviewing it as such would only make me look fool in hindsight.”
10 – Indiedb

“Pixel Piracy is a loveable game with its own barrel of charm the mood seems perfect and I can just forget all my other needs. I can't help but hear the sounds the pirates make every now and again even when I'm not playing. Very interested to see where this games goes down the line. The loss of my pirates may seem a bit unforgiving at the moment but I'l only try harder next time ! If you like a bit of randomness and the ability to design your own ship, assemble your crew whilst managing their needs then you might as well try this out.”
9.5 – Indiedb

“I don't give games a 10/10 that often, if not ever. But this game has so much going on for it, and it is under the radar right now. So, do yourself a favor, download the demo, have an awesome time, and then buy this game, cause it really is a gem. If you like pirates, and high sea adventure in highly randomized generated worlds, this is the game for you! It is very unforgiving, so you have to be very sure about your intentions when you play. One false planning and you have to start over from scratch (although there outside methods to save your game if you want to "cheat" save so do not worry). But the gameplay is fun, the art style, and sound effects are smarmy and swaggy. If you don't like this game, just walk the plank, because you don't enjoy fun things evidently :)”
9.7 – Indiedb

Acerca deste jogo

Pixel Piracy is a side-scrolling 2d, real time strategy/sandbox/simulation game created by indie developer Vitali Kirpu and produced by Alexander Poysky.
In the game, the player leads the life of a pirate captain. Recruit a crew, outfit and customize your ship and set sail on the open seas. There you’ll use any combination of aggression, diversion and trade to become the most infamous pirate crew of the seven seas! You can raid, pillage and plunder everything in your path, divert and lie to get what you want or trade for a quick buck. Remember to be careful though, death is everywhere and quite permanent! Adventure awaits…

Current features:

Sandbox open world Pirate simulator.
Procedurally generated world that changes each new game you play. While not a Roguelike in the strictest of sense, it does strike of one.
Vast over-world map full of danger, loot, and people to prey on.
Comprehensive loot system, upgrade-able weapons and armor, special and secret loot to deck out your sailors.
Parrots, Pets and Plunder!!
Death around every corner, our permadeath system will have you tearing your hair out at each loss and shrieking in delight at each victory.
Each playthrough will require around 20 hours to get through (with at least 4 playthroughs needed to see all the game has to offer)
CONSTANT updates and content patches. We update on a weekly basis (Friday), and will continue to do so for at least a year after launch in order to provide many new systems, fixes, and bits of content.

For more details on the game visit or follow us @pixelpiracygame or @alexpoysky or visit www.piracysim.com

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.6 GHZ
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Pixel Shader Capable Graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • OS: 10
    • Processor: Intel I-3
    • Additional Notes: MAC USERS must take the following steps to make the game work : http://steamcommunity.com/app/264140/discussions/0/34093781621606512/
    • Additional Notes: http://steamcommunity.com/app/264140/discussions/0/34093781621606512/
    • OS: UBUNTU
    • Processor: 1.6 GHZ
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: SOME LINUX/UBUNTU USERS HAVE BLACK SCREEN PROBLEMS, THE FOLLOWING FORUM LINK SHOWS HOW TO RESOLVE THEM http://steamcommunity.com/app/264140/discussions/0/34093781621606512/
    • Additional Notes: http://steamcommunity.com/app/264140/discussions/0/34093781621606512/
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9.8 hrs em registo
The game has been abandoned by the original Devs and they've hired another guy to basically do little more than bug fix. The addition of new features is a pipe dream that will likely never come true. Over a year ago the original devs were promising all sorts of things (Multiplayer, a weather system, sea monsters, slaves, the ability to build your own island...you name it). None of these things happened,

The game has Three locations and that is it. Islands, where you kill anyone on it. Sea battles, where you just board a ship or shoot it. Town islands, where you buy things and hire new pirates. At the start the game is pretty fun until you realise this is literally all there is to the game, the mechanics do not develop, new things are not introduced. You will do the same thing you did in hour 1 in hour 100 (Other than shoot cannons). Cannon fights are ridiculous, you could spend tens of hours collecting a crew, training them, equipping them and yet in a single cannon fight many of them will die, making all your hard work pointless.

There is no real plot. No real characters. The music is average. The graphics are frankly lazy, every island is the same and the background for the world is always the same. The gameplay is basic (You order your entire crew with 1 click..you cannot individually select) and it does not develop. Frankly, the Devs should be ashamed for cashing in on an idea and then abandoning it, breaking hundreds of promises they made and hiring some random guy to do little more than take the blame.

Don't buy the game, the developers don't deserve the money and it sends out the wrong message if you do so.
Publicada: 11 Outubro
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Any game which features these patch notes:

Temporarily disabled flying poop damage

Deserves your full and undying support.
Publicada: 16 Outubro
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14.7 hrs em registo
I'm surprised this isn't Early Access, as it feels incomplete as-is and suffers a few game-breaking bugs. Skills and items, like Ship Repair and Chicken Nests, are obviously not finished/implemented into the game. There are also a few odd design choices that affect the game balance. Certain buffs are able to be applied to all crew members and stack, therefore making the game an odd one where it gets exponentially easier as it goes on. The first island should not feel more difficult than the final boss(es), imo.

Gameplay wise, it's surprisingly similar to FTL. The ship combat and map, at least, have a lot of the same feel. You hire crew (which you have to keep healthy, happy, and fed), and you sail around plundering. There are three location types in the game - islands, towns, and other ships. Within those three, there are a few different flavours (cannibals or hags on islands, big ships or little ships, towns wih differing supplies). With the exception of a few bounty hunter fetch quests, and an option at the beginning to toggle a plague (which I didn't), there are no other events or surprises in the game. It starts to feel remarkably similar after a while, but more content should be on the way. The goal is to beat up progressively tougher opponants for progressively better loot, until you fight the final four bosses (conveniently spread WAY OUT across the huge map). Defeat them, and you get a cute song and the ability to continue playing. I'd suggest watching the cute song on Youtube and buying FTL.

About 14 hours to complete Campaign mode on Beginner settings. I'd say around 3 of those hours (at least) was spent sailing - ie browsing the web in Steam's overlay, and closer to 8 hours if you don't count restarting after bugs/crashes (e.g. reloading caused my first mate to become captain while my captain was still alive, neither could progress).

All that said, it's not a BAD game. I enjoyed it, but have no desire to play it any longer as is. When it's done, it'll probably be a pretty fun open world pirate sim. It definately has charm and personality. Certainly it's not worth the price right now, in Oct 2014. Check it out in a year and see where it's at.
Publicada: 11 Outubro
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16.7 hrs em registo
Amazing Game. If you like games like Terraria, try Pixel Piracy! Plunder enemy ship's or take them over. Customize your ship or build a new one. Explore Islands, be a Bounty Hunter, fight tribes or vikings. There is much to do in an open world, which is random generated each time you play. You have to kill 4 Legendary Pirates, but you begin in a nutshell. So the game has depth, because you need to manage your crew and your ship. Someone has to clean the poop and the dead bodies, you need a cook, a fisher might help and you need a guy who repairs your ship. There is much to manage. The crew needs food and needs to get paid. If the morale is low, your crew might attack the captain. There are tons of skills and weapons. There are many ways to have a good and functional crew. Each crew member can be customized. And you can have pets. Parrots, cats or a tortoise for example.
Well i guess I told enough of the gameplay. If this sound interesting for you try it out. I appreciate this game. Sure the graphics are simple, but nice. I mean the name Pixel Piracy says all.
The price for the game is fair and there are Steam Trading Cards for this game.
If I wrote something wrong, I apologize, but English is not the language I always speak.
Greetings Yarr Harr!!! :)
Publicada: 10 Outubro
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30.9 hrs em registo
This game is surprisingly fun, and slightly addictive , but I feel that the sounds are a bit annoying.
Publicada: 21 Outubro
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0.9 hrs em registo
Alas; I've fallen into the same conundrum I have found myself in time and time again, and yet I keep managing to find myself doing it over and over again.

"This game has potential."

Now, let's talk about the word potential for a minute here. How many Indie Early Access titles can you name that could have easily been described by using the phrase "This game has potential"? I'll give you a few seconds to think of a few.

So, now that you've got those Indie Games in your head, how many of them have excecuted that potential in a positive way, and how many of them have done absolutely nothing other than the rare few who give out monthly bugfixes and minor updates at best? Here's a couple games off of the top of my mind that fall under the second catagory: Seven Days to Die, Starforge, The Forest, Cortex Command, and now sadly, Pixel Piracy.

Now, I'm NOT saying that all early access games that have potential never work out, but the ones that end up turning into something awesome are far and few between. A good example of a well excecuted early access title would definitely have to be Starbound by Chucklefish Studios.

Now you're asking "Yeah? So what are you getting at"? Basically what I'm trying to say is that you should probably hold on to your money for the time being. This game has potential to be good, but always consider that this potential might just end up being wasted. Just remember- when reading reviews, always look for that dreaded P-word, and think of it means before spending your money.

-Written on 10/11/2014-
Publicada: 11 Outubro
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91.6 hrs em registo
This game embodies everything that is wrong with the industry. It was released as full game, yet months later they are still adding things like making an end game, and fixing bugs that make it impossible to finish. The only tips and tricks to playing this stunted piece of garbage are ways to avoid game breaking bugs and make the game actually work. Very few of these tips come from the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s that took our money and told us to ♥♥♥♥ ourselves. Watch out for this dev in the future and avoid any trash that they release. Read the dev reports and you'll see how little work these ♥♥♥♥ suckers do on an unfinished game that we've already paid for.
Publicada: 10 Outubro
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17.5 hrs em registo
This game can be enjoyable for those who enjoy Dwarf-Fortress-like gameplay, but it is pretty clear the team developing this title is not finished. Here are some important things to keep in mind when considering purchase:

( TL;DR at the bottom of this list )

- The interface still has numerous bugs that will cause little hiccups in gameplay. (Not game-breaking though)

- The A.I. of the crew is not well coded, you may need to issue multiples of the same command click to get them to react properly. They will also get "stuck" performing tasks unless pulled away by a direct command. For the love of god don't buy grind stones for your ship, they will stay at them forever until they pass away from hunger. They also don't drink rum to replenish morale naturally, and will almost always need to stop at a Tavern every 6-10 islands unless you want a mutiny to happen. Of course, you're not safe from mutiny even in a Tavern because... (see next bullet)

- The Morale system is horrible and riddled with bugs. Once you reach a point in the game where your ship is larger than a 1 layer vessel and have amassed at least 10 crew besides the captain, bugs start happening. The worst one being when one random crew memeber will flag mutinous, regardless of where you are, what you are doing, or how much morale they have left. Their morale could be at 100% and they will still attack you. It's a very bad bug which needs fixing, as it renders the mid-level gameplay practically inaccessable unless you want to level grind just your captain to maximum so no NPC can kill you. This is probably the biggest problem I've encountered so far playing this game.

- Lastly, the Stat System is pretty unbalanced. You can just maximize Agi to be untouchable. According to a Reddit post, there's even a way to give yourself 120% dodge chance indefinately. A good mechanic for power players, but a bad one if you want your game to be challenging. The stat system needs a re-work.


This game will last about 8 hours before the bugs and glaring issues in its code begin to screw with you. It's an 'ok' purchase if you can get it 50-75% off, but I would never pay full price for something that seems wholey half-♥♥♥♥♥ by the creator so far. I love the concept, but the execution needs patches BADLY if it wants to survive on this market place.
Publicada: 6 Outubro
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0.6 hrs em registo
This game is just bad, it is nearly impossible to figurre out how to actually controll your crew, and the ship building is glitched to hell.
Publicada: 14 Outubro
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20.7 hrs em registo
Read Me:
All the people that have negative reviews have barely played little then 10 hours...This game has a high learning curve! so be patient with it.
It has everything i have always wanted in a game..you get your own crew.....LOTS OF CUSTOMIZATION....it has funny dialouge.........and its open world!
The raiding system is just fantastic!
The enemies are fairly balanced whatever you have they most likely have a bit lower gear but not too low.
Yes ik i only have 8 hours into this game but thts because i straight played for 5 hours bc i knew this game has potential and it DOES.
If you need help in learning anything ad me or message me for any questions about the game bc i fully support the creators on this game!

If you want to know the only negative from me its that there are none in my opinion

To the creators: Add Multiplayer in a way? only coop though please :) 9.5/10
Publicada: 27 Setembro
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17.9 hrs em registo
Very good game and addicting; fun for everyone
Publicada: 1 Outubro
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22.0 hrs em registo
I have played the game for a while but i wish the developers would fix (if its a glich) crew members who suddenly turn to mutiny for no reason. Though i do like the game.
Publicada: 12 Outubro
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33.5 hrs em registo
i love this game so much the only problem i have with it is my crew members whenever i board an enemy ship the just walk of the edge. that is the only problem i have other than that i love the game.
Publicada: 13 Outubro
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0.7 hrs em registo
Absolutely a fun little game that will bring hours on end of fun and laughter.
Publicada: 13 Outubro
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3.7 hrs em registo
Im very addicted to this game its the best pirate game in years! for that low price comes alot of enjoyment and some rage but in all its great I totally recommend this and it makes for a great youtube series too!
Publicada: 14 Outubro
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10.3 hrs em registo
very nice game, has heaps of bugs though
Publicada: 25 Setembro
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0.7 hrs em registo
Confusing, cryptic instructions made it hard to make any sense of the game early on for me. Its seems this did not happen with most people, but this is just my experience.
Publicada: 11 Outubro
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12.7 hrs em registo
Really I do not think this game is worth the time and money. It has a smallish world and it just has that feeling that it is not that good of a game, from the items to the ship making. seems neat but not really.
Publicada: 11 Outubro
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12.7 hrs em registo
Not as cool as Terraria. It may still only be in early development, but just like "7 Days to Die" I dont see how the game is going to get any better.
Publicada: 12 Outubro
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31.6 hrs em registo
This game sinks all competitors. This has to be the best pirate game out there, love it so much i can't stop playing.
Publicada: 3 Outubro
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